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reg., and patent slipway, length 61oft; width 40ft on floor; cradle 200ft. Thompson's Patent Slipway is 200ft long, 32ft wide. H. of T., ST. 22ft; N. 15ft 4in. În addition to dock accommodation, there is sufficient quay space in the harbour for a number of vessels. Boston is the nearest East Coast port to all the timber ports in the Baltic. Lines of steamers to Hamburg, Hull, and London.

Charges. Harb. dues, 6d per reg. too, but if entering dock 3d ton. Pilot trust Id per reg. ton: if entering by Lynn Lights Ad ton. Dock dues, coasting, 3d, from ports Scaw to Ushant 4d, from North Cape to Scaw, Ushant to Gibraltar, and from Baltic 7d, from other European or American east coasts rod, other ports 1/; all per reg. ton to or from. Landing and shipping, Id to 3d per reg. ton.

Pilotage.-C. District. Is from High Horn or the Tofts to Boston. Rates. From High Horn or Boston Toft, to Boston Town or vice versa, or any intermediate distance, under 10ft, 1/6; 10 to 12ft, 1/9; 12 to 14ft, 2/; 14 to 16ft, 2/6; over 16ft, 3/.

Towage.-Boston to Roadstead and vice versâ—Sailing vessels from all Southern Ports, 6d per ton reg. Steamers, 2d. Sailing vessels from Baltic and Northern Ports, 44d per reg. ton. Steamers Id. Light vessels 3d per reg. ton. Vessels attended to more than one tide between Elbow Buoy and Boston 10/ per tide extra. NOTE.-Towing beyond the limits of Elbow Buoy by arrangement.

Officials. Clerk and Solicitor to Harb. and Dock Commrs., B. B. Dyer; Dock Man., A. B. Anderson; Harb. and Dock Master, J. Hudson; Engineer, W. H. Wheeler, M.I.C. E.; Clerk to Pilot Commissioners, C. Lucas; Ship Broker, Lloyd's Agent, and Danish Vice-Consul, A. H. Read; Norwegian, Swedish, and German ViceConsul, T. Ridlington; Supt. of Customs, J. Boag.


Hotels." Peacock and Royal," R. H. Clemow; Hart," J. Challan and Son; and "Red Lion," Mr. Mather. BOWLING, River Clyde, Scotland. Auth. (1) The Caledonian Ry. Co., who own E. portion of harb., at entrance to Forth and Clyde Canal; quay space of 750ft; two steam cranes, one lifting 2 the other 2 tons; timber wharf 460ft in length. D. of En. at HWST. 22ft; lowest NT. 19ft. Inner Basin, suitable for vessels not exceeding 85ft long, 2cft broad, and 10ft deep. Sea-going vessels not exceeding 68ft x 193ft and drawing 8ft 6in can pass through the canal to Port Dundas, Glasgow, and all the ports on the East Coast. (2) The Clyde authorities own the · W. portion of the harb., and use it for laying up vessels. (3) N.B. Ry. own Friskey Wharf. Two slipways.

Charges.-2d per ton reg.

Officials.-Harb. Master, James Beaton; Coll. of Harb. and Canal dues, Wm. Harrower; Principal Cust. Officer, Alex. Brown ; Lloyd's Agent, Wm. McLure.

BOWMORE, Argyllshire, Isle long. 6° 18′ W.

of Islay. Lat. 55° 48' N.; Auth. Owner, C. Morrison, Small harb. dry at LW. used Vessels discharge into boats. Good

of Islay. THW. f. and c. 5h 28m. by coasters up to 50 tons. anchorage in about five fathoms.

Charges. Dues 1d per ton.

Officials. John Laughton, factor, Eallabus, Islay; Lloyd's Agent, M. McMillan.

BRADING, Isle of Wight.-See St. Helen's.

A sub-port of Colchester. THW. at f. and c. 12h om. D.


HWST. 13ft; HWNT. 9ft; LWST. 3ft.

Accn.-Three wharves. Trade, hay and straw.

Charges.-1d reg. ton on vessels and 44d on coke and coals. Pilotage.-1/ per ft, not compulsory.

Official.-Harb. Master, A. B. Parker.

BRANCASTER, Norfolk. Lat. 52° 57′ 30′′ N ; long. 0° 47′ E. Auth. Owner, Elijah Sutherland. THW f. and c. 6h 17m. W. prev. NE., N. and NW. A small harb. 2 miles from Burnham, dry at LW.

Charges.-2d per ton and 5/ per vessel for buoyage and beaconage. BRANDON, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Lat. 52 15 N; long. 10° 15′ W. Auth. Grand Jury of Co. Kerry. THW. f. and c. 4h 23m. A small useful pier with storm wall in Brandon Bay, between Brandon Head and Tralee Bay.

Official. Singleton Goodwin, M.I.C. E., Co. Surveyor, Tralee. BRAUNTON, Devonshire. Lat. 51° 12' N ; long. 4° 12' 30" W. Auth. Owner, Sir W. R. Williams, Bart. THW.

f. and c. 6h 43m. and 1oft HW.

Used by colliers of 60 to 90 tons. D. 3ft LW.

Charges.-1/ keelage and 4d mooring.

Officials.-Agents, T. J. Pitts Tucker & Son, Bridge Chambers, Barnstaple; Harb. Master, John Abbott, Manor Office, Wrafton, Barnstaple.

Hotels.- At Barnstaple and Braunton.

BRAY, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Lat. 53° 12' N; long. 6° 10' W. 12 miles SE. of Dublin. Auth. Bray Urban District Council. Tr.-I. Coal, bricks, slates, tiles, iron, lead ore, &c.; E. Native timber, gravel, &c. THW. f. and c. 11h 28m. Accn. A commodious harbour. D. South Pier end, HWOT., 10ft, LW. 8ft ; North Pier end, HW. 15ft, LW. 4ft. Berths :-ST. 12ft, NT. Ift. There is one 5 ton loco. steam crane; 5 tons at 18ft radius, 2 tons at 23ft radius. W. of E. 9oft.

Pilotage.-N. C. Boats meet vessels in bay.

Charges.-61d. Loading and unloading, 3d and 4d per ton. Steamers discharging coal 1/- per ton.

Officials.-Town Clerk, P. MacDonnell; Harbour Master, Thos. Scraggs; Brokers, J. E. McCormick, Quinsboro' Koad, and Wm. Harris, Bray Harbour.

BRIDGENESS, Linlithgow, Scotland. Lat 56° 2′′ N; long 3° 36' W. Auth. Owner, H. M. Cadell, Grange, Po'ness. THW. f. and c. 3h 3m. Accn. A tidal harb. chiefly used by vessels exporting coal from adjoining collieries-small import trade in pitwood, clay, &c. 5 loading bertus. D. Sp. 15 to 19ft; N. 10 to 13ft.

Pilotage. As per agreement. Ballast.-Taken from the ship's side, free. Crane dues, ballast, 6d ton discharging.

Charges. Harb. dues, vessels loading coals and minerals, &c., Id per ton on the quantity shipped; steamers 1åd per tɔn. Vessels discharging wood, lime, &c., &c., 3d per reg. ton. Vessels beaching within the harb. to clean or repair, 2d per reg. ton. Vessels beaching within the harb., if they remain beyond 4 days, d per ton additional. Stowage of coals, vessels under 150 tons, 2d per ton shipped; vessels above 150 tons, 3d per ton shipped. Light dues, 6d for each 50 tons reg. or part thereof.

Officials.-Manager, W. C. Lynn; Clerk, D. Tweedie; Harb. Master, A. Bell.

BRIDGWATER, Somerset. An inland port on the river Parret. Lat. 51° 7' N ; long. 3° W. Pop. 15,000. Auth. The Corporation. P. C. THW. on bar f. and c. 6h 50m ; Sp. rise 18ft. D. on bar Ift at LW. W. prev. WNW. Rys. GW., S. W,, and Midland. Tr.-I. Wines, hemp, tallow, timber, coals, &c.; E. Chiefly brick-yard goods, bath brick, and agricultural produce. LV. entered the dock 440 reg. ton. Accn. No harbour nor pier. Bridgwater Dock is 700ft by 200ft; basin, 180ft by 100ft; quayage, about 1, 100ft on the Parret ; 11ft deep on sill OHW. H. of T., ST. 15ft; NT. 4ft (owned by G.W. Ry. Co.). Great Western Dry Docks, 108ft long, 24ft broad, and 12ft D. on sill. Gridiron for repairs 160ft long, ST. 8ft.

Charges.-Harb. dues id reg. ton., with 1 for moorage. Dock dues, three classes vary from 1d to 8d ton. Stolford, Pawlett, Highbridge, Burnham, Dunball and Coombwich same as Bridgwater. New rules and charges are being compiled.

Pilotage.-District. Parts of the Bristol Channel and adjacent rivers and creeks, on the south-east side of, and within an imaginary straight line drawn from Anchor Head, on the east to Watchet. Rates. From the extreme limits of the navigation, or from any point between such limits and the outer buoy of the Gore Sand, to the town or to any point between the Black Rock and the town; also from the town to the limits of the navigation, or to any point between the outer buoy of the Gore Sand and the above limits:-Not ex. 60 tons reg. 12/ vessel; ex. 60 and not ex. 80 tons 1/3 per foot; ex. So and not ex. 100 tons 2; ex. 100 and not ex. 125 tons 3/; ex. 125 and not ex. 150 tons 4/ ; ex. 150 and not ex. 200 tons 5; ex. 200 and not ex. 250 tons 6/6; ex. 250 tons 8/ foot dft. Towage.Vessels drawing

One tide's work, to or fromBurnham, Blackrock, or any intermediate place, to or from Bridg


Burnham to Blackrock, Dunball, or Cumbwitch...

Burnham and Highbridge..

Un. 1oft. Un. 11ft. Un. 12ft. Ov, 12ft,
Pr. Ton. Pr. Ton. Pr. Ton. Pr. Ion.

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Officials.-Town Clerk, W. T. Baker; Harb. Master, Jas. Jobson; Dock Master, J. Staples; Graving Dock Man., F. Carver; Coll. of Harb. Dues, Jas. Jobson, Harbour Office; Lloyd's Agents, G. B. Sully and Hurman.

Hotels." Royal Clarence," "Bristol Arms," and "Albany " (temperance).

BRIDLINGTON, or Burlington, Yorkshire. Lat. 54° 7′ N; long. o° 8' W. Near Flamborough Head. Ry. N.E. THW. f. and c. 4h 39m. Auth. Pier and Harb. Commrs., by Act 1 Vict., c. IIO. Harb. dries at LWST. D. at HWST. 15ft. Neaps 12ft. Ordinary dft of vessels about 9ft. Crane power 3 tons.

Charges. In ballast 2d ton, laden 3d; if discharged cargo 6d. Officials.-Clerk, T. Heselton; Harb. Master, A. R. Stephenson.

BRIDPORT, Dorsetshire. Lat. 50° 41' N ; long. 2° 51′ W. Situated on the Bride River. Auth. Commrs. under Statute 4 Geo. IV. THW. f. and c. 6h 16m. D. 4ft on bar LWNT. when channel is clear of gravel, and 10 to 12ft at berths at HWST. Entrance 40ft wide at narrowest. Ships of 200 tons enter at HW. Tr.-I. Cordage, sailcloth, nets, twines, timber, flax, hemp, oil cake, coals, cement, &c.; E. Grit, sand, and shingle. Used by vessels from Russia, Norway, &c. Width between piers 51ft. Vessels of 200 tons reg. trade here.

Charges for loading and unloading merchandise, 4/ to 4/6 per day. Pilotage.-Pilotage for vessels from sea in and out of harb.: Foreign, drawing less than 1oft of water 3/6 per ft, drawing 1oft or over 4/ per ft; colliers and coasters drawing less than 8ft of water 1/ per ft, drawing 8ft and not exceeding 1oft 1/6 per ft, drawing more than 10ft 2/ per ft. A pilot taken on board at sea shall be entitled to receive the following additional rate of pay, provided a perfect understanding has been come to between him and the master of the vessel that his services are accepted, and that he is to receive such additional pay, and the same shall have been recorded in the log book of the pilot vessel, as well as in that of the ship, and a certificate thereof shall have been given him by the master, viz. : From St. Alban's Head or the Bill of Portland to off Bridport, £2 2s; if at 3 leagues from Bridport, £3 3s; if at 6 leagues from Bridport, £4 45; if at 10 leagues from Bridport, £6 6s.

Officials. Clerk, C. G. Nantes; Harb. Master, H. Hitchcock; Lloyd's Agent, Norman Good.

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Hotels." West Bay,' George," and "Bridport Arms." BRIGHTLINGSEA, Essex. Entrance to River Colne. Lat. 51° 47′ N; long. 1° 2' E. THW. f. and c. 11h 56m. W. prevailing SSW. and N. Auth. Harbour Committee of Colchester. The River Colne is accessible at all times in the channel. The Bar which is parallel to the channel dries LW., D. in channel being 3 to 4 fms. Used by about 200 fishing vessels, yachts, and occasionally by larger ships bringing coal, wood, and grain from foreign ports for Colchester. Vessels re

quiring ballast can take it off the beach at a nominal sum. G.E.Ry. siding and mud bottom. LV. Yacht Varuna, 1,550 tons. There are 2 patent slipways capable of taking vessels of 200 to 300 tons, and a dry dock at Wyvenhoe 240ft long.

Charges.-1 for each vessel anchoring in the River Colne, and a gradua ing scale from 2d per ton under 50 tons reg.

Officials.-Harb. Master, J. C. Bates; Deputy Harb. Master, W. Crosby; Collector of Harb. Dues, T. Poole; Lloyd's Agent, A. A. Jefferies.

Hotels. "Swan,' 66 Royal," "Anchor." BRISTOL, a county, city, and seaport, on the river Avon, about 6 miles above its junction with the river Severn. Lat. 51° 27' N ; long. 2° 38′ W. Pop. 341,000. Auth. Dock Committee of the Corporation of Bristol. P. C. THW. as follows: City Docks, Avonmouth Dock, Portishead Dock. (Cumberland Basin Gate.)

Sp. rise.

N. rise

7h 13m
23 t

7h 13m


7h 13m 34ft


D. on bar. There is a range of tide of 36ft at ST. and 21ft at NT. W. prev. as follow:-City Docks: these docks, being 7

miles inland up the river Avon, may be considered as landlocked, and not liable to damage by prev. winds. Avonmouth and Portishead Docks the prev. winds are W., but they are not dangerous to shipping, either in or entering the dock. Rys. G.W., M. Tr.-I. From United States, Canada, and West Indies, grain from East Indies, Colonies, Black Sea, and America, oils, marbles, ores, seeds, fruit (green and dry), provisions, hides, tallow, timber, deals, petroleum; E. Salt, tin-plates, railway material and machinery, manufactured oils, cotton, piece goods, spar and general goods. LV. City Docks: there are regular lines of steamers from New York, Baltimore, and several Continental Ports. Avonmouth Docks : the steamers of the "Dominion" and West Indian, owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway Co. and Messis. Elder, Dempster & Co., and other Lines, with a carrying capacity of 8,000 tons, and drawing up to 26ft, trade regularly to the dock. The port and harb. of Bristol extend from Hanham Mills on the river Avon down to the mouth of that river, and thence down the river Severn and the Bristol Channel from Kingroad W., to the Steep Holmes and the Flat Holmes. The dock system comprises the Bristol Docks within the city; the Avonmouth Docks at the junction of the rivers Avon and Severn on the Gloucester side; and the Portishead Dock on the Bristol Channel, on the Somerset side. The chief entrance to the City Docks is through a lock 350ft long by 62ft wide. The total area of the City docks is 85 acres with a wharfage space of 7,500 yds; nearly the whole of which is directly connected with the railway system; the depth of water in the City dock being 22ft. There are two entrances to these docks, the principal being at Cumberland Basin. The floating harb. connected with this tidal basin extends three miles through the centre of the city. Alongside the docks are public quays, granary capable of storing 80,000 qrs. fitted with elevating machinery, transit and other sheds and many private wharves, factories and timber yards, with varying depths of water. There is extensive Accn. for foreign cattle, also refrigerating chambers for meat and provisions. There are the following dry docks, &c. :

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Ample cranage and every accommodation. The Avonmouth Dock is 2,180ft long and 500ft wide, with a depth of water on sills of 38ft at mean ST., and 28ft at mean NT. Area 19 acres. Length of wharfage 2, 200yds, entered from the Avon by a lock 485ft long and 70ft wide. Vessels of almost any size can enter this dock on any tide,

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