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bondage; then rising triumphant, exalted, and crowned with typic glory, blessing their followers with reft, and giving them an entrance through the destruction of the enmity and facrifice on the tree into the typic kingdom. This name too we see was known to be a compound, and has been proved from the occasion of it, from the nature of the language, and from Jewish and CHRISTIAN writers to fignify THE ESSENCE THE SAVIOR in the Aesh : and both law and prophets describe Him as fuch, and confirm this interpretation. But the title we find could only be borne by them as figures, and consequently Thould lead all the Jews now, as it has ten thousands of their fathers, and as it does the CHRISTIAN to look beyond the veil of the letter, for this HOPE of Israel, Aas xxviii. 20, thus pointed out, as Juft. Martyr observes, by name near two thousand


before (a); for the like glorified sufferer for others fins, for the like Jesus of the New Testament, or covenant in Jer. xxxi. xxxii. xxxiii. - for the true Mes. SIAH or CHRIST, in and with whom this SENT PERSON, the FEARFUL and GLORIOUS NAME Jehovah was and is; for this God of their fathers and of Moses in the flesh, who said, I come to thee in a cloud, Ex. xix. 9. that they тау, hear and believe thee for ever ; --for the true but like prophet, and suffering priest, leader or

(a) Cont, Trypbo, p. 340,

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king and judge, effecting the grand redemption. Whence HaBaKKUK, seeing this by faith as already past, as well as pledged in figure, says, c. iii. 13. THOU wenteft forth for salvation or JeSUS [ ] WITH THY MESSIAH or CHRIST, according to Aquila the Jew in the sixth edition of his translation, thou cameft out or forth to fave thy people by JESUS THY CHRIST: a verfion which, though rather a paraphrafe, bespeaks whom the Jews in his days looked for in the MESSIAH, and under what name they expected HIM. And the completion of the former things according to the predictions were not only earnests of this salvation, but an affecting proof of the truth of those ss, which foretold those new things before they sprung forth, IJ. xlii. 9, and of there being such ground to hope for their accomplishment, as to afford matter of praise in the prospect, ver. 10. And indeed if it could never be without design that the two persons, to have the lead in these memorable redemptions, should both bear this name JEHOSHUA, or (as better printed to present this truth to every reader) Jesus, and one have it joined to his known title of office, MESSIAH or CHRIST, Lev. vi. 22, and so put together have the very name Jesus CHRIST — if this defign was, as it has been proved and confessed to be, to make each a figure, as a star to guide enquirers after the true Jesus; then how culpable such


are as look not for such a Jesus, and reject these lights, I need not say. They evidently cross His design in those ss, which thus testify of Him, and counteract Moses in writing of Him; they reject the God of ABRAHAM, THE FEAR of ISAAC, THE MIGHTY God of Jacob, and Man, The I AM of Moses, THE ANGEL in the cloud who led the people, THE FEARFUL and GLORIOUS NAME Jehovah, (which we have seen Jen the first part of the title called) regardless of the plagues denounced in Deut. xxviii. against such ;-they hinder the edification of His mystic temple, and will be found among the fighters against Him, Zec. xii. 3, to receive a doom, like that of the CANAANITES cut off by Jesus the son of Nun. What the Jews then, and we to avoid this guilt and condemnation are to think of CHRIST under this name, may, I hope, be presented with advantage to the serious mind, as drawn from these matters of fact and these certain marks of the true Jesus.

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The meaning of the GREEK name Jesus, and

the character signified by it hence deduced to be THE ESSENCE or EXISTING

THE THE ANGEL's account of the reason of its being given examined, and foewn to confirm it. This proved also from St. MATTHEw's account of tbe design of it from the teftimonies of St. Paul, St. PETER and St. JOHN.


F it is so culpable in the Jew not to expect

THE MESSIAH to be what was promised to their fathers, Aits xxvi. 6, not to seek Jehovah, If. xxxi. I, who was to rise (c. xxxii, 16.) that they might say, O Jehovah be gracious unto us, we have waited for TĦEE, be THOU OUT SALVATION, ver. 2. it is not less agreeable to the truth and harmony visible in all God's works, that this PERSON should be manifeft to work this salvation under the name which He had so repeatedly assumed, which His types bore and led His people to look for Him to be distin. guished by. Accordingly as the typic salvations that came to pass, each preceded by predietions of them, were effected under two persons bearing this name of Jesus, so this great sal

vation, vation, Heb. ii. of which GoD spake by all His prophets, is set forth as effected by another extraordinary person, who amidst their like fervitude under the Romans, (figurative of our greater captivity in the chains of our fins,) in the predicted fulness of time, tribe, place and condition presented HIMSELF, as the Jews and heathens have owned, amongst other evidences, on that of the correspondency of his characters with those of the typic persons, because under the fame name.

Indeed He is so called with the additions of the fon of DAVID, Mat, xx, 30, & al. Jesus of NAZARETH, JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH; KING of the Jews, Mat. xxiii. 11. JEsus of GALILEE, C. xxi. II. to difference Him (a) from the fons of Nun and JeHoseDeCH: for which purpose we have also these phrases, This Jesus hath GoD raised up, Aets ii. 32. That same Jesus, whom ye have




(a) To mark Him out also as the true CHRIST in contradistinction to the typic Chrifts we have these phrases, Art THOU the CHRIST, the son of THE BLESSED? (DIVINITY in Him, HEB. as Baruk, BarachiaH] THE BLESSED ESSENCE [Barac-HI-EL). THE

INTERPOSING God are the names of the types of this God-man,) Job. i. 25, If thou be not that CHRIST, iv. 21. Is not this that Christ? ver. 42. This is indeed THE CHRIST THE SAVIOR of the world, c. vi. 69. This is the prophet, c. vii. 40. This is the CHRIST, ver. 41. We are sure Thou art that CHRIST, the son of THE LIVING God (in Him, Ps. xlii. 3, 9. HEB. HIEL THE [BeT HELITE] ONE HOUSE OF God, by which name one of the types, who bore the curse rather than not raise up the accursed city or nature is called I K. vi. 34.) Do the rulers know indeed that this is the VERY CHRIST? 6. vii. 26,


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