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Beauty, CAPRICIOUS, Musk Rose. The small

flowers of the Musk Rose would be insignificant, if they did not grow in clusters of from twenty to one hundred and more. Their delicate musky scent is very agreeable. This plant, however, is extremely capricious: all at once it will languish, in situations which at first appeared the most favourable for it; and one year it will be loaded with flowers, while the next perhaps it will have none at all.

Ever New. The Monthly Rose, which flowers all the year.

FLEETING, Withered Rose. When we contemplate a withered Rose, and reflect that only a few hours since it was revelling in all the pride of beauty, we cannot but regard it as an appropriate emblem of the fleeting nature of personal charms; for, brilliant as they may be, how quickly do they fade! Still, the withered Rose, which, though in decay, retains its fragrance, may teach us that, even when beauty has fled, we may yet, like it, have it in our power to please.

-- LASTING, Stock. Page 143.

Beloved DAUGHTER, Cinquefoil. In wet weather

the leaves of this plant contract and bend over the flower, forming, as it were, a little tent to cover it - an apt emblem of an affectionate mother engaged in protecting a be

loved child. Beneficence, Mallow. Page 138. The Potato,

the peculiar vegetable of the poor, is also regarded as an emblem of beneficence. This root, lasting but for a year, escapes the monopoly of trade. Modest as true charity, the potato hides its treasures: it bestows them on the rich, and feeds the poor with them. America presented us with this useful vegetable, which has for ever banished from Europe one of the direst calamities — famine. BEWARE OP Excess, Saffron. A weak infusion

of Saffron cheers the spirits, but those who drink too much of this liquor go mad. It is the same with its odour : if you smell to it

slightly, it refreshes; if to excess, it kills. Blackness, Ebony-tree. Pluto, the sovereign

of the infernal regions, was seated on a throne of Ebony. It is said of a wicked man - he has a heart as black as Ebony. This saying no doubt originated in this circumstance, that, while the alburnum of the Ebony-tree is white, its foliage soft and silvery, and its flowers brilliant and beautiful, the heart alone

is really black. BI.UNTNESS, Borage. The leaves of Borage are prickly, hairy, and wrinkled; but the whole of the plant is wholesome. Its good qualities make us endure and even forget its rough appearance, which reminds us that bluntness

is frequently accompanied by a good heart. BOLDNESS, Larch. This tree grows upon the

loftiest mountains, where it attains a prodigious height. In the North, it is often covered with a species of lichen, which envelops it as with a thick fur. The rustics amuse themselves with setting fire to this singular clothing: it catches freely, and a light flame suddenly shoots up to the sky, sparkling and going out in a moment. You would imagine that these beautiful trees had been placed in those situations for the express purpose of exhibiting to the desert the astonishing spectacle of the most magnificent fireworks.

Calm Repose, Buck-bean. Page 93. CALUMNY, Madder. Madder stains red. When

sheep have browsed this plant, their teeth look as if they were stained by the blood of some victim. Thus wickedness frequently takes advantage of deceitful appearances to

calumniate innocence. CANDOUR, White Violet. Candour precedes

Modesty: it is a Violet still clothed in the

colour of Innocence. CHASTITY, Sensitive Plant. Page 170.

-, Orange-flower. It is customary in some countries for brides to wear a wreath of Orange-flowers; and it is still usual in the neighbourhood of Paris to deny this ornament on their wedding-day to females who

have not preserved their chastity. CHILD-BIRTH, Dittany. When Juno presided

at the birth of children, by the name of Lucina, she wore a crown of Dittany. The pleasing smell of this shrub, and the medicinal properties for which it was so famous among the ancients, cause it to be still held in esteem.

It is a native of the island of Crete. ChildHOOD, Primrose. Page 31.

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Confidence, Liverwort, or Hepatica. When

the gardeners see the pretty flowers of the Hepatica, they say:

“ The earth is in love ; we may sow with confidence.” CONSOLATION, Poppy. Page 161.

Wild Poppy. The Wild Poppy contains in its scarlet bosom an invaluable soother of pain and sorrow. The ancients, who regarded Sleep as the healer of all woes, the great comforter of the world, gave him

for his only ornament a wreath of Poppies. CONSTANCY, Canterbury Bell. The stems of this

plant frequently shoot up to the height of three or four feet, and are covered from bottom to top with large beautiful flowers, that open in July, and retain all their splendour till October. The colour of these blue bell-shaped

flowers is that of constancy. CoquetRY, DESIRE TO Please, Mezereon. Page 30.

Yellow Day Lily. Page 169, COURAGE, Black Poplar. This tree was conse

crated to Hercules. Cruelty, Nettle. The sting of the Nettle

causes a pain like that from a burn. On ex

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