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Virgin shall be with child, cumcision ? Not in circumciand shall bring forth a Son, sion, but in uncircumcision. and they shall call his name And he received the sign of Emmanuel, which being in- circumcision, a seal of the terpreted is, God with us.) righteousness of the faith Then Joseph, being raised which he had yet being unfrom sleep, did as the angel circumcised ;- that he might of the Lord had bidden him, be the father of all them that and took unto him his wife; | believe, though they be not and knew her not till she circumcised; that righteoushad brought forth her first- ness might be imputed unto born son and he called his them also : And the father of name JESUS.

circumcision to them who

are not of the circumcision The Circumcision of Christ. only, but also walk in the The Collect.

steps of that faith of our faLMIGHTY God, who

ther Abraham, which he had madest thy blessed Son

being yet uncircumcised. For

the to be circumcised, and obe-l be the heir of the world, was

promise, that he should dient to the law for man; Grant us the true Circumci- seed, through the law, but

not to Abraham, or to his sion of the Spirit; that, our hearts, and all our members, faith. For if they which are

through the righteousness of being mortified from all

of the law be heirs, faith is worldly and carnal lusts, we made void, and the promise may in all things obey thy made of none effect. blessed will; thro' the same

The Gospel. St. Luke ii. 15. thy Son Jesus Christ our

ND it came to pass, Lord. Amen.


the angels were gone The Epistle. Rom. iv. 8.

away from them into heaven, LESSED is the man to the shepherds said one to

whom the Lord will another, Let us now go even not impute sin. Cometh unto Bethlehem, and see this this blessedness then upon thing which is come to pass, the circumcision only, or up which the Lord hath made on the uncircumcision also known unto us.

And they For we say, that faith was came with haste, and found reckoned to Abraham for Mary and Joseph, and the righteousness. How was it babe lying in a manger. And then reckoned ? when he was when they had seen it, they in circumcision, or in uncir- I made known abroad the say


ing which was told them con- | ward : How that by revelacerning this child. And all tion he made known unto they that heard it wondered at me the mystery (as I wrote those things which were told afore in few words, whereby, them by the shepherds. But when ye read, ye may underMary kept all these things, stand my knowledge in the and pondered them in her mystery of Christ) which in heart. And the shepherds other ages was not made returned, glorifying and prais- known unto the sons of men, ing God for all ihe things as it is now revealed unto his that they had heard and seen, holy Apostles and Prophets as it was told unto them. by the Spirit; That the GenAnd when eight days were tiles should be fellow-heirs, accomplished for the circum- and of the same body, and cising of the child, his name partakers of his promise in was called JESUS, which Christ, by the Gospel: wherewas so named of the angel of I was made a minister, before he was conceived in according to the gift of the the womb.

grace of God given unto me The same Collect, Epistle, and Gospel shall by the effectual working of serre for every day after unto the Epiphany.

his power. Unto me, who The Epiphany, or the Mani- am less than the least of all festation of Christ to the saints, is this grace given, Gentiles.

that I should preach among The Collect.

the Gentiles the unsearchable O

God, who by the lead- riches of Christ; and to make

ing of a star didst mani- all men see what is the fest thy only-begotten Son fellowship of the mystery, to the Gentiles; Mercifully which from the beginning of grant, that we, which know the world hath been hid in thee now by faith, may af- God, who created all things ter this life have the frui- by Jesus Christ: to the intion of thy glorious Godhead; tent, that now unto the printhrough Jesus Christ our cipalities and powers in heaLord. Amen.

venly places might be known The Epistle. Ephes. iii. 1. by the Church the manifold FOR 'OR this cause, I Paul, wisdom of God, according to

the prisoner of Jesus the eternal purpose which he Christ for you Gentiles; if purposed in Christ Jesus our ye have heard of the dispen- Lord: In whom we have sation of the grace of God, boldness and access with conwhich is given me to you fidence by the faith of him.


"The Gospel. St. Matth. ii. 1. till it came and stood over

HÉN Jesus was born where the young child was.

in Bethlehem of Ju- When they saw the star, they dæa, in the days of Herod rejoiced with exceeding great the king, behold, there came joy. And when they were wise men from the east to come into the house, they Jerusalem, saying, Where is saw the young child with he that is born King of the Mary his mother, and fell Jews? for we have seen his down and worshipped him star in the east, and are come and when they had opened to worship him. When He their treasures, they presentrod the king had heard these ed unto him gifts ; gold, things, he was troubled, and and frankincense, and myrrh. all Jerusalem with him. And And being warned of God in when he had gathered all a dream that they should not the chief priests and scribes return to Herod, they departof the people together, he ed into their own country demanded of them, where another way. Christ should be born. And they said unto him, In Beth The first Sunday after the lehem of Judæa : for thus it

Epiphany is written by the prophet,

The Collect. And thou, Bethlehem in the Lord, we beseeche thee among the princes of Juda : the prayers of thy people for out of thee shall come a which call upon thee; and Governour that shall rule my grant that they may both people Israel. Then Herod, perceive and know what when he had privily called things they ought to do, and the wise men, enquired of also may have grace and them diligently what time power faithfully to fulfil the the star appeared. And he same; through Jesus Christ sent them to Bethlehem, and our Lord. Amen. said, Go, and search diligent The Epistle. Rom. xii. 1. ly for the young child, and Beseech

I you therefore, when ye have found him, brethren, by the mercies bring me word again, that I of God, that ye present your may come and worship him bodies a living sacrifice, holy, also. When they had heard acceptable unto God, which the king, they departed; and is your reasonable service, lo, the star which they saw And be not conformed to in the east went before them, this world; but be ye trans

formed by the renewing of they found him in the temple, your mind, that ye may sitting in the midst of the prove what is that good, and doctors, both hearing them, acceptable, and perfect will and asking them questions, of God. For I say, through | And all that heard him were the grace given unto me, to astonished at his understandevery man that is among ing and answers. And when you, not to think of himself | they saw him, they were more highly than he ought amazed: and his mother said to think, but to think sober- unto him, Son, why hast thou ly, according as God haththus dealt with us? behold, dealt to every man the mea- thy father and I have sought sure of faith.

For as we thee sorrowing. And he said have many members in one unto them, How is it that ye body, and all members have sought me? wist ye not that not the same office; so we, I must be about my Father's being many, are one body in business? And they underChrist, and every one mem- stood not the saying which bers one of another.

he spake unto them. And

he went down with them, The Gospel. St. Luke ii. 41.

and came to Nazareth, and TOW his parents went to was subject unto them : but

Jerusalem every year at his mother kept all these saythe feast of the passover. ings in her heart. And Jesus And when he was twelve increased in wisdom, and years old, they went up to stature, and in favour with Jerusalem, after the custom God and man. of the feast. And when they had fulfilled the days, as they returned, the child Jesus

The second Sunday after the tarried behind in Jerusalem;

Epiphany and Joseph and his mother knew not of it. But they,

The Collect. supposing him to have been

LMIGHTY and everin the company, went a day's journey, and they sought him govern all things in heaven among their kinsfolk and ac- and earth; Mercifully hear quaintance. And when they the supplications of thy peofound him not, they turned ple, and grant us thy peace back again to Jerusalem, all the days of our life; seeking him. And it came through Jesus Christ our to pass, that after three days | Lord. Amen.


Lasting who dost

The Epistle. Rom. xii. 6. both Jesus was called, and НА

(AVING then gifts dif- his disciples, to the marriage.

fering according to the And when they wanted wine, grace that is given to us, the mother of Jesus saith unwhether prophecy, let us pro- to him, They have no wine. phesy according to the pro- Jesus saith unto her, Woman, portion of faith; or ministry, what have I to do with thee? let us wait on our minister- mine hour is not yet come. ing; or he that teacheth, on His mother saith unto the teaching; or he that exhort- servants, Whatsoever he saith eth, on exhortation : he that unto you, do it. And there giveth, let him do it with were set there six water-pots simplicity ; he that ruleth, of stone, after the manner of with diligence; he that shew- the purifying of the Jews, eth mercy, with cheerfulness. containing two or three firkLet love be without dissimu-ins apiece. Jesus saith unlation. Abhor that which is to them, Fill the water-pots evil, cleave to that which is with water. And they filled good. Be kindly affectioned them up to the brim. And one to another with brotherly he saith unto them, Draw love, in honour preferring out now, and bear unto the one another : not slothful in governour of the feast. And business ; fervent in spirit ; | they bare it. When the serving the Lord; rejoicing ruler of the feast had tasted in hope; patient in tribula- the water that was made tion; continuing instant in wine, and knew not whence prayer; distributing to the it was, (but the servants necessity of saints; given which drew the water knew,) to hospitality. Bless them the governour of the feast which persecute you ; bless, called the bridegroom, and and curse not. Rejoice with saith unto him, Every man them that do rejoice, and at the beginning doth set weep with them that weep. forth good wine, and when Be of the same mind one to- men have well drunk, then wards another. Mind not that which is worse : but high things, but condescend thou hast kept the good to men of low estate.

wine until now. This be The Gospel. St. John ii. 1. ginning of miracles did JeND the third day there sus in Cana of Galilee, and

was a marriage in Cana manifested forth his glory, of Galilee, and the mother and his disciples believed on of Jesus was there. And him.


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