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Burke, 2584, Q. The royal families of England, Scotland and Wales; with

their descendants, sovereigns and subjects. By John Bernard Burke,
Esq. 2 vols. London, 1851.
7018, 0. Dictionary of the peerage and baronetage of the British

empire. By John Burke. London, 1816.
10948, 0. A

A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerages of England, Ireland and Scotland, extinct, dormant and in abeyance. By John Burke, Esq. and John B. Burke, Esq. 2d edition. London, 1840. 10947, 0. A genealogical and heraldic history of the extinct and dormant baronetcies of England, Ireland and Scotland. By John

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gentry of Great Britain and Ireland. A companion to the Peerage and baronetage. By Jobo Burke and J. B. Burke. 6 vols. London, 1813. 12970, 0. A visitation of the seats and arms of the poblemen and

gentlemen of Great Britain. By John Bernard Burke, Esq. 2 vols. London, 1852. 9003, D. Anecdotes of the aristocracy and episodes of ancestral story.

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don, 1848. Collins, 11629, 0. Collins' peerage of England, genealogical, bibliographical

and historical. Greatly augmented, and continued to the present

time. By Sir Egerton Brydges. 9 vols. London, 1812. Digby, 9944, D. The broad stone of honour; or the true sepse and practice of

chivalry. By Kenelm H. Digby, Esq. 3 vols. London, 1814. Dodd, 7180, D. The peerage, baronetage and knightage of Great Britain and

Ireland, including the junior branches of the nobility, and all the

knighted classes." By Charles R. Dodd. London, 1811. Edmonson, 1301, F. Baronagium genealogicum; or the pedigrees of the Eng.

lish peers from the earliest times. Originally compiled by Sir William Segar, and continued to the present time by Joseph Edmonson.

2 vols. Plates, partly colored. London (1764). Harris, 2494, Q. History of the orders of knighthood of the British Empire,

of the order of the Guelphs of Hanover, and of the medals, clasps, and crosses conferred for naval and military services. By Sir Harris

Nicholas Harris. 4 vols. London, 1812. Hauterive, 7533, D. Annuaire de la pairie et de la noblesse de France, et

des maisons souveraines de l'Europe, publié sous la direction de M.

Borel D'Hauterive. Année 1843. Paris. Haydn, 12806, 0. Beatson's political index modernized. The book of digni

ties; containing rolls of the official personages of the British empire, civil, ecclesiastical, judicial, military, naval and municipal, from the earliest periods to the present time; from the records. Together with the sovereigns of Europe from the foundation of their respective States; the peerage of England and Great Britain, &c. By Joseph

Haydn. London, 1851. Kimber, 11633, 0. The baronetage of England. By E. Kimber and R.

Johnson. 3 vols. London, 1771.

Lodge, 11635, 0. The peerage of Ireland. By Mr. Lodge. 4 vols. Lon

don, 1754. Lower, 11282, 0. The curiosities of heraldry. By Mark Antony Lower.

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tion. London, 1824. Nayler, 0000, F. The coronation of his most sacred Majesty, King George the

Fourth. By Sir George Nayler, Garter principal king at arms.

Colored plates. London, 1839. Sabine, 10956, D. Notes on duels and duelling, alphabetically arranged.

With a preliminary historical essay. By Lorenzo Sabine. Boston,

1855. Segar, 1301, F. Baronagium genealogicum; or the pedigrees of the English

Peers. By Segar and Edmonson. London. Sims, 12992, 0. Av index to the pedigrees and arms contained in the Herald's

visitations and other genealogical manuscripts in the British Museum.

By R. Sims. London, 1849. Sutherland, 4253, D. The achievements of the knights of Malta. By Alex.

Sutherland. 2 vols. Edinburgh, 1830. Taaffe, 12916, 0. The history of the boly military, sovereign order of St.

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1852, &c. Thoms, 9678, 0. The book of the court. By W. J. Thoms. London, 1838.

13133, 0. The book of the court; exhibiting the history, duties and privileges of the nobility and gentry, including court etiquette, tables of precedency, &c. Also an essay on regal state and ceremonials, and a full account of the coronation ceremony. By William J.

Thoms. 2d edition. London, 1814.
Vertot, 11143, D. Histoire des Chevaliers hospitaliers de Saint Jean de

Jerusalem, appellés depuis Chevaliers de Rhodes et aujourdhui
Chevaliers de Malte. Par M. l'Abbé Vertot. 5 tomes. A Amster-

dam, par la Compagnie, 1780. 6557, D. Chapters on coronations, their origin, nature and history. Lon. don, 1838.

8974, D. The book of family crests, comprising nearly erery family bearing property blazoned and explained; with the surnames of the bearers. 5th edition. 2 vols. London, 1815.

9168, D. Lettres sur l'origine de la noblesse Françoise, et sur la manière dont elle s'est conservée jusqu'à nos jours. Lyon, 1763.

10559, 0. Proceedings of the general Society of the Cincinnati. Philadelphia, 1841.

11823, 0. Proceedings of the general Society of the Cincinnati. With the original institution of the order, and fac-simile of the signatures of the original members of the State Society of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1847.

Note. For other works relating to the Society of the Cincinnati, see pp. 431, 451, 455, aud 758. And for other family genealogies, see BIOGRAPHY.


Adams, 12132, 0. Letters on the masonic institution, by John Quincy Adams.

Boston, 1847. Carter, 12825, 0. 9. Oration delivered at Groton, at the celebration of the

nativity of St. John the Baptist, June 25, A. D. 1821, before St. Jobn's Chapter and certain lodges. By James Carter. Worcester,

1821. Chandler, 11834, 0. Masonic discourses. By Joseph R. Chandler. Phila

delphia, 1844. Gift of the Freemasons of Philadelphia. Creigh, 10798, D. Masonry and anti-masonry; a history of masonry as it

has existed in Pennsylvania since 1792. Containing the reports, &c. of the inquisitorial committee at Harrisburg, Pa. By Alfred Creigh.

Philadelphia, 1854. Cross, 10847, D.' The true masonic chart, containing all the emblems ex

plained. By R. W. Jeremy L. Cross, G. L. With illustrations, charges, songs, and a history of Free Masonry. New York, 1846.

Gift of Rev. J. A. Merrick. Donaldson, 9824, D. The Odd Fellows' textbook; an elucidation of the theory

of Odd Fellowship; with forms, ceremonies, &c. &c. By Paschal

Donaldson. With engravings. Philadelphia, 1851. Halliwell, 12811, 0. The early history of free masonry in England. By

James Orchard Halliwell, Esq. 2d edition. London, 1844. (Oue

of two copies on India paper.) Mackey, 7986, D. A lexicon of freemasonry, containing a definition of all

its communicable terms, notices of its history, &c. By Albert G.

Mackey, M. D. Charleston, 1845. Odiorne, 10846, D. Opinions on speculative masonry, relative to its origin,

nature and tendency, a compilation by James C. Odiorne. Boston,

1830. Gift of Rev. J. A Merrick. Oliver, 11773, 0. The bistorical landmarks and other evidences of free

masonry explained. By the Rev. G. Oliver, D. D. 2 vols. Lon

don, 1846. Preston, 10848, D. Illustrations of masonry. By William Preston. With

a complete list of the lodges in the United States. Edited by George

Richards. Portsmouth, 1804. Gift of Rev. J. A. Merrick. Smith, 10997, 0. Ahimon Rezon, abridged and digested; as a belp to all

that are or would be, free and accepted masons. Published by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. By Wm. Smith, D.D. Philadelphia,

Presented by Jonathan B. Smith. Well, 10988, D El Monitor de los masones libres; ó ilustraciones sobre la

masoneria. Por Tomas Smith Webb. Traducide. Philadelphia,

1822. 6403, D. Library of entertaining knowledge : secret societies of the middle ages. London, 1837.

13682, O. 19. Abstract of the proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania for 1853. Philadelphia, 1854.

10819, D. Jachin and Boaz; or an authentic key to the door of freemasonry. Poughkeepsie, 1811. Gift of Rev. J. A. Merrick.

13514,0. 1. Illustrations of masonry, by one of the fraternity. Cincinnati, 1826. Gift of Rev. J. A. Merrick.

13514, 0. 2.' Masonry revealed and illustrated, with a sketch of the life, abduction and murder of Wm. Morgan. Cincinnati. Gift of the same.

12835, 0. Catalogue of books on the masonic institution, in public libraries of twenty-eight States of the Union, autimasonic in arguments and conclu


sions. By distinguished literary gentlemen, citizens of the U.S. With introductory remarks, and a compilation of records and remarks, by a member of the Suffolk committee of 1829. Boston, 1852. Gift of Henry Gassett, Jr., Boston.

12702, 0. 5. The constitutions of the ancient and honorable fraternity of free and accepted masons in the State of New York : by order of the Grand Lodge. New York, 5801.


Borrow, 7135 & 7436, D. The Zincali; or an account of the Gipsies in Spain.

By George Borrow. 2 vols. London and New York, 1811. (See the Index Borrow's other works.)

NUMISMATICS, OR MEDALS. Beaufoy, 13046, 0. A descriptive catalogue of the London traders’ tavern

and coffee-house tokens, current in the 17th century; presented to the corporation library by Henry B. H. Beaufoy. By Jacob H. Burn.

London, 1853. Gift of the City of London. Bizot, 2450, Q. Medalische Historie der Republyk van Holland. Door den

Herr Bizot. Amsterdam, 1690. Du Bois, 8320, D. Pledges of history. A brief account of the collection of

coins belonging to the Mint of the United States, more particularly of the antique specimens. By William E. Du Bois. Philadelphia, 1846.

Gift of the author. Edwards, 1240, F. The Napoleon medals. Engraved by the process of

Achilles Collas. Edited by E. Edwards. London, 1827. Masson, 2387, Q. Ariana antiqua. A descriptive account of the antiquities

and coins of Affghanistan, with a memoir of the buildings called Topes, by C. Masson, Esq. By H. H. Wilson, M. A., F. R. S.

London, 1841. Mease, 10324, 0. 7. Description of some of the medals struck in North

America. By James Mease, M. D. Snelling, 1290, F. A view of the origin, nature, and use of Jeltons or coun

ters, especially of those known by the name of Black Money and

Abbey pieces. By T. Snelling. London, 1769. 13122, 0. Katalog des Müntzkabinetes der Stadtbibliothek zu Leipzig, &c.

Leipzig, 1853. 1289, F. The metallic history of the reigns of William III. and Queen Mary, Queen Anne and King George I. Being a series of near four hundred medals. London, 1747.

(See also MONEY, FINANCE, &c., pp. 228 and 1096.)

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Boeckh, 10827, 0. The public economy of Athens; to which is added a dis

sertation on the silver mines of Laurion. By Augustus Boeckh.

Translated by G. C. Lewis. 2d edition, revised. London, 1842. Bulwer, 9510, 0. & 6374, D. Athens, its rise and fall, with views of the

literature, philosophy, and social life of the Athenian people. By Edward Lytton Bulwer, Esq. 2 vols. London and Philadelphia,

1837. Clavier, 10139, 0. Histoire des premiers temps de la Grèce, par M. Clavier.

2 vols. Paris, 1809. Cleveland, 6439, D. A compendium of Grecian antiquities. By C. D. Cleve

land, A. M. Boston, 1836. Gift of the anthor. Finlay, 9488, 0. The Hellenic kingdom and the Greek nation. By George

Findlay, Esq. of Lyosha. London, 1836. 11055, O. Greece under the Romans, an historical view of the condi

tion of the Greek nation, B. C. 146, A. D. 717. By George Finlay. Edinburgh, 1814. 12626, 0. The history of Greece, from its conquest by the crusaders

to its conquest by the Turks; and of the empire of Trebizond, 1201

-1461. By George Finlay. Edinburgh, 1851. Gossellin, 2328, Q. Géographie des Grecs analysée ; ou les systèmes d'Era

tosthenes, de Strabon et de Ptolémée comparés entre eux et avec

nos connoissances modèrne. Par M. Gosselin. A Paris, 1780. Grote, 11711, O. A history of Greece. By George Grote, Esq. 11 vols.

London, 1846, &c. 10372, D. History of Greece. By George Grote, Esq. 11 vols. New

York, 1853. Hase, 6366, D. The public and private life of the ancient Greeks. By H.

Hase. London, 1836. Hermann, 9453, 0. A manual of the political antiquities of Greece, histori

cally considered. From the German of C. F. Hermann. Oxford,

1836. Herodotus, 13614, 0. See p. 1353. Keightly, 6128, D. The history of Greece. By Thomas Keightly. London,

1835. Lockhart, 10804, 0. Attica and Athens. From the German of K. O. Müller,

Grotefend and others. By J. J. Lockhart. London, 1842. Manso, 9967, 0. Sparta, ein Versuch zur Aufklärung der Geschichte dieses

Staats. Von J. C. F. Manso. 5 Band. Leipzig, 1800—1805. Meiners, 9980, 0. Geschichte des Ursprungs, Fortgangs und Verfalls der

Wissenschaften in Griechenland und Rom. Von Cristoph Meiners.

12 Band. Lemgo, 1781. Mitford, 10937, 0. The history of Greece. By William Mitford, Esq., with

his final additions and corrections. To which is prefixed a brief memoir of the author, by his brother the late Lord Redesdale. Care

fully revised by William King. 8 vols. London, 1838. Parish, 9647, 0. The diplomatic history of the monarchy of Greece, from the

year 1830. By Henry H. Parish, Esq. London, 1838. Regues, 10910, O. See p. 1134 St. John, 10781, 0. The history of the manners and customs of ancient

Greece. By J. A. St. John. 3 vols. London, 1842. Schmitz, 9731, D. A history of Greece, from the earliest times to the destruc

tion of Corinth, B. C. 146. Based upon that of Bishop Thirlwall.

By Dr. Leonard Schmitz. London, 1851. Smith, 10746, D. A bistory of Greece, from the earliest times to the Roman

conquest. With supplementary chapters on the history of literature and art. By William Smith, LL. D. Revised, with an appendix, by George W. Greene, A. M. Illustrated. New York, 1851.

10620, 0. See p. 1448. Strong, 7333, D. Greece as a kingdom. By Frederick Strong, Esq. Lon

don, 1812. Texier, 11269, D. Edmond Texier. La Grèce et ses insurrections. Avec

une carte. Paris, 1851.

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