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months being passed after the declaration of war, their respective subjects, from whatever part of the world they come, shall not plead the ignorance mentioned in this article.

ARTICLE XV. Ships of war And that more effectual care may be taken for the security of the and privateers subjects and inhabitants of both parties, that they suffer no injury by the to do no injury to either party;

men of war or privateers of the other party, all the commanders of the if they do, to be ships of his Most Christian Majesty and of the said United States, and punished and all their subjects and inhabitants, shall be forbid doing any injury or tion to the party damage to the other side; and if they act to the contrary they shall be injured. punished, and shall moreover be bound to make satisfaction for all mat

ter of damage, and the interest thereof, by reparation, under the pain and obligation of their person and goods.

ARTICLE XVI. All ships and All ships and merchandizes of what nature soever, which shall be merchandize

rescued out of the hands of any pirates or robbers on the high seas, rescued out of the hands of pi

shall be brought into some port of either state, and shall be delivered rates to be re- to the custody of the officers of that port, in order to be restored entire stored.

to the true proprietor, as soon as due and sufficient proof shall be made concerning the property thereof.

ARTICLE XVII. Prizes may be

It shall be lawful for the ships of war of either party, and privateers, carried into the freely to carry whithersoever they please, the ships and goods taken ports of either

from their enemies, without being obliged to pay any duty to the officers party.

of the admiralty or any other judges; nor shall such prizes be arrested or seized when they come to and enter the ports of either party; nor shall the searchers or other officers of those places search the same, or make examination concerning the lawfulness of such prizes; but they may hoist sail at any time, and depart and carry their prizes to the

places expressed in their commissions, which the commanders of such No shelter ships of war shall be obliged to show: on the contrary, no shelter or shall be given refuge shall be given in their ports to such as shall have made prize of to the captors of prizes from the subjects, people or property of either of the parties; but if such either party.

shall come in, being forced by stress of weather, or the danger of the sea, all proper means shall be vigorously used, that they go out and retire from thence as soon as possible.

ARTICLE XVIII. In case of ship- If any ship belonging to either of the parties, their people or subjects, wreck, relief to shall within the coasts or dominions of the other, stick upon the sands, be afforded.

or be wrecked, or suffer any other damage, all friendly assistance and relief shall be given to the persons shipwrecked, or such as shall be in danger thereof. And letters of safe conduct shall likewise be given to them for their free and quiet passage from thence and the return of every one to his own country.

ARTICLE XIX. When vessels In case the subjects and inhabitants of either party, with their shipby stress of

ping, whether publick and of war, or private and of merchants, be weather, &c.

forced through stress of weather, pursuit of pirates, or enemies, or any are forced into poris, &c. they other urgent necessity for seeking of shelter and harbour, to retreat and shall be protect- enter into any of the rivers, bays, roads or ports belonging to the other ed and permit ted to depart.

party, they shall be received and treated with all humanity and kindness, and enjoy all friendly protection and help; and they shall be permitted to refresh and provide themselves, at reasonable rates, with victuals and all things needful for the sustenance of their persons, or terme de deux mois, passés depuis la déclaration de guerre, leurs sujets respectifs, de quelque partie du monde qu'ils viennent ne pourront plus alléguer l'ignorance dont il est question dans le présent article.

ARTICLE XV. Et afin de pourvoir plus efficacement à la sûreté des sujets des deux parties contractantes, pour qu'il ne leur soit fait aucun préjudice par les vaisseaux de guerre de l'autre partie ou par des armateurs particuliers, il sera fait défense à tous capitaines des vaisseaux de sa Majesté très Chretienne et des dits Etats Unis, et à tous leurs sujets de faire aucun dommage ou insulte à ceux de l'autre partie, et au cas où ils y contreviendroient, ils en seront punis; et, de plus, ils seront tenus et obligés en leurs personnes et en leurs biens de réparer tous les dommages et intérêts.

ARTICLE XVI. Tous vaisseaux et marchandises de quelque nature que ce puisse être, lors qu'ils auront été enlevés des mains de quelques pirates en pleine mer, seront amenés dans quelque port de l'un des deux Etats, et seront remis à la garde des officiers du dit port à fin d'être rendus, en entier, a leur veritable propriétaire, aussitôt qu'il aura düement et sufisament fait conster de sa propriété.

ARTICLE XVII. Les vaisseaux de guerre de sa Majesté très Chretienne et ceux des Etats Unis, de même que ceux que leurs sujets auront armés en guerre, pourront, en toute liberté, conduire où bon leur semblera les prises qu'ils auront faites sur leurs ennemis, sans être obligés à aucuns droits, soit des sieurs amiraux ou de l'amirauté où d'aucuns autres, sans qu'aussi les dits vaisseaux ou les de prises, entrant dans les havres ou ports de sa Majesté très Chretienne ou des dits Etats Unis, puissent être arrêtés ou saisis, ni que les officiers des lieux puissent prendre connoissance de la validité des de prises, les quelles pourront sortir et être conduites franchement et en toute liberté, aux lieux portés par les commissions dont les capitaines des dits vaisseaux seront obligés de faire aparoir. Et au contraire, ne sera donné asile ni retraite dans leurs ports ou havres à ceux qui auront fait des prises sur les sujets de sa Majesté ou des dits Etats Unis; et s'ils sont forcés d'y entrer par tempête ou peril de la mer, on les fera sortir le plustôt qu'il sera possible.

ARTICLE XVIII. Dans le cas où un vaisseau apartenant à l'un des deux Etats ou à leurs sujets, aura échoué, fait naufrage ou souffert quelqu' autre dommage sur les côtes ou sous la domination de l'une des deux parties, il sera donné toute aide et assistance amiable aux personnes naufragées ou qui se trouvent en danger, et il leur sera accordé des sauf conduits pour assûrer leur passage et leur retour dans leur patrie.

ARTICLE XIX. Lorsque les sujets et habitans de l'une des deux parties avec leurs vaisseaux soit publics et de guerre, soit particuliers et marchands, seront forcés par une tempête, par la poursuite des pirates et des ennemis, ou par quelqu' autre nécessité urgente, de chercher refuge et un abrí, de se retirer et entrer dans quelqu'une des rivières, bayes, rades ou ports de l'une des deux parties, ils seront reçus et traités avec humanité, et jouiront de toute amitié, protection et assistance, et il leur sera permis de se pourvoir de raffraichissemens, de vivres, et de toutes choses nécessaires pour leur subsistance, pour la reparation de leurs vaisseaux, et reparation of their ships, and conveniency of their voyage; and they shall no ways be detained or hindered from returning out of the said ports or roads, but may remove and depart when and whither they please, without any let or hindrance.

ARTICLE XX. In case of war, For the better promoting of commerce on both sides, it is agreed, six months shall that if a war shall break out between the said two nations, six months citizens of each after the proclamation of war, shall be allowed to the merchants in the party residing cities and towns where they live for selling and transporting their goods in the other's

and merchandizes; and if any thing be taken from them, or any injury dominion to sell be done them within

that term by either party, or the people or subjects and remove their effects. of either, full satisfaction shall be made for the same.

ARTICLE XXI. Citizens of No subjects of the Most Christian King shall apply for or take any neither party commission, or letters of marque, for arming any ship or ships to act shall take com missions or let. as privateers against the said United States, or any of them, or against ters of marque the subjects, people or inhabitants of the said United States, or any of from any prince them, or against the property of any of the inhabitants of any of them, whom the other from any Prince or State with which the said United States shall be at is at war, to act war; nor shall any citizen, subject, or inhabitant of the said United as privateers.

States, or any of them, apply for or take any commission or letters of marque for arming any ship or ships, to act as privateers against the subjects of the Most Christian King, or any of them, or the property any of them, from any Prince or State with which the said King shall be at war; and if any person of either nation shall take such commissions or letters of marque, he shall be punished as a pirate.

ARTICLE XXII. Foreign priva- It shall not be lawful for any foreign privateers, not belonging to subteers not allow. jects of the Most Christian King, nor citizens of the said United States, ed to be fitted

who have commissions from any other Prince or State in enmity with out, or to sell their prizes in either nation, to fit their ships in the ports of either the one or the other the ports of of the aforesaid parties, to sell what they have taken, or in any other either party. manner whatsoever to exchange their ships, merchandizes, or any other

lading; neither shall they be allowed even to purchase victuals, except such as shall be necessary for their going to the next port of that Prince or State from which they have commissions.

ARTICLE XXIII. Liberty for It shall be lawful for all and singular the subjects of the Most Chriseither party to tian King, and the citizens, people and inhabitants of the said United trade with a na; States, to sail with their ships with all manner of liberty and security, the other. no distinction being made, who are the proprietors of the merchandizes

Jaden thereon, from any port to the places of those who now are or hereafter shall be at enmity with the Most Christian King, or the United States. It shall likewise be lawful for the subjects and inhabitants aforesaid, to sail with the ships and merchandizes aforementioned, and to trade with the same liberty and security from the places, ports and havens of those who are enemies of both or either party, without any opposition or disturbance whatsoever, not only directly from the places of the enemy aforementioned to neutral places, but also from one place belonging to an enemy, to another place belonging to an enemy, whether they be under the jurisdiction of the same Prince, or under several. And it is hereby stipulated, that free ships shall also give a freedom to pour continuer leur voïage; le tout moïennant un prix raisonable, et ils ne seront retenus en aucune manière, ni empêchés de sortir des dits ports ou rades, mais pourront se retirer et partir quand, et comme il leur plaira, sans aucun obstacle ni empêchement.

ARTICLE XX. À fin de promouvoir d'autant mieux le commerce de deux côtés, il est convenu que dans le cas où la guerre surviendroit entre les deux nations susdites, il sera accordé six mois, après la déclaration de guerre, aux marchands dans les villes et cités qu'ils habitent, pour rassembler et transporter les marchandises : et s'il en est enlevé quelque chose ou s'il leur a été fait quelqu' injure durant le terme préscrit ci-dessus, par l'une des deux parties, leurs peuples ou sujets, il leur sera donné à cet égard pleine et entière satisfaction.

ARTICLE XXI. Aucun sujet du Roi très Chretien ne prendra de commission ou de lettres de marque, pour armer quelque vaisseau ou vaisseaux à l'effet d'agir comme corsaires contre les dits Etats Unis ou quelques uns d'entr'eux, ou contre les sujets, peuples ou habitans d'iceux, ou contre leur propriété ou celle des habitans d'aucun d'entr'eux, de quelque prince que ce soit avec lequel les dits Etats Unis seront en guerre. De même aucun citoïen, sujet, ou habitant des susdits Etats Unis et de quelqu'un d'entr'eux, ne demandera ni n'acceptera aucune commission ou lettres de marque, pour armer quelque vaisseau, ou vaisseaux pour courre sus aux sujets de sa Majesté très Chretienne, ou quelques uns d'entre eux ou leur propriété, de quelque prince ou etat que ce soit avec qui sa d: Majesté se trouvera en guerre; et si quelqu'un de l'une ou de l'autre nation prenoit de pareilles commissions ou lettres de marque, il sera puni comme pirate.

ARTICLE XXII. Il ne sera permis à aucun corsaire étranger non apartenant à quelque sujet de sa Majesté très Chretienne ou à un citoïen des dits Etats Unis, lequel aura une commission de la part d'un prince ou d'une puissance en guerre avec l'une des deux nations, d'armer leurs vaisseaux dans les ports de l'une des deux parties, ni d'y vendre les prises qu'il aura faites, ni décharger en autre manière quelconque les vaisseaux, marchandises ou aucune partie de leur cargaison ; il ne sera même pas permis d'acheter d'autres vivres que ceux qui lui seront nécessaires pour se rendre dans le port le plus voisin du prince ou de l'etat dont il tient sa commission.

ARTICLE XXIII. Il sera permis à tous et un chacun des sujets du Roi très Chretien et aux citoïens, peuple et habitans des susdits Etats Unis, de naviguer avec leurs batimens avec toute liberté et sûreté, sans qu'il puisse être fait d'exception à cet égard, à raison des propriétaires des marchandises chargées sur les dits batimens venant de quelque port que ce soit, et destinés pour quelque place d'une puissance actuellement ennemie, ou qui pourra l’être dans la suite de sa Majesté très Chretienne ou des Etats Unis. Il sera permis également aux sujets et habitans sus mentionnés de naviguer avec leurs vaisseaux et marchandises et de frequenter avec la même liberté et sûreté, les places, ports, et havres des puissances ennemies des deux parties contractantes ou d'une d'entre elles, sans opposition ni trouble, et de faire le commerce non seulement directement des ports de l'ennemi susdit à un port neutre, mais aussi d'un port ennemi à un autre port ennemi, soit qu'il se trouve sous sa jurisdiction ou sous celle de plusieurs; et il est stipulé par le present traité que les

Free ships make free goods, except ing contraband articles.

goods, and that every thing shall be deemed to be free and exempt which shall be found on board the ships belonging to the subjects of either of the confederates, although the whole lading, or any part thereof should appertain to the enemies of either, contraband goods being always excepted. It is also agreed in like manner, that the same liberty be extended to persons who are on board a free ship, with this effect, that although they be enemies to both or either party, they are not to be taken out of that free ship, unless they are soldiers and in actual service of the enemies.

ARTICLE XXIV. What goods This liberty of navigation and commerce shall extend to all kinds of shall be deemed merchandizes, excepting those only which are distinguished by the name

of contraband, and under this name of contraband or prohibited goods, shall be comprehended arms, great guns, bombs with the fuzes, and other things belonging to them, cannon ball, gunpowder, match, pikes, swords, lances, spears, halberds, mortars, petards, granades, saltpetre, muskets, musket ball, bucklers, helmets, breast plates, coats of mail, and the like kinds of arms, proper for arming soldiers, musket rests, belts, horses with their furniture, and all other warlike instruments whatever. These merchandizes which follow shall not be reckoned among contraband or prohibited goods; that is to say, all sorts of cloths, and all other manufactures woven of any wool, flax, silk, cotton, or any other materials whatever, all kinds of wearing apparel, together with the species whereof they are used to be made, gold and silver, as well coined as uncoined, tin, iron, latten, copper, brass, coals; as also wheat and barley, and any other kind of corn and pulse; tobacco, and likewise all manner of spices; salted and smoked flesh, salted fish, cheese and butter, beer, oils, wines, sugars, and all sorts of salts; and in general all provisions which serve for the nourishment of mankind and the sustenance of life; furthermore, all kinds of cotton, hemp, flax, tar, pitch, ropes, cables, sails, sail cloths, anchors and any parts of anchors, also ships' masts, planks, boards and beams of what trees soever; and all other things proper either for building or repairing ships, and all other goods whatever which have not been worked into the form of any instrument or thing prepared for war by land or by sea, shall not be reputed contraband, much less such as have been already wrought and made up for any other use : all which shall be wholly reckoned among free goods ; as likewise all other merchandizes and things which are not comprehended and particularly mentioned in the foregoing enumeration of contraband goods; so that they may be transported and carried in the freest manner by the subjects of both confederates, even to places belonging to an enemy, such towns or places being only excepted, as are at that time besieged, blocked up or invested.

ARTICLE XXV. Ships and ves. To the end that all manner of dissentions and quarrels may be avoided sels to be fur

and prevented, on one side and the other, it is agreed, that in case either nished with soa letters or pass

of the parties hereto should be engaged in war, the ships and vessels ports and certi belonging to the subjects or people of the other ally, must be furnished ficates.

with sea letters or passports, expressing the name, property and bulk of the ship, as also the name and place of habitation of the master or commander of the said ship, that it may appear thereby that the ship really and truley belongs to the subjects of one of the parties, which passport shall be made out and granted according to the form annexed to this treaty; they shall likewise be recalled every year, that is if the ship happens to return home within the space of a year. It is likewise agreed, that such ships being laden are to be provided not only with passports

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