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The King of Gods, th' Om- Year Patron of poor Men!

194. (a) *


The Soul itself is now in bloom. 193

Thy Name, thro' all the ages,

Is, I'AM! HE THAT IS! Σωτερ αιώνιε. .

Each Period this alledges,

And O what comforts rise
Thou eternal Saviour!

From thence? O great Preserver,

Men ! nipotent

Be chou with utmost fervor Thou hast been named ever ;

For ever prais’d, Amen.
The Lord, who life and Being lent

To all created Ellence!
Abraham, Ijaar,

III. From the Soutbern or
And Jacob in thy Presence,
As their mild God, did walk :

Æthiopic Church.
Compassion is thy Nature,
Long-suffering divine ;

Thy Goodness to thy creature
Abundantly doth fine.

ORD Jesus Christ our Saviour,

Who left'st thy heav'nly seat 2. To thee aloud are crying

To Thew to men thy Favour, The Souls of all the juft ; on thee

Thy servants thee entreat
The Codly are relying ;

To be by thee instructed
Thou, Parent of that progeny !
Hear'st ev'ry tone unfeigned,

And healed through and thro', Regardest Supplicants,

By thee to be conducted

The Way they are to go. Whose heart, in silence pained,

2. Therein to be proceeding Scarce utter can its wants. Because ev'n men's Interior

Thro' the pure Spirit's Grace. Thy Providence surveys;

Pardon their ev'ry Failing, With knowledge dark, or clearer,

So can they found thy praise ; The whole Earth to thee

And unto thee, O Father, prays.

Whose Son is our dear God, 3:

Thou hast this World appointed For exercise of Maxims pure;

To thee, O mankind's Lover,

Commit we all our need.
Thyself, when 'twas disjointed,
For all hast open’d Mercy's door :
And doft (to press that matter)

195. (b) By consciousness innate,

HE names of thy dear Family, By Scriptures old and later,

Which thou unto thy Name To mankind intimate,

doit tie, That wealth and animal vigour

Let in life's Book be found enrollid, But a slight yapour is,

With the whole Flock that's in thy Cleans'd Conscience and Faith

fold : cager

And to all, who thy Name revere Alone can pass the skies.

Grant to obtain, while they are here, 4. By thy Truth's fuftentation,

Their age's right length and remiffion Faith joineth hands with Joys to From all their fin and alltransgression. come ;

Kyrie Eleison, Ere the grand Restoration,

è Chaldaicon




Ole Chrif our God and Remem bombined, the Church by

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199. (f)

196. (c)

198. (e)
0 thee,

Emember, Lord
We bring this petition,

The apoftolic, that can't be disjoined; Who mad'd all things by thy Word, She hath been ever since her first Thro' thy Love's affection ;

foundation Thou art the Friend of whom men Thy Congregation.

boast, Keep off by thy Holy Ghost

Spirits, that affemble
To oppose us conftantly,

Atan I renounce, his ways.
Let them overpower'd be,
And cause them to tremble.

I renounce all filthiness, 2. Halt thou not thy servants dear

And all witchcraft of the Devil, And thy Flock brought over

I detest his ministers, powers and 1111Into Life's joy from death's fear,

position, Righteons God and Saviour,

Sport, diflimulation, And from darkness into Light,

Treach’ry and domination. To the Truth from error's night,

In thce, Christ! I do believe, Lord, to know thee truly?

Thee I truft, God my Saviour. O fo let now gracioully

To thy Word's wholesom favour, That bright Heart's-serenity

To th' chearful Angels favour,
Be accomplish'd fully.

To thy Work myself I give,
This makes every thing alive.

SA tall his works and doings evil.

197. (d)

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200. (3)
OW Lord, who hast us to thee

HE Absolution's holy word
As thou mad ft Heav'n and Earth

Is, by me finner, publish'd

As a Word of the trinune Lord, by thy word, O thou Mankind's Patron !

And of the Church ellablith d. The hosts in heaven,

Father, Son, Holy Ghost, impart, With all on earth and beneath it

While I am it proclaiming, living,

Grace and full Pardon to each heart, Kneel at thy Feet.

To thy Name's glory! Amen, 2. Thou, whose praise ev'ry tongue does make known,

201. (h) Thy Servants here 'fore thee look

LL who love not the Lord opon.

, Since thou art this Myft'ry alone di Whom his Manhood not well pleases, recting,

Are fuch, whose curse never ceales They seek it at thy Hands, no time. Till the Lord does come again.

Meet chem, O Lord!


A Jerus



202. (i)

2. With thanks and delectation,

'Fore him, we read and hear Lmighty God our Father dear The word of Jesu's Paffion,

Alto Father of thy Compeer Therein reveal'd so clear; Chritt, thy only begotten Son, Which is the Christian's banner, Whom we our God and Saviour own, For he too thought it Honour 2. Who is the Word that Flesh be. Who hung upon the Cross. came,

3. Glory and pow'r unbounded And, under Pilate as a Lamb

Does appertain to thee,
Was slaughter'd, and to death did Thy Triumph shall be founded

In thy realm pow'rfully;
For this we do believe indeed ! Thine is all Domination,
3. Miftrust and all unfaithfulness, Majesty, Adoration
And what else Satan may devise,

Here and eternally.
Be thro' his power far remov’d,
Who is thy only Son belov'd;

205. (m)
To whom, with th' Holy Ghost
and Thee,

Rinity bleffed ! Belongs all honour and glory,

Father, Son and Spirit, With which 'tis due Him to adore Let thy flock thy bliss inherit, Now, henceforth and for evermore. They are thy Christians,

Thy seed by Election, 203. (k)

Give to them thy heav'nly bene.
HY Mercy we're entreating,

O thou, who on the human 2. The Spirit's rich grace

Be to us conveyed,
So lovingly art doting;

And th' holy Church-path displayed, We beg, keep our Church in thy Thro' thy great mercy, mind,

On our Faith's dependance ; Encompats her with blessing,

Herein give us to th' End perfePrevent Divisions, And ways to Sloth feducing;

3. By th' holy Myft'ry And teach thou all thy sons

of the trinune Godhead The blest things which thou willest. Let our knowledge be cncreased. Build for Simplicity

Our Prince Christ Jesu! A Pray'r house, which thou filleft

Come to thy Flock quickly, At all times graciously.

And cure all who're weak and


4. Bless our dear Fathers, Christ our God, befriending And bring safe back hither

Mankind so lovingly, Our dear Pilgrims all together. Wisdom and Understanding

Bless each employed Our hearts desire of thee,

In the Church's Labour, And knowledge and clear infight, And reward them there in Salem's Into thy holy Word Light,

harbour. And that it 'bide with us.



204. (0)

5. Lord


fend me,

5. Lord we beseech thee,

2. And to thee, Son of the living God, Be pleas'd coʻremember

Who many fick haft with health en. Of all such Souls the whole number,

dow'd, Who have entreated

And upheldeft Peter, when on the Us with this intention,

water ; That of them in Love we should Being indeed the Sea's dread Creator, make mention,

Who set it bounds.

3. I first intreat thee for my misdeeds; 206. (n)

Then ask the Aid which this Season

needs : O

In thee have I trusted, therefore deGive us thy Peace so blessed ; Grant us thy pcace, O Spirit, Rebuke th' Accuser, thy Angel send Who'rt also our Lord praised;

me, Of thee our King and Saviour

Angel of light. We humbly beg this Favour, Have mercy on us, O Lord Chris 4 All Men are liars, thou true re

main'it; Jesu!

As thou hast promis'd, I know thou

canst 207. (0)

That celeftial Manna to me discover, E duly praise thy Father God, And me unworthy lift by thy favour

To see thy Face Lord Chrift! with adoration, Who is so merciful and good ;

5, Thy Spirit in me work, and thy

Will We likewise with proftration The Spirit who's full of life, revere.Chearfully may I, while here, fulfill: That, which makes Thee to us so All my days I've vowed to thy por.

feffion, dear, Is the work of Redemption.

Who under Pilate a good Confession

Haft witnesled; 208.

6. Who crucify'd wast, and the

Grave's path
Ajestic Father! whose pity Didit prove ; but crushedit the Ating

of Death ! gave, Born of a Virgin, mankind to save, O yes, it is vanquishod ; and thou art Our Lord God Christ Jesus, thy Son risen, resplendent,

And now receiv'it, as in Stephen' And our Deliy'rer from death im vision, pendent :

My Pray'r and Soul! Cyprian. ante martyrium,


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I pray to thee !

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IV. From the Western Churcb.


Te Deum, or the Hymn of St. Ambrose.

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Thee the Almighty Lord alone.
All the whole Earth doth worship thee,
Thou Father of Eternity:
To thee all Angels loudly cry,
The Heav'ns and all the Pow'rs on high ;
Cherubs and Seraphins proclaim
And cry Thrice-holy to thy Name ;

Holy is our Lord God,
Holy is our Lord God,
Holy is our Lord God,

The Lord of Sabaoth !
, With splendor of thy Glary spread,
Is Earth and Heav'n replenished.
Th' Apoftles glorious company,
The Prophets fellowship, praise thee.
The noble and victorious Hoft
Of Martyrs do thy Praises boast.
The holy Church throughout the Earth
Acknowledge and extol thy Worth,
The Father's Majesty unknown ;
God Son, his Revelation;
Also the holy Ghost, from whom,
As the fole Spring, our Comforts come.

• Heb. i. 3.
O Christ, thou glorious King, we own
Thee to be God's eternal Son.
Thou, undertaking in our room,
Didit not abhor the Virgin's Womb.
The Pains of Death o'ercome by thee,
Made Heav'n to all Believers free.
At God's right Hand thou hast thy seat,
And in the Father's Glory great ;
And we believe the Day's decreed,
When thou shalt judge both quick and dead.

Promote, we pray, thy Servant's Good,
Redeemed with thy precious Blood;
Among thy Saints make them ascend
To glory that shall never end.

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