Sivut kuvina

Corrugated Iron.--See Iron, &c.
Cotton,--See Woven Manufactures (Cotton).
Crystals.-See Alkali.
Disinfectants.-See Bleaching Materials.
Dogs.-Tr. zoj each.
Drapery.-See Cottons, &c.
Druggists' Materials.-See Barytes; also Bleaching Materials.
Druggists' Sundries.-Sce Sal Ammoniac.
Dye o tuffs.-See Indigo.
Earth-Closets.-See Earthenware.
Eau de Cologne.-See Perfumery.
Earthenware and Porcelain, a v.-B. Empty stoneware bottles free, bricks,

3/ per 1,000, all other 4% a v; BG. Bricks 1/3 per 1,000, other 7%;
CGH. Telegraphic materials free, other kinds 15%; C. Bricks and
tiles, apparatus and parts of machinery free, other kinds 64%; Hon.
Per lb. earthen, stone, and china ware, according to quality, d to
14d; I. All kinds free; Ja. Bricks (not Bath), pipes for conveying
fluid, tiles free, other kinds 12%; M. Bricks and tiles, apparatus
for manufacture or improvement of produce free, other kinds 61 ;
N. Bricks, fire-bricks and tiles 5%; NF. All kinds 13%; NSW. All
kinds free; NZ. Drainage pipes, tiles, and bottles empty, all
materials specially imported for the construction of gas-works, water.
pipes not otherwise described, and all materials specially imported
for the construction of waterworks free, earthenware, chinaware,
porcelain and parian ware'15%; Q. All kinds 71%; SÁ. chinaware
and earthenware not enumerated 15%, (NT.) 10%, tiles, brown
earthenware, 25%; Tas. Water pipes, drain pipes, draining tiles,
fire and building bricks free, chimney-pots gd per cwt, all other
kinds 10%: Tr. 4% a v; WA. Drainage pipes and tiles, and earth.
closets 5%, stone bottles and telegraphic materials 10%, other kinds

12%. Electrical Apparatus.--See Brass, Copper, &c.; also Earthenware ; also

Glass, &c.; also Indiarubber, &c. Electrotypes.--See Lead, &c. Engine Fittings.-See Iron, &c. Epsom Salts, a v.-B. 4%; BG. 7%; CGH. 15%; C.6%; 1. Free; Ja. 12}%;

M. 61%; N. 5; NF. 8%; NSW. Free; NZ. 15%; Q. 71%; SA.

10% : Tas. Free ; Tr. Free; WA. 121%. Essences, per gall.-NSW. With not more than 25% of proof spirits 4), over

25% 14!. Fenders.-See Brass, Copper, &c. Fencing Wire.--See Iron, &c. Firo Arms.-N. Guns 20/ each ; pistols or barrels 5/ each. Fire Bricks.-See Earthenware. Fireclay, a v.-B. 4%; BG. 7%; CGH. 15%; C. Free ; !. Free ; Ja. 12$, ; M.

61%; N. 5%; NF. 13%; N8W. Free; NZ, Free ; Q. 75%; SA.

Free ; Tas. Free; Tr. Free ; WA. 123%. Fire Engines. -See Brass, Copper, &c.; also Iron and Steel. Fire Irons.-Sec Brass, Copper, &c. Fish.-B. Dried 24d per cwt, pickled zd per barrel, other kinds 4% av; BG.

2'1 and 10 to 8'4. respectively; CGH. Dried and pickled 9/4
(but produce of Africa, free); C. Dried ud per cwt, pickled und
per barrel; Hon. Per lb id; l. Free; Ja, Dried 3?!! per cwt,
smoked salınon 18/8 per cwt, wet or salted 10/6 per barrel of 200 lbs,
other kinds 12% a v; M. Dried and pickled 1,0 per cwt ; N. Dried
and pickled 5% av; NF. Cod and haddock 6'3 per cwt, other kinds
free ; NSW. Dried and pickled 9/4 per cwt; NZ. 21:9.5/, preserved
2/ per doz Ibs, salted and dried 5/ per barrel ; SA. Dried and salted,
and sardines (except in pickle or brine), 94 per cwt. ;, preserved
fexcept sardines), fish paste 13-8 per cwt. (NT.) Dried 9'4 per cwt,

pickled 10% a v; Tas. Ditto Tr. Dried 9/4 ; WA, 12av.
Floor Cloth.-See Linen.
Flour.-See Corn.
Fuller's Earth.- See Bleaching Materials.
Furs.--See Hides, Skins, &c.


Gasaliers.-See Brass, Copper, &c
Ghee.-Tr. 9/4.
Gin.-See Spirits
Glass and Glasswares, a v.-8. Bottles, empty free, other kinds 4%; BG.

Electric lighting and telegraphic apparatus free, other kinds 7%;
CGH. Telegraphic materials, &c., bottles of common glass, im-
ported full free, other kinds 15%; C. All kinds 64%; Hon. Per lb,
glass and manufactures d ;l. All kinds free; Ja. All kinds 125%;
M. Glass bottles full, except fancy bottles or decanters, free, other
kinds 64%; N. Glass and glasswares 5% ; NF. All kinds 13%; NSW.
All kinds free ; NZ. Bottles of all kinds, empty (except for druggists
fittings), photographic goods, stained glass for churches, school
apparatus free, crown, sheet and common window glass 2/ per 100 ft
sup., plate, polished, coloured and other kinds of glass not otherwise
enumerated 15%, sashes glazed with ornamental glass 4! per pair,
ditto with plain glass 2! per pair, glass-ware and looking.glasses 15%;
Q. All kinds 71%; SA. silvered glass, glassware, cut, engraved,
etched, or ground, and bottles (except medicine bottles) 25%, other

10%; Tas. 7%; Tr. Free ; WA. Bottles 5%, other kinds 121%. Gloves.-See Cottons, &c.; also Hides, &c.; also Woven Manufactures. Gold and Silver Wares, a v.-B. All kinds 4%; BG. All kinds 7%; CGH.

All kinds 15%; C. All kinds 63%; Hon. Per lb, jewellery, gold duble 1/8; 1. All kinds free ; Ja. All kinds 12%; M. All kinds 61% N. All kinds 5%; NF. All kinds 13%; NSW. All kinds free; NZ. Ali kinds 15%; 0 Jewellery and plate 25% a v; SA. Gold leaf free, other kinds 10%, jewellery, silverware 25%; Tas. All kinds 12}%; Tr. All

kinds 4%; WA. All kinds 20%. Gold Leaf.-See Gold and Silver Wares. Goloshes. - See Hides, Skins, &c.; also Indiarubber, &c. Grease, a v.-B. Tallow 2/3 per cwt, other 4%; BG. 7%; CGH. Tallow

164 per 100 lbs; C. Free; I. Free; Ja. Tallow, grease, tallowgrease, or grease and slush free ; M. Bone oil free, other 64%; N. 5%; NF. Tallow 5%, other 13%; NSW. Free; NZ. Free; Q. Tallow 14 per cwt, other 15%; SA. Turpentine and varnish 6d. per

gall. ; NT. Free ; Tas. Tallow and suet free ; Tr. Free ; WA. 12%. Grindstones and Millstones, av:-B. 4%; BG. Millstones free, grindstones

7%; COH. 15%; C. Free; I. Free ; Ja. Mills, parts of, free, other kinds 12%; M. Machinery for manufacture of produce free, other 64%; NF Parts of machinery 8%, other kinds 13%; NSW. Free ; NZ. Free; Q. Machinery for manufacturing purposes free; SA. Free ; Tas. Free ; Tr. Machinery for manufacture of produce free,

other kinds 4%; WA. Millstones 5%, grindstones 12%. Gunpowder.-N. per lb. 6d ; Tr. 9/4. Guns.-N. each 20). Gutta Percha.--See Indiarubber, &c. Haberdashery.--See Indiarubber, &c.; also Linen, &c.; also Woven Manu

factures. Hams.-See Bacon and Hams. Handkerchiefs.-See Linen, &c. Hardware.--See Household Furniture. Hats (Beaver, Silk and Felt) a v.-8. 4%; BG. 7%; CGH. 15%; C. 65%; 1.

Free ; Ja. 12%; M. 64%; N. 5%; NF. 13%; N8W. Free; NZ. 15%; Q. 71%; SA. from 8' to £28s per doz, not enumerated 25%;

(NT.) 10%; Tas. 10%; Tr. 4%; WA. 121%. Hemp.-See Linen. Hides, Skins and Leather (Unwrought and Wrought), a v.-B. Hides and

skins, raw free, other kinds 4%; BG. All kinds 7%; CGH. Boots, &c. 2/ to 8/ per doz pairs, with 10% a vin addition, other 15%; C. All kinds 61%; Hon. Per lb, according to quality. 4}d to 1), leather 4şd, wares 1/; 1. All kinds free ; Ja. Raw hides, pipes for conveying Auids, free, other kinds 12%; M. All kinds 63% ; N. 5%; NF. Not tanned, curried, or dressed free, leather 15% a v; NSW. All kinds free; NZ. Boots, &c. 2/ to 12' per doz pairs, leather, role, 4 '8 per cwt, other kinds 9/4, manufactures 15%; Q. Leather 37.4, boots and shoes, men's 22/ per dozen pairs, youths' 14. boys' 121, women's 13., girls' 11', small do. (Nos. 7 to 10) 8 ; SA. Hides and skins, raw, free, boots and shoes from 11/6 to 33' per doz. pairs, harness, saddlery made up, Hides, Skins and Leather-continued.

and leatherware, all kinds 25%; (NT.) Boots and shoes 10%, leather, patent, kid, &c., free, other 10%; Tas. Hides and skins, raw and unmanufactured free, leather and all goods manufactured therefrom, in whole or in part, including hides and skins dressed in any manner 10%; Tr. Leather manufactures, being, boots, shoes, slippers and leggings of all kinds, harness and saddlery 4%;WA. Hose 5%, hides, raw, free, and apparatus for raising and distributing water

10%, all other 5%, saddlery and harness 20%. Hops.---B. 4% av; BG. 7% a v; CGH. 10% a v; C. free; Hon. }d lb; I. free;

Ja. 12 % a v; M. 61% a v; N. 5% a v; NF.13% a v; NSW. 3d lb;
NZ. 61 lb; Q. 6d Ib; 8A. 6d Ib; (NT.) 3d Ib; Tas. 2d 1b; Tr.

free ; WA. 4d Ib. Horses. -B. Foals, horses belonging to equestrian companies and taken away

with them, and race horses after the first importation, if drawback has not been claimed, free, other horses, under 131 hands 10 each, ditto of or above 131 hands ta each ; BG. horses, stallions under 145 hands £20 168 8d each, all other horses £1 98 ad each; CGH. free ; C. free; I. free; Ja. 10/ each ; M. Free; N. Free, with a registra. tion charge ; NF.126 each ; NSW. Free; NZ. Free; Q. Free ; SA.

Free; Tas. Free ; Tr. 62 2s 6d each ; WA. Free. Hose.-See Hides, &c. Hosiery.-See Cotton, &c. ; also Indiarubber, &c.; also Linen, &c.; also

Woven Manufactures. Household Furniture, a v.-B. 4%; BG. 7%; CGH. 15%; C. 63%; l. Free

Ja. 121%; M. 61%; N. 5%; NF. H. F. settlers, free, manufactures of wood (except cabinet wares) 20%, other furniture 13%; NSW. Free ; NZ. 15%; Q. Imported with and by passengers for use, free, other 71%; SA. 25%; (NT.) 10%; Tas. Cabin furniture (passengers arriving in the Colony) free, other kinds 10%; Tr. Hardware 4%, furniture 4%; WA. Cabin furniture (passengers arriving in the

Colony) free, other 20%. Indiarubber and Gutta Percha (Unwrought and Wrought), a v.-B. All kinds

4%; BG. Electric lighting and telegraphic apparatus free, Other kinds 7%; CGH. Goloshes 21 per dozen pairs with 10% a v additional, other kinds (unmanufactured) free; c. All kinds 61%; Hon. per lb, manufactured 4d; Ja. Pipes for conveying Auids free, other kinds 121% av; M. All kinds 61% av; N. Indiarubber, unmanufactured, with a registration charge of 1/ per ton or 6d per package, free, other kinds 7% a v; NF. All kinds 13% a v; NSW. All kinds free; NZ. Gutta percha manufactures not being wearing apparel, and not otherwise enumerated, boot elastic, rubber-cloth (carriage and coach builders'), free, goloshes 26 per dozen pairs, apparel and ready-made clothing of all sorts 15% a v, floorcloth, haberdashery, hosiery, leather cloth bags and leather cloth 15% a v, other articles free; Q. All kinds 7.% av; SA, Goloshes, indiarubber cushions, druggists' tubing 10% a v, other kinds free; Tas. Boot elastic and indiarubber sheeting for engine fittings free, other kinds 10% a v; Tr. waterproof articles (textiles and wearing apparel) 4% a y, other kinds free; WA. Telegraphic instruments 10% a v,

other kinds 5%. Indigo.-B. 1% a v; BG. 7% a v; CGH. 15% a v; C. 61% a v; Ja. 61 8s per

cwt ; M. 61% a v; N. 5% a v; NF. Free; NSW. Blue 94 per cwt, other free ; NZ. Blue 9/4 per cwt, other free; Q. Blue 94 per cwt, other 78%'a v; 8A. Blue 9/4 per cwt, other 10% a v; Tas. Dye stuffs for manufacturing purposes free, other 10% a v; Tr. Free;

WA. 121% a v. Ink.--See Paper, &c. Iron and Iron Wares (Plain and Galvanised, Pig. Bar, Rod, Plate, Sheet, and

Hoop). - B. Hoops, bars and rods 715} per ton, other 1% a v, machinery for cultivation or manufacture of sugar free ; BG. 10% av; CGH. Bar free, rod 5% a v, other (except railway and telegraph mate rials free) 15%'a v, agricultural implements (except Kafir hoes and picks)5%av,sheet iron (not corrugated) free; C. Railwayand hoop free, vig, 4/8) per ton, bar and rod 776, plate and sheet 914; Hon. Per 1bd, manufactures 14d, medical instruments 4fd., l. Free ; Ja. 12%a v; M.61%av;'N. Pig, hoop and tram rails free, NF. Boiler and ship plates and pig free, other 8% a v; NSW. Corrugated bars or sheets 40/ per ton, other free; NZ. Free; Q. Free; SA. Boilers 25%, iron or steel columns, girders (rolled or riveted), pipes, tubes, nails Iron and Iron Wares-continued.

and screws £2 per ton ; (NT.) Iron and ironwares free; Tas. Free: Tr. 4% a v; WA. Iron and steel wire, standards and staples for fencing 10 a ton, iron gates, hurdles, and wrought bars for fencing 1/ per

cwt, iron and steel, unworked, bar, sheet, rod, plate and hoop iron, pig iron free, other 5%. Galvanised and other kinds.-B. Nails 1/14 per cwt, other 8% av; BG.

Part free, part 7% av; CGH. Galvanised 15% av; anchors and ship cables free, fencing wire and agricultural implements 10% ay; other 15% av; C. Galvanised 28/14, per ton, angle and Swedish bar 9/4.,

corrugated iron 13/11, nails and rivets 23/7!, other 5% a v;!. Free ; Ja. Part free, part 121% a y; M. 61% a v; N. Galvanised s% a v, fencing and agricultural implements free, all materials for bridges, railways, or ţelegraphs free; NF. Part free, other 8% to 20% av; NSW. Galvanised bars or sheets 40 per ton manufactures 60!, other kinds—wire 201, nails 401, other free ; NZ. Galvanised corrugated sheet 40/ per ton, tiles and rivets £1, other 2/ per cwt, other kinds-bolts, pipes, rails, wire-netting, &c. free, fencing-wire 1/ per cwt, other 15% a v, or 2 to 4 per cwt ; Q. Galvanised corrugated iron (pig, piping, and sheet) 21 per cwt, iron ware 7 % a v, other kinds-corrugated, wire, nails, castings 3/ per cwt, iron tanks 8) each, furniture springs 5%, boiler plates and tubes, buckles, cart and carriage springs, malleable iron and copper piping, steel rails, tools, portable engines, and machinery (except motive power) free; 8A. Galvanised sheet (plain) and wire free, corrugated 30/ per ton, manufactures 25%,(NT.) 15% a v, other kinds -rails, tanks, wire, fencing, &c., free, other 10% or 15% a v ; Tas. Galvanised wire rope free, other ş%av; other kinds-railway rails. chain cables, engine fittings, &c. free, fencing od per cut, nails 2/6, castings 1/6, bolts and nuts 2/6, harrows, horse-hoes, horse-rakes, ploughs, and scarifiers 5% a v, iron bar-rod, plates, and machinery free, other 10% av; Tr. 4% a y; WA. Galvanised, sheet, plain, free, other kinds--fencing-wire 1/ per cwt, nails, pipes, wire netting

5% a v, other 10 or 12% a v. Machinery.--8.8% av; BG. Free ; CGH. Agricultural, mining and

sawing free, other 15% a v; C. Free; I. Free; Ja. Free ; M. For manufacture or improvement of produce of the Colony free, other 61% a v; N. Part free, picks and hoes, each 6d ; part 5% a vi NF. Agricultural and other machinery free, steam and hydraulic machinery and propellers 10% a v; NSW. Free; NZ. Free; Q: Free ; SA. Weaving, four-milling, paper-making free, engines and parts (ex. gas, portable, and traction), icemaking, cooling, and punching machines 25% a v; other part 20% a v, part 15% a v, (NT.) Weaving, four-milling, paper-making, free, other part free, part 5'; Tas. Part free, part 5% av; Tr. For manufacture of produce free, other 4% av; WA. For boring for water or coal free,

other 5% a v. Iron Wares.-See Iron, &c. Jams, &c.-See Confectionery. Jewellery.--See Gold and Silver Wares. Jute. -See Linen, Hemp and Jute. Kerosine.--See Oils. Lamps.-See Carriages. Lard.-Tr. 3! Lead and Leadwares.--8. Lead, old free, sheet and pipe. I'll per cwt,

other kinds 47 av; BG. Printing type and material and pipes for gas works free, shot 94 per cwt, other kinds 7% a v; CGH. Printers' materials free, other kinds, unwrought and wrought 15% a v; C. Printing materials free, lead, sheet, pipe, pig, and shot 111d per cwt, other kinds 61% a v; Hon. Per lb id, manufactures d; 1. All kinds free ; JA. Pipes for conveying fluids free, other kinds 121% av; M. All kinds 61% a v; N. Printing type and machinery free, other kinds 5 a v; NF. Printing type and materials free, solder 8% a v, other kinds 13% a v; NSW. Shot s/ per cwt, other kinds free; NZ. Pig, bar, or sheet lead, building materials not Otherwise specified, gas pipes and machinery, and all material specially imported for the construction of gas works, paints, wet or dry; unmixed, printing type or materials, pumps and apparatus for raising water, water-pipes not otherwise described, and all material specially imported for the construction of water works, free, shor

Lead and Leadwares-continued.

10/ per cwt, lead and compo piping 36 per cwt, paints, mixed 21 per cwt, other kinds 15% a y; O. Lead, sheet and pig free, white and red 21 per cwt, shot 21 per cwt, other kinds 75% a y; 8A. Window sashes 4/ and 61 per pair, (INT.) 2 6, lead, pipe and sheet, also shot 2/6 per cwt, red and white lead 2 per cwt, other kinds free ; Tas. Lead ore, pig lead, printing type and materials free, shot 9/4 per cwt, white and red lead and lead paint 4/8 per cut, lead milled, sheet or piping 2/6 per cwt, other kinds 10% a v; Tr. All kinds 4% a v; WA. Lead, pig, sheet, and piping 2/6 per cwt, shot 5/ per

cwt, brewery and distillery plant, type, 5% a v, other kinds 121% a v. Leather and Leather Wares.-See Hides and Skins. Leggings.-See Hides, &c. Lime.--See Bleaching Materials; also Cement, Linen, Hemp and Jute Yarns and Thread.-See Yarns and Thread (Linen,

Hempen and Jute). Linen, Hemp and Jute.-See Woven Manufactures. Machinery: -See Brass, Copper, &c., also Earthenware, also Grindstones,

also Iron, &c., also Lead, &c., also Zinc, &c.
Magazines.-See Paper, &c.
Manures.-See Alkali, also Oil Cake.
Matches, Lucifer and Wax.-B. Boxes containing 100 matches each, and so

in proportion, */ per gross; BG. Matches, per gross of boxes 60 cts. ;
CGH. In boxes of not more than 100, and so in proportion for
larger boxes, 2/ per gross; C. 61% a v; I. Free; JÁ. Boxes con.
taining 100 matches each, and so in proportion, 5! per gross; M.
61% a v; N. In boxes, &c., of not more than 100, 1/ per gross, other
5% av; NF.13% a v; NSW. Free; NZ. 25% a v; Q.71% av; SA.
Tas. Letoss (except safety matches or part thereof); (NT.) Free ;

vestas 3!' per cubic foot, lucifer matches 1 ditto ; Tr. Matches, lucifer-boxes, or packages of not more than 120 matches

and in proportion above that number, 2,6 per gross; WA. 121% a v Mattresses.-See Household Furniture. Medals.-See Gold and Silver Ware. Metal Sheathing.–See Brass, Copper, &c. Methylated Spirit.-See Spirits. Mills.-See Iron, &c. Millinery.-See Linen, &c , also Woven Manufactures. Millstones.-See Grindstones. Mining Machinery.-See Iron, &c. (Machinery). Mirrors.--See Glass. Molasses.-See Sugar. Musical Instruments.-See Brass, Copper, &c. Nails.-See Brass, Copper, &c., alsс Iron &c. Newspapers.-See Paper, &c. Nitrates.-See Alkali, also Saltpetre. Oil Cake and Meal.-B. Oil meal and cake 5.1d cwt ; BG. Manure free, other

7% a v; CGH. 15% a v; C. Copperah and castor-seed Poonac free, Poonac s id cwt; Hon. Per lb, oilcake and meal fd; 1. Free; JA. Free;

M. Copperah, or Poonac, free, other kinds 61% a v; N. s%av; NF.13% a v; NSW. Free; NZ. Free ; Q. As manure, free, other 71% a v; SA. Free ; Tas. Oil cake, linseed free, other 10%

av; tr. Oil meal 1,14 per cut, oil cake free; WA. 121% a v, Oil Cloth.-See Linen, &c. Oil Paintings.-See Pictures. Oils, per gall.-B. Kerosine z\d, other kinds 4% a v; BG. Oils giving off

inflammable vapour at 73° F. per gall 26, gasoline and all other (except essential, medicinal, perfumed and castor oil) per gall 1/0%; CGH Fish oils (raw), produce of Africa, free, chemical, essential, perfumed and castor 15%, other 6d gall; c. Kerosine, linseed and vegetable 61% a v, other free; Hon. Per lb, animal, mineral and vegetable d; I. Free; JA. 9d; M. 61% a v; N. Kerosine and linseed zd; other oils in gall vessels 6d; all others 5% a y;.NF. Palm 5% av, kerosine 3d per gall, other 13% a v; NSW. Animal, black, cocoanut and sperm free, other 6d ; NZ. Fish, olive and palm

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