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My Saviour wipes away my Tears, Chear with thyWave Death's gloomy And fin and death for ever dies.

shade, 8. Jesu! be endless praise to thee,

Then thro' the Fields of Canaan Let finners loud thy praise proclaim :

spread. Of old their Sins could pardon'd be, And Jesus always is the same.


Y soul (with all loft Adam's 580.

HE Lord of life exalted Lay welt'ring in its blood;

Cover'd with thame, and deep dis-
Aloud he cries, and spreads hisHands; grace,
He calls ten thousand sinners round,

And banish'd far from God. And sends a voice from ev'ry wound. 2. The loving Jesus paffing by, 2." Attend, ye thirsty fouls, draw His Bowels yearn’d to see near,

Me wretch so lamentably lie " And satiate all your wishes here ! In deepest Misery. "Behold, the living Fountain flows 3. Inclin'd to me in tenderness, In streams as various as your Woes ! My soul he would relieve,

"An ample Pardon here I give, My Heart by any means possess, And bid the sentenc'd rebel live ; He said, Arise, and live. “Shew him my Father's smiling Face, 4. He wash'd away my every stain "And lodge him in his dear embrace. And cleans'd me in his Blood ; 4. “I purge from sin's detested Stain, Deck'd me with righteousness divine, • And make the crimson white again, And reconcil'd to God. “ Lead to celestial Joys, refin'd 5. My heart no Condemnation fears, “And lasting as the deathless mind. Nor hell, nor Satan dreads; 5. “Sincere need I this Ofter prove ? Christ at the Mercy-seat appears, * Witness my Words of melting love, His Blood my pardon pleads. “ The gushing Tears, the lab’ring 6. His Offices, his Names of grace, - Breath

(Signs of eternal love) “And all the Scars of bleeding He bears for me with open Face, o death."

While I his mercy prove: 6. Bless'd Saviour, I can doubt no 17. Against the fiercest pow'rs of hell, more ;

He is my Sun and Shield; I hear, and wonder, ard adore : Within his Wounds I fafely dwell, Panting I seek that Fountain-head, He fights, I win the field. Whence waters so divine proceed.

8. Making himself a Sacrifice, 7. Clear Spring of Life! flow on and My Bonds and chains he broke; roll

Now to my willing Neck he ties With growing Swell from pole to His soft and easy Yoke. pole;

9. Arise, O happy soul, arise, Till flowers and fruits of Paradise

Rejoice in endless bliss Round all thy winding Current rise !

Open'd the gates of Paradise, 8. Still near thy Stream may I be Go in, and take thy Place,

found, Long as I tread this earthly ground

Y 4

10. Christ

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10. Chriit bad my unbelief be gone ; 19. To boast of faith in Bonds of

Death say, where is thy Sting? Sin,
Erected in my Heart his throne, Blasphemes thy Jesus Name';
For ever reigns my King.

Believers ftill enflav'd within, 11. As Sin to Death did reign, op.

Put thee t’an open shame. press

20. Those souls, whom Faith wich And mock my useless strife ;

Chrift unites, So Grače now reigns thro' Righte Are peaceful, calm, serene ; ousness

His Spirit in such Hearts refides, Unto eternal Lire.

And keeps his Temple clean. 12. No more with Lufts will I con. 21. Of this I'll ever witness bear, test,

These blessed Tidings spread; Much less their Captive be; For such as true Believers are, Nor shall wild Pallons break my Sin, death, and hell are bread *. reft,

* Numb. xiv. 9. Faith is the Victory. 13. A happy Sinner I remain,

582. But sin hath lost its Pow's; Sin still I have, but Grace doth reign, 1.

Rom precious Faith a precious His wounds my Strength and

strife Tow'r.

Of precious Virtues fow, 14. Simplicity (in joy and pains)

A precious Heart, a precious life, His children's Brightness is;

And precious Duties too. From the beguiling Serpent screens, 2. Where-ever Faith does juftify, And all his subtilties.

It purifies the Heart : 15. A fimple heart wild Reasoning's The Pardon and the Purity deach)

Join hands, and never part. From fears and doubts secures ! 3. The happy State of pardon doth From Fears ; Christ dwells in me by An holy Life infer : faith :

In Subjects capable of both, From Doubts ; this Faith assures. They never sunder'd were. 16. No heavy Yoke his Precepts prove,

583. Nor tiresome load impofe ; My heart now fill'd with sacred Love,

State on His Will with Pleasure does :


Shall the decisive Sentence be ; 17. Rejoicing that my Groans were heard

They who have felt the second Birth, In his salvation's Day;

The second Death shall never see. Shouting that since his Life appear'a, 2. But if from hence I take my flight It henceforth can obey.

A Captive to the tyrant Sin ;

Farewel to ev'ry cheering Light, 18. Lord Jesu, grant that every one

A scene of darkness must begin.
This Happiness may feel ;
And simply now thy Gospel own,
By faith its Promise seal,

" According to my State on





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15. True faith obeys her Author's

Trend, while God's eternal As well as trusts his grace;

A pard'ning God is jealous still
Doth his own glories shew :

For his own Holiness. “ Behold, I fit upon my Throne, 6. When from the Curse he sets us “ Creating all things new.

free, “ Nature and fin are past away, He makes our Natures clean ; .

“ And the old Adam dies : Nor would he send his Son to be "My Hands a new Foundation lay; The minister of an. “ See a new World arise !"

7. His Spirit purifies our Frame, 3. Mighty Redeemer, set me free, And seals our peace with God; From old State of fin :

Jesus, and his Salvation came O make my Soul alive to thee, By Water and by Blood.

Create new pow'ss within.
4. Renew my Eyes, and form my

And mold my Heart afresh ;

Ath his almighty Spirit made Give me new paffions, joys and fears,

Our stubborn Hearts reply, And turn the Stone to Flesh. Lord, thy Command

fall be obey'd, 5. Far from the regions of the Dead,

(Only thy Help be nigh!) From fin, and earth and hell;

2. Then let's in chearful songs of In the new World thy Grace has praise made,

Our Gratitude express ; May I for ever dwell !

Devote to him our future Days,

His Name for ever bless.

Iftaken fouls ! that dream of

Left Saviour, thou haft gain'd And make their empty Boaft

my heart; Of inward joys, and fins forgiv'n, Thy glory, and thy matchless grace

While they are flaves to Luft. Have made the tyrant Sin depart, 2. Vain are our fancy's airy flights,

Made this ensnaring World give If Faith be cold and dead;

place. None but a living Pow'r unites 2. I've entertain'd a nobler Guest,

To Christ the living Head. Who all my Faculties employs : 3. 'Tis Faith that changes all the While Faith supplies the place of Heart;

sight, 'Tis Faith that works by Love;

Faith grounded on his sacred Voice. That bids all finful joys depart, 3. I view the God who came to save

And lifts the thoughts above. A remnant of a fallen Race; 4. 'Tis Faith that conquers Earth The Man who visited the Grave, and hell,

That I in Heav'n might have a By a celestial pow's ;

place. This is the grace that shall prevail

In the decisive hour,


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4. I view the Lamb who reigns on

589. high, And pleads with God, that all his

'Y peace and safety lies in Friends

this, May mount with him beyond the My Creditor my Surety is : sky,

The Judgment-day I dread the less, When he the second time ascends.

My Judge is made my Righteous.

nefs. 2. He paid out for a bankrupt crew,

The Debt that to himself was due ; Y Faith I see the unseen And satisfy'd himself for me, things,

When he did Juftice satisfy. Hid from all mortal eyes ; Proud Reason stretching all its wings, 3: He to the Law, tho? Lord of it, Beneath me flutt'ring lies.

Did most obediently submit :

He never broke it, yet muft die; 2. By faith I unseen Being fee

I never kept, yet live shall I. Forth lower Beings call,

4 From Him I have a Pardon got, And say to Nothing, Let it be! And lo ! it hatches All.

But yet myself I pardon not: 3. By faith I build my lasting Hope Yet never can myself forgive.

His rich Forgiveness still I have, On Righteousness divine ; Nor can I fink with such a Prop, Whatever torms combine.

590. By faith I overcome the World,

Y Life's expos'd to open And all its hurtful charms;

view; 'I'm in the heav'nly Chariot hurld

Yet closely hid, * and known to few. Thro' all oppofing harms. Some know my Place, and whence 3. By faith I can the Mountains vast of fin and guilt remove,

Yet neither whence, nor where I am. And them into the Ocean call, The sea of Blood and Love.

2. I live on Earth, (which is not 6. By faith my melting Soul repents, odd ;)

When pierced Christ appears : But lo! I also live in God. My heart in grateful Praises vents, I live what others live upon, My eyes in joyful Tears.

Yet live I not on Bread alone. 7. By Faith, I walk, I run, I Ay ; 3. I am no Capernaite rude, By faith I fuffer Thrall ;

Tho' fed with human Flesh and By faith I'm fit to live or die; By Faith I can do all.

But live superlatively fine, 8. By faith I hope to see that Sun, My real food is all divine.

Who Grace's light thus lent, His everlaking Circles run

591. In Glory's firmament.

Weet was the hour I freedom

To call my Jelus mine,


I came;

# Col. iii. 3.



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CO Dove,

CO Dove?


To see his smiling Face, and melt

594. In pleasures all divine. 2. Let fools an Heav'n of Shades Ome, Holy Ghost, celestial pursue,

Dove, But I for Substance am:

Fill me with light, with joy, and The Heav'n I seek, is Likeness to,

love; And Vision of the Lamb. By thee inspir’d, to thee I'll raise

A Tribute of unfeigned praise. 592.

2. My Soul, by fin's strong chains

confin'd, Ome, holy Spirit, heav'nly Thou in a moment can'st unbind ; Dove!

All solid pleasures flow from thee, With all thy quick’ning pow'rs :

Whofe Office 'tis to comfort me. Kindle a flame of sacred love In these cold hearts of ours.

595 2. Look, how we grovel here below, Fond of these earthly toys :

Blest Redeemer! in thy Side Our Souls, how heavily they go,

Wound: To reach eternal Joys.

The Bath where we are purg'd from 3. In vain we tune our formal songs,

fin, In vain we strive to rise ;

And where our guilt's entirely Ho Jannas languish on our tongues,

drown'd, And our Devotion dies.

2. Water and Blood, hence freely 4. O Father, shall we ever live

ran, At this poor, dying rate ?

And on the trembling earth were Our Love To faint, so cold to thee, And thine to us so great ?

Water to sanctify and cleanse, 5. Come, holy Spirit, heav’nly Dove, Blood to atone for crimson Guilt. With all thy quick’ning pow'rs :


This wondrous grace to repre. Come, shed abroad a Saviour's Love,

sent, And that shall kindle ours.

Baptismal Waters were design'd;

in which Thou, Lord, wait bury'd 593

too, 1. Ssure my Conscience of her to thy great Father's will refign'd.

4. Thus Penitents, who die to sin, part In the Redeemer's Blood;

With thee are bury'd in thy Grave; And bear thy Witness with my heart, Thus quicken'd to a Life divine, That I am born of God.

Their Souls a Resurrection have. 2. Thou art the Earnest of his love, 5.

And tho' their Bodies turn to dust, The Pledge of joys to come : This holy Symbol does assure, May thy bleit Wings, celestial Dove, The Resurrection of the just Şafely convey me home.

Shall render them all bright and


spilt ;

· AS

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