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thou defend them as with a gold ; sweeter also than shield.

honey, and the honeyNow unto the King comb. eternal, immortal, invisible, Moreover by them are the only God;

thy servants taught; and Be honour and glory, in keeping of them there through Jesus Christ, for is great reward. ever, and ever. Amen.

Here the portion of ScripIf a portion of Scripture ture is to be read.

is to be read, let it be Then shall the Person who preceded by the follow

conducts the Service, ing Sentences, said al

say; ternately as before.

LET us pray to God. THE heavens declare Let us pray that we may the glory of God, and the live in his fear, and in love firmament sheweth his and charity with our neighhandy work.

bours ; that his holy Spirit Day unto day uttereth may direct and rule our speech; night unto night hearts, teaching us what to showeth knowledge.

do and what to avoid ; The law of the Lord is that his grace may ever be an undefiled law, convert- with us, to support us in ing the soul ; the testimony all dangers, and carry us of the Lord is sure, and through all temptations; giveth wisdom unto the that the Lord may bless simple.

all our honest endeavours, The statutes of the Lord and make us content with are right, and rejoice the what his providence shall heart; the commandment order for us; and that we of the Lord is pure, and may continue his faithful giveth light unto the eyes. servants this day, and all

The word of the Lord the days of our life. is clean, and endureth for

Answer. Let our prayever; the judgments of the ers and meditations be Lord are true, and righ- always acceptable in thy teous altogether. More to sight, O Lord, our strength be desired are they than and our Redeemer. gold, yea, than much fine

Reader. Let us pray.

Then shall the Person who business, and temperate in

conducts the Service, all things. read either of the fol May thy blessing be uplowing Prayers, or make on our persons, our labours, a Prayer extempore. our substance; upon all

that belongs to us, and all O MOST gracious and who are dear to us. merciful God, by whom Give us, gracious God, the world is governed and what is needful for us, and preserved, we give thee give us grace not to abuse humble thanks for thy thy favours. Give us, we fatherly care over us, in beseech thee, contentment bringing us to the light of for ourselves, and benevoanother day. We grate- lence for others. Give us, fully acknowledge our de- in this world, the knowpendence upon thee for all ledge of thy truth, and in the necessaries, convenien- the world to come, life ces, and comforts of our everlasting. Amen. life ; for all the means of our well-being here, and of

Or this. our everlasting happiness hereafter. We give thee ALMIGHTY and eternal thanks for the light of thy God, we the work of thy Gospel, and the help of hands, and the subjects of thy grace, and the support thy government, sensible of thy promises, and all the of thy goodness to us hithblessings which thou hast erto, prostrate ourselves vouchsafed unto us in thy before thee to implore thy Son Jesus Christ.

mercy and protection for May we ever walk as in the time to come. We thy sight; and, fearing to confess, O God, our ingratoffend thee, may we keep itude to thee, to whom we ourselves from all sin. En owe all that we have in this able us to resist and over- world, and all that we hope come temptation; to follow in the next.

We ask thy the motions of thy good pardon for our sins, and thy Spirit; to be true and just grace and powerful assistin our dealings; watchful ance, that we may not for over our thoughts, words the time to come hazard thy and actions ; diligent in our favour by our transgressions.

May the same good all schools and seminaries Providence that has watch- of learning, and all instruced over us for our good the ters of youth. Preserve past night, by preserving all who travel by sea and us from dangers, by refresh- by land. Protect all oring us with sleep, by awak- phans and widows, and all ing us this morning with who suffer wrong. Give souls sensible of these health and strength to the blessings, may the same sick and weak, and joy gracious God guard us this and comfort to the sorrowday from all evil and mis- ful and afflicted. chief, from all assaults of We commend ourselves, our spiritual enemies, from and all belonging to us, to hardness of heart, and con- thee, our merciful Creator. tempt of thy word and Hear us also in behalf of commandment. And see- our friends, our relations, ing all men's labours are in our benefactors, and all vain without thy blessing, who' desire our prayers. we beseech thee to bless We humbly ask for them every one of us in our the mercies which suit their several places and callings. several conditions and Prosper thou the works of needs. We implore for our hands upon us, and them thy favour, thy peace, give us grace thankfully to and life eternal. accept, and soberly to use, And now to thee, O whatever we shall this day God, Father Almighty, receive from thee; that we, we ascribe all honour and owning thee for our bene- glory through Jesus Christ, factor, and using thy bene- for ever and ever. Amen. fits according to thy plea- . sure, may continue to be Then shall the whole Famthe partakers of thy bless- ily together say the ings.

Lord's Prayer. Bless us at home and abroad. Bless the country OUR Father, who art in which we live, and its in heaven, Hallowed be rulers and governors. Bless thy name. Thy kingdom the church universal of thy come; Thy will be done Son, and all the ministers on earth, as it is in heaven. of the holy Gospel. Bless Give us this day our

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daily bread, And forgive But deliver us from evil. us our trespasses, As we For thine is the kingdom, forgive those who tres- and the power, and the pass against us. And lead glory, For ever and ever.

not into temptation, Amen.





The following Anthem is tion of our inheritance

to be said by the Read- and of our cup, and thou er and Family alternate- shalt maintain our lot. ly, as in the preceding Behold, he who keep Services.

eth his people will neither

slumber nor sleep. He is THE Lord hath com- about our path, and about manded his loving kindness our bed, and beholdeth all in the day time; and in

our ways. the night season also our We will lay us down in song shall be of him, and peace, and take our rest, our prayer unto the God of for it is thou, O Lord, onour life.

ly, who makest us to dwell As long as we live, will in safety. we magnify thee in this

Now unto the King manner, and lift up our eternal, immortal, invisihands in thy name. ble, the only God;

Let our prayer be set Be honour and glory, forth in thy sight as the through Jesus Christ, for incense; and let the ever and ever. Amen. lifting up of our hands be an evening sacrifice. If a portion of Scripture

For thou art the por- is to be read, let it be

preceded by the follow- thy bounty; for all the ing Sentences, said al- known, and all the unobternately as before. served favours, deliveran

ces, visitations, and graces THY word is a lamp of thy holy Spirit, we bless unto our feet, and a light thy good providence; beunto our path.

seeching thee still to conWhen thy word goeth tinue thy fatherly care forth, it giveth light and over us, for we are weak understanding unto the and ignorant, and need thy simple.

constant protection and Our eyes anticipate the guidance. night watches, that we God be merciful unto might be occupied in thy us, who have broken his words.

laws, abused his patience, Show the light of thy wasted his time, sinned countenance upon thy ser- against his light, and revants, and teach us thy sisted his good Spirit. statutes.

Lighten our darkness, we

beseech thee, O Lord, Here the portion of Scrip- that we may be able to

ture is to be read. see the evil and danger of Then shall the Person sin, and shun the snares who conducts the Ser- of temptation, and walk

with safety in the paths of

pleasantness and peace. The Lord be with you ; Forgive whatever we have

Answer. And with thy done thought amiss spirit.

during the past day; and Reader. Let us pray. give us grace that we may

render ourselves Then shall he read either worthy of thy favour for

of the following Pray- the time to come. ers, or make a Prayer be excited to serve thee, extempore.

our heavenly Master, with fidelity, and

finish our O ALMIGHTY and work with diligence, beeverlasting God, for all fore that night overtakes the blessings which we us, wherein no man every day receive from work.

vice say ;



Let us


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