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derived from the customs had, in several of the ports, increased nearly three-fold.

In the midst of these promising circumstances, a formidable conspiracy was discovered in the month of October. At the head of this conspiracy was Colocotroni. Fifteen other individuals, among whom, it is said, was one of the three deputies who went to Munich to invite Otho to Greece, were implicated. The plot was fortunately discovered. The conspirators were arrested, and secured in the citadel of Napoli di Romania, where, from their own depositions, Colocotroni and Violiopolis

were convicted of high treason. Other turbulent Capitani and intriguing primates in the Morea were suspected; but throughout the country the people remained perfectly quiet, making no attempt to release or assist their chiefs. The young king, almost immediately after, set out on a tour through his dominions, to give his subjects a proof of his confidence in them. About the same time, the regency decreed the opening of roads in several

Earts of the kingdom, which has een for many centuries lamentably deficient in such means of communication.



FOR THE YEARS 1832 — 83.



"banks—An abstract of the returns "made in June, 1833, by twenty, three of the incorporated banks in this state, has been published. The other seven, being new banks, made no returns.

Capital stock, - - - - $2,440,000 00 Bills in circulation, - - 1,158,350 00 Net profits on hand, - - - 60,869 21 Balances due other banks, - 117,588 47 Cash deposited-on interest, and not on interest, 550,895 39 Total amowiU due from, the

banks, - - - 4,327,703 07 Specie in banking houses, 137,036 19

Real estate, 74,382 86

Bills of other banks in the state, 71,056 96 "" " out of the

state, - - 34,699 00 Balances due from other banks,278,361 99 All debts due except balances from other banks, - 3,732,583 68 Total amount of resources . ono ,-_ -o of the banks, - 4,328,120 68 Amounts of last dividends of the several banks, - 77,025 00 '' reserved profits at declaring last dividend, 25,651 37 "Debts considered doubtful, 19,975 93

Elections.For Governor. Smith (administration) - - - 31,148 Goodenow (opposition) - - - 27,356 Scattering about 1000

Jan. 1833. Ether Shepley was elected Senator.

In Senate, Shepley 14, Greenleaf 10.
House, do. 109, do. 60 Scattering, 7.

Feb. 17. The snow at Hallowel, was stated to be seven feet deep.

Common Schools.—The num. ber of scholars attending these schools in Maine, is estimated at 140,000. The schools kept by the male teachers are open about eight weeks in the year, those kept by the female teachers about ten weeks.

Taxation.—By a return made to the secretary of state, the follow, ing results, were exhibited for 1833. Salaries paid to clergy, - - - $75,041 Town charge for paupers, - - 74,601 Taxes paid for education, - - 106,000 Town taxes, - - . . 932,737

County taxes, ... - 56 993 State tax, including militia," - 182,975 Roads and bridged, ... 522^113

1833. The legislature of this state assembled at Augusta, January 2. The message of the governor was communicated to thelegis. lature on the 4th. Governor Smith speaks with much severity of the doctrine of nullification, and with high approbation of the proclamation of the president.

The amount received for the sale of the public lands during 1832, waa

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