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Thou my Keeper and my guide, 3.

Thee I exult to feel,
Make me ftill thy tender Care, Thou in my Heart doft dwell:
Gently lead me by thy fide,

There thou bear'ít thy witness true, Sweetly in thy bosom bear. Shed'it the Love of God abroad ;

I in Chrift a Creature new, 5. Thou art my daily Bread; o Chrift, thou art my Head !

1, ev'n I am born of God. Motion, virtue, strength to me,


the time was come Me thy living member flow ;

To fix in me thy Home, Nourish'd I and fed by thee,

With me oft thou didit reside : Up to Thee in all things grow.

Now, my God, thou in me art | 6. Prophet, to me reveal

Here thou ever shalt abide ; Thy Father's perfect will.

One we are, no more to part. Never mortal fpake like thee,

5. Fruit of the Saviour's pray's, Human prophet like divine ; My promised Comforter! Loud.and strong their voices be,

Thee the World cannot receive, Small and till and inward thine. Thee they neither know nor see ; 7. On thee my Priest I call,

Dead is all the life they live, Thy Blood aton'd for all.

Dark their light, while void of Still the Lamb as slain appears,

thee. Still thou stand 'It before the throne

6. Yet I partake thy grace Ever off'ring up thy Pray’rs,

Thro’ Christ my righteousness: Mine presenting with thy own.

Mine the gifts thou doft impart, 8. Jesu, thou art my King,

Mine the Unction from above, From thee my strength I bring !

Pardon written on my heart, Shadow'd by thy mighty Hand,

Light, and life, and joy, and love. Saviour, who shall pluck me 7. Thy gifts, bleft Paraclete, thence ?

Í glory to repeat:
Faith supports, by Faith I ftand, Sweetly sure of Grace I am,
Strong as thy Omnipotence.

Pardon to my soul apply'd,

Int'rest in the spotless Lamb; 653

Dead for all, for me he dy'd.

8. Thou art thyself the Seal ; To the Holy Ghost.

I more than pardon feel,

Peace, unutterable peace,
Ear, Holy Spirit, hear, Joy that ages ne'er can move,
My inward Comforter!

Faith's assurance, Hope's increase, Loosd by thee my stamm'ring tongue

All the confidence of Love.
First essays to praise thee now ; 9. Pledge of the Promise giv'n!
This the new, the joyful song, My antepast of Heav'n,

Hear it in thy Temple thou. Earnest thou of joys divine,
2. Long o'er my formless Soul Joys divine on me bestow'd;
The dreary Waves did roll,

Heav'n and Christ and all is mine, Void I lay, and sunk in night: All the plenitude of God.

Thou the overshadowing Dove, 10. Thou art my inward Guide, Call’dt the Chaos into light,

I ask no help beside: Bad'It me be, and live, and love. Arm of God, to thee I call;

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10. Hail

Weak as helpless infancy, Fully am I justify'd, Weak I am, yet cannot fall,

Free from fin, and more than free; Stay'd by Faith, and led by Thee. Guiltless, fince for me he dy'd,

Righteous, fince he liv'd for me ! 654.

8. Jesu! to thee I bow,

Sav'd to the utmost now.
IS done! my God hath o the depth of Love divine !

My Love is crucify'd.

Who thy Wisdom's stores can tell ?

Knowledge infinite is thine,
Break, this stony heart of mine !

All thy Ways unsearchable !
Pour my eyes a ceaseless flood,
Feel, my soul, the Pangs divine,

9. Worthy, O Lord, art thou Catch,my heart, the ifsuing Blood !

That ev'ry Knee should bow, 2. To love is all my wish,

Every tongue to thee confess;

Universal Nature join
I only live for this :
Grant me, Lord, my Heart's defire, Strong and mighty thee to bless,

Gracious, merciful, benign!
There by Faith for ever dwell ;
This I always will require


dread Lord and ours, Thee and only thee to feel.

Dominions, Thrones and pow'rs !

Source of Pow'r he rules alone : 3. Ah! give me this to know With all thy faints below:

Veil your eyes, and proftrate fall, Swells my soul to compass Thee,

Cost your crowns before his Throne, Gasps in thee to live and move,

il the Cause, the Lord of all ! Fill'd with all the Deity,

11. justice and Truth maintain

Thy everlasting Reign. All immerst and loft in Love!

One with thine Almighty Sire, 4. His would I wholly be

Partner of an equal

Throne, Who liv'd and died for me!

King of Hearts, let all conspire,
Grief was all his Life below,

Gratefully thy Sway to own.
Pain and Poverty and loss :
Mine the Sins that bruis'd him for a l'? To battle vain defy'd;

12. Thee when the Dragon's pride Scourg'd and nail'd him to the Brighter than the morning-ftar, Cross.

Lucifer as lightning fell, 5.

He bore the curse of all, Far from Heav'n, from glory far

A spotless Criminal
Burden d with a World of guilt,

Headlong hurl'd to deepest Hell. Blacken'd with imputed fin,

13. Sin felt one time thy Pow'r,

Thou patient Conqueror !
Man to save, his Blood he split,
Died, to make the finner clean.

Long he vex'd the World below, 6. Join earth and heav'n to bless

Long they groan'd beneath his

reign ; The LORD our Righteousness! Thou destroy'dst the tyrant Foe, Sinn'd we all, and died in one ?

Thou redeem'ft the captive, Man. Justin One we all are made, Christ the Law fulfill'd alone,

14. Trembles the King of fears

Whene'er thy Cross appears ; Dy'd for all, for all obey'd.

Once its dreaded Force he found : 7. In him compleat we shine,

Saviour, cleave again the sky ; Flis Death, his life is mine.

Slain by an eternal wound,

Death Thall then for ever die !

15. Jesu, thou art our King, 2. Mofes, thou sent of God declare,

To me thy Succour bring. How passedst thou to ceaseless rest? Christ the Mighty one art thou, Isaiah, David, let me hear, Help for all on thee is laid :

How from the World ye were reThis the Word; I claim it now,

leasid? Send me down the promis'd Aid. And Job and Jeremiah, say, * Pf. lxxxix. 19. Ila. Ixiii. 1.

How kept ye in the narrow Way? 16. Triumph and reign in me,

3. Shew, O thou highly-favour'd And spread thy Victory :

Hell and death, and Sin controul, Who, borne in fiery Chariot rode
Pride and Self, and ev'ry foe ;

To Jesu's feast, and disappear'd
All subdue, thro' all my Soul Below, to banquet with his God :
Conqu'ring and to conquer go.

How were thy Days with mortals


Ere thou wast call'd from banish655.


well Hear, and all the Graces shower,

Efteem'd in Babel's stately court, All the joy, and peace, and pow'r,

Greatly beloved Daniel, tell All my Saviour alks above,

How thou obtain 'dit the heav'nly All the life and heaven of Love,

Port ? 2. Heavenly Adam, Life divine,

And let thy fellows, princely wise, Change my Nature into 'Thine : Relate their way to Paradise. Move and spread throughout my 5. Chief Minister to Gentiles sent, Soul,

Once Perfecutor of the Faith Actuate and fill the whole :

Of Christ, whose days so much were Be it I no longer now,

spent Living in the Flesh, but Thou. In doing good, describe the Path 3. Holy Ghost, no more delay,

Which led thee to the shining Prize, Come, and in thy Temple stay ;

And landed thee in purest skies. Now thy inward Witness bear 6. Could I amidst th' angelic choir, Strong and permanent, and clear; Like favour'd Johm, to heaven soar; Spring of Life, thyself impart,

Of ev'ry Saint would I enquire,
Rise eternal in


How they attain'd that happy Shoar ?

They all (to John the word was 656.


“ Thro' Tribulation came to heav'n,
ELL me, ye Souls, who
now appear

In milky robes, and joyful ftand Wollt ihr den Herren finder,
Around the Throne, from folly clear,
Exulting at the Lord's right hand :

1. f you wou'd find the Saviour, “ How did you in those Courts ar

Šeek him while 'tis to day : rive?

Seek you the Bridegroom's favour? Say! and my spirit still fhall ftrive.

Then take it while you may.
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If you the Crown well pieafes, What others innocent are deeming,

Then run towards the vark: Gives to such hearts a jealous Pain He who's found grace with Jesus, And why? because all things terreakce Does also love to work.

ftrial, 2. Seek him there in the Manger,

All things impure are bitter gall: In Child's simplicity :

One can't obtain the Prize celestial, is To such he 'bides a stranger,

Unless one bid Farewel to all.
As will not Children be.

3. The Dainties of the heav'nly Seek that Boy pure and boly

On Mary's lap : for he

Unto li Bride full pleasure give, That seeks this Gold, must truly Her Fead and Heart the watches Be full of Chastity.

over: 3. Seek him in defart places And if aught else to her wou'd cleare, Of needful loneliness ;

Which of the worldly Spices savours, Seek him in all the traces

It fills her Heart with hellish pain; Of Suff'rings and Distress; But she to live in God endeavours, Seek him now freed from anguish, And therefore shakes herself quite Laid in the Grave apart.

clean Who will not all relinquish, 4. Simplicity knows of no glory,

Hath but a lukewarm Heart. But that, which is in Jesu's Blood. 4. Seek him above in Heaven,

The foolish Honour transitory
Ador'd by Seraphim !

Is by the heav'nly Thirst subdu'd. Those here that him are loving, In a pure Child of God, the splendo:

Are no more far from him. Of God's Name is distinály seen; Seek him with inward diving

How then Mou'd it again surrender In your own Hearts, then ye

To trash and foolishness terrene? Shall be releas'd from grieving 5. Of Cares and manifold distresses, Here and eternally.

Which are the Worldlings daily

cant, 658.

Of Envy, which so many teazes,

Simplicity is ignorant:
Custer ftand, o Celigs leben. She keeps her excellent Heart-trea.

Sweet condition, happy Liv. Maugre black envy's fullen spight ;

And if some one wou'd share her Which flows from true Simplicity!

pleasure, When hearts unto God so are given, She does not grudge, 'tis her delight, That Christ's Mind fills them really. 6. A heart that does a likeness carry The spirit in Christ's Image walketh, of Christ's Simplicity, how bright! And doth rise up in Truth and light, Ye foolish Virgins, you may tarry And under this pure Shield he break. Till overtaken by the Night : eth

Lamps without Oil and Christ's mind And pulls down all conceited Height,

single, 2. The Things which others are

What do they profit ? then be wise, efteeming,

And Christ and World no longer By such are luathed with Disdain ; minglc,

But from your heart the world despise.

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7. Imprint, O Jesu, my Salvation! Therefore I am onward running

Thy single Mind into my heart: To this Fountain in full speed. Root out the World's infatuation 6 All the worldly Luits which peTho' it be done with sharpest rish, Smart;

As so many poison d dainties, Th’ old Dragon's image I have I spue out from my heart's ground; scorned,

O let thy pure Love me nourish, I wear it no more ; now let me, While I sojourn in the Desart, With true fimplicity adorned, Till the Father's house I've found. As a new Creature, live to thee,

7. For thou art my only Confort ;

My Redeemer, Benefactor, 659.

All in all I find in thee:

For what else can give me comfort ? Hoechste luft und herz-berghagen.

Nought but only Thou my Jesus; 1. HEart's Delight and higheft Therefore give thyself to me. pleasure !

660. Thou the faireit, loveliest, dearest,

Sweetest Bridegroom, whose I am! Ofe! without prickles of thy Give me strength, in fullest measure

own ; To exalt and praise thee highly, Yet finners Thorns thy Head did O thou precious bleeding Lamb! crown! 2. Thou’rt to my poor soul an Eden,

But shall I love thee less for scars Rich in all things, heart-refreshing, Thou got'lt in waging of my Wars?

Full of Pleasure and delight; 2. Love springs from Likeness: ah, While in thee my Soul is feeding,

my Dear, I want nothing, I'm provided, Whose Image was't I first did bear? And I am contented quite.

Whilft yet I stood in my perfection, 3. When thou dost reveal thy Powers, Lord, what was I, but thy reflexion? O how mighty, how all-conqu’ring 3. Then my God naked comes, and Do they overpow'r the heart !

poor; And thy Spirit's balsamic showers In Fears, in tears, in sweat and Gore;

Lead without much observation Was tempted, was betray'd and sold, The Soul quickly heaven-ward. Led prisoner, and kept in hold, * Luke xvii. 20.

Condemnd, kill'd, bury'd : why 4. Thy Love's power is magnetic,

this Scene? By love's Drawings it attracteth, That he and I might rise again

Yea enflames and warmsthe breast, In one divine similitude ; And this impulse sympathetic

And Love, thro’likeness be renewid, Draws us nearer, till in thy Heart 5. My Lord and I are near of kin, We are grounded firm and fast. Ere since my Saviour was made sin 5. Me too thou hast apprehended, For me, I righteousness in Him; Blow thy love's fire up yet stronger,

He is my Head, and I his Limb. That the fame my heart may

feed. 6. He's much more mine, than 1 Thy love's Deep's ne'er compre

mine own : hended;

My Lord was mine,when I was none


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