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Hills, G. (l. d. Durham)
Holland, w..
Hopper, W..
Jodrell, H. (l. d. Winton)
Jones, E. .
Langharn, T.
Marsh, R. W. B.
Moncrieff, G. R.
Morton, R.
Nagle, w.
Owen, T..
Parks, w.
Rolieston, W. L. (1. d. York)
Sheldon, J.
Stapylton, M. C.
Thomas, H.
Thompson, W. S.
Turner, A.
Walker, F. J.
Waller, W.
Ward, H..
Warren, Samuel.
Waugh, J. H. (1. d. Sarum)
Wilkin, A.

Degree. College. University. Diocese.
B.A. University Durham Lichfield
B.A. Lincoln

Oxford Lincoln
B.A. Trinity

Dublin Lincoln B.A. Exeter

Oxford Lichfield B.A. Trinity

Dublin Chester BA. Catherine Hall Cambridge Lichfield B.A. St. John's Cambridge Chester B.A. Balliol

Oxford Chester B.A. Catherine Hall Cambridge Chester B.A. Caius

Cambridge Lichfield B.A. St. Peter's Cambridge Chester B.A. Trinity

Dublin Chester B.A. St. John's Cambridge Lincoln B.A. Catherine Hall Cambridge Chester B.A. University

Oxford Lichfield Lit. Lampeter

Chester B.A. Queen's Cambridge Lincoln B.A. St. John's Oxford Lincoln B.A. Trinity

Dublin Chester B.A. Catherine Hall Cambridge Lichfield B.A. Exeter

Oxford Lincoln LL.D.

Chester B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford Lincoln B.A. Christ's Cambridge Lincoln



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PRIESTS. Addenbrooke, E. (1. d. Worcester). B.A. Trinity

Oxford Lichfield Arnold, C. M.

B.A. St. John's Cambridge Chester Bradley, J.

B.A. Corpus Christi Cambridge Chester Courthope, W.

B.A. Christ Church Oxford Chester Dobie, j.

B.A. Corpus Christi Cambridge Chester Dobson, W.

M.A. Trinity

Cambridge Lincoln Errington, R.

B.A. University Durham Lichfield Fearne, T. G.

B.A. Catherine Hall Cambridge Chester Forrest, M.

B.A. Queen's Cambridge Chester Galindo, P. A.

B.A. Trinity

Dublin Chester Garfit, M.

B.A. Trinity

Cambridge Lincoln Garrett, T.

B.A. Queen's Cambridge Lichfield Gribble, C. B.

B.A. Christ's

Cambridge Lincoln Hamilton, C. J.

B.A. Trinity

Dublin Chester Hayes, J.

B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford Chester Hill, G.

M.A. St. Edmund Hall Oxford Lichfield Hill, R.

B.A. Corpus Christi Cambridge Lichfield Hill, R. L.

M.A. St. John's Cambridge Chester Hinson, W.

M.A. Trinity

Dublin Chester Jeud wine, w.

B.A. St. John's Cambridge Lichfield Legard, D. C.

M.A. University

Oxford Chester Levy, G..

B.A. Queen's

Oxford Chester Lowe, 1..

B.A. Catherine Hall Cambridge Chester MacGuire, J. A.

S.C.L. Queen's Cambridge Chester Malcolm, H..

B.A. St. John's Cambridge Lichfield Manning, G. W. Lit. St. Bees

Chester Morgan, T. G.

B.A. Trinity

Dublin Chester Morrell, T. B.

B.A. Balliol

Oxford Chester Morris, E. W.

B.A. New Inn Hall Oxford Lichfield Nash, G. C.

B.A. Trinity

Dublin Chester Parker, J. Lit.

Chester Phelps, R.

M.A. Sidney

Cambridge Lichfield Price, w. I.

B.A. Corpus Christi Cambridge Chester Prior, J. D.

B.A. Queen's Cambridge Chester Pugh, J. B.

B.A. St. John's Cambridge Lichfield Roberts, D.

B.A. Jesus

Oxford Chester

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The Bishop of London has requested the attention of his Clergy to the following:— First, that for the future, six months' notice, at least, will be required of every person who wishes to be admitted as a candidate for ordination in the diocese of London. Secondly, that no letters testimonial will be received or countersigned by the Bishop of London, unless it be stated therein that the parties signing them have had opportunities of observing the conduct of the parties, in whose favour the testimonials are given, for the period specified in such testimonials.

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Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese. Patron.
Arnold, C. M. Lower Darwen, P.C. £43 Lanc. Chester Vicar of Blackburn
Biron, E.
Lympne, v.

183 Kent Cant. Archdn. of Canterb. Bladon, R. cum Bowles, J.

329 Oxford Oxford Woodstock, c.

Duke of Marlboro' St. Stephen's by Briggs, F. B.

139 Cornwall Exeter D. & C. of Windsor

Saltash, v.
Cooper, H. Willersey, R. 162 Glouc. G. & B. Mrs. Cooper
Dickenson, H. Blymhill, R.

560 Stafford Lichfield Earl of Bradford
Dickinson, H. S. Chattisham, v. 168 Suffolk Norwich Eton College
Errington, R. Widdrington, P.C. 67 Northum. Durham Lord Vernon
Gibson, J.
South Weston, R.

200 Oxford Oxford Queen's Coll. Oxford Kelling, R. cum Girdlestone, J. G.

406 Norfolk Norwich Mrs. Girdlestone Salthouse, R.

Ticehurst, St. AuGreaves, G.

350 Sussex Chichest. D. & C. of Canterb.

gustine's, v. Headley, H.. Brinsop, v.

268 Hereford Hereford Bp. of Hereford Jarrett, W. L. Camerton, R.

481 Somerset B. & W. J. Jarrett, Esq.

Mrs. Gaitskell and Jenkins, J. C. Ashby Ledgers, v. 130 Northam. Peterb. Jeston, R. G. Avon Dassett, R. 366 Warwick Worc. R. G. Jeston Lumb, R. M. Over Darwen, P.C. 125 Lanc. Chester Vicar of Blackburn Martin, G. Exeter, St. Pancras, R. 43 Devon Exeter D. & C. of Exeter Partridge, J. A.. Baconthorpe, R.

Norfolk Norwich J. T. Mott, Esq. Riddle, J. E. Leckhampton NewCh.c. Glouc. G. & B. Scott, R. Duloe, v.

479 Cornwall Exeter Balliol Coll, Oxford Simpson, G. S. . Bobbing, v.

96 Kent Cant. Rev. G. Simpson Simpson, H. W.. Bexhill, v.

977 Sussex

by Smith, A.. Ruckinge, R.

291 Kent Cant. Abp. of Canterbury Stevens, H. Wateringbury, v. 727 Kent Rochester D. & C. of Rochester

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{ Mrs. Senhouse


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Chich. { Abps of Canterbury,


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Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.

Swann, C. H.

Stoke Dry, R. £385 Rutland Peterboro' Marq. of Exeter Thexton, T. Darton, v.

150 York Ripon T.W. Beaumont, Esq. Tripp, Kirkby Overblow, R. 944

York Ripon Col. Wyndham Tucker, M. Exeter, St. Martin, 77 Devon Exeter D. & C. of Exeter Morvill, P.C.

204 Salop

Wasey, W. G. L.
Qualford, P.C. 59 Salop

Webster, J. Hinlip, R.

150 Worc. Worc. J. Webster, Esq.

}c. H. Tracey

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Rural Dean, Diocese of Chichester.
Curacy of At. Ann's, Lancaster.
Rural Dean of Weldon Deanery.
Third Master of Collegiate School, Sheffield.
Inspector of National Schools.
Curacy of Painswick, Gloucestershire.
Head Master of Heath School, Yorkshire.
Mastership of Grammar School, Bridgewater,
Chaplain to the Bishop of Bath and Wells.
Rural Dean of Tamworth, Diocese of Lichfield.
Assistant Curacy of Halifax.
Domestic Chaplain to Marquis of Downshire.
Vice-Principal of Collegiate School, Sheffield.
Chaplain to Mercers' Company, and High Master of

Mercers' School, College-hill.
Second Master of Durham Grammar School.
Head Master of Abingdon Grammar School.
Principal of Training School, Oxford.
Curacy of Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire.



Article. Harker, G. . Chatham

Kent. Set of Robes. Irvine, G. M. D'Arcy Newbury(including300poor) Berks Silver Salver & Purse. Jeffreys, J. Barnes.

Surrey · Candelabrum.

Silver Tea-pot, CoffeeJobns, J. W. Helston


pot, Cream-jug, and


Gold Watch, and Purse Taylor, R. A.. Bristol .

of 100 Sovereigns.



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CLERGYMEN DECEASED. The Right Rev. Bishop Gleig, formerly Bishop of Brechin. He was ordained a Priest in 1773, and consecrated Bishop in 1808. In 1837, he retired from active life, and the Right Rev. David Moir, D.D. was consecrated assistant and successor to his diocese.


Birch, T. . .

Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.

Bexhill, v.

£977 Sussex Chichest. Bp. of Chichester
Archdeaconry of Lewes.
Frampton, v.

109 Swineshead, v.

240 WalthamCross, Trin. Ch.

London Vicar of Cheshunt Brancaster, R. 979 Norfolk Norwich H. Holloway Littlebury, v.

205 Essex London S. R. of Littlebury Osmotherley, v. 92 York


Bp. of Durham

Bolland, w.

Lincoln Lincoln { Trinity


. Camb.


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Bolton, w.
Bull, H.
Burges, W.C.



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Cheshire Chester { Marq: offholmond

Norton cum Lench- } 157

Pre ferment. Net Value County. Diocese.

Cove, E.

Brimpton, v. £ 143 Berks Oxford Mrs. Cove Curwen, J. Harrington, R. 250 Cumb. Chester H. C. Curwen

Danby Whiske, R. Cust, W.

490 York Ripon W. Crist
cum Yafforth, c.

Malpas, Higher Me-
Drake, G. T. diety, R. cum 1000

Wbite well, c.
Dyer, T..

Worc. Worc. D. & C. of Worcester wick, v. Elkstone, R.

360 Glouc. G. & B. Hon. A. B. Craven Fowle, F. C.. Kintbury, v. 607 Berks

Capt. Dundas I West Ilsley, R. 537 Berks Oxford D. & C. of Windsor Goodall, J. Provost of Eton

The Queen Clipstone, R. 344 Northam. Peterboro'Christ's Coll. Camb. Hanley, J. Amberley, v. cum

166 Sussex Honghton, v.

Chichest. Bp. of Chichester Harrison, H. G.. Little Stambridge, R. 177 Essex London The Queen Lowthian, J.. Kellington, v.


York Ripon Trinity Coll. Camb. Nunn, W. Manchest. St.Clement's Chapel. Chedworth, v.

302 Pitt, C.


G. & B.
Rendcomb, R.

C. Pitt
Preston, R.

249 Shield, H.

H. Shield
Stoke Dry, R.

Marq. of Exeter
Theobalds, J.
Hutton, Old, in Ken-
98 Wstmind.

dal, p.c.
Ditton, R.

Earl of Aylesford Warde, R.

Kent Roches. | Messrs. Warde, Yalding, v. 1184

? Holmes, & Co. Ludchurch, R.

70 Williams, J..

PembrokeSt.David's The Queen
Marloes, v.

Winscom, T. C.. Warkworth, v. 528 Northum. Durham Bp. of Carlisle





373 Glouc.



383 } Rutland Peterb. }

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TO CORRESPONDENTS. “H Mc K." has been received. The subject requires mature consideration, lest we might be supposed to interfere unduly in matters too high for us.

• W." " Z." “ X." “ R. S. J." and “ Daleth” are in type, and unavoidably postponed for want of room.

“ Senex," " J W. G.” and “ Phænix" have been received. The Editor would be glad to insert the remainder of “ Theodoret,” if he receives the permission of the writer.

The Law Report and several other communications are necessarily deferred.

The learned communication of “ Hermocrates” arrived so late, that there has not been time to examine it.

The following verse (the third) was omitted in the Poem of the “ Funeral Bell," inserted in our last :

Heard ye the orphan's pitiful shriek
Rending the air, afflictions outbreak

At the sound of the funeral knell?
Parent and friend, beneath the cold sod-
The power unknown of the “chastening rod"-
He moans with the sonorous bell.

E P.



MAY, 1840.

REVIEW OF NEW PUBLICATIONS. Art. I. - The Life of Edward Gibbon, Esq., with Selections from his

Correspondence, and Illustrations. By the Rev. H. H. Milman, Prebendary of St. Peter's, and Minister of St. Margaret's, West

minster. London: John Murray. 1839. 8vo. Pp. xvi. 455. AUTOBIOGRAPHY, beyond all question, is a very remarkable department of literature. When we come to think of it, it seems strange that mortal man should have courage to venture upon it. One can hardly imagine how any human being should endure to sit down in his study, month after month, and, perhaps, year after year, with that awful Spectre, EGO, perpetually staring him in the face! There are many, we doubt not, who would rather keep the ininutes of a parish vestry, than undertake a diary, or a review, of their own lives; nay-who would greatly prefer the task of filling, with pure arithmetic, the most corpulent ledger, or day-book, on the shelves of a mercantile countinghouse. Some, however, are occasionally found, endowed with industry and hardihood for the adventure; and, to them, the world has, often, been indebted for much amusement, and, sometimes for much instruction. But it certainly must require a very peculiar temperament to carry the writer through his work with much satisfaction to himself; whatever may be the result of his labour to the reader.

And this temperament, Gibbon seems to have had in perfection. With him, the labour, throughout, appears to have been a labour of love.

The Spectre, evidently, had no terrors for him. They appear to have been, for the most part, on the very best possible terms with each other. There passes between them little but "nods, and becks, and wreathed smiles," and complacent recognitions. And yet, we must frankly confess that, to us, the Apparition is very far from an agreeable or attractive one. It reminds us, every now and then, of one Mephistophiles. There is a laughing and sneering devil in its eye, which hinders us from feeling at all at our ease. There is, manifestly, much refreshing sympathy between the parties. But, there is, as clearly, but little of cordial and generous fellow-feeling with the rest of the human race.

We are aware, indeed, that a more favourable impression has been left on other minds. The late Dr. Whitaker, for example, speaks of the



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