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tion loathsome to behold ; they shall be ghast-thou shalt reign with me; thou wert sown in ly spectacles, as the phrase is, Isa. lxvi. 24, dishonour, but now art raised in glory. O “ They shall be an abhorring unto all flesh.” my dear body! I will enter into thee again, But the bodies of the saints shall be raised and be eternally married to thee. with honour

, 1 Cor. xv. 43, “ It is sown in Use 3d. The resurrection of the body is a dishonour, it is raised in glory.” The saints' cordial when a Christian lies a-dying. Thy bodies then shall shine as sparkling diamonds, body, though it drop into the sepulchre, it Matt. xiii. 43, “ Then shall the righteous shall revive and flourish as an herb in the shine forth as the sun."

resurrection : the grave is a bed of dust where 2. The bodies of the saints shall arise out the bodies of saints sleep; but they shall be of their graves with triumph ; the bodies of awakened by the trump of the archangel. the wicked shall come out of the grave with The grave is your long home, but not your trembling, as being to receive their fatal last home : though death strip you of your doom, but the godly, when they awake out beauty, yet at the resurrection you shall of the dust shall sing for joy, Isa. xxvi. 19, have it restored again. As David, when “Awake and sing, ye that dwell in the dust.” | he found Saul asleep, took away his spear When the archangel's trumpet sounds, then and cruse of water, but when he awoke, the saints shall sing; the bodies of believers he restored them again, 1 Sam. xxvi. 22, shall come out of the grave to be made happy, so, though at death all our strength and as the chief butler came out of the prison, beauty be taken away, yet at the resurrection and was restored to all his dignity at the God will restore all again in a more glorious court; but the bodies of the wicked shall manner. come out of the grave, as the chief baker out QUEST. 4. But how shall we know that of prison, to be executed, Gen. xl. 22. our bodies shall be raised to a glorious re

Use Ist. Believe this doctrine of the resur- surrection? rection; and that the same body that dies Ans. If we have a part in the first resurshall rise again, and with the soul be crown- rection, Rev. xx. 6, “ Blessed and holy is he ed. Without the belief of this, tota corruit that hath a part in the first resurrection." religio, all religion falls to the ground,'| Q. What is meant by this ? A. It is a ris1 Cor. xv. 14, If the dead rise not, then Christ ing by repentance out of the grave of sin ; he is not risen, and then our faith is vain. who lies buried in sin, can have little hope

Use 2d. Comfort. The body shall rise of a joyful resurrection; his body shall be again ? this was Job's comfort, Job xix. 26, raised but not in glory. O then! ask con- Though worms destroy this body, yet in science, have you a part in the first resurrecmy flesh shall I see God." The body is sen- tion ? hath the Spirit entered into you, and sible of joy as well as the soul ; and indeed lifted you up ? Hath he raised you out of we shall not be in all our glory, till our bo- your unbelief? Hath he raised your hearts dies are re-united to our souls. O consider above the earth? This is the first resurrecwhat joy there will be at the re-uniting of the tion ; and if your souls are thus spiritually body and the soul at the resurrection ! Look raised, then your bodies shall be gloriously what sweet embraces of joy were between raised, and shall shine as stars in the kingold Jacob and Joseph, when they first saw dom of heaven. Regeneration makes way one another, Gen. xlvi. 29, such, and infi- for a glorious resurrection. nitely more, will there be, when the body and Use. Seeing you expect your bodies should soul of a saint shall meet together at the re-arise to glory, keep your bodies unspotted surrection! How will the body and soul from sin.

Shall a drunken body rise to greet one another! What a welcome will glory? Shall an unclean body rise to glory? the soul give to the body! O blessed body! Shall a thievish body steal into heaven? O when I prayed, thou didst attend my prayers keep your bodies pure-keep your eyes from with hands lifted up, and knees bowed down; unchaste glances,-your hands from bribes,– thou wert willing to suffer with me, and now your tongues from slander; defile not your

bodies, which you hope shall rise one day to into the grave, and will surely bring us glory. Your bodies are the members of again. Christ : and hear what the apostle saith, A. 5. Though the bodies of the saints shall 1 Cor. vi. 15, “Shall I then take the mem- rot and be loathsome in the grave, yet afterbers of Christ, and make them the members wards they shall be made illustrious and gloof a harlot ? God forbid.” O keep your rious. Concerning this, consider, bodies unspotted, let them be instruments of 1. The bodies of the saints, when they righteousness, 1 Cor. vi. 20, “Glorify God in arise, shall be comely and beautiful. The your body !!!

If your bodies glorify God, body of a saint in this life may be deformed : God will glorify your bodies.

those whose minds are adorned with virtue, Quest. 5. But seeing our bodies must be yet may have mis-shapen bodies; as the finest laid in the grave, and they may lie many cloth may have the coarsest list : but this years rotting there before the resurrection; deformed body shall be amiable and beauti. what may support and comfort us in this case? ful. This beauty consists in two things : 1.

Ans. 1. That God will not leave his people Perfection of parts. There shall be a full in the grave. Our friends bring us to the proportion of all the members ; in this life grave and leave us there, but God will not; there is oft a defect of members ; the


is God will go to the grave with us, and watch lost, the arm is cut off, but in the resurrec. over our dead bodies, and take care of our tion all parts of the body shall be restored ashes. Rizpah watched over the dead bo-again; therefore the resurrection is called dies of the sons of Saul, and guarded them the time of restoring all things, Acts iii. 19. against the ravenous fowls of the air, 2 Sam. Malchus' ear cut, restituit.2. Clarity and xxi. 10. Thus the Lord watcheth over the splendour. The bodies of the saints shall dead bodies of the saints, and looks to it, that have a graceful majesty in them; they shall none of their dust be missing. Christian, be like Stephen whose face shone as if it had thou hast a God to watch over thy body been the face of an angel, Acts vi. 15. Nay, when thou art dead !

they shall be made like Christ's glorious A. 2. The bodies of the saints in the grave, body, Phil. iii. 21. though separated from their souls, are united 2. The bodies of the saints, when they to Christ. The dust of a believer is part of arise, shall be free from the necessities of Christ's mystical body.

nature, as hunger and thirst, Rev. vii. 16, A. 3. When the bodies of the saints are in They shall hunger no more.Moses on the sepulchre, their souls are in paradise; the the mount was so filled with the glory of God, soul doth not sleep in the body, “but the that he needed not the recruits of nature. spirit shall return to God that gave it,” Eccl. Much more in heaven shall the bodies of the xii. 7. The soul immediately partakes of saints, so filled with God's glory, be upheld those joys the blessed angels do ; when the without food. body returns to dust, the soul returns to rest ; 3. The bodies of the saints, when they when the body is sleeping, the soul is tri- arise, shall be swift and nimble. Our bodies umphing ; when the body is buried, the soul on earth are dull and heavy in their motion ; is crowned ; as the spies were sent before to then they shall be swift, and made fit to taste of the fruits of the land, Numb. xiii., so ascend, as the body of Elias in the air. Now at death the soul is sent before into heaven, the body is a clog; in heaven it shall be a to taste of the fruit of the holy land. wing. We shall be as the angels, Matt. xxii.

A. 4. When God's time is come, the 30. And how nimble are they? The angel 'graves shall deliver up their dead,' Rev. xx. Gabriel in a short time came from heaven to 13, when the judge sends, the jailor must the earth, Dan. ix. 21. As the helm turns deliver

up his prisoners; as God said to Ja- the ship instantly whither the steersman will; cob, Gen. xlvi. 4, “ I will go down with thee so the body in an instant will move which into Egypt, and I will surely bring thee up way the soul will. again,” so the Lord will go down with us 4. The bodies of the saints, at the resurrection, shall be very firm and strong, 1 Cor." This mortal must put on immortality;" xv. 43, “ It is raised in power.” Through our bodies shall run parallel with eternity, frequent labour and sickness, the strongest Luke xx. 36, “ Neither can they die any body begins to languish : but at the resurrec- more.” Heaven is a healthful climate,tion we shall be of a strong constitution; there is no bill of mortality there. If a then there will be no weariness in the body, physician could give you receipt to keep nor faintness in the spirits. This may com- you from dying, what sums of money would fort you who now conflict with many bodily you give ? At the resurrection Christ shall weaknesses. This weak body shall be raised give the saints such a receipt, Rev. xxi. 4, in power; the body, which is now a weak " There shall be no more death.” reed, shall be like a rock.

II. The second privilege believers shall 5. The bodies of the saints at the resur- have at the resurrection, is, They shall be rection shall be immortal, 1 Cor. xv. 53, I openly acquitted at the day of judgment.


Quest. XXXVIII. What benefits do be- appears from the petty sessions kept in a lievers receive from Christ at the resurrec- man's own conscience; when a man doth tion?

virtuously, conscience doth excuse him, when Ans. Their bodies shall be raised up to evil, conscience doth arraign and condemn glory, and shall be openly acquitted at the him. Now, what is this private session kept day of judgment, and crowned with the full in the court of conscience, but a certain fore. and perfect enjoyment of God to all eternity. runner of that general day of judgment when

II. They shall be openly acquitted at the all the world shall be summoned to God's day of judgment. This is to be laid down tribunal ? for a position, that there shall be a day of Quest. 2. Why must there be a day of judgment, Rom. xiv. 10, “For we shall all judgment ? stand before the judgment-seat of Christ.” Ans. That there may be a day of retribu. This is the grand assizes, the greatest ap- tion, when God may render to every one pearance that ever was. Now Adam shall according to his work. Things seem to be see all his posterity at once. We must all carried very unequally in the world ; the appear; the greatness of men's persons doth wicked do so prosper as if they were renot exempt them from Christ's tribunal; warded for doing evil; and the godly do so kings and captains are brought in trembling suffer as if they were punished for being good. before the Lamb's throne, Rev. vi. 15. We Therefore for the vindicating of God's justice, must all appear, and appear in our own there must be a day, wherein there shall be a persons, not by a proxy.

righteous distribution of punishments and reQuest. 1. How doth it appear that there wards to men, according to their actions. shall be a day of judgment?

Quest. 3. Who shall be judge? Ans. Two ways. 1. By the suffrage of

Ans. The Lord Jesus Christ, John v. 22, scripture, Eccl. xii. 9, 12, 14, “ For God shall The Father hath committed all judgment to bring every work into judgment, with every the Son.” It is an article of our creed, that, secret thing." Ps. xcvi. 13, “ For he cometh, Christ “shall come to judge the quick and the for he cometh to judge the earth.” The re- dead.” It is a great honour put upon Christ; duplication denotes the certainty, Dan. vii. 9, he who was himself judged, shall now be judge; 10, “ I beheld till the thrones were cast down, he who once hung upon the cross, shall sit and the Ancient of days did sit, whose gar- upon the bench. Christ is fit to be judge, as he ment was white as snow." “ The judgment partakes both of the manhood and Godhead. was set, and the books were opened.”--2. It

1. Of the manhood : being clothed with

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the human nature, he may be visibly seen of How can a guilty prisoner endure the sight all. It is requisite the judge should be seen, of the judge? If Felix trembled when Paul Rev. i. 7, Behold, he cometh with clouds, preached of judgment, Acts xxiv. 25, how will and every eye shall see him."

sinners tremble when they shall see Christ 2. As he partakes of the Godhead: he is come to judgment ? Christ is described (sitof infinite prudence to understand all causes ting in judgment) with a fiery stream issuing brought before him, and of infinite power to from him, Dan. vii. 10. Now the Lamb of execute offenders. He is described with God will be turned into a lion ; the sight of seven eyes, Zech. iii. 9, to denote his pru- Christ will strike terror into sinners. As dence; and a rod of iron, Ps. ii., to denote his when Joseph said to his brethren, “I am power. He is so wise that he cannot be de- Joseph whom ye sold into Egypt, they were luded; and so strong that he cannot be troubled at his presence,” Gen. xlv. 4: now, resisted.

how did their hearts smite them for their sin? Quest. 4. When will the court sit, when so, when Christ shall come to judgment, and will the time of judgment be?

say, "I am Jesus whom ye sinned against, Ans. For the quando, or the time of the I am Jesus whose laws ye have broken, whose general judgment, it is a secret kept from the blood ye despised, -I am now come to judge angels, Matt. xxiv. 36, “Of that day and you," O what horror and amazement will hour knoweth no man, no not the angels of take hold of sinners! They will be troubled heaven." But this is sure, it cannot be far at the presence of their judge. off; one great sign of the approach of the Secondly, The approach of Christ to the day of judgment, is, “That iniquity shall bench of judicature will be comfortable to the abound,' Matt. xxiv, sure then this day is righteous. 1. Christ will come in splendour near at hand, for iniquity did never more and great glory. His first coming in the flesh abound than in this age, and lust grows hot, was obscure, Isa. liii. 2. He was like a prince and love grows cold. This is certain, when in disguise; but his second coming will be the elect are all converted, then Christ will illustrious, “ he shall come in the glory of his come to judgment; as he that rows a ferry- Father, with the holy angels,” Matt. xvi. 27. boat, stays till all the passengers are taken O what a bright day will that be, when such a into his boat, and then he rows away, so number of angels, those morning-stars, shall Christ stays till all the elect are gathered in, appear in the air, and Christ the Sun of and then he will hasten away to judgment. Righteousness shall shine in splendour above

Quest. 5. What shall be the modus or the brightest cherub! 2. Christ will come as manner of trial ?

& friend. Indeed, if the saints' judge were Ans. 1. The citing of men to the court. their enemy, they might fear condemning; The dead are cited as well as the living. but he who loves them, and prayed for them, Men, when they die, avoid the censure of is their judge; he who is their husband is our law-courts ; but at the last day, the dead their judge, therefore they need not fear but are cited to God's tribunal, Rev. xx. 12, “I all things shall go well on their side. saw the dead small and great stand before Thirdly, The trial itself, which hath a God.” This citing of men will be by the dark and a light side. 1. A dark side. It sound of a trumpet, 1 Thess. iv. 16, and this will fall heavy on the wicked: the judge trumpet will sound so loud, that it will raise being set, the books are opened, Rev. xx. men out of their graves, Matt. xxiv. 31. 12,—the book of conscience,-and the book Such as will not hear the trumpet of the gos. of God's remembrance. And now the sin. pel sound in their ears repent and believe, ner's charge being read, and all their sins shall hear the trumpet of the archangel laid open,—their murder, drunkenness, unsounding, arise and be judged.

cleanness,—Christ will say, “Sinners, what A. 2. The approach of the judge to the can you plead for yourselves that the senbench.

tence of death should not pass ?"

The First, This will be terrible to the wicked. wicked being convicted will be speechless.

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Then follows that dismal sentence, Matt. xxv., forth as the wings of a dove covered with
41, Ite maledicti,—Depart from me, ye silver.
cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the 3. Christ as judge will absolve them before
devil and his angels !" He that said to God, men and angels; as Pilate said of Christ, “I
“ depart from me;" Job xxi. 14, and to reli- find no fault in this man,” Luke xxiii. 4, so
gion, “ depart from me;" must now hear will Christ say of the elect, “I find no fault
that word pronounced from his judge, “de- in them, I pronounce them righteous.” Then
part from me;"-a dreadful sentence, but follows, “come ye blessed of my Father, in-
righteous ! Ps. li. 4. The sinner himself herit the kingdom," Matt. xxv. 34.

As if shall cry, Guilty! Though the wicked have Christ should say, “Oye happy ones, the a sea of wrath, yet not one drop of injustice. delight of my soul, the fruit of my sufferings, And when once the sentence is past, it is ir- stand no longer at the bar! Ye are heirsreversible, there is no appealing to a higher apparent of the crown of heaven, enter and court. 2. The trial hath a light side : it will take possession.” At the hearing of this be for increasing the joy and happiness of sentence, with what ravishing joy will the the righteous. The day of judgment will be saints be filled ? This word, “Come, ye a day of jubilee to them.

blessed,” will be music to their ear, and a 1st. At that day Christ their judge will cordial to their heart. own them by name. Those whom the world 4. Christ will mention before men and scorned, and looked upon as precisians and angels all the good deeds the saints have fools, Christ will take by the hand, and done, Matt. xxv. 35, “I was an hungered, openly acknowledge them to be his favourites. and ye gave me meat ; I was thirsty, and ye What is Christ's confessing of men, Luke xii. gave me drink.” You that have wept in 8, but his openly acknowledging them to be secret for sin,—th have shown any love for precious in his eyes ?

Christ's name,—that have been rich in good 2d. Christ as judge will plead for them. works,-Christ will take notice of it at the It is not usual to be both judge and advocate, | last day, and say, “ well done, good and to sit on the bench and plead: but it shall be faithful servants.” He himself will be the so at the day of judgment.

herald to proclaim your praises ; thus it shall 1. Christ will plead his own blood for the be done to the man whom Christ delights to saints. “ These persons I have paid a price honour. for, they are the travail of my soul; they 5. Christ will call his saints from the bar, have sinned, but my soul was made an offer- to sit upon the bench with him to judge the ing for their sin.”

world, Jude 14, “ Behold the Lord cometh 2. Christ will vindicate them from all un- with ten thousand of his saints, to execute just censures. Here they were strangely judgment upon all;" 1 Cor. vi. 2, “Do ye misrepresented to the world, as proud, hypo- not know that the saints shall judge the critical, factious; Paul was called a seditious world ?" The saints shall sit with Christ in man, the head of a faction, Acts xxiv. 5; but judicature, as justices of peace with the judge, at the day of judgment Christ will clear the-they shall applaud Christ's righteous sensaints' innocency, then he will “ bring forth tence on the wicked, and, as it were, vote their righteousness as the light,” Ps. xxxvii. with Christ. This, as it is a great honour to 6. As he will wipe off tears from their eyes, the saints, so it must needs add to the sorrows so dust from their name. Moses, when he of the wicked, to see those whom they once was charged with ambition that he took too hated and derided, sit as judges upon them. much upon him, comforted himself with this,

6. The saints shall be fully crowned with “ To-morrow will the Lord show who are the enjoyment of God for ever. They shall his,” Numb. xvi. 5.

So may the saints, be in his sweet presence, “ in whose presence when reproached, comfort themselves with is fulness of joy,” Ps. xvi. 11; and this shall the day of judgment; then will Christ say be for ever.

The banner of God's love shall who are his ; then shall the saints come be eternally displayed ; the joys of heaven

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