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ther. Let the young Ladies be affured I make nothing new in my Gardens, without wishing to fee the Print of their fairy Steps in every Part of 'em. I have put the last Hand to my Works of this Kind, in happily finishing the fubterraneous Way and Grotto : I there found a Spring of the clearest Water, which falls in a perpetual Rill, that ecchoes thro' the Cavern Day and Night. From the River Thames, you see thro' my Arch up a Walk of the Wilderness to a Kind of open Temple, wholly com. pos’d of Shells in the ruftick Manner; and from that Distance under the Temple you look down thro' a sloping Arcade of Trees, and see the Sails on the River passing suddenly and vanishing, as through, a perspective Glass. When you shut the Doors of this Grotto, it becomes on the Instant, from a luminous Room, a Camera obscura; on the Walls of which all the Objects of the River, Hills, Woods, and Boats, are forming a moving Picture in their visible Radiations; and when you have a Mind to light it up, it affords: you a very different Şcene; it is finithed with Shells interspersed with Pieces of Looking glass, in angular Forms; and in the Cieling is a Star of the fame Material, at which when a Lamp (of an orbicular Figure of thin Alabaster) is hung in the Middle, a thousand pointed Rays glitter and are reBlected over the Place. There are connected to this Grotto by a narrower Pallage two Porches, one towards the River of smooth Stones full of Light and open ; the other toward the Garden shadow'd, with Trees, rough with Shells, Flints, and Iron-ore. The Bottom is paved with fimple Pebble, as is also the adjoining Walk up the Wilderness to the Temple, in the natural Taste, agreeing not ill with the little dripping Murmur, and the aquatick Idea of the whole Place. It wants nothing to compleat it but a


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Offence; (once in Efteem enough to have the following Character :)

... 1.
IN Beauty, or Wit,

I No Mortal as yet
To question your Empire has dar'd;

But Men of Difcerning,

Have thought that in Learning,
To yield to a Lady was hard.

II. -
Impertinent Schools,

With musty dull Rules,
Have Reading to Females deny'd, i

So Papists refuse

The BIBLE to use,
Left Flocks should be wise as their Guide.

'Twas a Woman at first,

(Indeed she was curst)
In Knowledge that tasted Delight;

And Sages agree,
: That Laws Thou'd decree,
To the first Poffeffor the Right.

Then bravely, fair Dame,

Resume the old Claim,
Which to your whole Sex does belong;

And let Men receive,

From a Second bright Eve,
The Knowledge of Right and of Wrong.


Find Voiiici

But if the Firt Eve. . . -'.

Hard Doom did receive,
When only One Apple had she,

What a Punilhment new. .

Shall be found out for you, 1
Who, tafting, have robb?d the whole Trek.

· But (such is the Uncertainty of all Things) now from one Step of, Didike and Disgust to another, there was a total Misunderstanding between Mr. Pope and her; and as she took all Occasions to infinuate Things to the World, disadvantagious to Mr. Pope, that he did not understand Greek; but was forc'd to hire Persons to translate Homer, and then have no farther Labour than to put it into Rhyme; that he was a Man of an unquiet Spirit and dangerous. Conversations that he was a Tool for Rome, and a great many other Reports, the baser for being false; fo he, on the other Hand, '(as 'twas reported to her) gave himself great Liberties about her and great Mockery was made, and much loud Laughter, at the Story of a Visit, it was pretended the faid Lady was permitted to make to the Seraglio, when her Husband was Ambaffador at the Porte. It is certain, let the Tale arise from whence it will, it was very scandalous, neither can we think (if true) that it could possibly have ever come to their knowledge ; for it is to be thought that the Lady, for the Sake of her own Fame, would never have divulg'd so strange a Secret z seeing that the World afforded no Remedy for the one, Act, and the other night Injury of being obliged to idenform to the Gustom of the Łaji, a little Tine would repair. However, as molt Stories of the like Nature do, it gained Credit, and


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