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Notes to 0-1. Caoutchouc print cloths for manufactories, and card Mark, Mark.

leathers, artificial, for card factories, by special

permission and under control
2. Hempen bose, transmission belts, and carriage covers
of course stuffs combined with cioutchouc........ 24.0

Tare: B. and C. 16;Bs. 13; Bl. 6. No. 18.-Clothing and Underlinen, made up; articles of fashion. a of silk or floss-silk, combined or not with metallic threads ;

clothing, embroidery, trimmed with lace (Only the outer garments for ladies and children when made up in such manner that the lace or embroidery constitute the principal value of garments are included in this letter. If the lace or embroidery do not predominate, they shall be dutiable according to the nature of the component tissue)..

1 200.0. b Of half silk

675.0.. c Other, not mentioned in letters d and e. (Ready-made clothing,

known as "elastic," i.e. knitted, &c., of wool, milled or not, the tissue of which has been made in the piece, is dutiable according

to No. 18 c). (Tare to No. 18 a band c: C.20. Bs. 11, Bl. 9).. 300.0 .. d Of tissues conted or saturated with caoutchouc, or of tissues of caoutchouc threads combined with other textile materials

130.0 .. e Underlinen, of linen or cotton..

150.0 .. Tare to No. 18 d and e; C. 13; Bs. 9; Bl. 6. Hats1. Silk, for men, trimmel or not..

300 0 2 Felt, do. do.

180,0 Tare to No. 18 f, 1 and 2: C. 20; Bs. 11 ; Bl. o. 3. Ladies' hits, trimmed.....

... cach Ladies' hats of felt, trimmed..

..0.80 4.Hats not sp cially mentioned, trimme i or not & Artificial flowers, finished, of tissue or hosiery, combined or not

with other material parts of artificial flowers i.e., leuves,

stalks, &c., not made up. (Tare : C. 20; Bs, 11: Bl. 9)... 900.0 .. No. 19.--Copper and other common metals not specially mentioned

alloys of such Metaes, and manufactures thereof. a Copper, crude, or scrap ; copper or base coin

Free • Hammered or rolled in bars, shects or plates ; wire and telegraplı

cables Aluminium, rolled

0.0 Telegraph cables

8.0 Tare to No. 196; B 13: Bs. 6; Bl. 4; for unplated brass-sheets: C. 8

unplated brass wire: C. above so kilogs., 9: B. above 50 kilogs., 7. i Sheets and wire, plated. [Tare: B. 13 ; Bs. 6; Bl. 4.]....

28.0 .. d Wares, viz.1. Coppersmith's course wares, of copper and brass even combined

with wood or iron, neither polished nor lacquered ; tubes of

sheet brass, and wire gauze 2. Other, not comprised in No. 19 d 3, or not entering in No. 20 on account of their combination with other materials

30.0 .. 3. Of aluminium and nickel ; tinc, particularly articles of luxury; of alfenide, Britannia metal, bronze, argentan, tombac, and other similar alloys; wares of brass, fine, varnished, also combined with other materials, provided that none of such wares are comprised in No, 20 ...

60.0 . [Tare to No. 19 d: B. 13 ; Bs. 6; Bl. 4.] No. 20.-Fine Fancy and Small Wares, Watchmakers' Wares, &c. a Wares, composed, wholly or in part, of precious metals, fine pearls, coral, or precious stones ; gold and silver leaf

1 2.0..

180 ..

600.0 Gold, rolled, of a thickness of at least 1 millimetre...... Gold wire, of at least 2 millimetres in diameter Coral and pearls, threaded on string or thread to facilitate packing and forwarding

Co.o Tare: B. and C. 20 ; Bs, 13 ; Bl. 9.

100.0 .. 100.0

* Large signal-bell apparatus for railways, &c., are dutiable according to their nature and component material. This also applies to conduct tubes, wire, insulators, &c., forming part of telegraphic miteral oih:r than th: transmittors of recrivers, even when imported in the sume package.

6 1. Warcs composed, wholly or in part, of amber, celluloid, ivory, Mark. Mark.

black or coloured jet, lava, meerschaum, mother-of-pearl and
tortoise shell, of base metal, gilt or silvered or plated with gold
or silver ; sets of teeth with pins and tubes of platinum or
other precious metals

200.0 ..
Wares composed, wholly or in part, of amber, black or
coloured jet, meerschaum and mother-of-pearl

..150.0 2. Fine fancy and small wares (ornameetal and toilet articles for

men and women, bric-à-bac, &c.), composed, wholly or in
part, of aluminium ; the same articles of other base metals,
but of fine manufacture and more or less nickeled, gilt, silvered
or varnished, or combined with demi-precious or imitation
stones, alabaster, enamel, with carving, vitrifications, cameos,
ornamentation of cast metal, and the like

200.0 ..173.0 3. Table and other clocks ; fans of all kinds ; wares of wax, fine and embossed

200.0 .. Note to b 1 --Pieces of ivory and of mother-of-pearl, half prepared for the articles mentioned in No, 20 b 1

30.0 .. Note to b 1 and 2-Ornamental articles for both sexes, of non

precious metals, gilt or silvered, combined in large measure with
glass, including imitation precious stones, imitation carneos; as
well as articles for the same purpose, inc'uding toilet articles and
bric-à-brac of base metals, more or less, gilt or silvered, com-
bined in a certain proportion with glass, including imitation of
precious stones and cameos..

... 100.0 Tare to No. 20 b and to the notes thereto: B. and C. 20; Bs. 13; Bl. 9: for

buttons of mother-of-pearl on cardboard, without other interior wrappers, even packed in packages of paper; C. 13 ; for pieces of mother-of-peari, roughly

shaped for the manufacture of articles mentioned in No. 61: C. 13. C 1. Imitation of gold and silver leaf : 2 Spectacles and opera glasses ; imitation parls; umbrellas and

piirasols ;
3. Manufactures n.o.p. of tissues of cotton, linen, silk, wool or

other animal lair, combined with carving materials, vegetable
or animal, common metals, glass, gutta-percha, caoutchouc,
leather, leather cloth, paper, pasteboard, stones, straw or faicncer 20.0

Tare: B. and C. 20 ; Bs, 13; Bl. 9.
d Watches, movements, and cases ---
1. Watches, with gold cases

0.80 Do., with silver cases, eren gilt, or with edges, rims, rings, and knobs, gilt or plated ; movements not fitted in the case eich 1.50.. Watches with silver cases, even gilt, or with edges, rims, rings or knobs, gilt or plated


0.69 Movements not fitted in the cas

0.10 3. Watches with cases of other metals.

0.50.. 0.40 4. Watch cases of gold, without movements

1.50.. 0.10 5. Other watch crises, without morenents

0.50.. 0.40


ach 3,0 ..

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No. 21. -- Leather and manufactures of Leather, a Leather of all kinds with the exception of that mentioned in letter

b, not dyed ; dyed Russian leather; parchment ; boot legs...... 18.0 .. b Sole leather ; Brussels and Danish leather for gloves ; cordovan

and morocco leather ; dyed leather, with the exception of that mentioned in letier a ; paient leather

36.0 Sole leather ; Brussels and Danish leather for gloves

Tare to No. 21, a and b: B. and C. 16; Bs, 13 ; BI. 6. Vote to 6-Sheep and goat skins, half dressed or dressed, neither dyed por otherwise prepared.

3.0 .. Goat skins, half-dressed or dressed, neither dyed nor otherwise

prepared c Shoemakers', saddlers' and trunkmakers' wares, coarse ; other

wares of undyed or merely blackened tanned leather, or of raw hides, all these wares combined or not with other materials, but not classed in No, 20..

50.0 .. Transmission belts of leather

45.0 Tare to No. 21 C: B. and C. 16 ; Bs. 13 : Bl. 6. d Fine wares of cordovan, morocco, Brussels or Danish Icather, of

chamois, of lawed, dyed and patent leather, also of parchment, combined or not with other inaterials, such wares not coming under No. 20 : fine boots and shows of all kinds, and wall paper imitating leather..

......... 70,0 • 65.0



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1 2.0 ..


Note to cand d-Coarse shoemakers' and trunkmakers' wares of grey Mark, Mark

packing cloth, sailcloth, unbleached cloth, unbleached canvas or ticking, or of common oil-cloth, not printed. are dutiable as coarse wares of leather ; the same wares of fine oil-cloth, or of

waxed muslin or taffetas, &c., are dutiable as fine wares of leather. Gloves. (Tare to No. 21 d and e: B. and C. 20 ; Bs. 13 ; Bl. 6] ..100.0 ..

No. 22.-Linen yarn, Tissues and other manufactures of Flax. Including yarn, tissues, hosiery of flax or other vegetable textile

materials, with the exception of cotton-a Yarn, neither dyed, printed or bleached, also the same yarn,

twisted, of jute or Manilla-hemp1. Up to No. 8 English...

5.0 .. Yarn of jute, single and twisted, neither dyed, printed nor

bleached, up to No. 8 English 2. Above No. 8 up to No. 20 English

6,0 Yarn of jute, single and twisted, neither dyed, printed nor bleached, above No. 8 up to No. 20 English

5.0 3. Above No. 20 up to No. 35 English...

9.0 Do, No. 35 English. [Tare to No. 22 a 3 and 4; C. 13; Bl. 2] 12.0 Note to a-Coir (fibre of the outer husk of the cocoanut), twisted, in

hanks, for the manufacture of covers and other similar articles, on special permission and under control..

Free .. Yarn, dyed, printed and bleached, and similar yarn twisted of jute

or Manilla-heinp1. Up to No. 20 English 2. Above No. 20 up to No. 35 English

15.0 3. Above No. 35 English. [Tare to No. 22 b ; C. 13; Bl. 2.)...... 20.0 c Sewing thread, prepared for retail sale ; twisted ihread not comprised in letters a, b, and d

36.0 d Sewing thread, twisted, prepared for retail trade

70.0 60,0 Tare to No. 22 c and d: C. 13; Bl. 6. e Cordage.

1. Ropes, cables and cords, eren bleached or tarred...
2. Ropemakers' wares of all kinıls, with the exception of those

mentioned in e, i* [Tare to No. 22 e: C. 13 ; Bs. 9; Bl. 4] 24.0 Tissues of linen, tickings and drills, neither dyed, printed, nor

bleached 1. Having in the warp and woof per 4 sq. centimetres up to 40

threads ; carpets of Manilla-hemp, coir, jute or similar fit res,

not dyed
Packing cloth of jute or Manilla-hemp, as well as of similar fibres

(with the exception of flax), neither dyed, printed nor bleached,
having in the warp and woof per 4 sq. centimetres up to 40

2. Having in the warp and woof per 4 sq.centimetres from 41 to 80

threads ; carpets of Manilla-hemp, coir, jute and other similar
fibres, dyed..

3. Having in the warp and woof per 4 sq. centimetres from 81 to
120 threads....

36.0 .. 4. Having in the warp and woof per 4 sq. centimetres above 120

threads. (Tare to No. 221: C. 13; BL 6) & Tissues of linen, tickings and drills, dyed, printed, or bleachel :

also woren with dyed, printed or bleached yarn-having in the

warp and woof per 4 sq. ecntimetres-1. Up to 120 threads

(0.0 2. Above 120 threads.. 3. Damask of all kinds..

150.0 Note to f and 8-Table and bed linen, also towels, made up

of tissues and comprised in g 2 and 3, also blouses of the same tissues .... 60.0

Tare to No. 22 g and to the note to No 22 f and g: C. 13 : Bs.9; BI. 6. h Ribbons, tapes, fringes, gauze, edgings, laces, hosiery ; braids and other articles mixed with metal threads

100.0 i Embroidery. [Tare to No. 22 h and i: C. 18; Bs. 13; Bl. 6)

....150.0 Thread lace. (Tare: C. 23 ; B1, n]

No. 23.-Candles. [Tare: C. 16).. 18.0 ..






(0.0 ..


... 120.0

.800.0 ..

• Twine is distinguished from ordinary thread by its greater thickness, smoother surface, and greater torsion, Linen twine which, in order to give it greater sirengih. is combined with a metallic thread (such as string used in affixing lead seals), is classed as ordinary linen twine.

No 24. -Works of Art and Literature. * Manuscripts and docnments; books in all languages ; engravings Mark. Mark.

and prints (wood, copper. &c.); lithographs and photographs ; geographical maps and ch it:: music

Free .. b Paintings and drawings ; sta ues of marble and other stones ;

statues of metal, not smaller tha life-size ; medals...... Free..


8.0 ..



No. 25.-Colonial Produce, Spices, Confectionery, and other

Comestibles. a Beer of all kinds and mea

4.0. ó Brandies of all kinds, arrack, rum, French brandy, and mixed

brandies, in casks and bottles 1. Liqueurs and brandies containing 3 p.c. or more of extract....180.0 ..

Tare: D. 11; in bottles, C. 24 ; Bs. 16. 3. All other brandies-

a In casks [Tare: D, 11).......

B In boules, jars, or other recipients (Tare : C. 24 ; Bs. 16) ..180.0 c Barm of all kinds, except wine yeast..

65.0 Tare ; C. 24 ; D. 11; Bs. 7 ; for pressed yeast; C. 15: B. 9. d i. Vinegar of all kinds, in casks 2.

Do. in bottles and jars (Tare to No. 25, d 2 ; C. 24 : Bs, 16) 48.0 e Wine and must, cider, artificially prepared beverages, n.o.p. -1. In casks

24.0 Wine and must, in casks Red wine and must of, for blending, under control, in casks and

tank-wagons, &c. Wine for the manufacture of cognac, under control

10.0 Tare to No. 25, € 1; D. 11. 2. In bottles-

a Sparkling wines [Tare: C. 24; Bs. 13] 3 Other [Tare: C. 24 : Bs. 16]

48.0 f Butter (margarine, and all imitations of butter not exclusively obtained from milk).

20.0 .. 16.0 Tare: Pois, 16: tubs of hard wood, and B. 13 ; tubs of white wool, n ; Bs.7.

For Finnish butter (imported by sea): tubs of white wood, if they are stronger

than the ordinary tubs for butter, 15. Note to f.- Pais of butter to be consumed by the inhabitants of frontier

districts...... g 1. Meat, fresh or prepared, extracts of meat and tablets for broth

20.0 .. Pork, fresh or prepared (with the exception of bacon)...

17.0 Butchers' meai, tresh, with the exception of pork .

.. 15.0 Tare to No. 25, g 1: B. and C. 16 ; Bs. 9; Bl. 3. For extracts of meat B. and C

24 ; for smokeil bacon, C. 11; for salt bacon, not smoked, C. 12. Note to g 1.--Fresh or prepared meat, cut in joints or pieces, in

a quantity not exceeding two kilogs, in weight, imported otherwise than by post for the consumption of the inhabitants of frontier districts, with the right of suspension or local restriction

of this favour in the event of abuse 2. Fish

80.0 ..

Free ..

Free ..

a Fresh

Free ...

1 2.0

B Salted (with the exception of herrings), imported in barrels ; dried, smoked, broiled or boiled...

3.0 .. q Preserved in vinegar, oil, or marinated, imported in barrels .. 12.0

Tare to 25, g 2 C: B. 20. ò Prepared, other; fish of all kinds, in hermetically closed recipients 60.0 Tare to No. 25. g 2 ô: B. and C. 20; Bs. 13 ; Bl. 6. For fish of all kinds in

hermetically closed tins, C. 17. 3. Poultry and game, of all kinds, dead

30.0 Poultry of all kinds, dead Game do.

20.0 Tare to No. 25 83: B. and C. 16; Bs. 9; Bl. 3. h Southern Fruits--1. Oranges, citrons, lemons, bitter oranges, pomegranates and

analagous fruits, fresh... Tare: B. and C. 20 ; Bs. 13; Bl. 6; for oranges, citrons, lemons and bitte

oranges, fresh, C. 18.
Oranges, citrons, lemons, bitter oranges, pomegranates, dates
and almonds, fresh

..4.0 Vote to h 1.-Should the importer request that the fruits be counted, the duty will

be 2 marks per 100. Damaged fruit exempt when thrown away in the presence of the Customs officers,

1 3.0 ..





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12.0 ..

Mark. Mark 3. Figs, raisins and currants

24.0 Do.,

do. 3. Dates, almonds, bitter oranges and analogous fruits, dried

30.0 Do.


pomegranates, dried.. Spices of all kinds, not specially mentioned

50.0 Capsicums (paprika) k Salt herrings..

...barrel 3.0 Votes to k.-1. Salt herrings packed in a manner other than that

employed in commerce are dutiable at 2 marks per

100 kilogs.

2. Salt herrings to be used as manure after denaturalisation Free .. Honey Tare for honey in combs: Hives, 20; C. 20 : Bs. 13; tubs 11 ; for compressed

honey in combs (raw honey), B. 10 ; for liquid honey (in bottles, boxes, &c.)

C 20 ; Bs. 13; for liquid honey in tins, C. 9. m 1. Coffee, in the bean, raw, and its substitutes (with the exception of chicory)

... 40.0 .. Tare; C. of less than 200 kilogs., 17; C. of 200 kilogs. and above, 12; B. with

staves of oak or other hard wood, 2 ; other B. 8 ; Bs. 9; Bl. 2 ; light packages of packing cloth, 1; for coffee, raw, C. of white wood of less than 200 kilogs. 16; D. of light construction and of a special shape, so-called patent barrels, manufactured wholly or in part of hard wood, 8; S. 1.5 ; lighi packages of

packing cloth, 0,75. 2. Coffee, roasted" fTare: B. and C. 20 ; Bs. 13 : BI. 6)

50.0 3. Cocoa, in the bean

35.0 B Roasted

45.0 4. Cocoa-husks Tare to No. 25 111, 3 and 4: B. with staves of oak or other hard wood, and C. 13

other B. 10 : Bs. 9; BI. 3; for cocoa in the bean, S. 1; light packages o

packing cloth, 1. » Caviar and its substitutes

.750.0 Tare: B. with wooden hoops, of 5 kilogs, and less, 15; other B. and C. 20 ; Bs

13; B1, 6. o Cheese of all kinds

20.0 .. Hard cheese of a millstone shape, weighing at least so kilogs cach, stracchino, gorgonzola, and parmesan cheeses

15.0 Tare to No. 25 o: C. of 50 kilogs and above, 19 : C. of less than 50 kilogs., 16

B. !1 ; tubs of 100 kilogs. and less, 13 ; tubs from 100 to 150 kilogs. inclusive 9; heavier tubs, 8 ; Bs. 8; BI. 6. 1. Preserves, sweetmeats, and cakes of all kinds : fruits, spices,

vegetables, and other alimentary substances (such as mush-
rooms, truffles, poultry, shellfish, crustacea, and the like
preserved in sugar, vinegar, oil, or otherwise, especially those
in bottles and tins, &c.; prepared mustard, olives, capers,
pastry, sauces, and other similar fine aliments

60.0 Alimentary flour for infants (Nestle's, &c.).....

50.0 Olives

30.0 Gherkins preserved in vinegar or brine (known as Znaimer

Gurken) with the addition of the spices mentioned in No.257,
or with the addition of a small quantity of other vegetables,
in barrels, jars, pots, and bocals

4.0 Tare to No. 25, P. 1, provided that the articles are not subject to the duty of 4

marks: B. and C. 20; Bs. 13 : Bl. 6; for candied peel, C. 14 ; small boxes of beech, 13 ; the same boxes, covered with packing cloth, 15 i for alimentary

flour for infants, C. 17.
2. Fruits, seeds, berries, leaves, flowers, mushrooms, and vegetables,

dried, roasted ground, boiled down or salted, when not
included in any other number of the tariff : juice of fruits,
berries, and of turnips, and similar roots, preserved without
sugar for the purpose of alimentation ; peels of southern fruit,
fresh or dried ; green bitter oranges, even preserved in brine ;
nuts, chestnuts, carob-heans, pine-upple kernels, dried; chicory,
roasted or ground

4.0 Vuts, dried, chestnuts, ripe, and pincapple kernels

3.0 Lemon and orange peel, and peel of other southero fruits, fresh

or dried ; carob-beans, even ground Green bitter oranges, even in brine 3. Cocoa in the mass, in powder, and chocolate and substitutes for


1.0 2.0

80.0 ..

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