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Ordinance No. 14 of 1896.

AN ORDINANCE to provide for the Publication of a collected
and revised edition of the Ordinances of the Colony.
[23rd December, 1896.

WHEREAS it is expedient to make provision for the preparation and publication of a new and revised edition. of the Statute Law of the Gold Coast Colony;

Be it therefore enacted by the Governor of the Gold Coast Colony, with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council thereof, as follows:

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1. This Ordinance may be cited as "The Reprint of short title. Statutes Ordinance, 1896."


2.-(1.) The Chief Justice, William Brandford Griffith, Commissioner Esquire, is hereby appointed a Commissioner for the purpose of preparing a revised edition of the Ordinances of the Colony in force on the 31st day of December, 1897, or such later date as the Governor may fix by notification in the Gazette.

(2.) In case the said William Brandford Griffith, Esquire, is unable from any cause to fully discharge his commission under this Ordinance the Governor may appoint some other fit and proper person or persons to be a Commissioner or Commissioners in his stead.

(3.) If in such case more Commissioners than one are appointed the term "the Commissioner" as hereinafter used shall apply to such Commissioners.

3. In the preparation of the new edition the Commis- Powers of sioner shall have the following powers



(1.) To omit

(a) All repealing enactments contained in Ordi-
nances and also all tables or lists of
repealed enactments.

(6) All Ordinances or parts of Ordinances which have been expressly repealed or which have expired or have become spent or have had their effect.

(c) Those words in any Ordinance which merely fix the date of the commencement of the Ordinance.

(d) All words and enactments which refer exclusively to Lagos.

(e) All amending Ordinances or parts of such Ordinances where the amendments effected by such Ordinances or parts of Ordinances have been embodied by the Commissioner in the Ordinances amended.

(2.) To add short titles when required.

(3.) To consolidate into one Ordinance two or more Ordinances in pari materiâ, making the alterations thereby rendered necessary in the consolidated Ordinance.

(4.) To supply or alter marginal notes.

(5.) To alter the order of sections in any Ordinance and in all cases where desirable to do so to renumber the sections of any Ordinance.

(6.) To alter the form or arrangement of any section of an Ordinance either by combining it in whole or in part with another section or other sections, or by dividing it into two or more subsections.

(7.) To correct grammatical and typographical mistakes in the existing copies of Ordinances, and for that purpose to make verbal additions, omissions or alterations not affecting the meaning of any enactment.

(8.) And to do all other things relating to form and method which may be necessary for the perfecting of the new edition.

References to

tion to new edition.

4. Where in any enactment or in any document of have applica- whatever kind reference is made to any enactment affected by or under the operation of this Ordinance, such reference shall, where necessary and practicable, be deemed to extend and apply to the corresponding enactment in the new edition.

5. The edition shall be printed in one or more volumes, Contents of which also contain:may

new edition.


(a) The Imperial Statutes 34 Vict. c. 8, and 50 & 51
Vict. c. 54; and such other Imperial Statutes
in force in or relating to the Gold Coast Colony,
as the Commissioner may think fit to include.
(b) The Letters Patent dated the 13th of January,
1886, constituting the office of Governor and
Commander-in-Chief of the Colony, and pro-
viding for the Government thereof;

(c) The Orders of the Queen in Council in force in the
Gold Coast Colony on the 31st December, 1897,
or such later date as the Governor shall have
fixed under section 2 hereof.

(d) Such Orders of the Governor in Council and Rules
made under any Ordinance or parts thereof
respectively as are in force on the 31st day of
December, 1897, or such later date as the
Governor shall have fixed under section 2
hereof, and as appear to the Commissioner to
be of sufficient importance to be included; and
(e) A table of contents, a chronological table of the
Ordinances of the Gold Coast Colony and of
the Rules made thereunder which were in force
on the 7th April, 1887, or have been passed
subsequently to that date, and an index.


6. The Commissioner shall, before the whole edition is Approval of printed off, submit a finally revised and corrected copy to the Governor for approval.*

7. The Governor may, by Proclamation, approve of the Proclamation edition prepared under this Ordinance, and order that it of Governor. shall come into force from such date as he thinks fit. From the date named in such Proclamation the new edition shall be deemed to be and shall be without any question whatsoever in all Courts of Justice the sole and only proper Statute Book of the Gold Coast Colony up to the date of the latest of the Ordinances contained therein.

*Repealed when going to press by No. 13 of 1898.

Short title.


Wreck, removal of.


Ordinance No. 5 of 1897.

AN ORDINANCE for the Prevention and Removal of Obstruc-
tions in the use of Ports, Rivers and Beaches.
[29th January, 1897.
WHEREAS it is expedient to make better provision by
law for the removal and prevention of certain obstructions
on and near the sea beaches and river banks of the Colony;

Be it therefore enacted by the Governor of the Gold Coast Colony, with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council thereof, as follows:

1. This Ordinance may be cited as "The Beaches Obstructions Ordinance, 1897."

2. In this Ordinance, unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions have the meanings hereby assigned to them, that is to say—

The expression "beach" means and includes the land within fifty yards above high-water mark.

The expression "vessel" means and includes any ship, boat or canoe, or any other description of vessel used in navigation, whether propelled by sails, steam, electricity, oars, paddles or poles.

3. Where any vessel is sunk, stranded or abandoned in any fairway, or on the beach or foreshore, or on or near any rock, shoal or bank, or in any part of the sea adjacent to the coast of the Colony, or in any river of the Colony, any officer of Customs or District Commissioner appointed by the Governor in that behalf may, if in his opinion the vessel is or is likely to be an obstruction to navigation or to the landing on or use of the beach or foreshore or bank of a river or any approach thereto

(a) Take possession of, raise, remove or destroy the whole or any part of the vessel; and

(6) Light or buoy any such vessel or any part thereof
until the raising, removal or destruction thereof;

(c) Sell in such manner as he thinks fit any vessel or
any part thereof so raised or removed, and also
any other property recovered in the exercise of
his powers under this section, and out of the
proceeds of the sale reimburse the expenses
incurred in relation thereto, and hold the
surplus, if any, of the proceeds in trust for the
persons entitled thereto.

creation of.

4. The Governor in Council may, by order, reserve any Landing portion of the foreshore, or, if it is waste or uncultivated places, or Government land or an open space, of the beach or of the bank of a river as or for a landing place or for other purposes, and may in such order declare how such reserved portion shall be used, and may require that licences shall be taken out for the use of such landing places, and may declare and appoint fees for such licences, and may from time to time rescind or vary such order.

It shall not be lawful for any person to make use of any such reserved portions, whether for landing or hauling up or leaving thereon any boat or canoe, or placing or keeping thereon any animals or articles without or contrary to the terms of the licence, if any, required by an Order in Council made under this section.

boats, &c.

Any boats, canoes, animals or articles hauled up, left, Removal of placed or kept on any such reserved portion of such beach, foreshore or bank contrary to the provisions of this section may be removed by the District Commissioner or any person authorized by him at the expense of the owner or person in charge of them if, after notice in writing given to the owner or person in charge or posted up at or near the place where such boats, canoes, animals or articles may be, the same be not removed.

Every person offending against any of the provisions of Penalty. this section or of any Order in Council made thereunder shall be liable on conviction before a District Commissioner to a penalty not exceeding ten pounds.

5. No person without the permission of the District Removal of Commissioner shall remove or carry away any rock, stones, from, and shingle, gravel, sand or soil or any artificial protection protection of beaches,

sand, &c.

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