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ND Fefus faith unto him, I will come and heal him, Mat.

viii. 7.

The Word and Promise of Christ is the great Consolation of a Sinner. - There is no Person in the World but what has Need that Jesus Christ should come and heal bim, either of his mortal Wounds, or of his Weakness and Infirmities. From the Time he has made us sensible of our Diseases, and given us the Grace to lay them before him in Prayer, let us confidently believe, that he says to us, I will come and heal you : And let us faithfully and humbly fay to him, without ceasing, Come, Lord Jesus!

Hear Jesus! hear my broken Heart, My Lord! my Saviour! hear my Cry;
Broken so long that every Part By these dear Feet by which I lie !
Hath got a'longue, that ne'er shall cease Pluck out the Dart, regard my Sighs,
"Till thou pronounce, Depart in Peace. Now heal my Soul, or now it dies.

O how gracious is my Lord,
Lift'ning for a Sigh or Word:
When he hears the Sinner's Cry,

O how ready to reply!
Jesus come! thy Servant heah.
Jesus answers me, I will.

COME unto me, all ye that labour, and are heavy laden, 20ů I U will give you Rest, Mat. xi. 28.

Our only Remedy is, to have Recourse to Jesus, the Friend of Sinners, under all our Troubles and Afflictions. —How sweet is it, to have our Dependance on a God who comes to meet us, in order to sollicit us to come to him! Sinners, wearied in the Ways of Iniquity, throw yourselves into the Bofom of this amiable Shepherd. - Jesus excepts none, ALL are invited and urged to go to him, No Man goes to CHRIST without receiving Rest. He himself promises it, and thall not we believe it? I would fain come to thee, O LORD ; but as thou givest me the Will, be thou also my Guide, my Light, and my Strength, to conduct me to thyself. Take my poor Heart, and let it be first born of many Brethren Thou, For eyer clos'd to all but Thee: To Thee, lo! all our Souls we bow, Seal thou my Breaft, and let me wear To Thee our Hearts and Hands we give, That Pledge of Love for ever there. Thine may we die, Thine may we live. Rest of my weary Mind,

But gasp for perfect Peace My burthen'd Spirit's Ease To live, of Holiness posseft, Coming to Thee I find :

To die into eternal Rest.

HE that believeth on me, as the Scripture hath faid, out of his 11 Belly shall flow Rivers of living Water, Yohn vii. 38.

He who has the Spirit of God, and a lively and obedient Faith, has within his Heart continual Springs of Grace leading to all good Works. If the Marks and Characters of Faith are not seen in our Life and Actions, it is undoubtedly either because there is no Faith at all in our Hearts, or be. cause it is, if not quite dead, yet in a very declining Condition. - The Wa. ter of Faith is not a standing Water, but a living Water, wþich runs perpetually. - My God, vouchsafe to bless thy Church, by sending it those Men of Faith, full of thy Spirit, whose Hearts may overflow like Rivers, and bring a fruitful Inundation upon thy Field by their Labours, Prayers, Inftručtions, and good Examples.

To us at thy Feet

The Comforter give, Who gasp to admit · Thy Spirit and live: .

The weakest Believers

Acknowledge for thine,
And fill us with Rivers

Of Water divine.

IN Christ Jefus, ye, who sometimes were far off, are made nigh

by the Blood of Christ, Eph. ii. 13.

A Creature, a Pleasure, a meer Nothing separates us from God: And yet it coft Christ so much to bring us nigh to him.- Whoever is unwilling to return to God, after having offended him, little considers the Value of that Blood which Christ gave for him. Let that precious Blood bring me nearer and nearer to Thee, O Lord, and unite me to Thee for ever.

And are we now brought near to God Here may we see thy Glory shine,

Who once at Distance stood ? And taste thy Mercies here.
And to effect this glorious Change, may tbatLove which spread thy Board
Did Jesus shed his Blood ?

Dispose us for the Feast:
O for a Song of ardent Praise May Faith behold a smiling God
To bear our Souls above!

Thro' Jesus bleeding Breast.
What should allay our lively Hope Fir'd with the View,our Souls shall rise

Or damp our faming Love ? Draw us, O Lord,with quick’ning Grace And view the happy Moment neas,

And bring us yet more near : That shall compleat our Bliss.

who nhould allay our livesvete

In such a Scene no Moment nealo

Jan. 6.

(6) Epiph.or Twelfth Day." W HEN they saw the Star, they rejoiced with exceeding

great Joy. Matt. ii. io. . Though the Star be gone that led the wise Men, yet God hath not left us in the Dark. We have (as well as they) a Light in our Souls; which as the wise Man says, Prov. xx. 27. is the Candle of the Lord; it searcheth all Things below; but not in Heaven. It is no Star indeed, but'a Candle; and (which is worst) it winks in the Socket too, and burns dim since it fell in Adam. Yet, though it halt, (like Mephibosbeth after the Fall), it is of the Blood Royal, and should be regarded : For it proceeded from God; and by it we are capable of a greater Light, which God hath also given us." A Light! which they saw not as we do ; and that is his written Word; which expresses itself to us (as their Star did) to lead us to the LORD Jesus Christ. .. Christ is a Star! he breaks the Night, Nations rejoice when he appears, Piercing the Shades with dawning Light To chase theirClouds and dry their tears. I know his Glories from afar,. O let me climb those higher Skies, I know the bright, the Morning Star! Where Storms and Darkness never rise, He is a Sun: his Beams and Grace, There he displays his Powers abroad, His Course is Joy and Righteousness, And shines and reigns th’incarnate God!

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