Sivut kuvina

Acetic Acid.-See Vinegar.
Acids. -Gr. Sulphuric (vitriol, hydrochloric, spirits of salts), nitric, phenic, and

all others d per 2.84 lbs ; Rus. Azotic acid, salt of barium and
strontium 7/74 per poud; Sz. Şulfocyanure of aluminum 410 per
cwt, sulphurous acid compressed old per cwt, liquid ammonia in
receptacles of wrought iron 2/91 per cwt, liquid carbolic acid gd;
Nic. Chlorhydric, muriatic, sulphuric, and nitric id per lb,

carbolic, acetic, and oxalic ad per lb, liquid ammonia ad per lb. Agricultural Implements and Machinery.--See Brass and Copper; also

Iron and Steel. Ale.-See Beer and Ale. Alkali, per cwt. --A. Carbonate of soda, unrefined or crystallised 9 d, bicarbonate

of soda 3.0, caustic soda 403, soda ash 1/27; B. All kinds free; Br. Alkaloids or natural and artificial bases and their salts, not specially named, '100 per gramme; D. Caustic soda, crystals of soda, soda ash free ; F. Caustic soda 2'7!, carbonate of soda refined, of 60 degrees or above 18, crystals of soda old, bicarbonate of soda 21); G. Caustic soda 2.0, soda ash and bicarbonate of soda 131, soda, raw, natural or artificial, and crystals of soda od ; Gr. L 125.: H. All kinds free ; 1. Soda, caustic, pure 2/0), ditto impure 2 d : N. Soda free : PR. Alkalis 2 P.3 cts; P. Caustic alkalis free, crystals of soda 26, soda ash and carbonate of soda 2, 6, bicarbonate of soda 5%, a v; R. All kinds free ; Rus. Crystals of soda 1'59soda ash 2 114, caustic soda 61, bicarbonate of soda 3'ut; Sal. Carbonate of soda and potash 5.d per Ib; S. Alkaline, carbonate and caustic alkalis 480 ; Sn. Soda free; Sz. Caustic soda 3d, carbonate of soda, crystals of soda and soda ash 1.1, bicarbonate of soda 1.d, salicylate of soda 41d; T. All kinds

8% a v. Alum, per cut.-A. 1/64; B. Free ; Br. Dry, and others, 1 *ooo per kilo, * 30% ;

Ch. 50 per pecul; Cor. 5% av; D. Free; F. 4d; G. 161; Gr.
Free; H. Free; I. 2d ; J. 15 cents per 100 catties; N. Free ;
Nic. id per lb; PR. 60 per 100 kilogs; P. 5% av; R. Free;
Rus, Crystalline of every kind 2'5), calcined or in powder 2/11);
Sal. rd per lb; S. 5.dí Sn. Free ; Sz. 11d; T. 8% av; Ven.

Crude, third class.
Anchors. See Iron and Steel.
Anchor Chains.-See Iron and Steel.
Anchovies.--See Fish.
Angle Iron --See Iron and Steel.
Arms and Ammunition.-See Iron and Steel.
Arsenic (White), per cwt.-A. 60; B. Free; Br. '050 per kilo, * 10%; Ch. 4m

5 con per pecul; D. 4/8); F. Frec; G. Free ; Gr. Free; H. Free; 1. Free; M. Free : N."Free; P. Free; R. Free; Rus. 5/5. (Note.Arsenic is only allowed to be imported in double casks or cases.) S. 4/0%; Sn. May be imported by druggists only, and by manufacturers on special permission from the Kommerskollegium " free; Sz.

1d; T.8% a v; Ven. 5th class. Axes.-- See Iron and Steel. Bacon and Hams, per cwt.-A. 3'0}; B. Free; Br. Bacon salted or in brine

*120, hams prepared in any way .450 ; D. Free: F. 1 10; G. 10/2; Gr. Free ; Hay. Salt hams id per Ib; H. Salted 101d, smoked or dried 1/07; 1. 8,2 ; N. Smoked 11'4, other kinds free; PR. Bacon 16'11 per 100 kilos ; P. 18/8; R. (2 os 8d; Rus. 7/11t; S.61; Sn. Free ; Sz. 174: T. 8% a v; USC. Ham preserved rod per kilog; Ur. Hams şi% a v: Ven. 3rd class hams, salt, pickled

or smoked, 4th class hams in tins. Bands for Machinery: --Sec Indiarubber and Gutta Percha; also Hides and

Skins, and Woven Manufactures (Cotton). Barges. See Ships and Boats, Barytes, per cwi.-A. Sulphate of baryta (artificial) 30); B. Free: Br. 100

30% per kilo ; Cor. Paints 7%; D. Not specified ; E. Paints for domestic steamers free ; F. 5% a v; G. 16; Gr. Free; HI. Paints 10%; Hay. Paints, all kinds id per Ib; H. Free ; 1. Sulphate of baryta 41d, Carbonat. of baryta dd, nitrate of baryta 1/74; N. free; Nic. Carbonate of lead ad per 16; Per. Paints 45% av; P. 1/3: R. Free; Rus. Sulphate of baryta 55, caustic baryta u/10; Sal. Paints, oil ald, dry, g w. 13d per 1b.; S. Sulphate of baryta 1/11; Sn. Barytes-continued.

Colours prepared in oil 2ļd per kilo; $z. Sulphate of baryta ud, water of chloride of zinc 4d, lead yellow 1/2+; T. 8% av; Ven. 3rd class, common oil, blacklead, red lead, chromate of lead, lamp

black, and class, ochre, 5th class, paints not specified. Bassinettes.-Sec Tin and Tinwares. Batiste.-See Woven Manufactures. Bedsteads.---See Iron and Steel Beef, Salted, per cwt.-A. 3/07 ; B. Free; C. 25% a v; D. Free; F. 1/10; G.

10/2; Gr. Free; H. Salted 5/1, smoked or dried 69; 1. 8/2 ; N. Smoked 11/4, other kinds free; Nic. Meats of all kinds 11d per lb, hams preserved or seasoned, in boxes or not, 4d per 1b;?. 31. per kilo; R. Salted 122, smoked £2 os 8d; Rus. lut; 8. Salled or jerked 11t; Sn. Free ; Sz. 171; T. 8% av; USC. All kinds !d

per kilo. Beer and Ale.-A. In casks 3/o per cut, in bottles and jars 7d. per bottle; B.

In casks 2 d per gallon, in bottles 3d per gallon; Br. Beer of all kinds and cider 120 per litre 40%;C. In bottles 1'25 ps. per doz bottles, in other receptacles o‘o2 per litre; Ch. Free; Cor. 10%; D. In casks,&c. 1/2 per cwt gross, in bottles 61d per gallon ; E. 2d per lb, F. All kinds (excise duty included) 3*3% per gallon ; G. 2'o per cwt ; Gr. In casks 11 2 per cwt, in bottles 192; HI. rod per dozen pints, 18 per dozen quarts, in bulk, 7.d per gallon ; Hay. Beer and porter, 8'4 per barrel of 60 gallons, ditto bottled 1/0% per doz ; H. 2d per gallon ;, I. Import duty, in casks id per gallon, in bottles ild 100 bottles, excise duty per degree of strength as indicated by the saccharometer Id per gallon, if not submitted to the test (the strength being estimated at 16 degrees) 41d; M. Beer in bottles weighing 72 kilos each 5, 2, in bottles jd each, half-bottles act; NI. In barrels 3d, in bottles 4d ; Nic. id per Ib; N. In barrels 9/7 per cwt, in bottles 101 per gallon; PR. 146 per hectolitre; P. 700 r. per decal; R. In casks 3/54 per cwt, in bottles and jars 6/1; Rus. In casks 10/10 per cwt gross, in bottles 6d per bottlet ; Sal. 6/3 per dozen bottles, in barrels 1 61 per gallon, 8. 4d per gallon ; Sn. Stout and porter in casks 3/114 per cwt, in bottles 7d per gallon, other kinds, in casks 2/10 per cwt, in bottles 4d per gallon; Sz. In casks 1/5 per cwt, in bottles 401, beer and malt extracts, 2 0-38 in casks ; T. 8% av, beer or cider in bottles of more than 1 litre per bottle 12c per bottle, beer in cask 10 fr. per litre; USC. 50 per kilog ; Ven. 3rd class beer, 5th

class condensed ditto. Bicycles.-See Carriages. Biscuits.-Sec Confectionery. Blankets. -See Woven Manufactures (Woollen and Worsted). Bleaching Materials.-A. Chloride of lime 1,61 per cwt, chromate of potash

4'o, sulphite and hyposulphite of soda 4'03; B. Free; D. Chloride of lime and bleaching powder free ; F. Chloride of lime 1'5 per cwt. bichromate of potash 401, sulphite of soda old, hyposulphite of soda i'uit;

G. Chloride of lime 16}, chromate of potash, sulphite of soda free; Gr. Free; H. Free; I. Chloride of lime and of potash and hypochloride of soda free, sulphite of soda, 17, chromate of potash 1 7); N. Bleaching powder, &c. free ; P. Chloride of lime free, chromate of potash 5% a v, sulphite and hyposulphite of soda 5% av, R. Free; Rus. Chloride of lime and bleaching powder 44, chromate of potash Er is 8d; S. Chloride of lime 6!d, chromate of potash 4/0), hyposulphite of soda 401; Sn. Chloride of lime free; Sz. Chloride of lime ild, chromate of potash 5d, sulphite and hyposulphite of soda

ifd; T. 8% a v, paper used as blue for linen 6/8. Blinds.-See Woven Manufactures. Bloom Iron.-See Iron and Steel. Boats.--See Ships. Boilers.See Brass and Copper; also Iron and Steel. Bolts. - See Iron and Steel. Books, Engravings, &c.-See Paper, &c. Boots and Shoes.-See Hides and Skins, also Indiarubber and Gutta Percha. Borax, refined, per cwt.-A. 1/6/; B. Free ; D. 4/81; F. 407 G. Free ; Gr.

Free; H. Free ; 1. 2\d; N. Free; P. Free; R. Free ; Rus. 1'1; S

401; Sn. Free ; Sz. 5d; T. 8% a v. Brandy. -Sce Spirits.


Brass and Copper, per cwt.-A. Copper, brass, nickel, and packfong, rough

in blocks, also old broken copper, &c. free, copper, drawn or rolled, in bars and plates, sheets and wire above millimetre in thickness 8/2, copper, sheet and wire, of } millimetre and less, also hollowed and perforated plates and sheets 10/2, copper, coarse castings, such as bells and pipes, provided each article weighs more than 5 kilos, and other castings, provided each piece weighs more than 10 kilos 6/1, wares of the above metals, common, as boilers, cylinders, kettles, kitchen utensils, and distilling apparatus, not lacquered or polished, combined or not with wood or iron 10!2, fine (not otherwise specified) combined or not with other materials, also wire, sheets, tablets, and plates of copper or brass, plated or silvered 15/3, finest il., articles de luxe and other finely wrought, ornamented, and var: nished or nickeled wares, wares of packfong, bronze, brass, &c., also wire gauze of 20 warp-threads, and above per a centimetres, wire with thread covering i fos 6d. (Note.-Copper and brass cylinders

and plates, engraved or not, for Austrian cloth-printing factories, may Ar. by special authorisation, be admitted free.). Ar. Brass wire 40% av; B. B. Copper, rough copper or nickel sheets, bolts, and nails for sheathing

ships free, copper pure, or mixed with tin or zinc, hammered or Br. rolled 4 ot, copper wares 10% av; Br. Wrought, unwrought in blocks,

bars, rolls, &c. *250 per kilo, wares of all kinds, without silver or gold 1'000 and 30%, wire '300, in combination with paper, cotton, or caoutchouc '500, gilt or silvered 1'000 and 30%, nails, screws 360

and 30%, pipes of all kinds •300 and 10%; C. Copper in sheets or Ch. plates for sheathing ships free; Ch. Manufactured as in sheets

rods, nails 100 catties 1*5'o'o, unmanufactured as in slabs 1'o'o'o, yellow metal, sheeting and nails o'g'o'o, copper, Japan o'o'o'o, buttons o‘o*5'5 per gross, foil 1'5'00 per pecul, brass ware r'o'o'o per pecul, wire 1'1'50 per pecul, copper ware and pewter ware catties 1'1'50, old copper sheeting and

copper ore Cor. 100 catties oʻ5'0o; Cor. Brass and manufactures 75%, copper, ore, 0. ingots, bar and sheet 5%; D. Copper, unwrought, in ingots or cakes

&c. free, bolts of copper and yellow metal, and metal sheathing, 2/44, other kinds, as plates, sheets cylinders, wire, large caul. drons, &c 7/1, copper wares, bronzed, lacquered, gilt, or plated, and wares of white copper composition i 175 8d, other kinds 18/10; E. Brass and manufactures, also copper ore, ingots, bar and sheet Id per 1b; F. Copper or brass, in bars, ingots, or slabs, and old broken copper free, hammered or rolled 401, wire polished or not 4/07, copper wares, copper or brass cylinders, engraved free, ditto, not engraved 6'1, dents of reeds and reeds complete 12:2, other copper or brass wares, kitchen utensils, wire gauze, parts of machines, &c. 82; G. Copper, brass, &c., raw and old broken copper, free, hammered or rolled in bars, sheets, or plates 6/1, wire, including telegraph wire and cables 6'1, sheets of wire, plated 14'3, coarse copper or brass wares, combined or not with wood or iron, not polished or lacquered, tubes of sheet brass, also wire gauze 9'2, fine lacquered brass wares, combined or not with other materials, provided they cannot be classified under the heading of smallornamental

wares bi ios 6d, other copper or brass wares, except small ornaGr. mental

wares 15/3, small ornamental wares 25 is 7d Gr. Copper, old and filings, in blocks, bars, sheets or plates 12/94, tubes and pipes, plates and sheets, with alloy of zinc or other metals, for sheathing ships, engraved plates for printing, nails and screws of all sorts free, copper buttons, gilt or not 12s, other articles of copper not specially mentioned 6I 128, bronze, bronze in blocks, bars, plates, or sheets, and wire (without gilding), joints for machines, tubes or pipes free, common wares not specially mentioned Er 12s, fine wares, chased, gilt, or enamelled £3 4s, ditto

ornamented with precious metals £4 1ós, trays and waiters of brass HI. or bronze kl 128; Hl. Brass and manufactures 10%, copper, ore, Hay. ingots, bars and sheets free ; Hay. brass and manufactures not other:

wise mentioned 42 per cwt, bells ditto £r os rod, ditto bronze 16/8, H. ditto small hand 2/1 per doz, watch keys 6d, do. fine 4/2; H. Copper,

unwrought and old copper, hammered or rolled plates, sheets, nails or wire, red or yellow metal free, copper wares, basins, kettles, and other partly wrought manufactures of copper not otherwise enu.

merated free, copper wares, lacquered, painted or not, gilt or 1. bronze, gilt wire and nails 5% av; 1. Ingots, cakes, rosettes,

filings, and old broken articles 1/7), bars, plates and sheets 5.10, tubes (any dia.) 8/15, wire (any dia.) 8'ib, hammered or rolled in



Brass and Copper--continued.

coarse articles 7/47, ornamental articles not gilt or silvered by ios 5ld other 12/2}, rods or wire, gilt or silvered, also gilt and silvered, wound in threads of textile materials &2 os 7d, gilt and silvered, other 62 88 81d, cylinders and engraved plates for printing free, wire gauze, as the wire of which composed, with 15 lire per 100 kilogs, additional; J. Brass buttons 22 cents per gross, copper and brass in slabs, sheets, rods and nails 3 boos 50 cents per

100 catties, yellow metal, muntz metal, sheathing and nails M. 2'50 ; M. Copper and its alloys, manufactures of copper,

brass, or bronze of all kinds, gw 0*30, ditto or of any common metal, gilt or plated g w 1'30, ditto nickeled, not otherwise dis. tinguished, g w 0'70, hollow wire and other articles of wire-drawn work of yellow metal, not gilt or plated, g w 1'20, copper in plates or sheets, 8 w oʻ15, brass furniture of any kinds, with or without marble tops or mirrors, & .w o‘20, copper wire insulated with any material for electric lighting, provided the diameter of the wire alone be up to No

6 Birmingham measurement, and that the interested persons prove its destination, free; N.I. other kinds 19/9; N.I. Copper, raw and refined, wrought or rolled,

including plates and leaves for coppering bottoms of vessels, copper for coining, rods for cross beams, bolts, and nails, free, articles made

of copper, whether lacquered or not, gilt or painted, bronze work Nic. and copper wire 10% av; Nic. Per 16. Copper and bronze in plates

24d, copper wire and tissues 4d, ornaments of copper of any kind 6d,

copper nails 4d, aviaries of copper, brass of any kind 4d, in sheets id; N. N. Copper, brass, and bronze, plates, sheets, bolts, clinch-rings and

plates, sieve bottoms, bars, and unpolished tubes, tacks, nails, screws, rivets and nuts, wire, free, manufactures of copper or brass wire, plain or in combination with other materials not otherwise specified 19/9, plates, silvered or plated free, buttons, plain or combined with stone, glass, mother of pearl, porcelain, &c., including the weight of the wrapper, 19/9, cast busts or statues above 25 kilos (55 lbs) in

weight free, other manufactures, gilt, silvered or plated Li 195 6d; Per. Per. 2/2 to 5/1 per 100 kilogs, copper, ingots, bar, sheet 45% a v; PR. PR. Brass bars 42 is 3d per 100 kilogs, sheet, pail, wire tubes

63 os sd, all other 44 igs ifd, copper, ore, ingots and bar P. L2 is. 3d, sheet 63 os sd;. per kilo, copper, pure or mixed with

brass, bronze, &c., in unfinished basins, 35 r, ditto hammered or not otherwise mentioned, and tubing, 10 r, ditto wire-drawn 80 r, ditto manufactured, not otherwise specified, plain, gilt, or silvered by any process 230 r, copper in plates and bars free ; R. Copper, brass and bronze, unwrought in any form, broken articles of copper, bronze, and brass, copper filings, none of these gilt or silvered in sheets or wire, including cords for musical instruments, copper or brass wire for tissues and embroidery, not gilt or silvered free, articles of copper or brass wire, polished, tinned, painted or not, but not gilt or <ilvered, copper or brass wire gauze 61 8s şd, braziers' wares of all sorts for kitchen and household use, vessels and apparatus for factories, boats, steam engines, &c., such as boilers, vats, reservoirs, apparatus for distillers, refiners, dyers, &c., common articles of copper, brass, or bronze simply cast or turned, common wares of sheet copper, brass, or bronze, all of these neither painted, polished, varnished, gilt, nor silvered £1 128 6d, finely wrought, painted, polished or varnished articles of copper, brass or bronze, chased or Otherwise ornamented, gilt, silvered or not, combined or not with other common materials (such as steel, wood, porcelain, crystal, &c.), but exclusive of mother of pearl, ivory, tortoise-shell and precious metals £4 is 4d, objects of art, such as statues, statuettes, busts, bas-reliefs, candelabra, lustres, candlesticks, lamps, table and desk ornaments and artistic ornaments of bronze, gilt or not, combined or not with other materials, with the exception of ivory, mother of pearl, tortoise-shell, and precious metals £6 2s, nickel' and alloys, nickel, unwrought, in lumps, hammered, beaten or drawn, not gilt or silvered free, packfong, unwrought, in lumps, hammered, beaten, or drawn, not gilt or silvered free, unenumerated articles of argentine or packfong, or other white alloys, neither gilt nor silvered £4 15 4d.

(NOTE.-When these articles are gilt or silvered an additional surtax Rus. of 50% above these duties will be levied.) Rus. Copper, brass, &c.,

red and yellow, also brass and other alloys, in pigs, blocks, shavings, filings and scrap 61 48 8d, sheets, bars and rods 61 ios 7d, wire, } in, and less in thickness Li 198 sd, manufactures of wire or of


Brass and Copper-continued.

wire covered with cotton, silk or caoutchouc £2 14 2d, in sheets, polished £2 65 rod, apparatus and parts of fittings of machines or machinery, composed wholly or principally of copper 61 148 6d, cylinders, engraved or not, for cotton-printing mills, &c. 22 65 rod, articles of brass or copper not otherwise enumerated, combined or not with wood, iron, tin, leather, or other similar materials 42 6s iod articles of bronze and other alloys of copper, except brass, wholly or partly made up, weighing more than 1 funt each, lacquered or not 27 16s 2d, f articles of bronze, oxidised, gilt or silvered, weighing more than 1 tunt each 613 os id,t articles of bronze

weighing less than funt each 626 os ad t, rectificators of brass and Sal. iron, in pieces 11'i per poud; Sal. Brass and manufactures 1/24 per

Ib., copper, sheets and bars g w std, nails g w 1/24, wares i at; 8. S. Copper of first fusion and old 4/9, copper and brass, bars and

ingots and old brass 7/67, plates and sheets, nails and copper wire 136, and tubes and large articles, partly wrought, as bottoms of

braseros " and boilers 18 g. brass wire 8, 4, wire gauze, not further manufactured 16'9, bronze, unmanufactured 3'91, wares of copper

or of brass, bronze or other alloys, plain or lacquered £1 155 3d, ditto, Sn. gilded, silvered or nickeled £4 88 id, machinery of copper 9/9.. Sn.

Copper and brass, raw or refined free, nickel, copper and brass, wrought or cast, plates and other articles for further manufacture, bolts and nails for ships free, other copper manufactures, not polished 19/9, polished to igs 6d, wire, plain free, wire, gilt, silvered or plated £6 125 8d, strings for instruments 13/1, mixed metals, wrought or cast sheet or nails for sheathing vessels, plates, wires, and articles for further manufacture free, other articles not gilt,

silvered or plated 19'9, gilt, silvered or plated 61 195 6d ; Sz. Sz. Copper and brass and wares thereof, copper or brass, pure or

with alloy, in ingots, blocks or plates, filings and old copper, &c. 41d, ditto, hammered or rolled, in bars, sheets, tubes, or pipes 1 21, copper wire 1/2, articles composed of copper or brass wire 2/10, wire gauze 2/10), rivets, vices, &c., wire covered with caoutchouc, metallic thread, or other substances 6/1, copper plates for printing 4d, works in brass, nickel-plated wholly or in part 5/4, brass

models for machine making 6/4, apparatus of copper for disT. USC. tillation 17; T. All kinds 8 % av; usc. Copper and bronze,

not in bars or ingots 5d per kilog, in sheets, any weight 5d, large pans, kettles, or articles of other kind, weight exceeding 25 kilog. iod, other exceeding 500 grammes, but not 25 kilogs 1/8, others not exceeding 500 grammes 2'1, jewellery, beads,

galloons, spangles, and the like, and electro-plated pieces, and Ur. cartridges for firearms 42; Ur. Brass sheets or bars, ingots and

powder and manufactures 301% on customs valuation, copper, sheets Ven. 30%. ingots and bars 20%; . Ven. 3rd class, unmanufactured, 4th,

boilers, harness, buckles, chin straps, stoves, nails, padlocks, scales, steelyards, manufactured (not specified), and bridle bits, bells, hinges, stewpans, saucepans, tacks, spoons, spurs, trays, trumpets, wire, stirrups, 5th class, pencil and pen holders, 6th class, buttons buckles, match boxes, pins, thimbles, 3rd class, scales, balances steelyards, also copper, old, unmanufactured, ore and rivets.

5th class, sieves, 6th class, shoe, hat or clothing buckles. Bricks.-See Earthenware and Porcelain. Bridges.-See Iron and Steel. Brimstone, per cwt.-A. Free ; B. Free ; Ch. and sulphur o. 2. o. o. per

pecul (cannot be imported or exported except under special authority); D. Free; F. Free; G. Free; Gr. Free; H. Free; I. Free ; N. Free; P. Crude or refined free ; R. Free ; Rus. Crude free, refined and flowers of sulphur nd pei cwt ; S. 110: Sn. Free Sz. Crude id, refined and flowers of sulphur rd; T. 8%, a y; US. Brimstone, crude free, brimstone in rolls or refined 2/1,

sulphur, flowers of 4/2; Ven. 3rd class. Bronze.-See Brass and copper. Butter, per cwt.-A. 403; B. Free ; Br. 580 per kilo; Ch. Butter in.

cluding condensed and desiccated milk free: Cor. 7!; D. Free; E. Id per Ib; F. Fresh free, salted 9d; G. 102; Gr. For the table, fresh or slightly salted £1 185 sd, salt for cooking purposes 19/2; H. I. Free ; Hay: Per cwt 42; H. Free; 1. Fresh 5/15, salted 71}; Nic. per Ib ad ; N. Free ; Per. Per 100 kilo 1/3 PR. Per 100 kilo 38'2; P. 183 r per kilo; R. Fresh or salted

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