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Let us now return to the discourse of the President. Jesus Christ, our Grand and ever-celebrated Master, appeared in an age when corruption was universal; in the midst of a people who from time immemorial had been subjected to, and severely felt the yoke of Navery ; and who cagerly expected their delioerer, announced by the Prophets. Jesus appeared and taught the doctrine of Reason; to give greater efficacy to these doctrines, he formed them into a religion, and adopted the received traditions of the Jews. He prudently grafied ihis new school on their religion and their customs, which he made the vehicle of the effence and secrets of his new doctrines. He did not select sages for his new disciples, but ignorant men, chosen from the lowest elafs of the people, to [bew that his doctrine was made for all, and suitable to every one's understanding ; to show too, that the knowledge of the grand truths of reason was not a privilege peculiar to the great. He does not teach the Jews alone, but all mankind, the means of: acquiring their liberty by the observation of his precópts. He supported his doctrines by an innocent life, and fealed them with his blood. His precepts for the falvation of the workt are, simply, the love of God and the love of our neighbour; he asks no more.---No-body

ever reduced and consolidated the bands of human society within their real limits as he did. No one was ever more intelligible to his hearers, or more prudently covered the sublime fignifications of his doctrine. No one indeed ever laid a surer foundation for liberty, than our Grand Master, Fefus of Nazareth. It is true, that on all occasions he carefully concealed the fublime meaning, and natural consequences of his doctrine; for he had a secret doctrine, as is evident from more than one passage of the Gospel; “ To you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God; but to them that are without all things are done in parables. And their princes have power over them; but it is not fo among you, but whoever will be greater shall be your

minister. If therefore the obječt of the secret of Jesus which has been preserved by the institution of the mysteries, and clearly demonstrated both by the conduct and the discourses of this Divine Master, was to reinstate mankind in their original liberty and equality, and to prepare the means ; how

many things immediately appear clear' and natural, which hitherto seemed to be contradictory and unintelligible! This explains in rehat senfa Chrijl was the Saviour and the Literatùr of ube world. Ilow the doctrine ofcoriginiitfing of

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the fall of man, and of his regeneration can be understood. The flate of pure nature, of fallen or corrupt nature, and the fate of grace, will no longer be a problem. Mankind,

Mankind, in quitting their state of nature, loft their dignity. In their civil fociety, and under their governments, they no longer live in the State of pure nature, but in that of fallen and corrupt nature. If the moderating of their passions and the dimination of their wants, reinstate them in their primitive dignity, that will readily conftitute their redemption, and their ftate of grače. It is to this point that morality, and the most perfect of all morality, that of Jesus, leads mankind. When at length this do&trine shall be generalized throughout the world, the reign of the good and of the eleet shall be established._This discourse requires no comment s but suffer me to ask, whether it be possible to imagine a more exact fulfilment of the Prophecy, as far as relates to the description of the second Beast?

The extreme importance of the subject must be my apology for multiplying proofs. In one of their rituals, the Master's degree is made typical of the death of Jesus Christ, “ the Preacher of Brotherly Love." But in the next step it is shewn to have been Reafor that has been destroyed and entombed; and


the Master in this degree, the sublime Phi. Losophe, accasions this discovery of the place where the body is hid. Reafon , rises again, Superstition and iTyranny, disappear, and man becomes free, àąd happy." "We must graduqliy!says Weishaupty's explain away all our prepardtory pious frauds; and when per fons of difcernment find fault, we must desire them to consider the end of our labours.; we must unfold --from history and other writings, the origin and fabrication of all religious lies whatever: rand then givé, a critical history of our order. But I cannot but laugh when I think of the ready reception which all this has met with from the grave and learned diyinęs of Germany and of England : and I wonder how their Williams failed, when he attempted to establish a deiftical worship in London ;, for I am.certain it must have been acceptable, toi that learned sand- free people. But they vhad not the enlightening of pour days.” 7. What the diftory was to be which was to unfold the " origin of all religious lies,” we may see from the following sketch 2013 V10:M 10 L'6:27 9!T

He read - lectures in Margaret Street, Cavendich Square, in the years 1276, and 1777, which were afterwards published. The first point 'hę endeavoured to establish a Was, that he was not infane P!! See Monthly Reviews Jan 198pcs bas sun stor ovivor trus


in a letter from Weishaupt. “Nothing would be more profitable to us than a right history of mankind. Despotism has robbed them of their liberty. How can the weak obtain protection? Only by union ; but this is rare. Nothing can bring this about but bidden focieties. There may be some disturbance ; but by and by the unequal will become equal; and after the storm all will be calm. CAN THE UNHAPPY CONSEQUENCES REMAIN, WHEN THE CAUSES OF DISSENTION ARE REMOVED. ? Rouse yourselves therefore, O men ! affert your rights ! and then will reason rule with unperceived fway; and all fall be happy. Morality will perform all this ; and morality is the fruit of Illumination ; duties and rights are reciprucal. Where Oétavius has no right, Cato owes him no dury. Illumination (hews us our rights, and morality follows; that morality which teaches us to be of age, to be out of-wardship, to be full grown, and to walk without the leading-strings of kings and priests.”

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The pretended history of Masonry goes back to the deluge, recapitulates the pretended, views of Christ, the decline of Masonry, and. the honour reserved to Illuminism, te preserve and revive these true and antient mysteries,

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