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fame. The first reason is, that each faithfully affift the other in all things that belong to this life, and a better.

Secondly, That they bring up the children which they fall get, in the true knowledge and fear of God, to his glory, and their salvation.

Thirdly. That each of them avoiding all un. cleanness and evil lufts, may live with a good and quiet conscience. For to avoid fornication, let every Man have his own wife, and every Wife her own husband ; insomuch that all who are come to their years and have not the gift of continence, are bound by the command of God, to enter into the marriage ftate, with knowledge and consent of parents, or tutors and friends ; that so the temple of God, which is our body, may not be defiled, for, whosoever defileth the temple of God, him shall God destroy.

Next, you are to know, how each is bound to behave respectively towards the other, according to the word of God,

First, You who are the bridegroom, shall know, that God hath let you to be the head of your wife, that you according to your ability, shall lead her with discretion ; instructing, comforting, protecting her, as the head rules the body; yea, as Christ is the head, wisdom, consolation, and assistance to his church. Besides, you are to love your wife as your own body, as Christ hath loved his church: you fall not be bitter against her, but dwell wich

the wife as the weaker vessel, considering that ye are joint heirs of the grace of life, that your prayers be not hindred; and since it is God's command, that the man shall eat his bread in the sweat of his face, therefore you are to labour diligently and faithfully, in the calling wherein God hath set you, that you may maintain your houshold honestly, and like. wise have something to give to the poor.

In like manner shall you, who are the bride, know how you are to carry yourself towards your husband, according to the word of God: you are to love your lawful husband, to honorr and fear him, as also to be obedient unto him in all lawful things, as to your Lord, as the body is obedient to the head, and the church to Christ. You shall not exercise any dominion over your husband, hut be blent: for Adam was first created, and then Eve so be arr help to Adam; and after the fall. God said to Ere, and in her to all women, your will Mall be subject to your busband : you mall not relift this ordinance of God, but be obedient to the word of God, and folJow the examples of godly women who cruded in God, and were subiect to their hofhands; as Sarah was obedient to Abraham, calling liim her lord : you Niall also be an help to your h:fhand in all good and lawful things looking to your family, and walk. ing in all honesty and visrue. without priorldly pride, that you may give an example to others of madrov


Wherefore you N. and you N. having now understood that God hath instituted marriage, and what he commands yon therein ; are ye willing thus to behave yourselves in this holy state, as you here do confess before this christian assembly, and are duhrous that you be confirmed in the saine ?

Answer. Yes, (Whereupon : he minister fhall say to tie asembly, ]

I take yo!! all, who are met here, to witness, ibat there is brought no lawful impediment:

[Forther to the married persons,] Since then it is fit that you be furthered in this your work, the Lord God confirm your purpose, which he hath given you; and your beginning be in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and eartlı, .

Hereupon they ihall join hands together and 2 Ź the minister speak first to the bridegroom, s

N. Do you acknowledge here before God, and this his hoy church, that you have taken, and do take to your lawful wife N. here present, promiling ber never ro forsake her ; to love her faithfully, to maintain ber as a faithful and pious husband is bound to do to his lawful wife ; that you will live holily with her ; keeping faith and truth to her in all things according to the holy gofpel?

- Answer. Yes.

[Afterwards to the bride,] N. Do you acknowledge here before God, and

this his holy cherch, thar you have taken, and do take to your lawful husband N, here present, promising to be obedient to him, to serve and assist him, never to forsake him, to live holily with him, keeping faith and truth to him in all things, as a pious. and faithful wife is bound to her lawful husband, according to the holy gospel ? .

Answer, Yes.

[Then the minister Niall say, ] The father of all mercies, who of his grace hath called you to this holy Nate of marriage, bind you. in true love and faithfulness, and grant you his blessing, Amen.

Hear now from the gospel, how frin ile bond of marriage is, as described, Matthew, chapter xix, verses, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

“ The Pharisees came unto him, templing him, " and saying unite him, is it lawful for a man to put " away his wife for every cause ? and he answered " and said unto them, have ye not read, that he ~ which made them at the beginning, made then “ male and female ? and said, for this cause fall "a man leave father and mother and thall cleave “to his wife ; and they iwain Ghall be one fleh; “ wherefore they are no more i wain, but one flesh. “What therefore God hash joined together, lct not “ man pat asunder. They say unto bim, why did Moses then command to give a writing of di" yorcement, and to put her away! he faith untos “them, Mofes, because of the hardness of yonr "hearts, suffered you to put away your wives ; but “ from the beginning it was not so. And I say “ unto you, whosoever kall put away his wise, ex. "cept it be for fornication, and hall marry another “ committeeb adultery: and whoso marrieth her “ which is put away, doth commit adultery.”

Believe these words of Christ, and be certain and allured, that our Lord God hath joined you together in this holy Aare. You are therefore to receive, . whatever befalls you therein with patience and ihanksgiving, as from the hand of God, and thus all things will turn to your advantage and salvation, Ameil,

Then the minister shall bidthe married persons to kneel down, and exhort the congregation lio pray for thein.

LMIGHTY God, thou who displayeft thy good

ness and wisdom in all thy works and ordinances, and hast said from the beginning, that it is Not good that man should be alone, and therefore haft made an help meet for him, and ordained, tharthofe who were two should be one, and likewise punilhelt all uncleanness. We beseech thee (Gnce thou hast called these two persons to the holy state of marriage, and joined them together) replenith them with ihy holy Spirit, that they may pioully live together according to thy divine will in true and firm faith, and relist all wickedness,' Vouchsafe to bless them,

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