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[blocks in formation]

$ cts.

cts. Brought forward.....

61,500 00 5,594,408 68 MISCELLANEOUS-Continued. To provide for the payment of the salary and contingencies of the office of the Paris agency,

3,500 00 To meet costs of litigated matters (Justice).

15,000 00 To meet costs of litigated matters (Interior)

1,000 00 To meet payments of Extra Clerks, for services rendered in preparation of Returns ordered by Parliament..

5,000 00 Maintenance, construction of roads, bridges and other necessary works in

connection with the Hot Springs Reservation, near Banff Station, North-west Territories .

6,000 00 Academy of Arts...

2,000 00 To assist in the publication of the Proceedings of the Royal Society. 5,000 00 Further amount required for plant for Printing Bureau

5,000 00 To meet cost of arbitration respecting the accounts between the Dominion

of Canada and the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec. (Payments on account of services rendered may be made to members of the Civil

Service, notwithstanding anything in the Civil Service Act)..... 10,000 00 Towards the expenses of determining the boundary line between Canada

and the United States of America between the southernmost point of Prince of Wales Island and the 141st ineridian of west longitude, and in Passamaquoddy Bay, including $2,500, amount required to recompense Mr. W. F. King for special services as Her Majesty's Commissioner under the Convention entered into at Washington in 1892 between the United States and Great Britain for the delimitation of certain portions of the existing boundary between the United States and Her Majesty's possessions in North America...

3,500 00 Classification of old records of Canada in office of the Privy Council. 1,000 00 To cover expenses of taking evidence concerning the Public Accounts, and

reporting the same to the Auditor General under authority of section 57 of the Consolidated Revenyo and Audit Act; and to pay for legal advice to the Auditor General.

500 00 To provide an amount for the relief of distressed Canadians in foreign countries other than the United States..

500 00 To pay for Massachusetts Reports for the Library, Department of Justice. 200 00 Grant'in aid of the meeting of the British Science Association in Toronto. 10,000 00 To defray the expenses of delimiting the boundary between Canada and

the United States along the frontiers of New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia...

75,000 00 To defray the expense of exploring, surveying, etc., the country lying between the Stickine River and the sources of the Yukon..

6,000 00 To pay for 500 bound copies of the report of the Deep Waterways Convention..

1,000 00 Amount required to pay John B. Davis, compensation in lieu of south

west quarter of section 18, township 18, range 15, west of 2nd meridian, which land was required by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company under section 99, 51 Vic., cap. 29.

1,000 00 Amount required to pay for six well augers for use in the North-west| Territories.

3,000 00 To pay Mrs. L. A. Kingsmill for typewriting analytical index of evidence before the Liquor Commission, 3,390 folios at 5c.

169 50 Further amount required for commutation in lieu of remission of duties on articles imported for the use of the Army and Navy..

250 00 To pay transport of the Hon. A. R. Dickey and party to Manitoba and return in connection with School Commission, March, 1896..

279 00 To pay costs of litigation in the case of Woodburn vs. the Queen.

1,000 00 Amount required to refund to Mr. James J. Foster, of Birtle, Manitoba,

the bonus paid by him for a timber berth in what was known as the “Disputed Territory”

225 00 Amount required to recoup the North-west Mounted Police for assistance to destitute Half-breeds during the years 1895-96 and 1896-97..

500 00 To provide for the purchase of 500 copies of the Canadian Parliamentary Companion....

1,000 00 Carried forward.

219,123 50 5,594,408 68

[blocks in formation]

35,000 00

500 00

5,000 00

To provide for another expedition by water to Hudson's Bay to settle, if

possible, the practicability of the route for commercial purposes.. In aid of completion of monument to soldiers of North-west rebellion, city

of Toronto and private citizens each to provide similar amounts... Towards the expenses of the meeting of the British Medical Association

in Montreal. To pay the Eau Claire and Bow River Lumber Company, as per Order in

Council of 13th July, 1895, in full of claim, on account of purchase
money of timber limits afterwards taken possession of by the C. P. R.

ERRATUM. -This item of $16,289 was not voted, and
is retained here only to account for the total amount.
Payment of transportation expenses of His Excellency Li Hung Chang

and suite through Canada from Niagara Falls to Vancouver.

[blocks in formation]


Rebellion, North-west Territories—To pay Lt.-Col. Achille Fraser, 88th

Batt. Militia, 1,185 days subsistence allowance up to August, 1888, at $3.50 per diem, while employed on special service at Winnipeg. Approved by Order in Council, *10th April, 1896....

4,147 50



Salaries and travelling expenses of Inspectors of Ports... .$ 3,000 00
Additional amount required.:

1,600 00 Miscellaneous- Amount required to ineet bookbinding, print

ing and stationery for the Customs Outside Service... 3,000 00 To pay a balance due on contingencies for the year 1895-6,

caused by the payment out of the contingencies vote for 1895-6 of the salaries of certain officers created by Order in Council and increases of salaries of other officers authorized by Order in Council..

10,751 94 Amount required to meet pay for three months to 30th Sep

tember, 1896, of officers appointed by Order in Council and to cover increases to officers under Order in Council for which no appropriation was obtained, and also to pay salaries for same period of officers employed who were not estimated for....

5,815 00 Further amount required to meet salaries and contingent ex.

penses of the several ports of entry in the various Pro-
vinces, viz. :--
Nova Scotia

825 00
New Brunswick...

900 00 Prince Edward Island

100 00 Quebec...

8,890 00 Ontario.

10,100 00 Manitoba

3,000 00 British Columbia

3,000 00

50,981 94

Carried forward....

50,981 94 5,877,468 68

[blocks in formation]


Salaries of Officers and Inspectors of Excise, and to provide

for increase depending upon the resuit of Excise Examina-

.$311,081 75 To provide for extra at large distilleries and other factories..

6,000 00 To provide for duty-pay to officers serving long hours at other than special survey.

1,000 00 Preventive Service ..

8,500 00 Travelling expenses, rent, fuel, stationery, etc

47,500 00 Stamps for imported and Canadian Tobacco

19,000 00 To pay Collectors of Customs allowance on duty collected by them....

5,500 00 Commission to sellers of stamps for Canadian Twist Tobacco. 100 00 To enable the Department to supply Methylated Spirits to

manufactories, the cost of which will be recouped by manufacturers to whom they are supplied ; and to pay for rent, light, power, freight, salaries, etc...

70,000 00 To pay L. A. Frechette for technical translation

100 00

468,781 75


Salary of Inspector.
Specification Clerks
Book-keeper and Messenger..
Pay of Cullers.....
Superannuated Cullers

.$ 1,800 00

2,250 0)

700 00 3,500 00 2,250 00 7,200 00

17,700 00

WEIGHTS, MEASURES, GAS AND ELECTRIC LIGHT INSPECTION. Salaries of Officers, Inspectors and Assistant Inspectors of

Weights and Measures, including extension of the service in North-west or elsewhere...

.$ 56,850 00 Salaries of Inspectors of Gas.

15,150 00 Rent, fuel, travelling expenses, postage, stationery, etc., for Weights and Measures

15,950 00 Rent, fuel, travelling expenses, postage, stationery, etc., for Gas

8,000 00 To provide for the purchase of Standard Instruments, Salaries,

5,000 00 To provide for the payment of Standard Instruments already purchased or ordered last fiscal year..

4,000 00


104,950 00

For the purchase and distribution of standards of flour, etc., and other

expenditure under the Act.....

3,000 00

Carried forward

545,413 69 15,877,468 68

[blocks in formation]



[blocks in formation]

Railways. Intercolonial Railway...

$ 3,200,000 00 To provide water closets and sewerage at Rimouski..

200 00 Prince Edward Island Railway.

245,000 00 Windsor Branch Railway..

20,000 00 Compassionate allowance to Albert Coffin

and family as sufferers by the accident
on the Intercolonial Railway at Lévis 500 00

-$ 3,465,700 00


533,920 00
43,000 00

15,000 00

1,000 00

Repairs and working expenses...
Salaries and contingencies, Canal Office..
Additional pay to persons permanently

employed in the Public Service and re-
muneration to any other persons for ser-
vices rendered for and in connection with
passing vessels through the canals of the
Government of Canada, from midnight
on Saturdays to midnight on Sundays,
notwithstanding anything in the Civil

Service Act to the contrary.
Beauharnois Canal-
Repairs (repairing wall at Upper En-

To refund overpayment of rent on lot of

Lachine Canal-
To pay J. B. Papineau wages during the

time he was laid up from injuries
received while on duty on 10th July,

1895, 143 days at $1.25 .
To pay Messrs. W. & G. H. Tate for put-

ting vessels in dry dock and winter

ing them.. Cornwall Canal-Repairs (General). Williamsburg Canals-Repairs (General). St. Anne's Lock-Repairs (General).. Carillon and Grenville Canal-Repairs (General) ..

Carried forward.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Mail Service....

$ 2,336,000 00 Salaries and Allowances.

1,223,295 00 Miscellaneous...

207,120 00 To provide for the difference between $14,118.50, the amount

due to the Canadian Pacific Railway Company under Order in Council 19th Feb., 1896, until the 30th June, 1896, on a readjustment of the rates on various branches, and $7,100, the amount voted last Session..

7,018 50 To provide for the amount to become due the Canadian

Pacific Railway Company for the year ending 30th
June, 1897, under Order in Council 19th Feb., 1896... 14,118 50

3,787,552 00

[blocks in formation]

8,545,976 50 5,877,468 68

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