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self purged our sins, sat down The Gospel. St. John i. 1. the right hand of the N

on high; being made Word, and the Word so much better than the an- with God, and the Word was gels, as he hath by inherit- God. The same was in the ance obtained a more excel- beginning with God. All lent name than they. For things were made by him; unto which of the angels said and without him was not any he at any time, Thou art my thing made that was made. Son, this day have I begotten In him was life, and the life thee? And again, I will be was the light of men. And to him a Father, and he shall the light shineth in darkness, be to me a Son? And again, and the darkness comprewhen he bringeth in the first hended it not. There was a begotten into the world, he man sent from God, whose saith, And let all the angels same was John. The same of God worship him. And came for a witness, to bear of the angels he saith, Who witness of the light, that all maketh his angels spirits, and men through him might behis ministers a flame of fire. lieve. He was not that light, But unto the Son he saith, but was sent to bear witness Thy throne, O God, is for of that light. That was the ever and ever; a sceptre of true light, which lighteth righteousness is the sceptre every man that cometh into of thy kingdom : Thou hast the world. He was in the loved righteousness, and hat- world, and the world was ed iniquity; therefore God, made by him, and the world even thy God, hath anointed knew him not.

He came thee with the oil of gladness unto his own, and his own above thy fellows. And, received hiin not. Thou, Lord, in the begin- many as received him, to ning hast laid the foundation them gave he power to beof the earth; and the hea- come the sons of God, even vens are the works of thine to them that believe on his hands: they shall perish, but Name: which were born, not thou remainest; and they all of blood, nor of the will of shall wax old as doth a gar- the flesh, nor of the will of ment; and as a vesture shalt man, but of God. And the thou fold them up, and they Word was made flesh, and shall be changed; but thou dwelt among us (and we beart the same, and thy years held his glory, the glory as shall not fail.

of the only-begotten of the

But as

that'shall be revealed; and, Byou prophets, and wise

Father) full of grace and whose name was Saul. And truth.

they stoned Stephen, calling Saint Stephen's Day. upon God, and saying, Lord The Collect.

Jesus, receive my spirit. And RANT, O Lord, that, in he kneeled down, and cried

all our sufferings here with a loud voice, Lord, lay upon earth for the testimony not this sin to their charge. of thy truth, we may sted And when he had said this, fastly look up to heaven, and he fell asleep. by faith behold the glory The Gospel. St. Matt. xxiii. 34.

; being filled with the holy Ghost, may learn to love and men, and scribes ; and some bless our persecutors by the of them ye shall kill and cruexample of thy first Martyr cify; and some of them shall Saint Stephen, who prayed ye scourge in your synafor his murderers to thee, o gogues, and persecute them blessed Jesus, who standest from city to city; that upon at the right hand of God to you may come all the rightesuccour all those that suffer ous blood shed upon the earth, for thee, our only Mediator from the blood of righteand Advocate. Amen.

ous Abel unto the blood of Then shall follow the Collect of the Nativi- Zacharias, son of Barachias, ty, which shall be said continually unto New-ycar's Ere.

whom ye slew between the For the Epistle. Acts vii. 55. temple and the altar. Verily STE

TEPHEN, being full of I say unto you, All these the holy Ghost, looked things shall come upon

this up stedfastly into heaven, generation. O Jerusalem, Jeand saw the glory of God, rusalem, thou that killest the and Jesus standing on the prophets, and stonest them right hand of God, and said, which are sent unto thee; Behold, I see the heavens how often would I have gaopened, and the Son of Man thered thy children together, standing on the right hand even as a hen gathereth her of God. Then they cried chickens under her wings, out with a loud' voice, and and ye would not ! Behold, stopped their ears, and ran your house is left unto you upon him with one accord, desolate. For I say unto you, and cast him out of the city, Ye shall not see me henceand stoned him: and the forth, till ye shall say, Blessed witnesses laid down their is he that cometh in the clothes at a young man's feet, Name of the Lord.

St. John the Etangelist's Day. ship with him, and walk in The Collect.

darkness, we lie, and do not MIELE

ERCIFUL Lord, we the truth: but if we walk in

beseech thee to cast the light, as he is in the light, thy bright beams of light we have fellowship one with upon thy Church, that it be another, and the blood of Jeing enlightened by the doc- sus Christ his Son cleanseth trine of thy blessed Apostle us from all sin. If we say and Evangelist Saint John that we have no sin, we demay so walk in the light of ceive ourselves, and the truth thy truth, that it may at is not in us. If we confess length attain to the light of our sins, he is faithful and everlasting life; through Je- just to forgive us our sins, sus Christ our Lord. Amen, and to cleanse us from all The Epistle. i St. John i. 1. unrighteousness. If we say THAT

which was from that we have not sinned, we we have heard, which we word is not in us. have seen with our eyes, The Gospel. St. John xxi. 19. whicbur en hade hooked upon JESUS said unten Peter, of the word of life; (for the turning about, seeth the dislife was manifested, and we ciple whom Jesus loved folhave seen it, and bear wit- lowing; which also leaned ness, and shew unto you that on his breast at supper, and eternal life, which was with said, Lord, which is he that the Father, and was manifest- betrayeth thee? Peter seeing ed unto us ;) That which we him saith to Jesus, Lord, and have seen and heard declare what shall this man do? Jewe unto you, that ye also sus saith unto him, If I will may have fellowship with us; that he tarry till I come, what and truly our fellowship is is that to thee? Follow thou with the Father, and with his me. Then went this saying Son Jesus Christ. And these abroad among the brethren, things write we unto you, That that disciple should not that your joy may be full. die : yet Jesus said not unto This then is the message him, He shall not die; but, If which we have heard of him, I will that he tarry till I and declare unto you, That come, what is that to thee? God is light, and in him is This is the disciple which tesno darkness at all. If we tifieth of these things, and that we

we have fellow- wrote these things, and we

say that

know that his testimony is but the hundred and forty true.

And there are also and four thousand, which many other things which Je were redeemed from the sus did, the which if they earth. These are they which should be written every one, were not defiled with women, I suppose, that even the for they are virgins : these world itself could not contain are they which follow the the books that should be Lamb whithersoever he gowritten.

eth : these were redeemed

from among men, being the The Innocents' Day. first-fruits unto God, and to The Collect.

the Lamb. And in their O ;

of the mouths of babes for they are without fault beand sucklings hast ordained fore the throne of God. strength, and madest infants The Gospel. St. Matth. ii. 13. to glorify thee by their


'HE Angel of the Lord deaths; Mortify and kill all

appeareth to Joseph in vices in us, and so strengthen a dream, saying, Arise, and us by thy grace, that by the take the young child, and his innocency of our lives, and mother, and flee into Egypt, constancy of our faith even and be thou there until í unto death, we may glorify bring thee word ; for Herod thy holy Name; through will seek the young child to Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. destroy him. When he arose, For the Epistle. Rev. xiv. 1. he took the


child and I

Looked, and lo, a Lamb his mother by night, and de

stood on the mount Sion, parted into Egypt, and was and with him an hundred there until the death of Heforty and four thousand, hav- rod; that it might be fulfilled ing his Father's Name writ- which was spoken of the ten in their foreheads, And I Lord by the prophet, saying, heard a voice from heaven, as Out of Egypt have I called the voice of many waters, and my Son. Then Herod, when as the voice of a great thun- he saw that he was mocked der: and I heard the voice of the wise men, was exceedof harpers harping with their ing wroth; and sent forth, harps : and they sung as it and slew all the children that were a new song before the were in Bethlehem, and in all throne, and before the four the coasts thereof, from two beasts, and the elders ; ‘and years old and under, accordno man could learn that song, ing to the time which he had


diligently enquired of the sent forth his Son, made of a wise men. Then was ful-woman, made under the law, filled that which was spoken to redeem them that were by Jeremy the prophet, say- under the law, that we might ing, In Rama was there a receive the adoption of sons. voice heard, lamentation, and And because ye are sons, weeping, and great mourn- God hath sent forth the Spiing, Rachel weeping for her rit of his Son into your children, and would not be hearts, crying, Abba, Father. comforted, because they are Wherefore thou art no more

a servant, but a son; and if The Sunday after Christmas- a son, then an heir of God day.---The Collect. through Christ.

The Gospel. St. Matth. i. 18 hast given us thy-only-|T Christ was on this wise:

, begotten Son to take our na- When as his mother Mary ture upon him, and as at this was espoused to Joseph, betime to be born of a pure fore they came together she Virgin ; Grant that we being was found with child of the regenerate, and made thy Holy Ghost. Then Joseph children by adoption and her husband, being a just grace, may daily be renewed hy thy Holy Spirit; through her a publick example, was

man, and not willing to make the same our Lord Jesus

minded to put her away priChrist, who liveth and reign- vily. But while

he thought eth with thee and the same

on these things, behold, the Spirit, ever one God, world

angel of the Lord appeared without end. Amen.

unto him in a dream, saying, The Epistle. Gal. iv. 1.

Joseph thou son of David, NOW

OW I say, that the heir, fear not to take unto thee

as long as he is a child, Mary thy wife ; for that differeth nothing from a ser- which is conceived in her is vant, though he be lord of of the Holy Ghost: And she all; but is under tutors and shall bring forth a Son, and governours, until the time thou shalt call his name JEappointed of the father. sus; for he shall save his Even so we, when we were people from their sins. (Now children, were in bondage all this was done, that it under the elements of the might be fulfilled which was world : but when the fulness spoken of the Lord by the of the time was come, God I prophet, saying, Behold, a

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