Translation of the letters of a Hindoo rajah, to which is prefixed a preliminary dissertation on the history, religion, and manners of the Hindoos, Nide 1


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Sivu 115 - We know this only, that we nothing know," induced many of the wisest among the Ancients, and some of the most enlightened among the Moderns, to believe that the whole Creation was rather an energy than a work, by which the Infinite Being, who is present at all times in all places, exhibits to the minds of his creatures a set of perceptions, like a wonderful picture or piece of...
Sivu xiv - Affection ever true, Graces thy side, her vest of glowing hue, And in her train twelve blooming girls advance, Touch golden strings and knit the mirthful dance.
Sivu ix - He views in each particular place the mode of worship respectively appointed to it ; sometimes He is employed with the attendants upon the mosque...
Sivu 14 - The principles of the Christian religion as professed by the Protestant and Roman Catholic churches, are recognized as teaching men to do good, and to do to others as they would have others do to them.
Sivu xiii - Floats thro' the lucid air, whilst living flow'rs With sunny twine the vocal arbours wreathe, And gales enamour'd heav'nly fragrance breathe? Hail, pow'r unknown! for at thy beck Vales and groves their bosoms deck, And ev'ry laughing blossom dresses With gems of dew his musky tresses. I feel, I feel thy genial flame divine, And hallow thee and kiss thy shrine. "Knowst thou not me?" Celestial sounds I hear! "Knowst thou not me?" Ah, spare a mortal ear! "Behold...
Sivu 36 - Should fate command me to the fartheft verge Of the green earth, to diftant barbarous climes, Rivers unknown to fong ; where firft the fun Gilds Indian mountains, or his fetting beam Flames on th...
Sivu xvii - Mecca had eftablifhed, as one of the principles of his dodlrine, the merit of extending it, either by perfuafion, or the fword, to all parts of the earth. How fteadily this injunction was adhered to by his followers, and with what fuccefs it was purfued, is well known to all who are in the leaft converfant in hiftory. " The fame overwhelming torrent, which had inundated the greater part of Africa, burft its way into the very heart of Europe, and covered many kingdoms of Afia with unbounded defolation,...
Sivu xv - And, when thy Lory fpreads his em'rald wings To waft thee high above the towr's of Kings, Whilft o'er thy throne the moon's pale light Pours her foft radiance thro' the night. And to each floating cloud difcovers The haunts of bleft and joylefs lovers, Thy mildeft influence to thy bard impart To warm, but not confume the heart.
Sivu xiii - Poem is addressed, appears evidently the same with the Grecian Eros and the Roman Cupido; but the Indian description of his person and arms, his family, attendants, and attributes, has new and peculiar beauties.
Sivu xiv - Bessent, and gay Spring on earth, Weaves thy green robe and flaunting bow'rs, And from thy clouds draws balmy...

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