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Eminent literary and scientific men of Great Britain and Ireland.

3 vols. London, 1836 Lauzan, 10164, 0. Mémoires de M. le Duc Lauzan. A Paris, 1822. Lavater, 7344, D. Memoirs of John Caspar Lavater and his widow, with

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(about 1702.) Leech, 7556, D. Thirty years from home, or a voice from the main deck;

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Clarendon ; illustrative of portraits in his gallery. By Lady Theresa

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Monk, &c. with many pieces in prose and verse, never before pub

lished. 2 vols. London, 1839. Lind, 9660, D. Memoranda of the life of Jenny Lind. By N. Parker Willis.

Philadelphia, 1851. Lindsay, 12284, 0. Lives of the Lindsays, or a memoir of the houses of

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Gift of the author. Lister, 10807, 0. The autobiography of Joseph Lister, of Bradford, in York

shire. Edited by Thomas Wright. London, 1842. Little, 7868, D. Life on the ocean, or twenty years at sea. By George Little,

now entirely blind. 2d edition. Boston, 1844. Livingston, 13249, 0. Portraits of eminent Americans now living; including

President Pierce and his Cabinet; with biographical and historical

memoirs of their lives and actions. By John Livingston, New York,

1854. Gift of George W. Carpenter. Livingston, 13006, 0. Portraits of eminent Americans now living: with biogra

phical and historical memoirs of their lives and actions. By John

Livingston. 2 vols. New York, 1853. Locke, 13027, Ö. Book of the Lockes. A genealogical and historical record

of the descendants of William Locke, of Woburn. With an appendix containing a history of the Lockes in England, also of the family of John Locke, of Hampden, N. H., &c. By John Goodwin Locke.

Boston, 1853. Logan, 10194, D. Memoir of James Logan, a distinguished scholar and

Christian legislator, founder of the Loganian Library, &c. Including correspondence now first printed. By Wilson Armistead. London,

1851. Longacre, 2610, Q. The National portrait gallery of distinguished Americans.

Conducted by James B. Longacre and James Herring. 4 vols.
Philadelphia, 1836.
Vol. 1 contains the lives and portraits of

George Washington.
Martha Washington.
Charles Carroll, of Carrollton.
Major General Nathaniel Greene.
Major General Anthony Wayne.
Major General William Moultrie.
Major General Israel Putnam.
Colonel Timothy Pickering.
Governor Isaac Shelby.
Governor Aaron Ogden.
John Marshall, LL. D., Chief Justice United States.
Edward Sbippen, LL. D., Chief Justice of Pennsylvania.
Brigadier-General Jonathan Williams.
Daniel D. Tompkins, Vice-President United States.
Hon. Henry Clay, United States Senate.
Andrew Jackson, President United States.
Hon. Daniel Webster.
Hon. William Wirt.
Hon. Lewis Cass.
Commodore Thomas Macdonough, U. S. N.
Major General Alexander Macombe.
Hon. Joel R. Poinsett, LL.D.
Hon. Josiah S. Jobnston.
Hon. Edward Livingstone.
Hon. Louis McLane.
Rt. Rev. Wm. White, D. D.
Rev. Timothy Dwight, LL. D.
Hon. Joel Barlow.
Colonel John Trumbull.
Gilbert Charles Stuart, Esq.
Samuel Latham Mitchell, M.D.
Theodore Romeyn Beck, M. D.
Washington Irving, Esq.
Catharine M. Sedgwick.

James Fenimore Cooper, Esq.
Vol. 2 contains-

Benjamin Franklin, LL. D.
Thomas Jefferson, Third President U.S.

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