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HYMNS German and English; the former mostly

about the End of the SEVENTEENTH, the latter in the EIGHTEENTH Century.


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537. gelus Chriftus Bottes Lamm.

Trener Gott; ich muss dir klagett.

Aithful God! I lay before Hrift th' eternal Lamb of

thee God

All the anguish of my heart ; Died for Man, his rebel creature,

Tho' thou know'st how grief has Paid the ransom with his Blood,

tore me, To restore fallin human Nature.

Better than I can impart : Those that mourn their deep cor

Lord, my weakness makes me cry, ruption, Share their Saviour's blest adoption of the fiend, that would bereave me

Some Temptation when I spy 2. Here appears the Love of God,

Of the Faith design'd to save me, Who in wondrous condescension

2. Thou, from whom nought is conSent his only Son abroad

cealed, To reveal his bleft Intention, That the children of perdition

Know'ft, how vain's my care and ftrife

; Should be Heirs of God's fruition.

In thy Word thou hast revealed, 3. For, if we are reconcil'd

That free Grace restores my life : By the Son's Humiliation ;

All the good I find in me, Will not that triumphant Child

Doth proceed alone from thee Save us by his Exaltation ?

Thou thy saving Health bestowest We for whom he bore such Labour,

On those, thou in Mercy knoweft. Are the Darlings of his favour.


Unto thee, my God! I'm crying 4. Yea, we live by faith in Chrift,

In this great Necessity; Eying too his bright Example:

Hear my deep and frequent fighing, Who for us was facrific'd, Now declares our hearts his Temple. Satan's malice overthrow,

Calt me not away from thee; Thus we finners boast with pleasure

Strengthen me against the foe; The possession of his Treasure.

Ever keep my Faith from failing, 5. Father, to thy Mercy-seat

Jefu ! make thy grace prevailing. Be our best of Thanks directed :

4. Jesu, Source of our Adoption, All the force of fin defeat,

Thou, who never did it reject Still assaulting thine elected :

Tho'e that mourn'd their fad corSo affift us by thy Spirit,

ruption, That we honour may Christ's Merit.

But doit all thy Souls direct : Tho' their faith as small, chro'fearr As a Mustard-feed

appear, Š 2


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Thou canst make it, О faith's Foun- | Shrinking under feeble nature, tain,

Till the threatning Storın be paf. Mighty to remove a Mountain. Lead me by the holy Ghost, 5. Let me find, o


Redeemer ! So that Satan may not boast Mercy in mine agony ;

Of his having ever worsted Make me conquer the blasphemer, One poor heart that in God trusted.

And break from his flavery: 11. All my Life thall be employed Strength of faith add by thy Word; To thy praise, with all my might,

Grant to me thy Spirit's sword; Who haft sin and hell destroyed, Thus is Satan disappointed,

And with shame put them to fight ; All his darts repellid and blunted. Glorious shall thy Mercy be, 6. Holy Ghoft of equal honour

Here and eternity ; With the Father and the Son,

Heav'n and earth, Ogreat felovah ! Of all gifts the only Donor,

Shall resound with Hallelujah.
Hear me from thy holy throne ;
Through thy Mercy I believe;

Let this Gift abide and thrive,
While I trust not in my fitness,

1. TN thee, Chrift, is all my Hope, But thy all-fufficient greatness.

My comfort's all in thee,

Whilst here I know thy Mercy's 7. Rouze me up from present dulness; Thy good Work in me advance


I know thou sand'st by me.
And relieve me by the fulness
Of thy gracious Countenance :

2. Me,nor the saints of earth can help, In me fan the Spark of grace,

Nor angels near thy throne ; That with joy I run my Race,

To thee I run, thy Hielp to find, And obtain the prize of Sion,

Thy only Name I own. Which I ever keep my eye on.

3. I feel the load of sin so vaft,

It sinks me to the grave : 8. Greatest God beyond relation, Ever-bleiled One in Three!

But let thy Blood waih out my sins, Thou alone art my Salvation,

Mine, whom thou cam'ft to save. Strengthen mine infirmity :

4. Cloath'd in thy Righteousness a. Quench thou ev'ry fiery dart,

gain, Ere it reach my trembling heart ;

O may I see thy face ; Ne'er let want of Consolation

Receive the Promise from above, Me expose to desperation.

Again restor'd by grace. 9. Guard me from the Foe's devices, 5.On me thy helpless worm, O Lord, Which thou know'st are number A living Faith beltow;

That I thy Nature's hidden Sweets Wake my mind, when he intices, May taste and fee and know,

From all fatal Carelesness 6. Triumph o'er death and hell, by Grant me such a Strength, that I

love May withstand him valiantly; Shed in my Heart abroad; Ever under foot be trodden

And faithfully to Jesus give Mischiefs manifeft or hidden. The life which he beltow'd. 10. Keach thy Hand to thy frail creature,

540. That does now some terrors taite,


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7. Each moment draw from earch

away Terborgne Gottes liebe odl. My heart, that lowly waits thy Cail:

Speak to my inmolt Soul, and say *HOU hidden love of God, I am thy Love, thy God, thy all ! whose height,

To feel thy Pow'r, to hear thy voice, Whore depth unfathom'd no man To talte thy love is all my choice!

knowis; I see froin far thy beautecus light,

541, Inly I figh for thy Repose: My heart is pain d, not can it be Dicr legt mein finn sich ber dir nieder. At reft, till it finds rest in thee.

I.Y foul before thee proftrate 2. Thy secret Voice invites me still

lies, The sweetness of thy Yoke to prove;To thee her Sáurce my Spirit flies; And fain I would: but tho' my will let thy chearing Count'nance shine Be fixt, yet wide my pasiions rove, Yet hindrances strew all the way;

On this poor mournful heart of mine, I aim at thee, yet from thee stray.

2. From feeling Mis'ry's depth I cry,

in thy death, Saviour, let me die ; 3. 'Tis Mercy a'l, that thou hat May Self in thy excellive Pain bronght

Be livallow'd up, nor rise again.
My mind to seek her peace in Thee!
Yet while I seek, but find thee noi,

3. Jefu ! vouchiate my heart and

will No peace my wandring Soul shall

fee, With thy meek Lowliness to fill ; O when Mall all my wandrings end,

Break Nature's bonds, and let me see And I be wholly with my Friend ?

That whom thou free'st, indeed is 4 O hide this Self from me, that I

free. No more, but Christ in me molay 4. My heart in thee, and in thyWays

live! My vile Afections crucify,

Delights, yet from thy presence strays; Nor let one darling luft survive.

My Mind muft deeper sink in thice, In all things nothing may I fee,

My foot stand firm, from wandring

free. Nothing desire or seek but thee! To save me from low-thoughted Here all our strength and wisdom 5:0 Love, thy sov'reign Aid impart, 5. I know that nought we have a.

care: Chase this self-will thro' all my heart,

Who bids a sinful Heart be clean? Thro' all its latent mazes there.

Thou only, thou Supreme of Meni
Make me thy duteous child, that I

Abba Father! cry.

6. Lord, well I know thy tender love, 6. Ah no! ne'er will I backward Thou never did it unfaithful prove ; ;

I surely know thou stand'st by me, turn : Thine wholly, thinc alone I am!

Pleas'd from my self to let me free. Thrice happy he, who views with 7. Still will I long and wait for thee, scorn

Till in thy Light the light I fee ; Earth's toys for thee his conftant Till thou in thy good time appear, Flame.

And fav'It my loul from ev'ry snare. O help, that I may never move From the bleft Footíteps of thy love!

8. All

fails ;


8. All my own schemes and self- ; 5. Oh! may I be daily dying design

To a wretched World, and flying I to thy better Will resign;

All that's linful, false and vain : Impress this deeply on my breast, Making Christ my highest Treasurg, That I'm in thee already bleit. Firmelt

Trust and sweetest pleasure, 9. When my Desires I fix on thee, All my glory, all my gain. And plunge me in thy Mercy's sea; 6. Mortify the old Man in me, Thy Imiling Face my heart perceives, To my Saviour's Likeness bring me, Sweetly refres'd, in safety lives. Let me like a Phenix rise 10. So ev'n in storms I thee shall From its predecessor's alhes ; know

And with beauty that furpasses, My fure Support, my boldness grow; Mount at length above the Skies. And I (what endless Age shall prove) 7. Thou thyself me form and fashion, Shall seal this truth, that God is love. As, in ghoftly Life's gradation,

Thou would'st choose to have thy 542.

child :

A Heart give me firm and honest,
Creuer Water, Deine liebe, In the new Man's Manners Cleaneft

To walk with thee undefild.
Ather, thine eternal kindness

Rescu'd me from final blind, 1 8. For my Friends and Kindred hear nos,

me, I in Christ now see thy Face :

Add them to thy faithful army, For before the World's foundation

Let their Hour of mercy come ; Thou didit chuse me to salvation;

As o'er me, prevail thou o'er them, Bleit for ever be thy Grace.

Shine with thy true Light before

them, 2. Whilst with unconverted fury, I did wound thy Truth and glory,

And thy Spirit lead them home. Who can tell thy Patience then ? Who describe that valt Compassion,

543 Which outweigh'd thy indignation,

31ch will dich lieben, meine farke. Not t'erase me quite and clean ? 3. Moral duties and dead letters,

HEE will I love,my Strength Are what some presumptuous crea.

and tow'r,

Thee will I love, my Joy and Build their hopes of heav'n uson: crown ; Mere Outside and ceremony

Thee will I love with all my pow's, Make the merit of too many; In all my Works, and thee alone!

Losing these, their hope is gone. Thee will I love, till the pure fire 4. This was long my own lov'd Fill my whole soul with chaste defire. merit,

2. Ah! why did I so late Thee Till, O Lord, thy holy Spirit

know, Its sad falfhood let me see ;

Thee, lovelier than the sons of Show'd me all my soul's Diseases ; men! That all Merit is in Jesus,

Ah! why did I no sooner go Not a single grain in me.

To thee, the only Ease in pain !


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Thand towe,


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Adam'd I figh, and inly mourn

544. That I so late to thee did turn. 3. In darkness willingly I ftray'd;

Tuas gibt du denn, D meine seele. I fought thee, yet from thee I

OUL, what Return has thy rovd;

Creator For wide my wandring thoughts were for all he gives, and all thou haft? spread,

What is in all thy needy nature, Thy creatures more than Theel That can delight' his holy Breaft? lov'd :

Thy best of Off'rings he requires, And now, if more at length I see,

Ev'n thy whole Heart with its De. 'T'is thro’ thy Light, and comes from

fires. thee.

2. Give God his own, if thou'lt be 4. I thank thee, uncreated Sun,

giving : That thy bright beams on me Say, °Who does best deserve my have thin'd:

Heart ? I thank thee, who hast overthrown

Can Belzebub, who hates the living, My foes, and heal'd my wounded Or any Creature claim a part ? mind;

No, Lord, to thee I all assign, I thank thee, whose enliv’ning Voice My Body, Soul, and all that's mine. Bids my freed heart in thee rejoice.

3. Accept, O Lord, what thou re. 5. Uphold me in the doubtful Race,

quirest, Nor luffer me again to ftray : My Firstling * ev'n my heart, that Strengthen my feet, with steady pace ftore,

Still to press forward in thy way. That treasure thou so much admireit,
My Soul and flesh, O Lorů of Might, And paidit, oh! paidt so dearly for.
Fill, satiate with thy heav'nly light. To thee, my God, I now resign
6. Give to my Eyes refreshing tears, My heart, to be for ever thine.
Give to my Heart chaste, hallow'd

• Exod. xiii, 12.
To whom could I


heart make Give to my Soul, with filial fears,

over, The Love that all heav'ns host But thee, who Thine doft me be. inspires :

queath? That all my pow'rs with all their Thee can I call my truest Lover, might

For thou hart lov'd me unto death ; In thy sole glory may unite.

My heart with thine henceforth Mall 7. Thee will I love, my joy, my Crown!

One Heart to all eternity.
Thee will I love, my Lord, my

Thee will I love, when all does


SD filles Gottes Lamm.
On me, and thorny makes my
' ?

to thee Thee shall I love in endless Day. I sun, thy Meekness give thou me ; .

fires ;


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