Sivut kuvina


£2 os 8d; Rus. 4/11 ; Sal. g w. per 11 3d ; S. 41 15 40 ; Sn. Frec ; Sz. Fresh, melted, salt 3/3'016; T. 8% av; US. 18,8 ; Ur. 51%;

Ven. 3rd class. Buttons.--See Woven Manufactures. Cables.-See Brass and Copper ; also Iron and Steel. Cakes.-See Confectionery. Calf Skins.-See Hides and Skins. Calicoes.--See Woven Manufactures. Cambric. - See Woven Manufactures. Candles, per cwt.-A. Tallow 61, sperm, stearine, &c. 112, wax 10'2

Ar. Candles, stearine, per kilo 15 c. ; B. All kinds 10% a v; Br. Tallow '180 30%, stearine .400 40%; C. Tallow 25% a v, other kinds 35% av Ch. Free ; Cor. 71% av; D. Tallow 7/1, other kinds 14,1; É. Per kilog. Ilo; F. Candles, other than tallow 6/6, excise duty in addition 12 2, tallow candles of which the wicks are woven, twisted or plaited, and chemically treated 4'10), excise duty in addition 122, other tallow candles 2/51; G. All kinds 9/13; Gr. Tallow 6/47, wax £3.4s; H. I. Free; Hay. Per lb wax or spermaceti 2}d, tallow id; M. Tallow 2/6), other kinds 5% av; !. Candle waste 4/0*26, tallow free, stearine 6!1!, wax, yellow 8, 1}, white 16/3 ; J. ? boos 25 cents per 100 catties; Nic. Per lb sperm, tallow, composition 3d, sperm oil, paraffine, and composition and tallow 2 per lb; N. All kinds 7/4; Per. Stearine and paraffine, tallow, sperm 70%;P. Candles of every description for per kilo; R. Tallow, and articles made therefrom, and all primary materials for the manufacture of candles, stearine, and soap, as well as all products necessary for such manufactures free, tallow 14/8, paraffine £10.3s, 4d, stearine and spermaceti 102, wax 1 28 4d; Rus. All kinds 19/8t; Sal. Per lb 3d ; 8.' Wax, paraffine, stearine and sperm 12/8, tallow 8d; Sn. Tallow or palmi. tine 3/11), other kinds 69; Sz. Tallow 1/71, wax, sperm, stearine and paraffine 616; T. All kinds 8% a v; Ur. Tallow, 'stearine, wax, or composition oʻ14; Ven. 4th class tallow, 5th class sperm,

paraffine, stearine, or composition. Candy. -See Sugar. Caps.-See Hats. Cardboard.-See Paper, &c. Carpets.-See Woven Manufactures, Woollen and Worsted. Carriages. - A. Carts and wagons 6). each, carriages not covered with

leather nor stuffed 62 ios, ditto covered or stuffed £7 ios,

railway carriages for passengers, stuffed seats 9/2 per cwt, ditto Ar.

not stuffed 67, for goods 5/1 ; Ar. Carriages, harness and ap; Br. pendages 50% á v; B. 10% av; Br. Bodies of cars, cabs and

carriages each 160,000 r, cars, cabs, caleches. broughams, coaches, omnibuses, diligences &c. 60% a v, carriages, wagons' &c., for railroads intended for the carriage of persons or goods and appurtenances 15% a v, carts, cars and wagons for carrying merchandise 60% a v, axletrees for carriages 250 r, forks, naves, rims, &c. of iron for carriages and harness 500 r, frames of carriages 32,000 r each, springs for cars, cabs, carriages, and other vehicles for conveying passengers and goods 500 s, spokes, naves, and other pieces of wood for wheels 80 r, wheels for carts, cars, and other conveyances : more than šo centimetres in diameter 10,000 r per pair, above 80 centimetres 5,000 r per pair, shafts and poles, common, unprepared, or simply sawn 2,000 r per pair, prepared, painted and finished 16,000 r per pair, any parts and articles, not otherwise distinguished, for carriages, cars, or carts 48% a v, handand

wheelbarrows each from 1,600 r to 2,000 r; c. Cor. C. Carriages 35% av; Cor. a v, Carriages 20%, horse cars 71% D. cars (railroad, steam) 73%; D. For railways, with or without axle.

trees or wheels, trollies 4i 2s 3d each, for passengers, also tenders 616 138 4d, other kinds 45 is id, for roads, carriages partially or wholly covered including caleches with or without hoods £3 6s 8d,

other kinds Li 6s 8d, other carriage-makers' work, also carts and E, wagons 7/1 per cwt; E. Per kilog 60, horse cars, steam and railroad F. cars free; F. Carts for trade or agricultural purposes with

-prings 4'10$ per cwt, without springs 2 51, carriages for railways





ordinary gauge, ist class 6/6, ditto 2nd and 3rd classes 4/57, ditto vans for goods 3/8, narrow gauge passenger carriages 8/2, ditto vans for goods 4/07, contractors' trucks (trollies) 2'o, tramway carriages, ordinary gauge 8/2, narrow gauge 10/2, carriages, other

kinds, weighing 125 kilogrammes (24.cwt) or more t1 of 4d, weighing G. less than 125 kilogrammes, including velocipedes 62 s od; G.

Wooden wagon or coachmakers' works, coarse, unpolished or unpainted 1/64, polished, painted or varnished 5/1, carriages lined or

stuffed £7 jos each, railway carriages not stuffed or lined 6% av, Gr. ditto stuffed or lined 10%; Gr, Carriages with two wheels new or

old covered or not £4, each, carriages with four wheels new or ol covered or not £12. bath-chairs and velocipedes 8/, carts,ordinary with

two wheels 16), ditto with four wheels 61 12s, rail or tramway carriages HI.

and wagons for passengers 10% a v, for goods 10%; HI. 10%, Hay. horse cars free, cars (railroad and steam) free ; Hay. Car. H. 1. riages 41/8 cach, cabs, gigs, &c. 20/10 each ; H. 5% av; l. Carts, 17/7 each, carriages : with not

more than two wheels 33/7 each, with more than two wheels and not more than five springs 88/ each, railway wagons and carriages, goods trucks 4/03 per cwt, passengers' carriages, third class 5/10* per cwt, second class 616, first class 7/87* per

cwt.(* Mixed carriages pay the duty on the highest class of which comM posed.) M. Sets of front wheels for carriages, with their axles, &c., N.I. g wo6o, single wheels g wo'60; N.I. Carriages and parts of carriages Nic. 6% a v; Nic. Per lb, carriages, carts, wheel barrows 3d, cars, rail

road and steam, pay same duties, but any enterprising corporaN. tion will get permit' to bring in free ; N. Railway carriages for

goods free, for passengers 3% a v, children's carriages, &c. 2'9) each, carts and wagons, all kinds free, carriages without brake or lining 8'11, carriages with brakes lining (a) four-wheeled, covered wholly or in part, including caleches with fixed

or movable hoods 64 8s ud, (b) four-wheeled, other kinds Per. E! 135 4d, (c) two-wheeled 81; Per. Two and four

wheeled carriages 50%, horse cars and railway cars, special agreePR. ment; PR. Each passenger coach, railway and tramway 848 P,

other articles for railways and tramways 174 p, coaches, landaus,

omnibuses, and other 87 P: wagons, carts and hand carts per P. 100 kilo. 2 P 38 c; P. Carriages of all kinds, except railway car. R. riages 27% av, railway carriages 10% a v; R. Railway carriages for

passengers, ist and 2nd class, stuffed 626 each, 3rd class carriages, luggage wagons and cattle trucks £18, tramway carriages £8, other carriages, coupés, landaus and clarences with two or four seats, travelling carriages with or without receptacles for luggage, post diligences and omnibuses having eight seats or more, all such carriages upholstered, covered or not <18, light uncovered carriages such as cabriolets, cabs, dog-carts, &c.,and omnibuses having less than eight seats, and common carriages hung on springs, covered, upholstered or not £8, detached parts of carriages included under the two preceding categories 41 165 7d per cwt, vehicles not on springs, neither covered nor stuffed 63 each, detached pieces of carriages comprised in preceding article 122 per cut, peasants' carriages of wood neither painted nor combined with iron except as regards the

wheels 16/ each, bicycles, tricycles and hand-carts, with the excep. Rus. tion of perambulators, also invalid chairs 16/ each; Rus. Large, on

springs, as coaches, landaus, diligences and omnibuses £17 8 4d7 each, small, as caleches,' dog-carts, phaetons, cabriolets, &c. 612 3s 100,carts and wagons on springs and carriages with only back springs £5. 4s 60,carriages of all kinds without springs, also perambulators, &c. &r 145 10d,+ detached parts of carriages not otherwise specified Legs 3d per cut, railway carriages, &c., coal trucks and trollies 613 15 3d, axle goods wagons £19 35 2d, carriages, 3rd class luggage and mail vans 230 gs 7d, carriages 1st and 2nd class (combination) £47 175 urd, ditto ist class £56 128 ad, ditto and

class £39 35 od, tramcars for two horses $34 165 8d each, for one Sal. horse #26 2s 6d ; Sal. Each, carriages, two wheels £18 1os ald, 8. four wheels £30 175 34d, cars, of any kind, 5% a v; 8. Coaches

and berlins new or old of four seats, caleches with
"tableros" with or without hoods 632 is 5d each, berlins with
two seats with or without a folding seat, omnibuses holding more
than fifteen persons and diligences new or old 424 55 5d, carriages
of two or four wheels without "tableros"regardless of number of seats,
omnibuses holding not more than fifteen persons and carriages not




otherwise specified £10 16s 8d, bodies of carriages plain unpainted 8/1)

per cwt, passenger carriages for railways and tramways 15/s, other Sn. railway carriages 4/s, carts and hand-carts 3/54; &n. Wagons and carts

57 each, carriages with two wheels, also sledges 1618, ditto four wheels, gigs or dog-carts £1 75 9d, ditto four wheels small' with hoods £2 158 6d, other kinds of carriages £5 is id. Note.--In case of doubt as to the classification of an imported carriage it is charged

10% a v, but in no case more than 65 88 4d, detached parts of carriages Sz. 10% av; Sz. Carts and wagons 6% a v, carriages 10%, railway carriages

for passengers 8%, for goods and luggage 8%, parts of carriages,

wagons, &c., are chargeable according to the material of which made T. USC. and the degree of manufacture ; T. All kinds 8% a v; USC.

Per kilo, railway cars and carriages free, cars and trucks for

transport of goods and such uses id, coaches and carriages of Ven. all kinds 2fd, velocipedes 1/8; Ur. 48% a v; Ven. ist class, cars,

railroad, steam, and horse, and class, carriages, caleches, omnibuses, phætons, and others not specified, wagons, carts, wheel-barrows, wheels, coach, cart, carriage &c., 3rd class, hearses, with appur.

tenances, 4th class, children's perambulators and velocipedes. Carriage Grease.-See Grease Carriage Springs.--See Iron and Steel. Cartridges.--See Iron and Steel. Carts.--See Carriages. Cast Iron.-See Iron and Steel. Caviar.See Fish. Cement, per cwt.--A. 60 ; B. Free ; Br. '005 10% _per ko; C. 15% a v;

Cor. 5% a v; D. Free; E. Per kil. 2d ; F. Free ; G. Free ; Gr. 1/3); HI. Free ; Hay. Per hogshead 4/2, per barrel 1/0); H. Free ; 1. 60 ; M. Common lime and Roman cement free ; NI. Free; Nic. Free ; N. Free ; Per. 10%; P. Free ; R. 3d; Rus. 8d with an addition of 20% on each rouble of duty leviable; Sal. 167 per quintal ; 8. 6d (per ton); Sn. Free; Sz. White lime and plaster, calcined, or ground oʻ97d, hydraulic lime, also Roman cement 1.950 ; portland, scoriæ, and pouzzolane 3*8d ; T.8% a v; Ven, ist

class. Chains.-See Iron and Steel. Chairs.-See Household Furniture. Chamois Leather.-See Hides and Skins, Chandeliers.-See Glass and Glass Wares. Checks.--See Woven Manufactures. Cheese, per cwt.-A. .4/54; Ar. 50% a v; B. Common free, other kinds 401;

Br. Of all kinds 580 per kilo; C. 35%; Ch. Free ; Cor. 71% av; D. 119; E. 2.d per kilog; F. Hard 1/7?, soft 1/2 ; G. 102 ; Gr. kr 55 7d; HI. Free; Hay. All kinds 94 per cwt; H. 4/21; 1,

190 r per kilo; R. AI 165 70 ; Rus. 62 98 3d with an addition of 20% on each rouble of duty leviable ; Sal. g w 3d per Ib; S.

14/2; Sn. 3u; Sz. 1173 ; T.8% a v; Ur. 0-25; Ven. 4th class. China.--See Earthenware. Chloride of Lime.-See Bleaching Materials. Chocolate.-See Cocoa. Chromate of Potash.-See Bleaching Materials. Cigars and Cigarettes.-See Tobacco, Cigars and Snuff. Cinders.-See Coal, Clocks and Watches.-A. Watches with cases of gold, or gilt 2, each, ditto

silver or silvered 1/, ditto other materials 7 d, cases for watches, of gold or gilt 1/41, ditto of silver or silvered 5d, ditto of other materials, as materials of which made, works for watches 7ld per set, clocks, common wooden wall clocks and works thereof, also detached parts of clocks and watches &r tos 6d per cwt, other not

specified, and works thereof £2 nos rod, tower clocks and parts B. thereof 102; B. Watches and works thereof free, clocks 10% a v, Br. works of 'clocks 5%; Br. Alarum clocks small, of white or yellow

metal 1,600 r each, not otherwise mentioned 48% a v. chimney clocks 3,200 r, hands, spiral springs, chains, dial-plates, and other separate parts of works, for watches 10,000 r, for clocks and time. ."!"

Clocks and Watches-continued.

pieces 2,000 r, watches of copper and its alloys, or of nickel 2,000 r each, of silver, plain or gilded 3,000 r each, of gold 6,000 r each, of any description, with precious stones 10% a vi Balance chronometers, for naval use 32,000 r eacn, not otherwise mentioned 48% a. v. (NOTE.-Watches of silver, with ornaments of gold, or vice versa, and those of gold with ornaments of any other metal, will, as regards payment of duty, be considered as of gold; watches of silver, with ornaments or fittings of silver gilded will be considered as of silver gilded. Watches not finished, watch cases without works, and works without case, will pay duty as watches finished and complete, the works being included in the category of those watches paying the highest duty. The above duties include those on the small common boxes in which the watches and time. pieces are iinported.) Alarum clocks, small, white or yellow metal, each 1,600 I, other 48% a v; chimney clocks 3,200 r, watches, copper and alloys, or nickel, each 2,000 r, silver, plain or gilded, each 3.000 r, gold each 6,000 r, of any kind, with precious stones 10% a. y; balance chronometers for naval use each 32,000 r, not otherwise mentioned 48% a v, keys, of copper and alloys, or iron and steel, for watches 4,8co r, for clocks and timepieces 500 r, clocks and

timepieces, parts 2,000 r, watches, parts, 10,000 r, watch glasses C. Ch. 2,800 r; C. Clocks 35% a v, watches 15%'a v; Ch. Clocks 5% av,

Cor, watches per pair 1'o'o'o émailllés à perles per pair 4'5'0-6. Cor.a v,
D. clocks 10%, watches, gold 20%, other 10%, watches, parts 20%; D.

Watches and pocket chronometers, and complete works thereof i'r
each, table clocks all kinds, with or without shades or stands, and
complete works thereof, also detached parts of table clocks, or watches
4d per lb, tower clock and works or detached parts thereof, as

materials of which made, other kinds of clocks ad Ib; E. 1/0%' per , kilo.; F. Watches with silver case 91d each, ditto with gold cases 29!,

ditto with cases of common inetal 410, watch movements, without cases, gilded, nickeled or finished ai, ditto other kinds 2ld per lb, works of table or wall clocks old, clocks, table or wall, wooden 6'1 per cwt, ditto other kinds 10/2, tower clocks

40 each, cases of gold ud, ditto of silver or common metal 4H, G. Q. Clocks of all kinds ud per lb, watches, in gold cases 3/ each, in

silver or gilt cases 1/6, in cases of other metals 6d, works without Gr. cases 16, watch cases of gold 1/6, ditto of other metals 6d ; Gr.

Common clocks in wooden cases and works thereof, complete or detached £4 165 per cwt, other clocks, including mantel clocks and works thereof £4, watches of gold, or gold plated / each, ditto of silver, or silver plated 171, ditto of other materials oad, watch cases, gold, or gold plated 299, silver, or silver plated 94d, of other

materials except platina 41d, watch works, complete, without cases HI. 1/2} per cwt ; Hİ. If without glass front free, with glass front, also Hay. watches 10%; Hay. each clocks, musical, large 33/4, brass or bronze

25/, ordinary, common 8/4, wooden, with chain and weights 2/6,

house church, &c., 20% a y; watches, gold 6/3, silver 3/14, brass 21; H. 1. H. Clocks and watches 5 %a vil. Watches in gold cases 9'60 each,

in cases of any other metal 4/8 each, clocks, whether springs or pendulum, not in cases 4- each, with the addition of the duty on the case, alarums not striking the hours 12:40 each, works, como plete of watches 1'4d cach, ditto of clocks whether spring or pendulum 1/7'2d each, ditto of turrrets and church clocks, &c.,

8/1} per cwt, detached parts of clocks 2 os. 7id per cut.; M. M. Tower clocks for public or private buildings free; NI. Nic. N. 6% a v.; Nic. Clocks, all kinds sd, watches, gold, silver,

£1 145. old, watches, imitation gold, silver and nickel 178. old per lb.; N. Ñ. Watches and pocket chronometers a'ut each, table clocks, in

metal or porcelain case, not exceeding 8 kilos in weight 6d per lb, ditto exceeding 8 kilos in weight 8 11 each, in cases of other materials, not exceeding. 5 kilos in weight 60 per lb, ditto exceeding 5 kilos in weight 5/7 cach, tower clocks, as manufactured materials of which made, other clocks and dials for the same qd per lb, watch and clock works, also works put together but without cases 6d. (NOTE.-Clock weights or other parts of tower clocks pay as manufactured materials of which made,

wooden cases as wood wares, and other cases as clocks or Per. PR. watches.) Per. clocks 45% á v, watches 10%; PR. ench,

clocks with ordinary weights and alarums 46 cts, machinery of wall or table clocks with or without cases and chronometers

Clocks and Watehes-continued.

i p6t cts, watches, gold 1 p 80 cts. silver and other metals i p P. 38 cts.; P. Gold watches 1,500 r each, watches of silver or any

material other than gold door, clocks or watches not otherwise mentioned, even if they have an alarum or chime, including

accessories and ornaments, 25% a v; materials for watchmakers R.

300 r per kilo; R. Watches and pocket chronometers of gold, watches of any material adorned with gold, watches adorned with precious stones 12,6 each, watches of silver or other materials, not mounted or adorned with gold or precious stones rod, clocks of bronze only, or of bronze and marble, or other materials except mother-of-pearl, ivory, tortoise-shell, precious metals, and fine or semi-fine stones 1o per lb, clocks of various composi. tions imitating bronze, combined or not with wood (only polished or varnished, lacquered or painted), marble or alabaster, papier. mâché or carton pierre, but without mixture of other materials, 61d, wall clocks mounted on wood, plain or carved, gilt, silvered, or not, but without incrustations, inlaid work, ivory, mother-of-pearl, tortoise shell, or precious metals, table clocks, with or without mechanical movements, and alarum clocks, smalí, tor the table 6!d,

clock and watch works and appurtenances of all sorts, except watch Rus. glasses and parts of public clocks free; Rus. Watches and chrono.

meters, gold or gilt 4/71 each, other kinds 24", clocks, tower £2.178 6d, tditto wooden, with wooden or brass wheels 1o.,twatch and clock works, complete set 2/4),+ ditto, detached parts thereof 4.dt

per lb. (Note.-Watch and clock cases pay according to the Sal. materials of which made.) Sal. Tower, 615 6. 71d each, metal

is. 67d. per inch, wooden 9fd. per inch, watches 10% a v. S. 8. Watches of gold 6/ each, of silver or other materials

1/14, watch works, detached parts 1/1 per lb, clocks with weights, and alarum clocks 4d each, complete works for wall and table clocks, with or without case, also chronometers 3'9. Nore.-Un.

finished works for wall or table clocks are charged 5ļd per lb, and 8n. cases according to materials of which made. Sn. Watches with gold

cases, and ships' chronometers 1/1} each, watches with cases not of gold 6d, table or wall clocks of bronze, alabaster, or porcelain, or other like material 43d per lb, ditto of wood, &c., watch and clock works not otherwise enumerated, and detached pieces thereof 6d

each, cases or weights, also tower clocks or parts thereof, as materials Sz. of which made ; Sz. Common clocks with wooden cases, painted or

not, but not gilt d per Ib, other kinds 11d, watches of all kinds id,

detached pieces of works of clocks or watches ?d, cases for watches T. Ven. of all kinds d ; T. All kinds 8% av; Ven. 6th class clocks (all

kinds) chronometers, hour glasses, 8th class watches and cases, 6th class watch or clock keys, gold or silver, 3rd class ditto, not specified, 6th class regulators, springs, hands and other interior

machinery for watches and clocks. Clothing (ready-made).-See Woven Manufactures. Coal, Cinders and Patent Fuel.-A. Free; Ar. Free; B. Free ; Br. Coal

and coke free ; C. Frec; Ch. Per ton o'o'5'o and Charcoal free ; Cor. Coal and coke 5 % a v.; D. 1/4 per ton; F. Coal and coke ud, cinders 1 1.60 ; G. Free; Gr. Coals free; HI. free; Hay. uod per barrel, 4.2 per hogshead ; H. Free; I. Free ; NI. Free ; Nic. free ; N. Free ; Per 10%; P. 1,6 ; R. Coal and coke free; Rus. Imported at Baltic ports 1/11, ditto Black Sea and Azov ports 5/11 and 40%, ditto along the land frontier 3'u}; Sal. 5% a v; S. 1/; Sn. Free; Sz. ad ; T. 8% av; Ur. Coal 6% a v; Ven.

First class. Cocoa (prepared) and Chocolate, per cwt.-A. Cocoa ground, paste and

chocolate 62 tos od ; Ar. Chocolate 50% av; B. 18/3 Br. 600 and 30% per kilo, coca butter chocolate 600 and 30%; C. Chocolate 35% a v: D. Cocoa powder, paste and chocolate 16/6; F. Chocolate L1 178 gd, cocoa ground 22 145 rod; G. Çocoa prepared and chocolate La os 8d; Gr. Cocoa free, ditto ground paste and chocolate

4 165; H. Chocolate prepared with sugar £1 is 2d, all other kinds of free;

1. Cocoa 57/87, cocoa in the berry 407-68, crushed, ground or in paste 50 96; Nic. In beans or ground sd per lb; N. Cocoa in powder, cakes or lumps, and chocolate £1 28 7d, cocoa beans and pods d per kilo; P.R. Per kilo, 32 cts; P. Per kilo, cocoa and husks of the same 30 r, chocolate 130 r; R. Cocoa ground or in tablets £t 4s 5d, cocoa paste C1 Ss sd; chocolate 51 45 5d; Rus. Cocoa ground without

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