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ligion, or a new tongue to talk of it ; but a new heart to love and embrace it, in the whole of his conversation. When the Lord opens the sluice of grace on the soul's new birth day, the waters run through the whole man, to purify and make him fruitful. In these natural changes spoken of before, there are, as it were, pieces of new cloth put into an old garment; a new life sewed to an old heart; but the gracious change is a thorough change, a change both of heart and life.

5. Yet it is but an imperfect change. Though every part of the man is renewed, there is no part of him perfectly renewed. As an infant has all the parts of a man, but none of them are come to their perfect growth; so regeneration brings a perfection of parts, to be brought forward in the gradual advances of sanctification, 1 Pet. ii. 2. “ As new-born babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby.”. Although in regeneration there is a heavenly light let into the mind, yet there is still some darkness there ; though the will is rene

newed, it is not perfectly renewed; there is still some of the old inclination to sin remaining; and thus it will be, till that which is in part be done away, and the light of glory

Adam was created at his full stature, but they that are born must have their time to grew up; so these that are born again do come forth into the new world of grace but imperfectly holy; though Adam being created upright was at the same time perfectly righteous, without the least mixture of sinful imperfection.

Lastly, Nevertheless it is a lasting change, which never goes off. The seed is incorruptible, saith the text; and so is the creature that is formed of it. The life given in regeneration, whatever decays it may fall under, can never be utterly lost: His seed remaineth in him, who is born of God, 1 John iii. 9. Though the branches should be cut down, the root shall abide in the earth; and being watered with the dew of heaven, shall sprout again; for, “ The root of the righteous shall not be moved," Prov. xii. 3. But to come to particulars :

First, In regeneration the mind is savingly enlightened: There is a new light let into the understanding, so that they who were sometimes darkness, are now light in the Lord, Eph. v. 8. The beams of the light of life make their way into the dark dungeon of the heart; then night


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is over, and the morning light is come, which will shine more and more unto the perfect day. Now the man is illuminated,

1. In the knowledge of God. He has fır other thoughts of God than ever he had before, Hos. ii. 20. 6 I will even betroth thee unto me in faithfulness, and thou shalt know the Lord.” The Spirit of the Lord brings him back to that question, What is God? And catechiseth him anew upon that grand point, so as he is made to say, “ I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear; but now mine eyes seeth thee,” Job xlii. 5. The spotless purity of God, his exact justice, his all-sufficiency, and other glorious perfections revealed in his word, are, by this new light, discovered to the soul, with a plainness and certainty that doth as far exceed the knowledge it had of these things before, as ocular demonstration exceeds common fame: For now he sees what he only heard of before.

2. He is enlightened in the knowledge of sin. He hath other thoughts of it than he was wont to have. Formerly his sight could not pierce through the cover Satan laid over it; but now the Spirit of God strips it before him, wipes off the paint and fairding; and he sees it in its native colours, as the worst of evils ; exceeding sinful, Rom. vii. 12. O what deformed monsters do formerly beloved lusts appear! Were they right eyes, he would pluck them out ; were they right hands, he would consent to their cutting off. He sees how offensive sin is to God, how destructive it is to the scul ; and calls himself fool, for fighting so long against the Lord, and harbouring that destroyer as a bosom friend.

3. He is instructed in the knowledge of himself. Regenerating grace causeth the prodigal to come to himself, Luke xv, 17. and makes men full of eyes within, knowing every one the plague of his own heart. The mind being savingly enlightened, the man sees how desperately cout his nature is; what enmity against God and his holy law has long lodged there; so that his soul lothes itself. No open sepulchre, no puddle, so vile and loathsome in his eyes as himself, Ezek. xxxvi. 31. “ Then shall ye remember your own evil ways, and your doings that were not good, and shall lothe yourselves in your own sight." He is no worse than he was before; but the sun is shining; and so these pollutions are seen, which he could not discern,

when there was no dawning in him ; as the word is, Isa. viii. 20. while as yet the day of grace was not broken with him.

4. He is enlightened in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, I Cor. i. 3, 24. “ But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumbling block, and unto the Greeks foolishness; but unto them that are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ, the power of God, and the wisdom of God.” The truth is, unregenerate men, though capable of preaching Christ, have not (properly speaking), the knowledge of him, but only an opinion, a good opinion of him ; as one has of many controverted points of doctrine, wherein he is far from certainty. As when ye meet with a stranger upon the road, he behaving himself discreetly, ye conceive a good opinion of him; and, therefore, willingly converse with him ; but yet ye will not commit your money to him ; because, though you have a good opinion of the man, he is a stranger to you; ye do not know him. So many they think well of Christ, but they will never commit thema selves to him ; seeing they know him not. But saving illumination carries the soul beyond opinion, to the certain knowledge of Christ and his excellency, 1 Thes. i. 5.

For our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Ghost, and in much assurance."

grace thus discovers the suitableness of the mystery of Christ, to the divine perfections, and to the sinner's case. Hence the regenerate admire the glorious plan of salvation through Christ crucified, lay their whole weight upon it, and heartily acquiesce therein ; for whatever he be to others, he is to them Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God. But unrenewed men, not seeing this, are offended in him ; they will not venture their souis in. that bottom, but betake themselves to the broken boards of their own righteousness. The same light convincingly discovers a superlative worth, a transcendent glory and excellency in Christ; which darken all created excellencies, as

sun makes the stars to hide their heads; and so it engages the merchant-man to sell all that he hath, to buy the one pearl of great price, Matth. xiii

. 45, 46. makes the soul well content to také Christ for all, and instead of all. Even as an unskilful merchant, to whom one offereth a pearl of great price, for all his petty wares,

The light of

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dares not venture on the bargain; for though he thinks, that one pearl may be more worth than all he has, yet he is not sure of it ; but when a jeweller comes to him, and assures him it is worth double all his wares, he then greedily embraceth the bargain, and chearfully parts with all that he has for that pearl. Finally, This illumination in the knowledge of Christ convincingly discovereth to men a fulness in him, sufficient for the supply of all their wants; enough to satisfy the boundless desires of an immortal soul. They are persuaded such fulness is in hiin, and that in order to be communicated, they depend upon it, as a certain truth ; and, therefore, their souls take up their eternal rest in him.

4. The man is instructed in the knowledge of the vanity of the world, Psal. cxix. 96. « I have seen an end of all perfection.” Regenerating grace elevates the soul, sets it, as it were, amongst the stars, from whence this earth cannot but appear a little, yea, a very little thing ; even as heaven appeared before, while the soul was immersed in the earth. Grace brings a man into a new world ; while this world is reputed but a stage of vanity, an howling wilderness, a valley of tears. God hath hung the sign of vanity at the door of all created enjoyments; yet how do men throng into the house, calling and looking for somewhat that is satisfying ; even after it has been a thousand times told them, there is no such thing in it, it is not to be got there, Isa. lvi. 10. « Thou art wearied in the greatness of thy ways; yet saidst thou not, There is no hope.” Why are men so foolish? The truth of the matder lies here, they do not see by the light of grace, they do not spiritually discern, that sign of vanity. They have often indeed made a rational discovery of it; but can that truly wean the heart from the world? Nay, no more than painted fire can burn off the prisoner's bands. But the light of grace is the light of life, powerful and efficacious.

Lastly, (To sum up all in one word,) In regeneration the mind is enlightened in the knowledge of spiritual things, 1 John ii. 20. “ Ye have an unction from the Holy one,” (that is, from Jesus Christ, Rev. iii. 18. It is an allusion to the sanctuary, whence the holy oil was brought to anoint the priests,) and ye know all things," vit, necessary to salvation. Though men be not booklearned, if they be born again, they are Spirit-learned; for all such are taught of God, John vi, 45. The Spirit of regeneration teacheth them what they knew not before; and what they did know, as by the ear only, he teacheth them over again, as by the eye. The light of grace is an overcoming light, determining men to assent to divine truths on the mere testimony of God. It is no easy thing for the mind of man to acquiesce in divine revelation. Many pretend great respect to the scriptures; whom, nevertheless, the clear scripture testimony will not divorce from their preconceived opinions. But this illumination will make mens minds run, as captives, after Christ's chariot wheels; which, for their part, shall be allowed to drive over, and cast down their own imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, 2 Cor. x. 5. It will make them receive the kingdom of God as a little child, Mark x. 15. who thinks he has sufficient ground to believe any thing, if his father do but say it is so.

Secondly, The will is renewed. The Lord takes away the stony heart, and gives a heart of flesh, Ezek. xxxvi. 26. And so, of stones raiseth up children to Abraham. Regenerating grace is powerful and efficacious, and gives the will a new set. It does not indeed force it, but sweetly, yet powerfully draws it, so that his people are willing in the day of his power, Psal. cx. 3. There is heavenly oratory in the Mediator's' lips, to persuade sinners, Psal. xlv. 2. “ Grace is poured into thy lips." There are cords of a man, and bands of love, in his hands, to draw them after him, Hos. xi. 4. Love makes a net for elect souls, which will infallibly catch them, and hail them to land. The cords of Christ's love are strong cords; and they need to be so; for every sinner is heavier than a mountain of brass; and Satan, together with the heart itself, draw the contrary way. But love is strong as death; and the Lord's love to the soul he died for is strongest love ; which acts so powerfully, that it must come off victorious..

1. The will is cured of its utter inability to will what is good. While the opening of the prison to them that are bound is proclaimed in the gospel, the Spirit of God comes to the prison door, opens it, goes to the prisoner, and by the power of his grace makes his chains fall off; breaks

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