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Mr. Berry supplies the following in- established a school in opposition. Notwithtelligence, under date of August 5th:- standing, we expect a full house, when the

busy season is over, as the people of the town In my last I informed you of our increase consider our school superior to any other, in the church, of our interesting open-air Besides the teacher, who is indefatigable, as services, and of our prospects of a greater well as some members of his family, there is increase; and now it affords me great pleasure a lady who gratuitously supplies the school to say that our service yesterday, at the water- with maps and tablets, and also materials for side, 'was, if possible, even more interesting knitting. She attends likewise two hours than on any former occasion. The number each day to teach knitting, sewing, and readof protestants was not so great ; but the ing. I heard a gentleman, who visited the Romanists mustered stronger. I was greatly school, say, he never saw one better conpleased to see a very considerable number of

ducted, young persons. Our friends assembled early.

Besides the regular service at Birr, I After prayer we went to the water, and were preach at Whiteford, River's Town,Banagher, soon surrounded by a large and attentive Clough-Jordan, and Borrisokane; and occacongregation ; and I think that almost all

, sionally in Castle-Otway. I also visit almost if not altogether the whole, felt that God was daily from house to house. We are enwith us. After the baptism, I administered deavouring to establish a meeting in the the Lord's supper, and had the pleasure of county of Galway, through the means of a admitting two other persons, besides the one respectable family, recently gone thither, baptized; and thus three were added to our who lately left the Romish church, and little band yesterday. The other candidates joined our congregation at Birr. They are will be baptized in September and October. anxious to introduce the gospel among their

I had also the satisfaction of preaching to friends. We have at present three candia large congregation of Romanists, at a

dates for baptism, all of whom once were funeral. I went to the house, and was at Romanists. once asked to preach. I never remember to have seen greater attention. Deep impressions were made on some, as the numerous applications by them for bibles plainly proves.

The church at Cork is prospering My congregations in the country, and towns, greatly under Mr. Watson, whose reare very cheering ; that at Kyle much so; moval thither is clearly proved to be and at Maryborough even more.

ordered by providence. The annexed particulars are taken from several letters

received from him during the months of We extract the following from a letter

August and September. of MULLARKY, at Parson's Town, a comparatively new station, which not only We have commenced our Sunday-school, exhibits the difficulties with which our and have succeeded pretty well. With rebrethren have to contend, but also how gard to a day-school, it is important that it be richly zeal and perseverance are

re-established as soon as possible. I have warded, even in dark, benighted Ireland. several subscribers of £i per annum ; but But where such opposition is raised, it we must still look to the Society for some is clear that the labours of the brethren help. The congregation increases considertell on the people.

ably, and last Wednesday evening we had

upwards of forty, and a full prayer-meeting I have had a gloomy season lately in con- on Friday. Appearances are so far cheering. sequence of the opposition of the priests in A few days ago I heard of a very eligible different parts of my district. For three schoolmaster, who was trained in the Kildare Lord's days successively I was the subject of Place Establishment. He will take our the priests' address from the altar. Up to school for £26 per annum, and I have this time a very friendly feeling existed to engaged him, and taken a room in Fish wards me in this parish. However, through Street ; a capital situation—no school near. the divine blessing, the storm has blown over; The rent is £4 ; and towards these expenses and things are nearly restored to their former I have had subscribed £10 annually, and will state,

pledge myself to raise £5 more ; and I trust At B

we had 200 children in daily the Society will give us the other £15. As attendance in our schools, three-fourths of the room offered, and a teacher too, and whom were Romanists.

A great

friends were urging me on, I was compelled were committing the scriptures to memory, to close at once. I trust English friends will and all had the gospel faithfully preached to not let me fall through for this. They know them. The priest took the alarm, and suc- the importance of laying hold on the young ceeded in reducing the school to about sixty ; too well to permit this to happen. Nothing and, to prevent others from returning, he shall be wanting on my part in the way of

superintendence; and many friends will co- Mr. Bates, who has laboured for many operate. I am already promised many chil- years in one of the most remote and bedren of the poor.

nighted parts of Ireland, writes as folLast Lord's day, the 25th, our congrega: lows, dated August 24th :tion exceeded a hundred. To-morrow I baptize a lady from Limerick. Our day- We are still going on in our Master's work, school, only opened two weeks, has forty and I hope, in some measure, his blessing is scholars, nearly all Romanists. Í shall have enjoyed. I have lately visited some places to enlarge my borders, unless the committee where I never went before. In one of them fail me. Several of the scholars come to our

the congregation was small. Indeed, there Sunday-school. We had a large congregation are only three protestant families in the at the baptism.

neighbourhood ; and we could not persuade the Romanists to come in. But in another, the congregation was quite large, and the

people came from some miles around! It is A union meeting of the neighbouring true many of them, as Jeremiah says of the churches has been held in Mr. McCar- Jews of old, “ They hold fast deceit, they Thy's district for some years past. Sub- refuse to return.". But after all there is an joined is an account of the last, held increasing spirit of inquiry. Truth is stronger about the middle of August; which than error; and if we are faithful our labours seems to have been one of more than shall not be in vain in the Lord.

I have visited some of the schools lately; usual interest. Mr. McCarthy writes :

and found them very thin, on account of the On Thursday, the 22nd ult., my dear opposition that the priests are making just brother Hardcastle came to my help, accom

now. They seem to be more violent than panied by two esteemed friends. On Satur- ever; but I expect it is only a sudden stir,

Indeed, in many day, the 24th, brother Sharman preached at which will soon blow over. Rahue, to a full congregation. We met on

places the people will send their children. Lord's day morning, at 7 o'clock, for

Notwithstanding all opposition, light is

prayer. The more general service commenced at 10. spreading. There are some interesting facts Brethren Sharman and Hardcastle preached.

in the journals again this month. Oh, for As the day threatened rain, we could not

more faith, devotedness, and zeal! have our usual out-door service ; and the meeting-house was not large enough for the people. After service we proceeded to the

The following, from Mr. MULHERN, river-side, the banks of which were crowded. dated September 6, will show that the Some of my friends think a thousand people cause at Conlig is still cheered by tokens were present. Our two brethren conducted of the divine blessing. the devotions; and after an address from

In my stated labours I preach regularly brother Hardcastle, I proceeded to explain four times a week; one day is set apart for and enforce our views of the ordinance to visiting, which I consider a very important which we were about to attend. When I part of the duties of a missionary: These had baptized the two female candidates, I labours, feeble and inadequate though they heard the voice of brother Cleary, whose turn be, are in some measure owned and blessed

What he said was short, simple, of the Lord. The week before last I had the and to the purpose. “For years I have read pleasure of baptizing two persons, who were the word of God as a dead letter. It was subsequently added to the church. I am only lately that it came home to my heart ; anxiously waiting a reply to my application for and I trembled, prayed, and found mercy.

a scripture reader. If Christian friends who It may be so that some of you are in the same condition. The same mercy is free for the need and usefulness of such an agency

care for perishing souls, were fully aware of you all. Ask me why I thus stand before in this district, they would supply the means. you, and am going to be baptized? I will We have still a suitable person willing to be tell you. I find it so ordered in the scrip-employed. It is remarkable that there is not Let me beseech you to receive the

a scripture reader in this district, employed whole counsel of God." I then baptized by any denomination of Christians. him. These three make eight additions this present year, and over two HUNDRED since the commencement of my mission ! Yet we

John MONAGHAN, whose letters supstill hear a whisper your side of the water, that nothing has been done in Ireland. Bro: plied some interesting facts for our last ther Hardcastle preached a powerful sermon

Chronicle, writes again, August 19th, as

follows:in the evening, and I summed up the mercies of the day; and we went to our homes In my former letter I mentioned that the pleased, profited, and blessed.

priest of this parish called upon some of his

was next.


flock, and admonished them for going to hear making another effort. I called to see father the scriptures. Since then he called upon D-, of M- After putting several one of these again, and inquired if he per questions of a personal kind to me, he wanted severed in this practice, and being answered to know what denomination of Christians I in the affirmative, he got very angry. The belonged to. I told him to the baptists. He young man produced his bible, saying, said we made too much of baptism. I replied

Sir, this is the book you speak of-point by saying we did not baptize any one until he out the errors to which you allude, and if was a believer, as Peter said, “Can any man they are so, I will never read it again.” He forbid water," &c. “ Please lay your finger took the book, and walked off with it, telling on that passage,” said he, handing me a New him he was an impudent cur, and that he Testament. I opened the 10th of Acts, for would punish him according to the laws of the which he thanked me. I then added that it church. On the following day this young man was his church, and the established church, called at my house. He was greatly distressed that made too much of it, by making regeat losing his bible, and asked my advice how neration of it; and quoted the 1st of John, he should act about it. I gave him another, “ As many as received him, to them gave he for which he seemed truly grateful, and ex- power to become the sons of God.” “ Right,” pressed his fervent hope that God would said he ; “but what will happen if the child enable him to read it with profit to his soul. die unbaptized ?" I asked him what it was

that damned the soul. “Sin, to be sure."

“ What is sin ?" “ The breach of a known The foregoing extract shows that law.” “What does a child know about any priestly intolerance is not always sub- law? Would it not be a bad law that would mitted to: what follows will exbibit our hang you for my crime?" “ You are right," reader in personal contact with priests. he answered. I then read the 8th of Acts, It is from a letter, dated August 17th, and showed him that Philip baptized the from RICHARD MOORE,

eunuch on a profession of his belief in Jesus

Christ as the Son of God. “I am obliged to When I was in the lower part of the you for these passages," he said : “and I county of Mayo, I was told that the priest admit they have changed the mode.” who lived in a village there, was raging and the subject too,” said I. We then went furiously against the bible, and all who pro- on to the question of baptism standing in the fessed to believe it a sufficient guide to glory. room of circumcision, and the doctrine of I entered his cottage, and after a short con- regeneration by the Holy Spirit alone; readversation, asked him if he could direct a sinner ing 2nd of Ephesians, the 4th of 1 Tim., and to heaven. He said he could; and mentioned Matt. 10, and other suitable portions of truth, doing good works as the way. I tried to show He kindly went with me to the door, and him the straight and narrow way, as his was told me to call again to see him. May the the broad road to destruction. As I had so Lord water the seed thus sown, as the work far succeeded in this attempt, I thought of l is his.




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Praise the Lord, 0 Jerusalem! praise thy God, o Zion! For he hath strengthened the bars of thy gates ; he hath blessed thy children within thee; he maketh peace in thy borders, and filleth thee with the finest of the wheat.

JERUSALEM was the metropolis of places, and very deserving of their Judea ; Zion was a hill, or mount, grateful acknowledgments. in Jerusalem, on which David built “He hath strengthened the bars a new city, called it after his own of thy gates,” &c., that is, though name, and had his royal palace the cities in which you dwell are erected therein. The words of our surrounded by walls, and though the text were addressed to the inhabit- gates through which you go out and ants of those two places especially, in are fastened by means of bars, yet to remind them of the goodness of you must remember, that nothing of God, as manifested towards them- that description would be found selves in various important instances, sufficient to keep back your enemies, and admonish them not to forget his and preserve you in a state of peacebenefits, but to render the gratitude ful security, without the constant aid and adoration which he so justly and of the Lord Almighty. Then, as to so fairly claimed. In some parts of the food with which you are so abunthis psalm the writer refers the people dantly supplied, is not He the bounto those religious privileges which tiful bestower of that likewise ? You the Father of mercies had bestowed may talk about the fertility of the upon them; but, in the verses I have soil in the surrounding country; you read as a text, he is specifying some may talk about the industry and skill of those signal favors which Jehovah, of those who cultivate your fields; as the God of Providence, had com- but, while you give unto them all the municated, and which, though less praise to which they are fairly envaluable by far than spiritual bles- titled, forget not your obligations to sings, were very excellent in their that adorable Being

that adorable Being “who giveth VOL. 6.-N.S.

2 R

- the ap

rain, both the former and the latter, care and kindness of our Heavenly in his season; and who reserveth Father; they are adapted to our preunto us the appointed weeks of the sent circumstances and requirements ; harvest." "He filleth thee with the they demand our thanksgivings and finest of the wheat, and blesseth thy praises ; and they are calculated to children within thee.”

assist in stimulating us to "present According to notice, I intend speak- our bodies a living sacrifice, holy and ing a little this morning in relation to acceptable unto God, which is our the harvest, and the delightful wea- reasonable service.” Hence we find ther so graciously afforded for the the inspired writers frequently specify gathering in of the precious fruits of and enlarge upon the ordinary allotthe earth. I am well aware that the ments of Providence; such as food greatest of all our temporal blessings and raiment, health and friends, seare not worthy to be compared for a curity and peace.

Blessings like moment with those spiritual blessings these are spoken of at considerin heavenly things which are by able length by men of God, who Christ Jesus. The body is as nothing spoke as they were moved by the in comparison with the soul : time is Holy Ghost.” In imitation of such as nothing in comparison with eter- excellent exemplars,

excellent exemplars, then, I invite nity. It was with a view to the your attention, for a few minutes this precious soul's salvation that God morning, to some brief observations the Father sent his only-begotten respecting the power, the goodness, Son into this world of sin and death; and the faithfulness of Jehovah, as it was with a view to the precious displayed so clearly in soul's salvation, that Jesus, the Medi- pointed weeks of harvest.” ator of the better covenant, sponta- I. Let us contemplate the power neously came to “bear our sins in of Jehovah. I allude especially now to his own body on the tree;" it is the increase of corn which ordinarily with a view to the precious soul's takes place from year to year ; to the salvation, that the Eternal Spirit largeness of the quantity gathered is communicated, to enlighten our

out of the fields in autumn, as comminds, and change the disposition of pared with the smallness of the quanour hearts.

For the same purpose tity deposited in those fields in seedthe sacred scriptures are bestowed, time. Many of you, who are engaged and the ministry of the gospel is in agricultural pursuits, understand maintained. And what can be so this matter very much better than important and so essential as bles- myself, and could give more accurate sings like these? O, my brethren, and detailed accounts than I am able if the God of Providence were to to furnish; but, without attempting favor us with three or four abundant to go into particulars, all of us know harvests every year; yea, if he were enough for my present purpose; we to shower silver and gold upon the know that it is quite a common ocearth every day of our lives; all this currence for farmers to gather many would be as nothing when compared quarters of wheat, for instance, off a with the blood of Christ, the influ- piece of land on which, a short time ences of the Holy Ghost, the privi- before, only a few bushels were scatleges of the gospel dispensation, and tered; and thus the quantity of grain a well-grounded hope of everlasting is remarkably increased from year to life. But, while temporal blessings year. Now, I want us all to conare confessedly so much inferior to sider by what means this increase is spiritual and eternal ones, still they effected; and to ask ourselves whether ought not to be overlooked and un- it does not supply a convincing proof dervalued; they display the paternal of the amazing power and skill of

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