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THE attention that has been bestowed upon Africa by this and other European Powers in recent years has resulted in the establishment of "Protectorates" and 66 spheres of influence" over various parts of that continent.

A notification of a British Protectorate over the Niger Districts was published in the London Gazette in 1885, comprising the territories on the line of coast between Lagos and the western river bank of the mouth of the Rio del Rey, and territories on both banks of the Niger from Lokoja to the sea. On the 18th October, 1887, a further notification was published reciting that, under and by virtue of certain treaties concluded between the month of July, 1884, and that date, the territories mentioned were under the protection of Her Majesty. The territories are as before named, except that the territories on the banks of the Niger are described as "all the territories in the basin of the Niger and its affluents, subject to the government of the Royal Niger Company."



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