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were the Philosophers, and other leading men in France, at that time unbelievers in Christianity, or Dcists, but Atheists, denying the being of a God b.” And the triumphant entry of Voltaire into Paris immediately before his death in 1778, when viewed with all its extraordinary attending circumstances, may well be considered as announcing a very general apostacy from the church of Christ, in all ranks of people. "

We have seen that it is according to the usual course of God's Providence to make a people, remarkable for their wickedness, “ the rod of his anger.”_We have feen, from the course of Prophecy, that the power appointed to execute his wrath upon" the kingdom of the beast," was to be at the same time the cause of its own misery.-And we have seen the Revolution in France, which is universally allowed to be in its origin, its principles, and its consequences, unparalleled in the history of the world, to be the work of the Infidel Antichrift, and the accurate accomplishment of

Priestley's Fast Sermon, 1794. Ć See Robison's. Account of the Clergy in France, 3d Edit. with the Pofticript. ne ?..6 .

. 9 .- ProProphecy, while it baffles explanation upon any principles derived from experience, or any other source of human knowledge.

It has been shown also, that “ the reign of the Imáge” is to be the last great effort which the enemy of mankind will be permitted to make against the Religion of Christ, and that it is to be made, in the hands of God, the minister of punishment and correction to the earth. And it will be confessed, that the power which Infin delity has raised up, and continues to direct in France, is peculiarly suited to be the fcourge of nations, and the trial of their faith. This wonderful Power acknowledges no principles, religious or moral no customs, political, civil, or civilized-of a nature to restrain the full exercise of cruelty, licentiousness, and rapine; and the crimes and horrors which have marked its reign, exceed all past experience of the depravity of man. The most favage hordes that history mentions, appear to have had, among themselves at least, some law, some faith, fome honour, some generosity, Some humanity. But where shall we find these qualities in the creed, or in the conduct of apostate Infidelity? Can we conceive more P 2


tremendous instruments of the wrath of God, than a people thus destitute of every principle which can distinguish men from brutes, or demons; and besides, remarkable for natural activity, vivacity, ingenuity, and impetuosity, and for acquired skill in all the arts of civilization, in all the deceivableness of fins ?

It is a painful talk to search the registers of wickedness and woe; and I shall spare my Readers and myself a long enumeration of the crimes and horrors which distinguish that System of rapine and treachery, of cruelty and blasphemy, by which the Atheistic monsters of France hold their wretch- · ed country in more direful slavery than ever yet existed, while they execute the judgments of the Almighty upon a guilty world. But the necessity of supporting a novel opinion upon a sacred subject, by the testimony of FACTS, must conquer the feelings of disgust and fensibility, and enable me to give a sketch of this terrific power, and then select some striking testimonies to the fidelity of the description. For it yet remains for me to prove, that the principles and conduct of the civil power now reigning in France, are precifely


the fame with the principles and conduct of Voltaire's disciples, and that it exercises a tyranny equal to the tyranny of Antichristian Rome: and therefore that Antichristian France must be considered as the delegate of the second beast (that is, the Infidel Antichrist), and “ the image” or exact resemblance, of the tyranny of the first beast, as well as of the principles of the fecond. For the likeness to both appears to be plainly intimated by “having power given it both to Speak, and to kill-to exercise the office of a false teacher, and of a civil tyrant,

It is then upon France, emblematically represented as “ the fun,” that we conceive the angel has poured out the fourth vial of wrath. It is in France that the fecond beast has caused his followers to make the image to exercife his power over the consciences and liberties of men, and by Democratic Tyranny and fanatic persecution of the Religion of Christ, to show his determined enmity to the Lamb of God, and to " speak great words of blafphemy against the Most High.” It is from France

... See Introductory Chapter, vol. i. p. 402,
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. that he has extended his defolating fway over the fairest portion of Europe, and excited the astonishment and the fears of the world. This is the power well known by the common appellation of JacOBINISM, which, nursed by Ambition, Vanity, and Atheism, has founded the pillar of French Republicanism upon the ruins of the pa-. lace, the throne, and the altar ;--that has reared it amid heaps of slaughtered victims, and cemented its parts with their blood °. This is the power which, trained in the schools of Philosophism, assumed the dress of mildness, virtue, and religion ; but, when arrived at full maturity, discovered its fanguinary and deftructive spirit, and avowed its opposition to every institution, human and divine, that obstructed its gi

Manuel accused the Jacobins of all the evils since the Revolution, March ist, 1793. See Goudemet's Historical Epochs, translated by Dr. Randolph, p. 45, Marat, the friend of the people, asserted in the Jacobin club, Dec. 19, 1793, that, “ in order to cement liberty, the National Club ought to strike off 200,000 heads 200,000 free heads have already fallen in battles, &c." A la place du supplice, Madame Roland s'inclina devant la statue de la liberté, et prononça ces paroles memorables : “ O liberté ! que de crimes on commet en ton nom !” Appel à l’Impartiale Postérité, par la Citoyenne Roland, p. 165. tom. i.

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