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8 Then cried I unto thee, hast redeemed me, O Lord, O Lord : and gat me to my thou God of truth. Lord right humbly:

7 I have hated them that 9 What profit is there in hold of superstitious vanities : my blood : when I go down and my trust hath been in to the pit?

the Lord. 10 Shall the dust give 8 I will be glad, and rejoice thanks unto thee : or shall it in thy mercy : for thou hast declare thy truth?

considered my trouble, and 11 Hear, O Lord, and have hast known my soul in advermercy upon me : Lord, be sities. thou my helper.

9 Thou hast not shut me up 12 Thou hast turned my into the hand of the enemy : heaviness into joy : thou hast but hast set my feet in a large put off my sackcloth, and room. girded me with gladness. 10 Have mercy upon me,

13 Therefore shall every O Lord, for I am in trouble : good man sing of thy praise and mine eye is consumed for without ceasing : O my God, very heaviness; yea, my soul I will give thanks unto thee and my body. for ever.

11 For my life is waxen old Psal.31. In te, Domine, speravi. with heaviness: and my years N thee, O Lord, have I put with mourning.

my trust : let me never be 12 My strength faileth me, put to confusion, deliver me because of mine iniquity : and in thy righteousness.

my bones are consumed. 2 Bow down thine ear to 13 I became a reproof ame ; make haste to deliver mong all mine enemies, but

especially among my neigh3 And be thou my strong bours : and they of mine acrock, and house of defence : quaintance were afraid of me; that thou mayest save me. and they that did see me

4 For thou art my strong without conveyed themselves rock, and my castle : be thou from me. also my guide, and lead me 14 I am clean forgotten, for thy Name's sake.

as a dead man out of mind : 5 Draw me out of the net, I am become like a broken that they have laid privily vessel. for me : for thou art my 15 For I have heard the strength.

blasphemy of the multitude : 6 Into thy hands I com- and fear is on every side, while mend my spirit : for thou | they conspire together against



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me, and take their counsel toest the voice of my prayer : take away my life. .

when I cried unto thee. 16 But my hope hath been 26 O love the Lord, all ye in thee, O Lord : I have said, his saints : for the Lord preThou art my God.

serveth them that are faithful, 17 My time is in thy hand; and plenteously rewardeth the deliver me from the hand of proud doer. mine enemies : and from them 27 Be strong, and he shall that persecute me.

establish your heart :allyethat 18 Shew thy servant the put your trust in the Lord. light of thy countenance : and save me for thy mercy's sake.

EVENING PRAYER. 19 Let me not be confound Psalm 32. Beati, quorum. ed, O Lord, for I have called B,

LESSED is he whose unupon thee : let the ungodly righteousness is forgiven: be put to confusion, and be and whose sin is covered. put to silence in the grave.

2 Blessed is the man unto 20 Let the lying lips be whom the Lord imputeth no put to silence : which cruelly, sin : and in whose spirit there disdainfully, and despitefully, is no guile.


3 For while I held my 21 O how plentiful is thy tongue : my bones consumed goodness, which thou hast away through my daily comlaid up for them that fear plaining. thee : and that thou hast pre 4 For thy hand is heavy pared for them that put their upon me day and night : trust in thee, even before the and my moisture is like the sons of men!

drought in summer. 22 Thou shalt hide them 5 I will acknowledge my privily by thine own presence sin unto thee : and mine unfrom the provoking of all righteousness have I not hid. men : thou shalt keep them 6 I said, I will confess my secretly in thy tabernacle sins unto the Lord : and so from the strife of tongues.

thou forgavest the wicked23 Thanks be to the Lord : ness of my sin. for he hath shewed me mar 7 For this shall every one vellous great kindness in a

kindness in a that is godly make his prayer strong city.

unto thee, in a time when 24 And when I made haste, thou mayest be found : but I said : I am cast out of the in the great water-floods sight of thine eyes.

they shall not come nigh 25. Nevertheless, thou heard-, him.

every side.

8 Thou art a place to hide | full of the goodness of the me in, thou shalt preserve Lord. me from trouble : thou shalt 6 By the word of the Lord compass me about with songs were the heavens made : and of deliverance.

all the hosts of them by the 9 I will inform thee, and breath of his mouth. teach thee in the way wherein 7 He gathereth the waters thou shalt go : and I will of the sea together, as it were guide thee with mine eye. upon an heap : and laveth up

10 Be ye not like to horse the deep, as in a treasureand mule, which have no un-house. derstanding : whose mouths 8 Let all the earth fear the must be held with bit and Lord : stand in awe of him, bridle, lest they fall upon all ye that dwell in the world. thee.

9 For he spake, and it was 11 Great plagues remain done : he commanded, and it for the ungodly : but whoso stood fast. putteth his trust in the Lord, 10 The Lord bringeth the mercy embraceth him

him on counsel of the heathen to

nought : and maketh the de12 Be glad, O ye right vices of the people to be of eous, and rejoice in the Lord: none effect, and casteth out and be joyful, all ye that are the counsels of princes. true of heart.

11 The counsel of the Lord Psalm 33. Exultate, justi. shall endure for ever : and EJOICE in the Lord, o the thoughts of his heart

ye righteous : for it be- from generation to generacometh well the just to be tion. thankful.

12 Blessed are the people, 2 Praise the Lord with whose God is the Lord Jehoharp : sing praises unto himvah : and blessed are the folk, with the lute, and instrument that he hath chosen to him of ten strings.

to be his inheritance. 3 Sing unto the Lord a 13 The Lord looked down new song : sing praises lustily from heaven, and beheld all unto him with a good cou- the children of men : from rage.

the habitation of his dwelling 4 For the word of the Lord he considereth all them that is true : and all his works are dwell on the earth. faithful.

14 He fashioneth all the 5 He loveth righteousness hearts of them : and underand judgement : the earth is standeth all their works.


15 There is no king that him, and were lightened : can be saved by the multi- and their faces were not tude of an host : neither is ashamed. any mighty man delivered by 6 Lo, the poor crieth, and much strength.

the Lord heareth him : yea, 16 A horse is counted but and saveth him out of all his a vain thing to save a man : troubles. neither shall he deliver any 7 The angel of the Lord man by his great strength. tarrieth round about them

17 Behold, the eye of the that fear him : and delivereth Lord is upon them that fear them. him : and upon them that put 8 O taste, and see, how their trust in his mercy;

gracious the Lord is : blessed 18 To deliver their soul is the man that trusteth in from death : and to feed him. them in the time of dearth. 9 O fear the Lord, ye that

19 Our soul hath patiently are his saints : for they that tarried for the Lord': for he fear him lack nothing. is our help, and our shield. 10 The lions do lack, and

20 For our heart shall re- suffer hunger : but they who joice in him : because we seek the Lord shall want no have hoped

hoped in his holy manner of thing that is good. Name.

11 Come, ye children, and 21 Let thy merciful kind-hearken unto me: I will ness, O Lord, be upon us : teach you the fear of the like as we do put our trust in Lord. thee.

12 What man is he that Psal. 34. Benedicam Domino. lusteth to live : and would

Will alway give thanks fain see good days?

unto the Lord : his praise 13 Keep thy tongue from shall ever be in my mouth. evil : and thy lips, that they

2 My soul shall make her speak no guile. boast in the Lord : the hum 14 Eschew evil, and do ble shall hear thereof, and be good : seek peace, and ensue glad.

it. 3 O praise the Lord with 15 The eyes of the Lord me : and let us magnify his are over the righteous : and Name together.

his ears are open unto their 4 I sought the Lord, and prayers. he heard me : yea, he deliver 16 The countenance of the ed me out of all my fear. Lord is against them that do 5 They had an eye unto | evil : to root out the re

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membrance of them to the and put to shame, that seek ear

utter my soul : let them be 1: Tie synteous ry, and turned back, and brought to the Luri hearerà nem : and contusion, that imagine misdelivereh sem vut ut ul chiet for me. their troubies.

5 Let them be as the dust 13 Tie Lori is aya unto before the wind : and the anthem that are of a contrite qe of the Lord scattering heart : and will save such as them. be it an humcie spirit 0 Let their way be dark

19 Great are the troubles and slippery : and let the anof the righteous : but the gel of the Lord persecute Lordi de irerechim vucutul. Caem.

20 He ctpech bis ; For they have privily bones : soit 100 ele of and their net to destroy me them is brown

wisivut a cause : yea, even 21 But mistörtuse sal wirhwut a cause have they slar tire ungody:and sev nave a pit for my soul. that hate the righwus shiki.

Lec a sudden destruction be desoczte.

come upon him unawares, 04 The Luru cerereta and his net, that he hath the souls of Eis servants : and wid privily, catch himself : all they that put their trust that he may fall into his own in him shall not be desti- mischiet. tute.

9. And, my soul, be joyful

in the Lord : it shall rejoice MORNING PRAYER. in his salvation. PSALM 35. Judica, Domine. 10 All my bones shall say, LEAD thou my cause, O Lord, who is like unto thee,

Lordwith them that who deliverest the poor from strive with me : and fight him that is too strong for thou against them that fight him : yea, the poor, and him against me.

that is in misery, from him 2 Lay hand upon the shield that spoileth him? and buckler : and stand up to 11 False witnesses did rise help me.

up : they laid to my charge Bring forth the spear, things that I knew not. and stop the way against 12 They rewarded me evil them that persecute me : say for good to the great disunto my soul, I am thy sal comfort of my soul. vation.

13 Nevertheless, when they 4 Let them be confounded, I'were sick, I put on sack


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