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declares his resolution to retire from Public Life-Meets
Congress for the last time~Describes the Letters that had
been forged-Attends the Inauguration of Mr. Adams-
Retires to Mount Vernon-Threatening attitude of France
General Washington appointed Commander in Chief of the
American Forces—His opinion of Public Measures His
Indisposition and Death-Conclusion






His Birth-Education-Appointed an Adjutant General of the

militia_His embassy to the Ohio-Commissioned as Lieutea nant-Colonel of a regular regiment-Surprises a detachment of French troops-Capitulation of Fort Necessity-He is appointed a volunteer Aid-de-camp to General Braddock-His bravery in the action in which that General fell. He is appointed the Colonel of a regiment, and Commander-in-chief of the Virginia troops--His efforts to defend the frontiers-His exertions in the expedition under General Forbes to gain possession of Fort du Quesne-Resigns his commission.

GEORGE WASHINGTON was born in the county of Westmoreland, Virginia, on the 22d day of February, 1732. He was the third son of Mr. Augustine Washington, and the great grandson of Mr. John Washington, a gentleman of a family of some distinction in the north of England, who emigrated about the year 1657, and took up the estate on which the subject of these memoirs was born.

At the age of ten years, by the death of his father,

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