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WAR DEPARTMENT, February 27, 1847.

SIR: Pursuant to your direction, I have caused to be copied, and herewith transmit to you, the correspondence called for by the resolution of the House of Representatives, passed the 1st of this month.

The documents are numerous, and an attempt has been made so to arrange them as to bring together letters relating to the same subjects; but it has been found impracticable to carry this out to the fullest extent. In regard to the correspondence with General Taylor, from one to two months usually intervened between the date of the letters written by and to him, and the receipt of the answers; and, within that period, several other letters, upon different subjects, were sent and received. Had a strictly chronological order of the correspondence been observed in the arrangement, many different subjects would have been introduced between the letters and the replies to them. An attempt has been made to bring together the letters and the replies, and it has been done to a considerable extent, in regard to those which have reference to the campaign and to military movements. Those which relate to transportation have also been brought together, as far as practicable.

Among the letters embraced in the call, several merely formalsuch, for instance, as enclosed returns, proceedings of courts-martial, &c.—have not been copied; but the dates are given, and their contents briefly stated, in the accompanying synopsis.

In the correspondence of the quartermaster's department, in reference to transportation, only letters and parts of letters relating particularly to that subject have been selected.

In answer to that part of the resolution which calls "for the reports of Brigadier Generals Hamar and Quitman of the operations of their respective brigades on the 21st of September last," I have the honor to state, that no such reports have been received at this department, nor has any other reports from these generals been received, except those of the 28th of that month, which have been already published.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


The PRESIDENT of the United States.


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Letters from the Secretary of War to General Taylor.

1846, May 13.-Transmits proclamation of the existence of a state of war.

May 23.-Calls of General Gaines for volunteers recognised to a certain extent.
May 28.-Disposition to be made of the troops called out by General Gaines.
May 30.-Assigning General Taylor to duty as brevet major general, and enclosing
copy of letter to General Taylor from the President.

June 4.-Sends proclamation in the Spanish language.

Letters from General Taylor.

1846, April 26, (No. 30.)-Reports arrival of Arista; an affair of cavalry, in which a party of dragoons is cut off; has called for volunteers.

April 30, (No. 31.)-Encloses descriptive rolls and acknowledges orders. [Not

May 3, (No. 32.)-Reports demonstration of the enemy on the left bank of the Rio
Grande; movement of the main army to Point Isabel; encloses reports of Captains
Thornton and Hardee; reports surprise of a camp of rangers; encloses sketch of
position opposite Matamoras.

May 5, (No. 33.)-Reports result of cannonade against the field work opposite Mat-
amoras; Major Brown's report; is awaiting at Point Isabel the arrival of recruits,
when he shall assume offensive operations.

May 7, (No. 34.)-Shall march to open communication with Major Brown; arrival
of recruits; four companies 1st infantry and volunteers expected.
May 9, (No. 35.)-Reports the action of Palo Alto.

May 9, (No. 36.)-Reports the action of Resaca de la Palma.

May 12, (No. 37.)-Has come to Point Isabel to have an interview with Commodore Connor; shall invest Matamoras; death of Major Ringgold and Lieutenant Blake; statement of killed and wounded; has exchanged some prisoners.

May 16, (No. 33.)-Detailed report of the action of Palo Alto. [Published in Senate document No. 388, 1st session 29th Congress; not here copied.

May 17, (No. 39.)-Detailed report of the battle of Resaca de la Palma. [Published

in Senate document No. 388, 1st session 29th Congress; not here copied.]
May 18, No. 40.)-Reports occupation of Matamoras; retreat of Arista's army.
May 19, (No. 41.)-Encloses report of bombardment of Fort Brown. [Published in
Senate document No. 388, 1st session 29th Congress; not here copied.]

May 20, (No. 42.)-In relation to the great number of volunteers on their way from

New Orleans-beyond 2,500; not required by him; fears they may have exhausted the supply of tents in New Orleans for regulars; asks that one thousand tents be sent from the north.

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1846, May 21, (No. 43.)—Solicits further instructions; remarks upon the navigability of the Rio Grande; has detached cavalry in pursuit of Arista's army; expects General Smith's column from Barita.

May 24, (No. 44.)—Arrival of General Smith with battalion of 1st infantry and one regiment of volunteers; Lieutenant Colonel Garland has returned from pursuing the enemy; solicits instructions as to disposition of part of General Arista's baggage. May 26.-Distribution of clothing. [Not copied.]

May 29, (No. 45.)—Encloses returns of the army. [Not copied.]

May 29, (No. 46.)-Relative to the relief of Captain Waggaman; declines relieving him.

May 30, (No. 47.)-Answers a call relative to deserters.

June 2, (No. 48.)-Relative to the muster-roll of Captain Gillespie's company; had
given instructions about mustering volunteers; difficulty of communicating with
San Antonio; has authorized a call for auxiliary force on the governor of Texas by
Colonel Harney.

June 3, (No. 49.)-Return of troops; is detained for the want of the means of trans-
portation; last intelligence of Arista; ordnance, &c., found in Matamoras.
June 7, (No. 50.)-Return of the army; intelligence from the interior; awaits water
transportation to push forward a depot to Camargo.

June 24, (Nos. 53 and 54.)—Arrival of volunteers; intelligence from the interior.

Letters from the Secretary of War to General Taylor.

1846, June 26.-Embarrassment caused by the call of General Gaines for troops.

July 1, (No. 57.)-From General Taylor, in relation to volunteers enrolled for less
than twelve months; asks permission to retain them.

August 3.—In relation to the retention of six-months' men, (from the Secretary of

Letters from General Taylor.

1846, July 16, (No. 60.)-Relative to the obligation of Louisiana volunteers to serve more

than three months.

July 22, (No. 64.)-Acknowledges instructions relative to the discharge of volunteers, and reports measures for their execution.

July 25, (No. 65.)—Return of volunteer force; adverts to the case of Alabama volunteers, which he has ordered to be mustered out of service in Mobile.

July 31, (No. 70.)—Position of volunteers from Texas; necessity of retaining them beyond three months; regiments of Kentucky and Tennessee horse will not arrive in time.

August 31, (No. 82.)-Relating to volunteer regiments, and some detached companies from Texas and Louisiana.

Letter from the Secretary of War to General Taylor.

1846, June 8.-Relative to conducting the war.

Letter from General Scott to General Taylor.

1846, June 12.-General instructions in relation to his assignment to the chief command of the army in Mexico, and the enumeration of force sent to him, &c., with a copy of a letter of instructions to General Wool, &c.

Letters from General Taylor.

1846, June 26, (No. 56.)—Acknowledges communications from the Secretary of War of 28th, 29th and 30th May, [with letter from the President,] and 4th and 8th of June. July 2, (No. 58.)-His views on the subject of operations against the interior, in an swer to communications of the 28th of May and 8th of June.

Letter from the Secretary of War.

1846, July 9.-Plan of campaign, &c.

Letter from General Taylor to the President.

1846, August 1.-His views in regard to operations, in answer to letter of 9th of July.

Letters from Secretary of War.

1846, September 2.-Intention to make a descent on Tampico; [intercepted by the enemy.] September 22-Change of instructions in relation to operations.

Letters from General Taylor.

1846, September 25, (No. 91.)-Capitulation of Monterey.

October 12, (No. 96.)-Acknowledges despatches of the 22d September.

October 15, (No. 98.)-His views on the general subject of the campaign and war, in answer to the letter of the 22d September; adverts to instructions to General Patterson.

October 26, (No. 100.)—Further reply to the letter of 22d September from the Secretary of War.

Letters from the Secretary of War to Generals Taylor and Patterson. 1846, October 13.-Directing that the armistice shall cease, and in relation to the operations of the war.

Letters from General Taylor.

1846, November 3, (No. 105.)—Acknowledges the receipt of the despatch of 13th October. November 8, (No. 107.)-Replies to despatch of 13th October, relative to armistice.

November 8, (No. 108.)-Has notified the Mexican general of the conclusion of the armistice; shall occupy Saltillo; adverts to the position of General Wool; has taken the first step towards an expedition to Tampico.

Letters from the Secretary of War.

1846, October 22.-Instructions in regard to operations.
October 22-Major McLane, bearer of despatches.
October 29.-Forwards copy of letter to General Patterson.

November 25.-Encloses copy of letter of the 2d September, and relates to operations
on the gulf coast. General Scott has been directed to repair to the seat of war.
November 23.-Directing General Scott in regard to operations.

September 12.-Letter from General Scott applying for the command of the army in

September 14.-From the Secretary of War in reply.

November 25.-From General Scott to General Taylor, announcing his assignment to command.

November 25.-From the Secretary of War to General Taylor, sending a copy of a letter received by Commodore Conner from a reliable source.

Letters from General Taylor.

1846, November 12, (No. 110.)-His views in answer to the despatch of the 22d October. November 16.-Acknowledging communications. [Not copied.]

November 21, (No. 113.)-Occupation of Saltillo, and disposition of General Wool.

November 26, (No. 114.)—Occupation of Tampico.

November 30, (No. 115.)—Sends return of troops. [Not copied.]

December 1, (No. 116.)-Sends muster rolls. [Not copied ]
December 2, (No. 117.)-Sends pension certificates. [Not copied.]
December 8, (No. 121.)-Arrangements for the defence of the line occupied by the


December 14, (No. 122.)-Departure of troops for Victoria; calls attention to the various interferences of his plans and orders; letter from General Patterson, 8th December, 1846.

December 22, (No. 123.)-Return of force from Monterey in consequence of intelligence from the frontier; measures taken to reinforce General Worth; shall march again for Victoria; correspondence with Santa Anna.

December 26, (No. 124.)-Arrives at Montemorelos; shall march for Victoria on the 27th; intelligence from the interior.

December 26, (No. 125.)-Acknowledges communications; capture of Tampico; confusion and embarrassment have resulted from the correspondence with General Patterson by the department.

1847, January 7, (No. 1.)-Occupation of Victoria.

From the Secretary of War to General Taylor. 1847, January 4.-Secretary of War to General Scott in relation to operations.

January 27.—On the subject of the publication of General Taylor's letter to General

1846, July 6.-Letter from the Secretary of War to General Taylor in relation to commerce

and trade with Matamoras.

July 11.-Calling for a list of officers for brevets.

July 27, (No. 66.)-General Taylor in reply.

Letters from the Secretary of War.

1846, July 17.-Transmits resolution of the State of Connecticut.

July 27.-Relative to a captive Mexican boy.

October 5.-On the subject of a medal voted by Congress to General Taylor

December 8.-From General Taylor in reply.

October 30.-Relative to communication from R. C. Hall in respect to the death, &c. of

an officer.

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