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For boundless is his Clemency, 2. His Manhood thou hadít richly Beyond all your infirmity :

fillid; Hefaw our wants, perceiv'd our case, Which does eternal grace-streams

And did what needful was; yield, Whileye have Being, give him praise. Dispens'd now thro'thy Stewardship: 3. Eternal Elience, praise to thee, His righteousness cloaths us his sheep. Who us exalt'st, thro' mercy free, 3. Thou know'rt where all th'elect Unto thine own Felicity,


Hall. Thou doft each one invite and bid, Let Lauds, resound from heaven's Chriit's Righteousness to hoft,

point'it out, From Land and fea, thro' ev'ry coaft; Set'st their salvation out of doubt. The present Theme deserves them 4. Thou with thy Oil of joyfulness mott,

Anoint'lt their inmost soul's recess,

Hall. So that th'effects thine in their ways, The Father gave his only Son, By Word and Deed, unto thy praise. Penance to do, and to atone

5. To the Beginners giv'it thou Foros ; and then from death's strong growth ; band

To th'weak, a Warrior's mind in Rais'd him, that till the end He us might save, bless and defend. To the strong, Confiancy till th’End; 4. Thou worthy Saviour, Chrift the To th'constant

, joys at God's right Lord!

hand. Who from the Dead art now restord, 6. Thy Work how marvellous it is, 'Gaint Satan Aid to us afford, Displaying grace and strength like


wise Defend us from his ev'ry snare,

On ev'ry chosen Child of Love, Who, as thy friends and Houshola Who Temples all unto God prove !

dear, To thee alone devoted are,


For whensoe'er, Lord Jesu Chrift, dater des Verrn Jefu Chrif.
Thou stand't not by us to assist,
Against that en'my's craftiness

1. Ather of Jesus our Lord,
We can have no success;

And ours too by free Accordi Help thon, nor leave us fatherless.

Who us daily haft upheld !

To thee Thanks and praise we yield: 262.

2. Small and

great, grant that we May know Hiin alone and Thee,

And eternal life may rcap; boecbitter troit, Deiliger Beit.

In the lov'd One us accept.

truth ;

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What kinduels on us thou Father's !mage, very God, befow't ;

His co-equal Excellence, Thou Pledge of our salvation, Whose bleft Being did ne'er como By€hrift unto his Church len: down! mence!


4. (Ir.

4. (In the Godhead is no date, Ministring Spirits ;
Th’Efence knows no odds in State : Willing servants of those
But when in Person rever'd,

Who Life inherît.
Then ch' eternal Son thou art.) 4. Their spir'tual essence

is fair, tender, glorious,
5. Thee we thank, O Jesu Chrift!
That thou in thy Manhood's veft,

Of noble presence,
Man's poor

Nature didit restore: Their goodness notorious ;
Help thy Creatures evermore! They're like Flames moving

Quick as wind and mighty ;
6.Holy Ghost, thou chearing Flame,
Who from both on us down came,

Chaste, true and loving. Of like Might and Godhead true !

5. Of th"holy Angels Our old nature o renew.

Are many legions,

Thousand times thousand 7. Fill our mind with due Respect, 'That thy Word we ne'er neglect ;

Sing in Heav'ns regions :

Fore God they're standing, Us anoint with pow'r from thee;

Viewing him, and doing Thy Communion with us be.

What he's commanding. 8. Sanctify us so, and lead,

6. These hofts of Heroes That we the right paths may tread, Chrift the Lord have praised ; Cover'd with Christ's righteousness,

They, by songs glorious Till we reach eternal Bliss.

His Birth abroad blazed : 9. Three-one Majesty divine !

In his Temptation To this pray'r thine ear incline,

They serv'd him, and also Wherein we invoke thy Name ;

In his dire Paffion. Say Amen unto the same.

7. As he victorious 264.

Into Heav'n ascended,

His triumph glorious
Prcilet init Freuiden, &c.

Th'Angels foon attended ;

And it declaring,
Ing joyful praises,
With th’whole heart's inten-

They told of his second

Blessed Appearing.
Of God's great mercies

8. While now enthroned Thankfully make mention ;

He sits, and th'elected,
Of 'which Creation,

Whose Head he's owned,
Wherein he is glorious,

By him are protected ;
Yields declaration.

With adoration
For he hath formed

They exalt and praise him
His Hand's work, hath grac'd it,

Without cessation.
And it adorned,

9. By th’Head of Churches With many Gifts blessed,

Joy to them is given :
Which they shall ever

Who peace did purchase
Enjoy, without hindrance,

On earth and in heaven ;
And praise his favour.

And of their Station 3. The Angels nature

Unto them hath given
Hath much grace enjoyed

Full confirmativn.
By the Creator ;

10. Thro' They are all employed



tion ;


10. Thro' this Mediator

4. She could not want for ought in Up and down is moving

so glorious plenty, Each angel-creature:

Yet the thought God's great gifts but To his Members loving

scanty ; Their Miniftration

On God's Adversary's instigation Does bring gifts, refreshment

Luftful and unbelieving she held conAnd consolation.

sultation. 11. Their heart rejoyces

5. Glory's defire, the fruit of UnbeWhen the Church is blefled ;

lief 's distraction, Satan's devices

Did cause at last th'ungrateful A&tion : Are by them reprefied,

Her heart consented to it, she did His wiles detected,

gaze, That the Lord's elected

And Luft, fin's cursed Mother, Be not infected :

brought forth that Axt so base. 12. They do direct us

6. Man is by Nature spoild throughIn God's Ways; defend us,

out, full of corruption, Rule and protect us,

And we have all caught the infection, And always attend us,

Which is that dreadful infatuation, They're gladly caring

An inborn and an universal DepraFor our soul and Body,

vation. No trouble sparing.

7. Instead of Wisdom, holy Righte

ousness and Kindness, 265.

Is come terrible dismal Blindness, Ach Gott, wie goth ift, &c. Un-uprightness, Uncleanness, fear

fulness, God! how needful is’stoMan. Sin, Shame, a guilty conscience, with to know his nature,

all that's vile and base. That he is a corrupted Creature? This drives the heart to God with 8. With all this God made them both

before his face appear, contrition : Let's ponder then our Origin and And held with them his Judgment

severe, poor condition. 2. Man's pow'r to chuse that which is And thereby he fulfill'd his justice

great, good, to hate what's evil,

(Though at the same time his Mercy Is greatly weaken'd by the Devil,

he could not forget.) Thro' his poison'd words and lies fo spiteful,

9. Instead of God Almighty's blessing,

Curse befel them, Whereby his cunning cheated Man

He did from Paradise expel them. in manner frightful.

He, whom Lord of the World God 3. Soon as he observ'd the Woman's

did intend, inward back-shrinking,

Was now in dull misery the BondHe set her more strongly on think

Nave of the fiend. ing; Promis d great Knowledge,imposing 10.Lord God Father, Lord thou Lover

of human Nature, on her, Inspir'd her with desire to be like Doom not to ruin Man, thy creature!

DeGod in honour.

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Deliver us from sin's distress and load, 6. The Lights first consequence
From Sin's distress and load deliver Is, Faith, Love, Confidence,
us, Lord our God!

With Obedience lowly,
Respect and Reverence,
Firmness in Doctrine holy,

Constant Liturgy
Der mallot treue Gctt.

From heart's ground, and free

From false pravity.
HE good and gracious God
In his Similitude

7. Love likewise is display'd, Form'd the human Species,

Which would its neighbour aid, With robes of light endow'd,

To none grief occasion :, And ornaments most precious.

To Governors is paid But alas! aur Fall

Grateful and due submission ; Here in Misery's vale,

Towards human Race Loft and blotted all.

Is Mewn Friendliness,

Meekness, love of Peace. 2. This image in his Word

8. Pureness of Heart withal: God did at least record, Till it once more glorious

With Temperance's wall

All life's steps inclosing i
Could be thro' Christ reftor'd:
Whose Ransom meritorious,

Frugal, tho' liberal,
Drowning guilt and fin,

Modestly God's gifts usingi

With Truth innermos, Did new Life begin,

Faithful too and just To the praise divine.

To each neighbour's trust. 3. The Spirit's hidden Might, Join'd with the Gospel-light,

9. Grace thus the heart doth draw Our hearts clear doth render;

In liking to God's Law, So that we with delight

With good Thoughts replenish, Can gaze upon his Splendor,

Yea helps, those ftamina And are form'd thereby

By Word and Deed to finish :
Like to what we spy,

For each Limb's endu'd
All his Stores enjoy.

With a promptitude

Unto all that's good. 4. Resemblance of our Lord Is then in is procur'd

10. This is that Image fair,

Which to the Lord is dear,
By Faith efficacious :
To us is quite transferr'd

Being his Blood's honour;
His Righteousness, to grace us :

Begun, increasing here,

Above, than the sun, stronger.
His Society,

Keep, Lord ! in thy School,
Cleaving to him nigh,
Doth us fanctify.

Spirit, Body, Soul,

Till thy Advent, whole!

ev'ry faithful child The Law is thus fulfillid :

From the Heart's condition,
What's 'fore God Virtue fild
Springs without intermission;
Fruits of Righteousness,

Which by Godliness
Şçripture doch express.




him ;

6. Their Memorial is green, 267.

And not transitory;

Since writ in God's Book, wherein Liebet Gott, D lieben leur. He reads their life's story :

He was privy to their tears,
Love God, ye people dear,

His Urn's therewith filled ;
And give thanks before and in mind the Blood-drops bears,

Some of them have spilled.
(On this Theme can you forbear?
Lo! heav'ns hosts adore him.)

7. Thro' much Tribulation Own, how wondrous he doch lead

Into jay they enter'd ; In this Vale of sorrow

'Midit great hardships to go on, His own Saints, who by his aid

Strong in hope, they ventur'd. Are to Bliss brought thorough.

In the Lamb's pure Blood all o'er

They have walh'd their Garment; 2. Seeing all mankind became

Chearful now to stand before
In God's fight Offenders,

Him, is their preferment,
And Man's Mass was full of shame,
Which no good fruit renders ;

8.Cloath'd in vestments inowy white, Therefore the all-gracious God

Palms, a mark triumphal, (So his bowels burned)

In their hands; their heart's delight To us under Sin's hard load

Fears henceforth no downfal: With Affiftance turned.

They're from Thirft and Hunger

free 3. And thro' Christ his dearest Son,

Now, and from disaster ;
Ere they Being gained,
Ere the world's foundation,

For our God the Lamb will be

Himself their kind Pastor.
He in Grace ordained
Some, that they should be his own; 9. Since at this time, thra' pure grace,

Chrift hath us invited
Holy, without wrinkle,
Thro that Just one's Blood alone,

To the self-fame Happiness,
Which doth them besprinkle.

Where those Saints are seated :

Let us tread the narrow Path 4. As unto such treasures them

Which to life doth carry, He in love had chosen,

Not unfruitful in the Faith,
After his own God-like Scheme;

While on earth we tarry.
Hence it hath arisen,
That he thro' the Gospel-word 10. Let us for Example take
In due time them called



Conversation, To believe in Chrilt the Lord, Which to regulate our Walk Who their fickness healed.

Serves on each occasion ;

Let us in cur body bear 5. These are they, on whom's

Still about his Dying,

That his Life lodge also there,
The name Saints, and holy,
The seal'd Servants of our God,

Till we deathless spy him.
First-fruits from Earth truly.

11. Let us now and then review For this world too good, their love Just ones, who before us, Was with hate requited ;

On the Stage where we tread now, А

Have been found victorious ;
Hoft of them's above
To the Lord retreated.


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