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Smith, 7015 & 7027, D. . Memoirs, letters and comic miscellanies in prose and verse of the late James Smith, Esq., one of the authors of “The rejected addresses.” . Edited by his brother, Horace Smith, Esq. 2 vols. London, 1840. Philadelphia, 1841. —— 10642, D. Romantic incidents in the lives of the Queens of England. By J. P. Smith, Esq., New York, 1853. 98.93, O. Memoirs of Admiral Sir (William) Sidney Smith. By the author of “Rattlin the Reefer.” 2 vols. London, 1839. 11993, O. The life and correspondence of Admiral Sir Wm. Sidney Smith. By John Barrow. 2 vols. London, 1848. 13232, O. Memoirs of the life and writings of John Pye Smith, D. D. By John Medway. London, 1853. 8059, D. Life of the Hon. Jeremiah Smith, LL.D. By John II. Morrison. Boston, 1845. 11085, O. Memoirs of William Smith, LL.D. By John Phillips. London, 1844. 8951, D. Leaves from Margaret Smith's journal in the province of Massachusetts Bay, 1678–79. Boston, 1849. 10685, D. The working-man's way in the world, being the autobiography of a journeyman printer. (By Charles Manby Smith.) New York, 1854. Sobieski, 8026, D. Histoire du Roi Jean Sobieski et de la Pologne. Par N. A. de Salvandy. Paris, 1844. Socrates, 11384, O. Socrates, par C. E. Guichard. Paris, 1845. 6217, D. Plato's apology of Socrates. Translated by the Rev. Joseph. Mills. Cambridge, 1775. Somerville, 8881, D. Autobiography of a working-man, by “one who has whistled at the plough.” (Alexander Somerville.) London, 1848. Sophia Dorothea, 11463, O. , Memoirs of Sophia Dorothea, consort of George I. Now first published from the originals. 2 vols. London, 1845. Sorelli, 6282, D. My confessions to Silvio Pellico. The autobiography of Guido Sorelli. London, 1836. Southey, 8699, D. Reminiscences of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Robert Southey. By Joseph Cottle. London, 1847. 12528, O. & 9441, D. The life and correspondence of Robert Southey. Edited by his son, the Rev. C. Cuthbert Southey, M. A. London, 1849, and New York, 1851. Spalding, 13297, O. 12. Some account of the convincement and religious progress of John Spalding. Philadelphia, 1808. Sparks, 12928, O. Letter to Lord Mahon, being an answer to his letter addressed to the editor of Washington's writings. By Jared Sparks. Boston, 1852. Gift of the author. (See pp. 1314 and 1524.) 12845, O. & 13030, O. 6. A reply to the strictures of Lord Mahon and others, on the mode of editing the writings of Washington. By Jared Sparks. Cambridge, 1852. Gift of the author. 5795, D. The library of American biography. Conducted by Jared Sparks.

Vol. 1 contains—

Life of John Stark, by Ed. Everett.
Life of Charles Brockden Brown, by Wm. H. Prescott.
Life of Richard Montgomery, by John Armstrong.
Life of Ethan Allen, by Jared Sparks.
Vol. 2 contains—
Life of Alexander Wilson, by Wm. B. O. Peabody.
Life of Captain Jno. Smith, by Geo. S. Hillard.

Vol. 3 contains—
Life of Benedict Arnold, by Jared Sparks.

Vol. 4 contains—
Life of Anthony Wayne, by John Armstrong.
Life of Sir Henry Vane, by Charles W. Upham.

Vol. 5 contains— -
Life of John Eliot, by Convers Francis.

Vol. 6 contains—
Life of William Pinkney, by Henry Wheaton.
Life of William Ellery, by Ed. T. Channing.
Life of Cotton Mather, by Wm. B. O. Peabody.

Vol. 7 contains—
Life of Sir Wm. Phips, by Francis Bowen.
Life of Israel Putnam, by Oliver W. B. Peabody.
Life of Lucretia M. Davidson, by (Miss Sedgwick.)
Life of David Rittenhouse, by James Renwick.

Vol. 8 contains—
Life of Jonathan Edwards, by Samuel Miller.
Life of David Brainerd, by Wm. B. O. Peabody.

Vol. 9 contains—
Life of Baron Steuben, by Francis Bowen.
Life of Sebastian Cabot, by Charles Hayward, Jr.
Life of William Eaton, by Cornelius C. Felton.

Vol. 10 contains—
Life of Robert Fulton, by James Renwick.
Life of Joseph Warner, by Alex. H. Everett.
Life of Henry Hudson, by Henry R. Cleveland.
Life of Father Marquette, by Jared Sparks.
Index to the first ten volumes.

Second series, vol. 1 contains—
Life of Robert Cavelier de la Salle, by J. Sparks.
Life of Patrick Henry, by Alex. H. Everett.

Second series, vol. 2 contains—
Life of James Otis, by Francis Bowen.
Life of James Oglethorpe, by Wm. B. O. Peabody.

Second series, vol. 3 contains—
Life of John Sullivan, by Oliver W. B. Peabody.
Administration of Jacob Leister, by Charles F. Hoffman.
Memoir of Nathaniel Bacon, by William Ware.
Life of John Mason, by Geo. E. Ellis.

Second series, vol. 4 contains—
Life of Roger Williams, by William Gammell.
Life of Timothy Dwight, by William B. Sprague.
Life of Count Pulaski, by Jared Sparks.

Second series, vol. 5 contains—
Life of Count Rumford, by James Renwick.
Life of Zebulon M. Pike, by Henry Whiting.
Life of Samuel Gorton, by John M. Mackie.

Second series, vol. 6 contains—
Life of Ezra Stiles, by James L. Kingsley, LL. D.
Life of John Fitch, by Charles Whittlesey.
Life of Anne Hutchinson, by George E. Ellis.

Second series, vol. 7 contains—
Life of John Ribault, by Jared Sparks.

Life of Sebastian Rale, by Convers Francis.
Life of William Palfrey, by Jno. Gorham Palfrey.
Second series, vol. 8 contains—
Life of Charles Lee, by Jared Sparks.
Life of Joseph Reed, by Henry Reed.
Second series, vol. 9 contains—
Life of Leonard Calvert, by George W. Burnap.
Life of Samuel Ward, by William Gammell.
Memoir of Thos. Posey, by James Hall. o
Second series, vol. 10 contains— -
Life of Nathaniel Greene, by George W. Greene.

Second series, vol. 11 contains—
Life of Stephen Decatur, by Alex. S. Mackenzie.

Second series, vol. 12 contains—
Life of Edward Preble, by Lorenzo Sabine.
Life of William Penn, by George E. Ellis.

Second series, vol. 13 contains—
Life of Daniel Boone, by John M. Peck.
Life of Benjamin Lincoln, by Francis Bowen.

Second series, vol. 14 contains—
Life of John Ledyard, by Jared Sparks.’

Second series, vol. 15 contains— Life of Wm. R. Davie, by Fordyce M. Hubbard. Life of Samuel Kirkland, by Samuel K. Lothrop. Index to the second series. In all 25 vols. Boston, 1834 to 1848. Spenser, 11904, O. An essay on the life and writings of Edmund Spenser. By J. S. Hart. New York, 1847. (See p. 1248.) Spinosa, 10869, O. Histoire de la vie et des ouvrages de B. de Spinosa. Par Amand Saintes. Paris, 1842. Spooner, 13020, O. A biographical and critical dictionary of painters, engravers, sculptors and architects, from ancient to modern times; with the monograms, ciphers and marks used by artists to certify their works. By Shearjashub Spooner. New York, 1853. 10635, D. Anecdotes of painters, engravers, sculptors and architects, by S. Spooner. 3 vols. New York, 1853. Sprague, 11154, D. Visits to European celebrities. By Wm. B. Sprague, D. D. Boston, 1855. Springer, 9880, D. Forest trees and forest life; comprising winter camp life among the loggers and wild-wood adventure. With descriptions of lumbering operations on the various rivers of Maine and New Brunswick. By John S. Springer. (With numerous woodcuts.) New York, 1851. Stacy, 12053, O. Narrative of services in Beloochistan and Afghanistan in 1840, '41 and '42. By Col. L. R. Stacy. London, 1848. Stanhope, 8078, D. Memoirs of the Lady Hester Stanhope, as related by herself in conversations with her physician. 3 vols. London, 1845. 8346, D. Travels of Lady Hester Stanhope, forming the completion of her memoirs. Narrated by her physician. 3 vols. London, 1846. Steele, 6757, D. The marine officer; or sketches of service. By Sir Robert Steele, Knt. 2 vols. London, 1840. Stoffens, 8877, D. Adventures on the road to Paris, during the campaigns of 1813–14; extracted from the autobiography of Henry Steffens. London, 1848.

Steinmetz, 8331, D. The novitiate ; or a year among the English Jesuits. By Andrew Steinmetz. London, 1846. 10769, D. The novitiate; or a year among the English Jesuits; a personal narrative. With an essay on the constitutions, the confessional morality and history of the Jesuits. By Andrew Steinmetz. New York, 1846. Gift of Dr. B. H. Coates. Sterling, 9888 & 9964, D. The life of John Sterling, by Thomas Carlyle. Boston and London, 1851. (See p. 1293.) Stevens, 12923, 0.2. Memoirs of William Stevens. London, 1812. 7126 & 7267, D. Brief memoir and account of the spiritual labors of the late Mrs. Stevens. By her sister. London, 1841. Stewart, 6235, D. The history of Virgil A. Stewart, and his adventures in capturing the great “Western land pirate” and his gang. With the trial and confessions of a number of Murrell's associates, and the execution of five gamblers at Wicksburg. Compiled by H. R. How. ard. New York, 1836. 10329, O. 1. Biographical sketch and services of Commodore Charles Stewart, of the Navy of the U. S. Philadelphia, 1838. Gift of Jno. Jay Smith. 11001, O. The hospitals and surgeons of Paris, with biographical notices of some of the most eminent living Parisian surgeons. By T. Campbell Stewart, M. D. New York, 1843. Stilling, 11135 & 11557, O. Autobiography of Heinrich Stilling, late Aulic counsellor to the Grand Duke of Baden. New York, 1844. Stirling, 12051, O. Annals of the artists of Spain. By Wm. Stirling, M. A. 3 vols. London, 1848. Stolo, 10734, D. Memoirs of Major Robert Stobo, of the Virginia regiment. (Plan of Fort Duquesne, 1754.) Pittsburg, 1854. Stone, 10484, O. The life and times of Sa-go-ye-wat-ha; or Red Jacket. By William L. Stone. New York, 1841. Story, 13705, O. 6. Discourse commemorative of the Hon. Joseph Story. By Simon Greenleaf. Boston, 1845. — 12721, O. Life and times of Joseph Story, Justice of the Supreme Court. Edited by his son, Wm. W. Story. 2 vols. Boston, 1851. — 10977, D. A brief account of the life, convincement, sufferings, labors and travels of that faithful elder and minister of Jesus Christ, Christopher Story. London, 1726. Stothard, 12744, O. Life of Thomas Stothard, R. A.; with personal reminiscences by Mrs. Bray; with illustrations from his works. London, 1851. Stoughton, 8863 & 9093, D. Spiritual heroism; or sketches of the Puritans, their character and times. By John Stoughton. London, 1848 and 1850. Stout, 12756, 0.2. Autobiography of William Stout, of Lancaster, a mem. ber of the Society of Friends 1665–1752. Edited by J. Harland. London, 1851. Stowell, 11775, O. 2. A sketch of the lives of Lords Stowell and Eldon. By W. E. Surtees. London, 1846. Strange, 11461, D. Memoirs of Sir Robert Strange, engraver, and of his brother-in-law, Andrew Lumisden. By James Dennistoun. Lon. don, 1855. Strickland, 9669 & 9746, D. Lives of the Queens of Scotland and English - Princesses connected with the regal succession of Great Britain. By * Strickland. 5 vols. New York, 1851, &c. London, 1850,

—o & 7209, D. Lives of the Queens of England, from the Norman conquest. By Agnes Strickland. 12 vols. London and Philadelphia, 1841.

Strickland, 13077, O. Lives of the Queens of England, from the Norman conquest. Now first published from official records and other authentic documents, private as well as public. By Agnes Strickland. A new edition, revised and greatly augmented. Embellished with portraits of every Queen. 8 vols. London, 1853. Stuart, 11436, O. Memoirs of Prince Charles Stuart, commonly called the Young Pretender. By Charles Louis Klose, Esq. 2 vols. London, 1845. (See Jesse, p. 1599.) .Suetonius, 12163, O. The lives of the twelve first Roman Emperors, writ by C. Suetonius Tranquillius, with a free translation by John Clarke. London, 1739. Sully, 2341, Q. Mémoires de Maximilien de Bethune, Duc de Sully. 3 tomes. A Londres, 1747. Sundon, 8605, D. Memoirs of Wiscountess Sundon, Mistress of the Robes to Queen Caroline, consort of George II. By Mrs. Thompson. 2 vols. London, 1847. Suvarrow, 9969, D. A sketch of Suwarrow and his last campaign. With observations on Alison's history of Europe. By the late Edward Nevil Macready. London, 1851. Swainson, 7025, D. Taxidermy, with the biography of zoologists, and notices of their works. By William Swainson. London, 1840. Swedenborg, 11463, D. Einanuel Swedenborg; a biography. By James J. G. Wilkinson. London, 1849. Sydenham, 11038, O. Memoir of the life of the Right Hon. Charles, Lord Sydenham, G. C. B. With a narrative of his administration in Canada. Edited by his brother, G. Poulett Scrope, M. P. London, 1843. Talleyrand, 87.50, D. Reminiscences of Talleyrand; with extracts from his MSS., speeches and political writings. 2 vols. London, 1848. Taou-Kuang, 10975, D. The life of Taou-Kuang, late Emperor of China, by the late Rev. Charles Gutzlaff. London, 1852. Tasistro, 7358, D. Random shots and southern breezes. By Louis Fitzgerald Tasistro. 2 vols. New York, 1842. Tasso, 10257, O. Elogi di Torquato Tasso, da Angelo Fabroni. Parma, 1800. 7242, D. Conjectures and researches concerning the love, madness and imprisonment of Torquato Tasso. By Richard Henry Wilde. 2 vols. New York, 1842. — 9433, D. The life of Torquato Tasso. By the Rev. R. Milman. 2 vols. London, 1850. Tayler, 9.128, D. Facts in a clergyman's life. By the Rev. C. B. Tayler. London, 1849. Taylor, 12695, O. 12. Obituary addresses on the death of Zachary Taylor, President U. S., in the Senate and House of Representatives; with the funeral sermon, by the Rev. Smith Pyne, D. D. Washington, 1850. 12519, O. Eulogy on Gen. Zachary Taylor. By the Hon. Jos. R. Ingersoll. Philadelphia, 1850. Gift of the City Councils. — 11663, O. Life of Major-General Z. Taylor. By C. Frank Powell. New York, 1846. — 11041, D. 4. An account of the labors, exercises, travels, &c. of John Taylor, of York. London, 1710. 8354, D. The modern British Plutarch; or lives of men distinguished in the recent history of our country. By W. C. Taylor. London, 1846. 8521, D. Bishop Jeremy Taylor, his predecessors, contemporaries and

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