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And the number of my dugo. That I may know how long I have to live! 5. Behold, thou hast maawmy days as a handbreadt,

* life is as nothing before ther; yra, wisy may

in his firmest statéis but anchos. Sudy wery man walketh as a thedow; surely heódisquietetteluinsolf in vain, He theapoth'up, and hnowith nd who shell gather, 7. Khi ther, O Lord, is my here!

my hope is in thee! 8. belever mepmatt my transgressions;

Let menet be the admode of sceffers! I putI amv dumb; Jezen na 'muy moretti;

Hope yow hast dine úr 16 But nemwe pomme thinenflection


For I am premsling ly the blow of thine hand, 1 When When with rebukes dest chróku man for iniquin Thou (numast hisgling like the moth!

Surdy every maw's a vapor! 12 Már mgforayer, o Lord; Give ist'te

my gyi Sing net an answer to mýlears! for I am but a Shaunger with thee; A obrusnir, lkwall my fathers,

That I anay recover Songtt er

and be no more

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le in in of гу

13. Dopore mu,

Before I go away

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Ses. to be read al the funeral of an aget person, : Ps, XC. omili 7, 8, and port

gég,he ll, and deler ther." i Málth.M. 3,4,5,5, 9. Key, xiv, 13. John XIV. 1,2,3, John, 4.25,26. 1 Cor. XY. 35, omnis from 455070 50. Rew,

27 t Heb.xur, 20.21.

e furorat of a middle aged pusons
f Rew. XIV.13. j'Shes

. IV. 13.1.14. Heb. xett. 30,20.
John, XIV./,2,3, 25,26,27. 1(ex. XV. 53-158. Tev: *81.7-4.


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When the Procession is entering the Church, the Minister

shall utter these Sentences.

Lord. 1 Tim. vi. 7. Job, i. 21.

I AM the resurrection and the life, saith the Lord; he who believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live; and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. John, xi. 25, 26.

Then shall be said the following Passages from the 39th and 90th Psalms.

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Psalm 39.

yet in

I KNOW that my Re LORD, make me to deemer liveth, and that he know mine end, and the shall stand at the latter measure of my days, that I day upon the earth. And may know how frail I am. though after my skin, Behold thou hast made worms destroy this body, my days as it were a span my

flesh shall I see long, and mine age is even God. Job, xix. 25, 26. as nothing in respect of

thee; and verily every WE brought nothing in man living is altogether to this world, and it is cer vanity. tain we can carry nothing

For man walketh in a out. The Lord gave, and vain shadow, and disquithe Lord hath taken away ;

eteth himself in vain; he blessed be the name of the heapeth up riches, and

trust in him; to whom all need; we fly unto thee for things in heaven, in earth, succour in behalf of this and under the earth, do thy servant, here lying unbow and obey, be now and der thy han:1 in great weakevermore thy defence; and ness of body. Look gramake thee know and feel, ciously upon him, O Lord ; that there is none other and the more the outward name under heaven given man decayeth, strengthen to man, in whom, and him, we beseech thee, so through whom, thou may

much the more continually est receive health and sal with thy grace and holy vation, but only the name Spirit in the inner man. of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Give him unfeigned repenAmen.

tance for the errors of his

life past, and steadfast faith UNTO God's gracious

in thy Son Jesus, that his

sins may be done away by mercy and protection we commit thee. The Lord thy mercy, and his pardon bless thee and keep thee.

sealed in heaven, before he The Lord make his face

go hence and be no more

We know, O Lord, to shine upon thee, and be

that there is no word imgracious unto thee. The

possible with thee; and Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give that if thou wilt, thou canst thee

even yet raise him and

up, both now and peace, evermore. Amen.

grant him a longer continuance amongst us. Yet for

asmuch as in all appearance Note. Any portion of the

the time of his dissolution above Service may be omit

draweth near; so fit and ted, if the Sick Person is too weak to hear the whole.

prepare him, we beseech thee, against the hour of

death, that after his deparPRAYER FOR A Sick PER

ture hence in peace, and in

thy favour, he may in thy HOPE OF RECOVERY.

appointed time be received

into thine everlasting kingO FATHER of mer

dom, which thou hast procies, God of all comfort,

mised by Jesus Christ our our only help in time of Lord and Saviour. Amen.








COMMENDATORY PRAYERS of the errors of his life;

but strengthen him in his agony, and carry him safe

ly through his last distress. O ALMIGHTY God

Let not his faith waver, and Father of mankind,

nor his hope fail ; may he with whom the spirits of die in peace, and rest in just men made “perfect hope, and rise in glory, for shall live forever; we hum

thine infinite mercy's sake bly commend the soul of in Jesus Christ our Lord. this thy servant, our dear

Amen. brother, into thy hands, as. into the hands of a faith PRAYER IN CASE OF SUDful Creator, and most merciful Saviour; most humbly beseeching thee that it O MOST gracious Famay be precious in thy ther, Judge of the living sight. And teach us who

and the dead, behold thy survive, in this and other servants running to thee like daily spectacles of for pity and mercy in bemortality, to see how frail half of this thy servant and uncertain our own con

whom thou hast smitten dition is, and so to number with thy hasty rod and a our days, that we may se

swift angel. If it be thy riously apply our hearts to will, O spare him a little, that holy and heavenly wis- that he inay recover his dom, while we live here, strength before he go hence, which may in the end and be bring us to life everlasting,


But if thou hast otherwise through Jesus Christ thy appointed, let the miracles Son our Lord. Amen.

of thy compassion and thy

wonderful mercy supply to O LORD God Almigh him the want of the usual ty, most holy and gracious measures of time, and the Father, we humbly com- periods of repentance, and mend the soul of thy ser the trimming of his lamp. vant into thy hands, thy O thou, who regardest the most merciful hands. Im heart and the measures of pute not unto him the fol the mind more than the de. lies of his youth, nor any lay and the measures of



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