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* And, to the best of my Remembrance, it was 1686. not above two Weeks time before his last pe Sickness; that he had been at my House, and “had Money of me on that Account. As soon as I heard of his Ilness, I hastened to him, and took the best Care of him I could during ‘his Life ; and after his Death defrayed the 'Charge of his Sickness and Burial, and repaid 'to my Sister that Money she had sent him,

before I knew of his Ilness. I could say more - 'on this Subject than I intend, or at present

think fit, but I forbear, and commit my inno'cent Cause to the Lord, not doubting but that, 'as lam clear in His Sight from any Undutiful'ness or Unkindness towards my Father, so He will clear mine Innocency in the Hearts of His People, and of all unprejudiced Persons.

This I hope will satisfy the Reader of T. Ellwood's Carriage towards his Father, which we are beholding to J. Raunce for, or else perhaps might never have had this Account, which one would think Envy itself should not be able to cavil at. Yet after this 7. Rauncé being restless, trumpt up another Story, answered by T. Ellwood in his Postscript to that Book, which we Shall meet with again hereafter on another Occafion, and therefore I shall fay no more of it here.

Here ends his Controversy with the Separates : In which I must needs say, he acquitted himlelf as an ingenuous Man, a Christian, and a fair Op. fonent. And now to come to something more plcalant: Our dear Friend George Fox dying in Cc


1693. the Eleventh Month 1690, and leaving behind cap him an excellent Journal of his Travels and

Sufferings, our Friend T. Ellwood, (as no body fitter) about this Time was at the Pains of tranfcribing it, and fitting it for the Press ; (a laborious Work) which was printed next Year in a large Folio : To which T. Ellwood prefixed a notable Account concerning him, which is the only single Testimony printed with it, except his Wife M. Fox's, and an excellent Preface by

W. Penn. 1694. But now a new Scene opens. For George w Keith, who had known better Things than most

Opposers that ever rose up against Truth and
Friends, having been a Quaker, and a Preacher
among them near thirty Years, and had writ
many Books in Vindication of Truth and
Friends ; but now falling out, and differing
with some of his Brethren in Pennsylvania
(whither he went fome Years before) because he
could not have his own Way in every Thing,
came over with some of his Party, full fraught
with Contention, against the Yearly - meeting
in 1694. Which Difference coming before the
Meeting by some Letters from beyond Sea,
which were read in Course in the Meeting,
whereupon G. Keith desired to be heard ; which,
after the other Business of the Meeting was over,
Friends condescended to for several Days, to
hear him and his Party ; and Samuel Jen-
nings, &c. on the other Side; in Hopes to have

reconciled the Difference before it went any Hof 7.2. further : But as the Prophet said, When I would

have healed Ifrael, then the Iniquity of Ephraim 1694. was discover'd, &c. which may be applied to competing him ; for the more Endeavours were used to reconcile him to his Brethren, the more his Deceit appear'd; and the more Tenderness any shewed towards him, the more perverfe he was in turning it to a wrong Use, and strengthening himself in his Opposition. There was no hold ing what would away (as the Proverb is) resolved he was for a Breach, by opposing Friends more and more, till he ran himself quite out from among them. Which our Friend T. Ellwood observing the Bent and Tendency of, not only in the Yearly-meeting, but after ; and how he endeavoured to make Divisions among Friends, to divide the Heritage of God, he took up his Pen again, and writ an excellent Epistle to Friends ; briefly commemorating the gracious Dealings of the Lord with them, and warning them to beware of that Spirit of Contention and Divifion which bath appeared of late in George Keith, &c. which he addresses to Friends thus :

Dear Friends, whom the Lord hath called { with an holy Calling, and who, through • Faithfulness to the heayenly Call, are become

the Chosen of the Lord. It is in my Heart, in the Openings of the Love of God, to fend these few Lines amongft you, as a Salutation of true and hearty Love unto you ; and in the tendering Sense of the Lord's unspeakable . Goodness unto us, which at this Time refts ' with an affecting Weight upon my Spirit, briefly to commemorate the gracious Dealings

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1694.' of the Lord with us fince we have been a badPeople. Which be commemorates as follows.

· Ġreat and manifold have been the Mercies of our God unto His People, in this His Day, and His loving Kindnesses are beyond expres'fing: When we were young and little, His

fatherly Care was over us, He preserved us
Sand nourished us, and caused us to grow up
'before Him. How did He carry His Lambs
'in His Borom, when the Beasts of Prey roar'd
'on every Side, seeking to devour ! Who can

rehearse the many Deliverances He hath
wrought for His People, in their Passage from
• fpiritual Egypt! How hath He girded their

Loins with Strength, and covered their Heads
in the Day of Battle! How hath he subdued
their Enemies before them, and put to flight
the Armies of Aliens! How hath he fed them
(with Bread from Heaven, and made them to
fuck Honey out of the Rock! Yea, He hath

caused the Rock to give forth Water abun-
• dantly, and hath been to His People as a
• Brook in the Way (and the Shadow of a mighty
· Rock in a weary Land. So that from a sensible
• Experience we can say, to His Praise, Our
· Bread hath been sure, and our Water hath not

failed, as we have singly relied on Him. Oh! · His Goodness is unutterable, and His Faithfuli

ness hath never failed thein that have trusted ' in Him. When have we ever been in Prison • for His Sake, and He hath not visited and

comforted us there? What Sufferings have any undergone on His Account, and He hath not


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. abundatly recompensed the Loss ? Nay, hath 1694. . He not often stopped the Mouths of Lions, and by - reproved Rulers for the Sake of His People, ' saying, Touch not mine Anointed, and do my * Prophets no Harm. In all our Exercises He

hath been with us, and He hath stood by us in * our forest Trials; yea, He hath caused His

Angel to encamp round about us, so that no << Weapon formed against us hath profpered; but

every Tongue that hath risen up against us,

the Lord hath given us Power to condemn : . Blessed be His holy Name, and exalted and magnified be His glorious Power for ever.

These Things and much more than I can write, I doubt not but ye, my dear Friends, are Witnesses of ; ye especially, my elder Brethren, who were called early in the Morning

of this Day, and have stood faithful in your "Testimony for God until now, who from your ‘own both early and late Experiences cani set your Seals to the Truth hereof; and unto you

I do believe this brief Commemoration of the . Goodness and loving Kindness of the Lord to ‘His People, will be pleasing and delightful, as 'I hope it may prove useful and profitable unto sus all, in the stirring up of the pure Mind,

and putting us in fresh Remembrance of the ' Lord's manifold Favours towards us, and gra

cious Dealings with us; which should be as Sa renewed Engagement upon us to cleave fait

unto the Lord, and in Humility of Heart, to 'walk closely with Him, both that we may, as . far as in us lies, answer His great loving Kind



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