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PENNSYLVANIA.—11547, 0. A memorial, containing a summary view of facts, with their authorities, in answer to the observations sent by the English ministry to the courts of Europe. Translated from the French. Philadel. phia, printed by James Chattin, 1757. (Relating principally to Braddock's expedition.) 13293, O. 10. A letter from Batista Angeloni to his friend Manzoni, in which the Quakers are politically and religiously considered. To which is added, The cloven-foot discovered. Printed at Carolina, and sold by Edward Merefield at the corner of Arch st. and opposite the church burying-ground in Philadelphia (circa 1757). 992, F. Accounts (by the clerks and sextons) of the births and burials in the united parishes of Christ Church and St. Peter's, at Philadelphia, for the years 1755, '56, '57, '58, '59, '60, '61, '63, '64, '65, '66, '67, '09, '70, 71, ’72, '73, '74, respectively. 992, F. 2. New Year verses of the printers' lads who carry about the Pennsylvania Gazette, to the customers, for the years 1756, '58, '59, '60, '64, '65, '67, '68, '69, '70, '71, ’72, '73, '76, respectively. 992, F. 3. Thirty broadsides, being advertisements of lotteries for raising money for political, religious, and private purposes, chiefly at New York, Philadelphia, and Wilmington and Newark (Del.), between the years 1761 and 1774. 992, F. 4. Galerm (J. B.) Relation of misfortunes of the French neutrals. Circa, 1756. Philadelphia. 992, F. 5. Smith (Rev. W.) Windicated from the charge of perjury. Philadelphia. Circa 1756. 992, F.-6. A remonstrance in the case of Rev. Mr. Smith, by Obadiah Honesty. Philadelphia, 1756. 992, F. 18. David Hall's list of newly imported books. Philadelphia, 1765. 992, F. 19. Explanatory remarks on the Assembly's resolves. Philadel. phia. Circa April 12, 1764. 992, F. 20. An die Freyhalter und Einewohner der Stadt und County Philadelphia. 27 August, 1764. 992, F. 21. Election address to freeholders of Philadelphia, Chester and Bucks. Circa 1 October, 1765. 992, F. 22. Election address to the voters of Philadelphia. October 1, 1764. 992, F. 23. “Advertisement, and not a joke,” a doggerel electioneering address. Philadelphia, Oct. 1, 1764. :* F. 23. City ordinance on cleansing the streets of Philadelphia. March, 1765. 992, F. 24. Address read by James Biddle, Esq., Sept. 26, 1765, charging B. Franklin and Gov. Franklin with having promoted the passage of the Stamp Act, &c. Philadelphia. 992, F. 25. Franklin (Gov. W.) Reply to the address of James Biddle, Esq. October 1, 1765. 992, F. 26. The election: a copper engraving of the polls, and a doggerel attack on the anti-Franklin party. October 1, 1765. 992, F. 27. German election circular. Philadelphia, October 1, 1765. 992, F. 28. Notice to attend a meeting at the court-house, November 6, 1765. Philadelphia. 902, F. 29. Proceedings of the aforesaid meeting: resolves not to import goods from England; to oppose the Stamp Act, &c. November 7, 1765. 992, F. 30. Dickinson (John). A denunciation of Stamp Act. Philadelphia. Circa December 5, 1765. 992, F. 31. Proposals for a linen factory at Philadelphia. Circa December 12, 1765.

992, F. 32. Galloway (Joseph). An advertisement to the public, Dec. 20, 1765. Philadelphia. 992, F. 33. An act for the relief of the poor of Philadelphia, and its suburbs. 1766. , 992, F. 34. Easter Psalm for Christ Church (Philadelphia). 1766. 992, F. 35. McPherson (J). Address to the public, May 5, 1766: and reply thereto, May 19, 1766. Philadelphia. 992, F. 36. Grand chorus for the 4th of June, His Majesty's birthday, to be sung on the banks of the Schuylkill. Philadelphia, 1766. 992, F. 37. Election address against B. Franklin, September 30, 1766. Philadelphia. 992, F. 38. Two burlesque proposals for books in the press: being election squibs, Philadelphia, October 1, 1766. | 992, F. 39. Letter from a gentleman in Virginia to a merchant in Philadelphia, July 22, 1768. 992, F. 17. Call for public meeting to instruct the representatives. Philadelphia, July 30, 1768. 992, F. 40. Plan of Union, for admitting representatives from America and Ireland into the British Parliament. 1770. 922, F. 41. Wikoff (Isaac). Address to the public, denying that he watered his rum, &c. Philadelphia, July 11, 1770. 1 992, F. 84. Call for meeting of merchants of Philadelphia. February 4, 760. ro F. 85. Gualdo (John). Advertisement of concerts. Philadelphia, 769. 992, F. 86. Neufville (J.) and Franklin (B.) Letters to merchants' committee of Philadelphia. May 14, 1770. 992, F. 87. Pownal (Gov.) State of constitution of colonies. London, circa 1770. 992. F. 88. Letter from a gentleman travelling through Bucks County to his friend in town. Philadelphia, May, 1770. 992, F. 89. Call for a non-importation meeting of tradesmen, artificers, &c. of Philadelphia, 23d May, 1770. 992, F. 90. Call for public meeting. Philadelphia, July 12, 1770. 992, F.92. Bartram (A.) and others. Apology for having imported some stockings. Philadelphia, July 14, 1770. 992, F. 93. Some hints for all who will take them, by a church of England man. Philadelphia, July 17, 1770. 992, F. 94. A tradesman's address to tradesmen, farmers, &c. of Philadelphia. Sept. 24, 1770. 2.É. F. 95. A freeholder to the freeholders, &c. of Philadelphia. Sept. , 1770. 992, F. 96. Call for public meeting. Philadelphia, Sept. 27, 1770. ro F. 97. Proceedings of public meeting. Philadelphia, September 27, 3 o F. 98. Address to the public, by Philadelphus. Philadelphia, Oct. , 1770. 992, F. 99. A German freeholder to his countrymen, Sept. 22, 1770. 1% F. 100. Hall (D.) List of books for sale. Philadelphia, December 0.

992, F. 101. Observations on the late law regulating the watch, the lamps and the pumps of Philadelphia. Jan. 10, 1771.

992, F. 102. Remarks upon the foregoing, addressed “to the inhabitants of Philadelphia.” Jan. 15, 1771.

992, F. 103. To the citizens of Philadelphia, in reply to the preceding. Jan. 24, 1771.

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992, F. 66. Regulus to the freemen of Pennsylvania. December, 1773. Philadelphia. 992, F. 67. Coates (W.) Circular of his grocer's shop. Philadelphia, Nov., 1773. 992, F. 68. Letters from the committee on tarring and feathering to the Delaware pilots. Philadelphia, Nov. 27, 1773. 1 o F. 69. Letter from the country to a gentleman in Philadelphia, Nov. 773. 992, F. 70. A mechanic—to the tradesmen, mechanics, &c. of Pennsylvania. Dec. 4, 1773. 992, F. 71. Letter to the Delaware pilots—renewed instructions from committee on tarring and feathering. Dec. 7, 1773. 992, F. 72. A card to Messrs. James and Drinker. Dec. 2, 1773. Philadelphia. 992, F. 73. Postscript to Pennsylvania Gazette, Dec. 24, 1773; giving account of the destruction in Boston harbor. 992, F. 74. Notice of a public meeting, Philadelphia, Dec. 27, 1773, on occasion of the arrival of the tea ship. 992, F. 75. Memorandum advocating book auctions. Philadelphia, Jan. 17, 1774. 992, F. 76. Mock epitaphs on Alex. Wedderburn and Tho. Hutchinson. Philadelphia, May 3, 1774. 992, F. 77. Call for public meeting (Philadelphia, 8th June, 1774), of manufacturers and mechanics. 992, F. 78. Letter to representatives of Chester, Bucks and Philadelphia, from a great number of their constituents. May 9, 1774. 992, F. 79. Resolve of Congress advising non-importation. Philadelphia, Sept. 22, 1774. 992, F. 91. A Pennsylvanian to the Philadelphians, on the abandonment of non-importation resolution, in New York. Philadelphia, July 14, 1774. (Broadside.) 992, F. 80. Notice of a committee meeting at Carpenter's Hall. Philadelphia, 23d Aug., 1774. 992, F. 81. Notice of a committee meeting at Philosophical Hall. Philadelphia, Sept. 23, 1774. 992, F. 82. Rush (Jacob.) Resolve in committee chamber. Philadelphia, Dec. 6, 1774. 992, F. 83. Smith (John B.) Resolve in committee chamber. Philadelphia, Dec. 14, 1774. 345, F. New years' addresses of carriers of Penn'a Ledger and Evening Post. Philadelphia, 1778. (Two broadsides.) 345, F. British Commissary General's proclamation. Philadelphia, Oct. 10, 1778. (Broadside.) 394, F. Sir W. Howe. Nineteen proclamations, from Sept. 28, 1777, to 23d March, 1778. Printed by J. Humphreys, Macdonald and Cameron, and P. and C. Sower, Jr. Philadelphia. (Broadsides.) 394, F. Washington (Gen.) Intercepted letter (spurious) from, to his lady, in 1776. Philadelphia, 1779. (Broadside.) 394, F. Amicable Fire Company's notice. Philadelphia, Jan. 26, 1778. (Broadside.) 394, F. Directions to sail into and up Delaware Bay. Philadelphia, 1778. (Broadside.) 394, F. Twenty-four public notices, handbills, proclamations, &c. of Sir W. Howe's army, from Sept. 29, 1777, to May 25, 1778. Printed at Philadelphia, by B. Towne, and by J. Humphries. (Broadsides.) 394, F. Eighteen posters and tickets of the theatre carried on by Sir W. Howe's officers at Philadelphia, from 19th Jan. to 6th May, 1778. Printed by J. Humphreys. (Broadsides.) 394, F. Draught of a bill for declaring the intentions of the parliament, concerning the right of imposing taxes on the colonies, &c. Philadelphia. Printed by Macdonald and Cameron, by order of Sir W. Howe, 1778. (Broadside.) 394, F. Nestor's address to Pennsylvania militia. Philadelphia, 1778. Printed by J. Humphreys. (Broadside.) 394, F. MS. Original proclamation of Sir W. Howe, signed Will. Erskine, Q. M. G. Philadelphia, Feb. 12, 1778. 894, F. MS. Original notice from E. Story, British Inspector, &c. Philadelphia, Feb. 10, 1778. 394, F. MS. Original return of American prisoners captured 19th Feb., 1778, in Bucks County Pennsylvania, by first troop Philadelphia Light Dragoons. (Loyalist) 394, F. MS. Sir W. Howe; original proclamation. Philadelphia, Feb. 27, 1778. Signed Daniel Wild, Com. Gen. 13295, O. 8. Constitution of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1790. 13629, O. 2. History of the yellow fever in Philadelphia in 1797. 2d edition. Philadelphia, 1798. (See also pp. 316 and 1161.) 13298, O. 10. The representation and petition of divers religious denominations of the city of Philadelphia to the legislature of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1798. Gift of Samuel Breck, Esq. 2569, Q. The city of Philadelphia as it appeared in the year 1800. Conof of 25 plates, drawn and engraved by W. Birch and sons. Springland o., 1800. 11047, D. 3. To the republican citizens of Pennsylvania. Lancaster, 1800. 3571, D. See Ogden, p. 1436. 11047, D. 1. Rules of select council. Philadelphia, 1804. 7634, D. 2. The constitution and by-laws of the Washington Benevolent Society of Pennsylvania, together with Washington's Address. Philadelphia, 1807. lso D. 7. Remarks on a pamphlet by “Pacificus.” Philadelphia, 08. 5175, O. An account of the languages, history, manners, and customs, of the Indian natives who once inhabited Pennsylvania, &c. By the Rev. John Heckewelder. Philadelphia, 1819. 10841, O. The stranger's guide. An alphabetical list of all the wards, streets, roads, lanes, alleys, avenues, courts, wharves, shipyards, public buildings, &c. in the city and suburbs of Philadelphia, with references for finding their situations, on an alphabetical plan. (Map. Philadelphia, 1810.) 11047, D. 9. A true and correct account of the prison of Philadelphia (at the corner of Prune and Sixth Streets). (Circa 1820.) 2453, Q. Records of the origin and proceedings of the Outinian Society. Founded in the hundredth year after the death of the benevolent William Penn. London, 1822. 6083, O. Memoirs of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 4 vols. Philadelphia, 1826 to the present time. 6083, O. Collections of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Vol. 1. Philadelphia, 1853. 11956, O. The bulletin of the historical society of Pennsylvania. Vol. 1. Philadelphia, 1848. (See Sargent, p. 1523, and 13552, O. 7, p. 1546.) 11055, D. 12. Report on the manufactories, unimproved mill seats, &c. Chester, 1826. - 7115, O. Hazard's register of Pennsylvania, devoted to the preservation of

facts and documents, and every kind of useful information respecting the State

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