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specting the person of Christ, evince, beyond contradiction, the extraordinary interference of a superintending power; particularly, that the decree of Augustus Cæsar should have been past at so critical a time, as to accord with the birth of Christ, and make good the prophecy of Hosea; and that the sepulchre of Joseph should be new, complete, and ready to receive' his body, thus fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah.

My reasons for laying these discourses before the public, I hope and trust will be attributed to their true motive, an earnest desire of doing good. I most sincerely disclaim every vain-glorious sensation, every ostentatious display of personal merit; even the hope of being useful, is damped by the fear of being mistaken, or inefficient: but allow me to enter my protest even against my own errors; if I am weak, the cause itself is strong, and needs not the feeble aid of human learning and abilities to support it; the hand of God will still continue to protect and advance it. « God is faithful who has “ promised,»* and he has said of the Son, 66 That he will establish the throne of his “ kingdom for ever.”+ May all the subjects of that kingdom be united in the bond of

human * Heb. 2. 23.

peace, and in righteousness of life; may they all become the sheep of one fold, under one shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ.

+ 2 Sam. vii. 13.



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