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time: such, that men rather chuse carelessly to lose the sweet of the kernell, than to urge their teeth with breaking the shell wherein it was wrapped: and therefore, since that which is unseen is almost undone, and that is almost unseen which is unconceived, either I would say nothing to be untalked of, or speak with my mouth open that I may be understood.

Thirdly, the end of this pains was a satire ; but the end of my satire, a further good: which whether I attain or no, I know not; but let me be plain with hope of profit, rather than purposely obscure only for a bare name's sake.

Notwithstanding, in the expectation of this quarrel, I think my First Satire: doth somewhat resemble the sour and crabbed face of Juvenal's : which I, endeavouring in that, did determinately omit in the rest, for these forenamed causes, that so I might have somewhat to stop the mouth of every accuser. The rest to each man's censure: which let be as favourable as so thankless a work can deserve or desire.

This Post-script having been published with “ The Three Last Bookes, of Byting Satyres,” by the < First Satire” here is to be understood the First of the Fourth Book. EDITOR.





Abandon-To remove, to banish.
Aberration-A wandering.
Abide-To await.
Ablude-To differ, to deviate.
Ablative-Por removal, taking away.
Abstension—The act of withholding or

keeping off,
Accension-Kindling, enflaming, Aame.
Acclaim_To applaud
Accumbent-One who lies or sits at meals.
Acknown-Marked, discovered, known.
Action--The session of an assembly.
Additament- Addition.
Adiaphorist-One who is neutral or indif.

ferent. AdiaphorousNeutral, indifferent. Adjection-An addition, Adscititious Assumed, counterfeit. Adulterine-Polluted, not genuine. Advertisement-Information. Affamish-To famish. Affectation-Desire, Affective-Relating to the affections,

Antevert-To prevent.
Anthropopathy-A figure whereby human

passions are attributed to God. Antichthones—Antipodes, men living on

the opposite side of the earth. Antiperistatis—When heat or cold is

rendered more intense by being beset with its contrary, Antonomasy-A figure, by which an ap

pellative is substituted for a proper name. Apaid-Dealt with, satisfied, rewarded. Apertion-Opening. Apostate-To apostatize. A postating—Apostatizing. Apotactical-Disorderly, Appay—To discharge, to satisfy. Appetition-Longing, desire. Appose-To question, to puzzle. Apprecation--Prayer. Apprecatory-Praying, of the nature of

prayer, Apprehensive-Ready to conceive, Apprize-To appraise, to value. Approof_Evidence, approbation. Appropinquation—Near approach. Arbitrable-Decided, determined. Aread_To guess. Aretinisms-Impurities : so named from

Peter Aretine. Argutation-Reasoning. Arrectary-The upright beam of the cross,

as far as the transverse.
Arreption-Snatching away.
Aspectable-Capable of being seen.
Assassinates Assassinations.
Assay—To state, to satisfy.
Assecurance-Assurance, security.
Assecuration–The act of rendering 'se-

Assoil-To answer.
Assume-To take up.
Astipulate-To agree, to vouch.
Astonied-Amazed, confounded.
Astructive-Opposed to destructive.


Affeign-To pretend, to imagine.
Aglai-Honourable persons.
Aitiology-Causes, use.
Allocution-An address to another.
Alonely-Solitary, single.
Aloof off-At a distance.
Amate-To subdue, to humble,
Ainbients—Persons surrounding.
Ambulatory-A walking-place.'
Amotton-Putting away.
Amphibolies Ambiguities.
Ampliate-To extend, to enlarge.
Anachorel-A hermit,
Angariation-A pressing or forcing of alle

other to ap action.
Angelicama berb.
Anoiling—The act of anointing with 'oil
Anomy-Transgression of the law.
Antelucan-Before daylight, early,


Champerty, or Champertie-Confederacy Atoned— At peace.

in quarrels. Atonement Reconciliation.

Chae-Work. Atrophy-A want of due nourishment, Chary-Careful. languor.

Chiliasts—They who expect the personal Attrition—A slighter sorrow for sin.

reign of Christ for a thousand years on Attach-To arrest.

earth. Avoid-To render void, to prevent. Chronography-The time of an event. Avoidance-Absence.

Circuition-Going round or about.

Circumduction- A leading about. Balk-To refuse.

Claw-To tickle, or flatter. Bandog-A dog chained.

Clerkly-Scholar-like, Barking at-Being barked at.

Clientage-o the condition of clients or Barretor-A wrangler.

• dependants. Bay-windows-Bow-windows.

Clientele—The condition of clients or de. Beat-To determine.

pendants. Bedumb-To render dumb.

Climacterical-Critical age. Begun-Pledged in drinking.

Clodder-To clot together. Behoof-Advantage.

Coaction-Force, authority. Beleague-To combine.

Coarctation-Confinement, restraint. Beleagur-"To besiege.

Coarcted-Confined, restrained. Belike-Probably.

Cocker-To pamper. Belime-To besmear.

Coetaneous-Being of the same age or Belking-Lurking.

time. Benefacture-Doing good.

Cogged—Pretended. Beslave-To enslave.

Cogging-Pretending. Bestead—To befriend, to serve, to treat. Cognation-Relationship. Bevy- A brood, a company.

Cogoizance-A crest, tokeo. Biggin--A cap or coif.

CognoscibleCapable of being known.
Blank-To disappoint, to damp, to refute. Cohortation-An exhortation.
Bloughty-Bloated, huge.

Coil-Tumult, burry, confusion,
Blurt-To blab, to speak inconsiderately. Collection-An inference,
Bolt-To sift.

Collogaing-Fawning, cringing.
Boot-To benefit.

Colluding-Deceiving. Boulimy-A disease in which the patient Collybists-Money-changers, Bankers. eats like an ox.

Commensals-Fellowship at table. Boute-feux-Sowers of strife or sedition. Commessations-Revellings, junketings, Bouzing-Toping, drinking lavishly.

· particularly after supper. Brabble--To clamour ; a clamour. Commination-A threatening. Brabbling-Clamouring.

Comminatory-Threatening. Bran-A class.

Commingle-To mingle together. Brewess-Bread sopped in broth.

Commonitive-Admonitory. Burgen-Toʻspring forth, or bud.

Commoration-Residence, abode. Burse-An exchange, a market-place. Commove-To disturb, to occasion con. Byss-Fine linen.


Compellation-An address. Capernaitical_A carnal interpretation of Compete-To equal. the eating of Christ's body.

Competitioning-Entering into competiCaptation- The practice of catching fa

tion. your.

Complie-An accomplice. - Career—To run at full speed.

Complotting-Plotting together. Cark-To be careful or anxious.

Compost—To manure. Carle-A clown, a churle.

Comprehensor-He who has obtained. Cassation-The act of making null and Compurgator-He who vouches for others. void.

Conceit-To imagine. Catabaptist-An impugner of infant-bap- Concertation- A contest. tism.

Concorporate-To unite with. Catachrestically-Ia a remote or abused Concredit-To entrust. sense.

Concussation-A concussion. Cautelous--Cautious.

Condescent-Permission, acquiescence. Celature—The art of engraving or cutting Conduction-Leading. in metals,

Congestion-Heaping together. Celebrious -Famous, renowned.

Copnivancy-Winking at. Celibate-Single state.

Confer to-To agree to. Censing-Perfuming with censers.

Conquisition-Bringing together., Cension—A census, taxation.

Consectaries-Inferences, consequences. Censure—Judgment; to judge, to deter- Conserve-To preserve. mine.

Considerable-To be considered. Champertous-Confederated in a quarrel. Consiga--To entrust, to hand down.

Consignation-Sealing, signing.

Denotation-A mark, token. Conspersion--Sprinkling.

Denude-To make naked. Conspiration-Union.

Deordination-Disorder. Conspurcation-Defilement.

Deploration-Lamentation. Constupration-Deflowering, violation. Deprehension-Detection, Contaction-Touch.

Derive-To direct. Contesseration-A leaguing between stran Design-To point out. gers.

Destitution-A state of want." Contest-A fellow-witness.

Determine--To finish. Contestation-Combined witnessing. Detestation-Wishing; a, witnessing to Contignation--A frame, &c. of beams or the contrary. boards.

Detrect-To refuse, or decline. .. Contra-yerva-A species of birthwort, Detrectation-Tbe act of refusing or degrowing in Jamaica.

clining. Contruth-To agree in testimony.

Detrusion-The act of thrusting down. Convent–To summon, to convene.

Devolution—The act of devolving. Convict-To prove.

Dichotomize-To divide into two parts. Conviction-A reproof of others.

Diet-A class, society, taste. Convince-To prove, refute, shew.

Dietetical-Relating to diet or food. Cope- A priest's cloak or hood.

Dilaniation-Tearing in pieces. Corporals--The communion cloths used in Dilater--A diffuser. the Romish Church.

Dilation-Delay. Correlation-Reciprocal relation.

Dilatory-Deferring to a long period. Correption-Reproof.

Dimication Contention. Corrival-A rival.

Dimitted-Dismissed. Corrivality-Rivalship.

Dint-A stroke. Counterfeisance-Counterfeiting.

Diremption-Dissolution. Cruciation-Torment.

Direption or Disreption-Plundering. Cruze-To crush.

Disappoint-Disappointment. Cynosure-The north-star, what attracts Disagreeable-Unsuitable. the eye.

Discern-To cause to differ, to distin

guish. Dagbes-point-The point of a leather Discerption- A division, rent. latchet.

Discession—Departure. Damage faisant-Doing injury.

Disclamation-Being disclaimed, the act Darklings-Being in the dark.

of disclaiming. Dative--Giving.

Discruciate—To torment. Day-Time.

Discuss-To dismiss. Day-Used in the sense of Judgment: a Disdoubt-To doubt.

Grecism; the Greek word for Judg. Disherson-Disinheriting. ment being nuspai, a day.

Disjunct-Making opposition or separa. Deal-Quantity, portion.

tion. Debellation Subduing by war, warring Disparition-Disappearing. against.

Disperse-To make known. Decertation-A dispute.

Disport-Sport. Decline-To draw, to bend.

Disrespective-Careless. Decursion—The act of running or runr. Disruption -Breaking asunder. ping down.

Disseised-Dispossessed. Deduce-To withdraw, to branch from, to Dissolute-Loose in meaning. derive.

Dissolution--Melting. Defalk--To fail in.

Distermine or Disterminate --To place at Defatigation-Weariness.

a distance. Defeazance-Aanulling.

Distract-To divide. Defer-To withhold.

Distraught-Distracted. Degustation-Taste.

Disvaluation-Disesteem. Dejected-Afflicted, overthrown, humbled. Diswont-To bring to disuse. . Dejectedness-Humble condition.

Ditation-Enriching. Dejection-Humiliation.

Dition--Rule, dominion. Dejeration-A solemn oath.

Dittany-The herb garden-ginger, Delation--An accusation..

Diversion-Turning away. Delator-An accaser.

Divestiture-The act of stripping. Delatory-Accusing.

Divident-Distinct. Delectation-Delight.

Divinatory--Predictive. Demandate-To entrust, to enjoin. . Divulgation-Making known. Demerit—To confer obligations.

Dirulsion-Plucking off or away, Demigration-Removing froin place to Divulsive-Tearing away. place.

Dole- A Gift.

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