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Patronage.- (Continued.)

prohibit the sale and brokerage

of, 163. Act 49 Geo. III. cap. 126, 172.

Insolvent Debtors.—(Continued.)
Act to continue in force till the

Ist March 1833, 143.

In Bengal, 194.
At Madras, 194.

At Bombay, 194.
Qualifications of persons to serve

on, in India, 144. Act of the 7th Geo. IV. cap. 37,

to regulate the appointment of,

145. Rules relating to, in the Supreme

Court, Bengal, 146. Mutiny Act. Provisions 4 Geo. IV. cap. 81, ex

tended to Bombay marine, 55. Parliament. Proceedings of as to the appointment of writers, 153. juries in India, 153. Mr. Buckingham's petition for relief, 153.

thanks to the army for services in Ava and at Bhurtpore, 154.

petition from Bristol chants as to Indian trade, 155. Barrackpore mutiny, 155. Mr. W. Whitmore's motion as to the trade with India, 155. papers on suttee, 156. East-India appeals, 156. landed property in India, 156. Mr. O'Reilly's case, 158. criminal justice, 158. insolvent debtors in India, 158. fees in Supreme Court, 159. Calcutta Stamp Tax, 159. unclaimed prize-money, 159. Mutiny Act extended to the Bombay marine, 162.

Duties on silk, 162. Accounts laid before, as to Indian revenue, 159.

Exports and imports, 157, 162. shipping employed in the India trade from 1801 to 1826, 157. - trade with India and China,

157. Patronage. Proceedings in Parliament, which

led to the passing of the act to

Vote of, to Major Gen. Sir Archi-

bald Campbell, 196. Preliminary Observations.

Why offered, 7.
Mr. O'Reilly's case adverted to, 8.
Stamp Tax, 9.
Erroneous statements as to the

renewal of the charter, 1773,

1784, 1793, 1813, 11, Investigations and reports of Par

liamentary Committee, 13. Mode of Company's government

condemned, 19. Shewn to have been good, 20. Influx of Europeans into India

recommended, 25. Ill effects of such a step, 8. Company charged with desire of

aggrandizement, 28. Shewn to be erroneous,

29. Duties discharged in the India

House misunderstood, 33. Erroneous comparison by Com

mittee of Finance, 32. Advantages of getting gentlemen

independent in fortune and character to undertake office of di

rector, 35. General result, 38.

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Votes of, by the East-India Com

pany, for the war against Ava and the siege of Bhurtpore, 195, 196.

Proceedings of Parliament on the

repeal of a part of the act rela

tive to the appointment of, 185. May be sent to India without hav.

ing resided at Haileybury Col.

lege, 188. Act 7 Geo. IV. cap. 56 passed, and

to continue in force three years,

189. Regulations for appointment of

persons who have not resided at the college, 189.

Votes by the Company.

Of Thanks, 195.

Pension, 198.
Money, 198.

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