Wallenstein: Wallensteins Lager. Die Piccolomini

University Press, 1896

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Sivu 294 - The cloud doth gather, the greenwood roar, The damsel paces along the shore ; The billows they tumble with might, with might ; And she flings out her voice to the darksome night...
Sivu 294 - Margaret" has favoured me, and which appears to me to have caught the happiest manner of our old ballads. The clouds are blackening, the storms threatening, The cavern doth mutter, the greenwood moan ; Billows are breaking, the damsel's heart aching, Thus in the dark night she singeth alone, Her eye upward roving : The world is empty, the heart is dead surely, In this world plainly all seemeth amiss ; To thy heaven, Holy One, take home thy little one, I have partaken of all earth's bliss, Both living...
Sivu 174 - Austria agreed to the cession of the left bank of the Rhine from Basel to Andernach, including Mainz, to France; the navigation of the Rhine was left open to France and Germany in common; those princes who lost by the cession were to receive indemnification in Germany. (2) France was to use her influence to secure to Austria, Salzburg, and...

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