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And now I hope I have said enough of the future part of time, as to the general idea which I think the Revelation gives of it. But I must proceed one step farther with you, and consider under what revolution of time we are at present, that we may thence see what we are to expect.

Now, in order to this performance, I must premise this one thing, viz. That the seven seals, trumpets, and vials (in which is contained the order and series of the whole apocalyptical prophecy, and to the explication and illustration of which all the other particular visions are subservient), that I say these are joined together by the link of the seventh seal, doth, as it were, produce or include the seven trumpets, and the seventh trumpet the seven vials in the same manner.

And, Ist, as to the remaining part of this vial, (speaking of the fourth), I do humbly suppose that it will come to its highest pitch about A.D. 1717, and that it will run out about the year 1794. The reasons for the first conjecture are two. The first is, because I find that the papal kingdom got a considerable accession to its power upon the Roman Western empire's being destroyed, A.D. 475, to which the Heruli succeeded the year following, and the Ostro Goths afterward. Now if from this remarkable year we begin the calculation of the 1260 years, they lead us down to A. C. 1735, which, in prophetical account, is this very year 1717. The second is, because (as I have many years ago observed) this year leads us down to a new centenary revolution; so that there is ground to hope, that about the beginning of another such century things may again alter for the better; for I cannot but hope, that some new mortification of the chief supporters of Antichrist will then happen, and perhaps the French Monarchy may begin to be considerably humbled about that time: that whereas the present French King takes the sun for his emblem, and this for his motto, Nec pluribus impar, he may at length, or rather his successors, and the Monarchy itself (at least before the year 1794) be forced to acknowledge, that (in respect to neighbouring potentates) he is even singulis impar.

But as to the expiration of this vial, I do fear it will not be till the year 1794. The reason of which conjecture is this, that I find the Pope got a new foundation of exaltation, when Justinian, upon his conquest of Italy, left it in a great measure to the Pope's management, being willing to eclipse his own authority to advance that of this haughty prelate. Now this being in the year 552.; this, by the addition of the 1260 years, reaches down to the year 1811, which, according to prophetical account, is the year 1794. And then I do suppose the fourth vial will end, and the fifth commence by a new mortification of the Papacy, after this vial has lasted 148 years; which indeed is long in comparison with the former vials; but if it be considered in relation to the fourth, fifth, and sixth trumpets, it is but short, seeing the fourth lasted 190 years, the fifth 302, and the sixth 393*.

If any inquire farther, whether the sun of the Popish kingdom is not to be eclipsed himself at length : I must positively assert he will; else this vial were not a judgment upon him and the Romish party. But if yet again the question be, when this is to fall out, and how? I must tell you, that I have nothing farther to add to what I have said as to the time. But as to the manner, how this is to be done, our text does lay a foundation for some more distinct thoughts. Therefore, in the fourth and last place, we may justly suppose, that the French monarchy, after it has scorched others, will itself consume by doing so; its fire, and that which is the fuel that maintains it, wasting insensibly, till it be exhausted at last towards the end of this century.

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This Prophetical Discourse of Robert Fleming, there in 1701, not only points to the overthrow of the French monarchy in 1794, and the fatal blow the papal authority will thereby receive, but likewise seems to look on them as they are at this day proying to be,-the forerunners of its rapid decline, and speedy downfall.

The Visions and Predictions of J. Daut, delivered

before the Senate at Frankfort. Extracted from a copy translated from the Dutch ; printed


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And the Lord God showed me, in a vision of the night, a certain spiritual person, who was a virgin, and had a great printed table in her hand, which she held twice before my eyes, in which I saw written, Great Pestilence! and within, round about the brim or verge, stood cities and men described in their forms, and by them stood written the names of the several places and men. And Great Pestilence was written round about the whole edge, as one city stood after another; the one was marked for the plague, the other not; and one man was marked out for the plague, another not. Thus it was round about the margin. And a voice cried unto me, Death is come

in at their windows! And the virgin that held the table said unto me, I will now go away,

and declare unto all men in the cities and countries,

the judgment of the plague. And I saw her .. depart, and cry out unto cities and countries to

repent; for the Lord would smite them with great pestilence. And I followed this spiritual virgin, and I also declared all these things that I had seen and read in that printed table, upon which arose a great tumult among the people; and the plague came, and took away great multitudes.

And the Lord of Hosts called unto me the next night, and said, Arise, my messenger, arise, my servant, and write this saying which I shall tell thee, to wit, thus: “The Lord God will arise with the judgment of his jealousy, and smite the whole city of Vienna, with the towns and countries round about her, far and near, with great pestilence and famine, towards

the east and towards the north, towards the : west and towards the south, as I shewed thee & written in the before-mentioned table, which I

represented to thee in a vision. Therefore preach

repentance unto the city of Vienna, with the E cities and countries round about her, and say : unto them, Thus saith the Lord God of Hosts, : change your wicked Cain's minds, and cease

from unrighteousness. And you rulers in the land, exercise justice, and cease from your wick

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