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Not every one that saith Let him that is taught in unto me, Lord, Lord, shall the Word minister unto him enter into the Kingdom of that teacheth, in all good heaven; but he that doeth things. Be not deceived, God the will of my Father which is not mocked: for whatsois in heaven. St. Matth. vii. ever a man soweth that shall

Zacchæus stood forth, and he reap. Gal. vi. said unto the Lord, Behold, While we have time, let us Lord, the half of my goods do good unto all men; and I give to the poor; and if I specially unto them that are have done any wrong to any of the houshold of faith. man, I restore four-fold. St. Gal. vi. Luke xix.

Godliness is great riches, if Who goeth a warfare at a man be content with that any time of his own cost? he hath : for we brought noWho planteth a vineyard, and thing into the world, neither eateth not of the fruit there may we carry any thing out. of? Or who feedeth a flock, 1 Tim. vi. and eateth not of the milk Charge them who are rich of the flock? 1 Cor. ix. in this world, that they be

If we have sown unto you ready to give, and glad to spiritual things, is it a great distribute; laying up in store matter if we shall reap your for themselves a good founworldly things ? i Cor. ix. dation against the time to Do

ye not know, that come, that they may attain they who minister about holy eternal life. i Tim. vi. things live of the sacrifice; God is not unrighteous, and they who wait at the that he will forget your altar are partakers with the works, and labour that proaltar? Even so hath the Lord ceedeth of love; which love also ordained, that they who ye have shewed for his Name's preach the Gospel should live sake, who have ministered of the Gospel. 1 Cor. ix.


unto the saints, and yet do He that soweth little shall minister. Heb. vi. reap little; and he that sow- To do good, and to distrieth plenteously shall reap bute, forget not; for with plenteously. Let every man such sacrifices God is well do according as he is dispos- pleased. Heb. xiii. ed in his heart, not grudg- Whoso hath this world's ingly, or of necessity; for good, and seeth his brother God loveth a cheerful giver. have need, and shutteth up 2 Cor. ix.

his compassion from him, how

If there be no alms or oblations, (of accepting alms and oblations)

to save

dwelleth the love of God in cations, and to give thanks, him? St. John ji.

for all men; We humbly beGive alms of thy goods, seech thee most mercifully and never turn thy face from [ to accept our any poor inan; and then the alms and oblations, then she is the word face of the Lord shall not and] to receive de test out unsaid. be turned away from thee. these our prayers, which we Tobit iv.

offer unto thy Divine MaBe merciful after thy pow- jesty; beseeching thee to iner. If thou hast much, give spire continually the univerplenteously: if thou hast lit-sal Church with the spirit of tle, do thy diligence gladly truth, unity, and concord: to give of that little: for so And grant, that all they that gatherest thou thyself a good do confess thy holy Name reward in the day of neces- may agree in the truth of sity. Tobit iv.

thy holy Word, and live in He that hath pity upon the unity, and godly love. We poor lendeth unto the Lord: beseech thee also to and look, what he layeth out, and defend all Christian it shall be paid him again. Kings, Princes, and GoverProv. xix,

nours; and specially thy SerBlessed be the man that vant GEORGE our King; provideth for the sick and that under him we may be needy: the Lord shall deliver godly and quietly governed: him in the time of trouble. And grant unto his whole Psalm xli.

Council, and to all that are Whilst these Sentences are in reading, the put in authority under him, Deacons, Church-apardens, or other file per that they may truly and inson appointed for that purpose, shall receive the Pilme for the poor, and other devotions differently minister justice, to vided by the Parish for that purpose ; and the punishment of wickedreverently bring it to the Priest, who shall kumbly present and place it upon the holy

ness and vice, and to the Table.

maintenance of thy true And when there is a Communion, the Priest shull then place upon the Table so much religion, and virtue. Give Bread and Wine, as he shall think sufficient. grace, ( heavenly Father, to

After which done, the Priest shall say, all Bishops and Curates, that Let us pray for the whole they may both by their life

state of Christ's Church and doctrine set forth thy militant here in earth.

true and lively Word, and LMIGHTY and ever- rightly and duly administer

living God, who by thy thy holy Sacraments: And to holy Apostle hast taught us all thy people give thy heato make prayers, and suppli- venly grace; and especially to


this congregation here pre- ers of the Kingdom of heasent; that, with meek heart ven. Wherefore it is and due reverence, they may duty to render most humble hear, and receive thy holy and hearty thanks to AlWord; truly serving thee in mighty God our heavenly Faholiness and righteousness all ther, for that he hath given the days of their life. And his Son our Saviour Jesus we most humbly, beseech thee Christ, not only to die for us, of thy goodness, O Lord, to but also to be our spiritual comfort and succour all them, food and sustenance in that who in this transitory life are holy Sacrament. Which bein trouble, sorrow, need, sick- ing so divine and comfortable ness, or any other adversity. a thing to them who receive And we also bless thy holy it worthily, and so dangerous Name for all thy servants de to them that will presume to parted this life in thy faith receive it unworthily; my and fear; beseeching thee to duty is to exhort you in the give us grace so to follow mean season to consider the their good examples, that dignity of that holy mystery, with them we may be par- and the great peril of the untakers of thy heavenly king- worthy receiving thereof; dom: Grant this, o Father, and so to search and examine for Jesus Christ's sake, our your own consciences, and only Mediator and Advocate. that not lightly, and after the Amen.

manner of dissemblers with 9 When the Minister gireth warning for the God; but so) that ye may celebration of the holy Communion, (which he shall always do upon the Sunday, or some

come holy and clean to such Holy-day, immediately preceding,) after the

a heavenly Feast, in the marSermon or Homily ended, he shall read this Exhortation following:

riage-garment required by D EARLY beloved, on God in holy Scripture, and

day next I pur- be received as worthy par . pose, through God's assist-takers of that holy Table. ance, to administer to all such The


and means thereas shall be religiously and to is; First, to examine your devoutly disposed the most lives and conversations by comfortable Sacrament of the the rule of God's commandBody and Blood of Christ; to ments; and whereinsoever. ye be by them received in re- shall perceive yourselves to membrance of his meritorious have offended, either by will, Cross and Passion; whereby word, or deed, there to bewail alone we obtain remission of your own sinfulness, and to our sins, and are made partak- confess yourselves to Al


the receiving of the holy Dihten, on below I intend,

mighty God, with full pur- | any of you, who by this means pose of amendment of life. cannot quiet his own conAnd if ye shall perceive your science herein, but requireth offences to be such as are not further comfort or counsel, only against God, but also let him come to me, or to against your neighbours; then some other discreet and learnye shall reconcile yourselves ed Minister of God's Word, unto them; being ready to and open his grief; that by make restitution and satisfac- the ministry of God's holy tion, according to the utter- Word he may receive the most of your powers, for all benefit of absolution, together injuries and wrongs done by with ghostly counsel and adyou to any other; and being vice, to the quieting of his likewise ready to forgive conscience, and avoiding of others that have offended all scruple and doubtfulness. you, as ye would have for- . Or, in case he shall see the people negligent

to come to the holy Communion, instead giveness of your offences at

of the former, he shall use this Exhor. God's hand: for otherwise

beloved breCommunion doth nothing

, else but increase your damna- by God's grace, to celebrate

| tion. Therefore if any of you the Lord's Supper: unto be a blasphemer of God, an which, in God's behalf, I bid hinderer or slanderer of his you all that are here present; Word, an adulterer, or be in and beseech you, for the malice, or envy, or in any Lord Jesus Christ's sake, that other grievous crime, repent ye will not refuse to come you of your sins, or else come thereto, being so lovingly not to that holy Table ; lest, called and bidden by God after the taking of that holy himself. Ye know how Sacrament, the devil enter in- grievous and unkind a thing to you, as he entered into it is, when a man hath

preJudas, and fill you full of all pared a rich feast, decked his iniquities, and bring you to table with all kind of providestruction both of body and sion, so that there lacketh soul.

nothing but the guests to sit And because it is requisite, down; and yet they who are that no man should come to called (without any cause) the holy Communion, but most unthankfully refuse to with a full trust in God's come. Which of you in mercy, and with a quiet con- such a case would not be science; therefore if there be moved? Who would not think





a great injury and wrong done | did vouchsafe to yield up his

ue unto him? Wherefore, most soul by death upon

the Cross dearly beloved in Christ, take for your salvation; so it is ye good heed, lest ye, with your duty to receive the Comdrawing yourselves from this munion in remembrance of holy Supper, provoke God's the sacrifice of his death, as indignation against you. It he himself hath commanded: is an easy matter for a man which if ye shall neglect to to say, I will not communi- do, consider with yourselves cate, because I am otherwise how great injury ye do unto hindered with worldly busi-God, and how sore punish

But such excuses are ment hangeth over your not so easily accepted and heads for the same; when ye allowed before God. If any wilfully abstain from the man say, I am a grievous sin- Lord's Table, and separate ner, and therefore am afraid from your brethren, who come to come : wherefore then do to feed on the banquet of ye not repent and amend that most heavenly food, When God calleth you, are These things if ye earnestly ye not ashamed to say ye will consider, ye will by God's not come? When ye should grace return to a better mind: return to God, will ye excuse for the obtaining whereof yourselves, and say ye are not we shall not cease to make ready ? Consider earnestly our humble petitions unto with yourselves how little Almighty God our heavenly such feigned excuses will Father. avail before God. They thats At the time of the celebration of the Comrefused the feast in the Gospel,

munion, the Communicants being convenient.

ly placed for the receiving of the holy Sacrabecause they had bought a ment, the Priest shall say this Exhortation, farm, cor would try their yokes DEAR Y beloved in the of oxen, or because were Lord, ye that married, were not so excused, come to the holy Communion but counted unworthy of the of the Body and Blood of our heavenly feast. I, for my part, Saviour Christ, must consider shall be ready; and, accord- how Saint Paul exhorteth all ing to mine Office, I bid you persons diligently to try and in the Name of God, I call examine themselves, before you in Christ's behalf, I ex- they presume to eat of that hort you, as ye love your own Bread, and drink of that Cup. salvation, that ye will be par- For as the benefit is great, if takers of this holy Commu- with a true penitent heart nion. And as the Son of God and ively faith we receive

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