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13. If men do Christ's true Spirit | The Churches in particular lack,

Have sometimes err’d, and so may They will a dangerous Downfall make,

XXV. And thro' predestination

Ach Sacrament bequeath'd to Be brought to Desperation ;

his, 14. Or by the devil will be thrust Not a mere Badge or token is Into the wretchlessness of Lust,

Of the Profession we bear : Of unclean Living and unfair,

But rather Witnesses they are Things no less perilous than despair. 2. And signs effectual of Grace, 15. Therefore we always must main. God's good will to us for to trace: tain

And by their means moreover he God's Promises in such a strain,

Doth work in us invisibly, As generally they're set forth 3. Not only quicken, but confirm In holy Scripture or God's Word. And strengthen our Faith so infirm. 16. And in our Course that as God's Now Baptism and the Lord's Supper Will

The two ordain'd by th' Gospel are, Is by us to be follow'd still, Which, as such, in the Word of God

Is taught exprefly and aloud.

And a

Most erroneous Principle,

A Chriftian diffring thus indeed
Which we must zealously

From one who is not christened.

2. But also it does new Birth own, Is, that a man may so be sav'd And seals Regeneration ; In any Sect, as he behavid,

Whereby, as by an instrument, 2. If he be only diligent

They that receive this Sacrament, His life after that Sect's comment 3. And rightly too, ingrafted are To frame, or even to that Light Into that Church who's ev'ry where; Which in bare Nature's not deny'd. The holy Spirit's Promises, 3. No ! holy Scripture doth set out Both fin's Forgiveness, and with this, Tous and the whole world through-4. Adoption Sons of God to be,

Are fign’d and sealed visibly; Christ Jesus, as that only Test, Faith's confirmation too is had, Whereby men must be sav'd and bleft. By virtue of the Pray'r to God.

5. The little Children, their Baptifm XIX.

is by no means a solecism,
Hat we the visible Church But in the Church to be retain'd

Agreeable to Jesu's mind.
The Body's of the Faithful all,
In which God's Word is purely


O the last Supper of our Lord

Does no bare sign of th love 2. According to Christ's Ritual,

afford, In things that are essential.

That Christians to each other vent:
But rather is a Sacrament




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The Sacraments duly Forth reach'a, "Si


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2. Of our Redemption; insomuch 6 These healing Merits us befriend That, by this Bread we break, all Throughout our Race, and at its such

End; As rightly, worthily receive In troublous, and in quiet Days, The same, and with a true Belief, And when the Judgment-day shall 3. Of Christ his Body do partake ;

blaze. The Cup of Blessing who doth take; Of Christ's own Blood assuredly

339. Will likewise a partaker be.

VINCE we to speak to thee are XXXI.

allow'd, THRIST's Offering once madeWe finners pray thee, hear us, Lord

God! and done, Was perfect Satisfaction

Rule and govern ever the whole For the World's sms, the actual

Assembly As well as the original.

Of thy Church Catholic (we ask it

humbly) 2. That's what we call Redemption,

In the right Way. And full Propitiation : This Satisfaction we own,

2. In true Religion, thee worshipping, Once by Him made, and this alone. Keep and fustain thy Servant our

And in righteous Living; may He

confide in
Litan. Eccl. Angl. Thee evermore, and let thy Love
UR and our fathers Sin and

To seek thy Praise. Remember not; thou who haft spilt

3. Be his Defender perpetually, Thy precious Blood us to restore,

Against his foes give him victory. Spare ! nor be angry evermore !

Preserve and bless, O thou Ruler of 2. Deliver us, good Lord, and heal, Ages, By all the grace and pow'rs which Next his own Person, the sev'ral dwell

Branches (Bleft Author of Salvation !) in

Of th Royal House. Thy holy Incarnation clean;

4. Prosper the Clergy's whole work 3 By thy Nativity to poor ;

and state ; Thy Circumcifion's early gore ; Bishops, Priests, Deacons illuminate, Thy Baptism, and fight undergone That thy sacred Scripture's true Sense Of Fasting and Temptation;

perceiving, 4. By thy strong Garden-agony, They both by preaching, and by Thy bloody Sweat press’d out holy living, thereby;

May set it forth. Thy Cross, thy suff'rings ev'ry one ; 5. Endue the Council and Nobles all Thy precious Death, which our life with Wisdom, for which their place won;

doth call. 5. By thy sweet rest and burial; Help the Magistracy, each in his Thy Resurrection too withal;

ftation Ascension, and when on the Throne, Justice to execute in this Nation, Sending the holy Spirit down!

And maintain Truth.

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guide him

6. The common People, Lord, bless On young feeble Children; and thew and keep;

thy pity Let thine Eye care for each single To Prisoners, lying far from their

city sheep.

In hands of foes. Nor of other Realms, and of their 12. Guard and provide for the Fa. fubfistence,

therless Are we unmindful, thoʼat a distance; And Widows, since of their first

O give them Peace. friend these
7.For us, Ogrant to us fuch a Heart, Are bereft: yea visit each lonely
That we may love thee, and in our which, disregarded or opprest, is

Thce revere, and practise thy Will

and pleasure

Hard-pinching Need. Throughout our Walk; and Oin-13. By thy command, as we know crease the measure

thy mind, Of Grace in us. We ask thy Mercy for all Mankind.

Ev'n our Persecutors and fand'rers 8. Give to thy People to hear thy

pardon, Word

And whate'er may for a season With meekness, and to Life's Seed

harden, afford

Turn thou their Hearts. Such a soil, as may it with


Ar. fection

14. Thou, all whose creatures are Receive,, and bring forth without very good,

Who to each Being giv'ft proper objection The Spirit's Fruits.

Food !

Cause to grow up timely Earth's 9. Bring those in Error into Truth's

kindly Produce, path;

For the support of our mortal Bodies; Strengthen all such who ftand well

And bless it too, in th'Faith ; Comfort the Weak-hearted, who 15. Finally, grant us Repentance

ftagger partly;
Raise up the Fallen; and beat Satan And pardon all that's wrong in thy

View ;
Under our feet.

Whether Sins we've acted, or Ne.

gligences, 10. We pray thee also for ev'ry case. Or Ignorances ; and correct our Ofthose in Danger, Want, or Distress; Senses Succour them, help, comfort, thou

And Lives yet more.
good Creator
First, those who travel by Land or

Do thou preserve.

Hort, and yet full of Misery, r. Think on the Women to Child

Is Man's time here; he's like bed nigh;

a Flower, On all who under sharp Sickness cut down abruptly by the mower; sgh

A Shadow, that can't stop or stay.

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2. In th’midt of Life, (by men so nam'd)

With thy celestial Grace We are in Death ; to whom for suc Defend, Lord, this thy Servant, cour

That he now all his Days
Can we then seek, but thee our Continue thine, and fervent.
Maker ?

As 'tis thy Church's Use,
Whose Anger against Sin hath flam'd! Let him ftill more advance
3 Lord God most holy, Yes :- but In Spirit's Gifts and juice,

Till Heav'ns inheritance. Thou Lord most mighty, Saviour

gracious ! Thou haft bled for us ; never cast us

1. O Lord, I don't presume, To Death eternal's bitter Woe.

Confiding in a fable 4. Thou know'rt the Secrets of our

Of my good things, to come heart,

Unto thy sacred Table ; Shut not thine Ears to this our prayer;

But in thy Mercies great : But fpare us, Lord most holy, spare.

The Crumbs to gather up We're chear'd, by thinking who I'm otherwise not meet, Thou art !

Which from thy Table drop5. Thou God most mighty, ever

z. But 'tis thy property bleft,

At all times to thew Pity; And the moit worthy Judge eternal,

I therefore beg of thee Art Jesus mild: no pow's infernal

(Since in the Church's city Or Death-pangs us from thee shall I also have a place) wrest.

Let this thy Sacrament

Accomplish in my case 341.

The following Intent:

3. Grant me, Lord, to eat so
ORD! from thy precious Side

Thy Flesh, thy Blood to swallow,
Thou didt shed Blood and that thy blest Body now

My sinful Body hallow;
For man's fin to provide

And that thy precious Blood Ablution's Means and matter ;

My soul wash and bedew; And bad ft thy Messengers

Yea, I in thee Abode
All Nations then baptize

Take up, and in me Thou.
In the Sire's Name, now theirs,
And Son and Spirit likewise.

O God, of mankind here 2. Regard thy supplicants;

The Maker and Preserver ;
I his Water here enable

Of endless Life elsewhere,
To wash away Sin's taints,
With benefit so stable,

And ghostly aids, the Giver ! That this Child now baptiz'd

These thy two Servants bless,

That they their Covenant May to all Grace proceed,

May keep in love and peace, And in thy chosen Lift

Sull on thy Ways intent. For evermore abide.



And of his Mother Mary born, In all our Deeds, we pray,

Yet she a Virgin pure. With thy most gracious Favour

4. Because mankind to Satan was Prevent us; and that they

For Sin in bond and thrall,
May glorify thee, (Saviour!)
Whether they'rt now begun,

He came and offer'd up himself

To Death to save us all.
Half-done, or near the Close,
Thou by thy Help go on

5. And suffering moft grievous pain, To bless them and dispose.

Then Pilate being judge,
Was crucify'd upon the Cross,

. And thereat did not grudge.
Thou hast, Almighty God!
When here, a Promise utter'd

6. And so he died in the Flesh, To two or three who shou'd

But quicken'd by the Spirit : In thy Name e'er be gather'd :

His Body then was buried, What now thy Servants pray,

That we might life inherit. Fulfil in manner best ;

7. His Soul did after this descend Lead us in thy Truth's way

Into the lower parts ; To endless Life and rest.

A dread to wicked spirits, but * Matt. xyii. 20.

Joy unto faithful hearts. 8. And on the third day of his death

He rose to Life again, O Lord, with whom do live

That so he might be glorify'd, * The faithful Souls deliver'd

And freed from grief and pain ; From mortal Flesh! we give

• John xvii. 5. Thee thanks, that thou hast

9. Ascending up above the Heav'ns, favour'd

To sit in glory till

and releas'd On God's right hand, his Father Sister,

dear, From this World's Griefs : we pray

According to his will :
To see soon, with the rest,
Our Confummation's day.

10. Until the day of Judgment,when

He shall return again

With angels pow'r: (tho' of that Day 342.

We ignorant remain) 1. N th' Lord of Might my confi 11. To judge all people righteously, dence

Whom he hath dearly bonght, I place, and on bim call,

The living and the dead also, The Father, who all things hath

Whom He hath made of nought. made

1 2. (III.) And in the Holy Ghoft also, Thro' Him who's God of all. * Author of Purity, Vide infra v. II.

In Trinity the third Person, 2.(IT.) And in like manner I believe

Believe I stedfastly : In Christ our Lord, his Son 13. The Catholic and holy Church, Coequal with the Father bleft,

That God's Word doth maintain, And Man in Aesh and bone : And holy Scripture doth allow, 3. Conceived by the holy Ghost,

Which Satan doth disdain. (His Word doch me assure) 14. And also I do trust to have,

By Jesus Christ his Death,


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