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Sing, heavenly Muse!
Things unacrempted yet, in prose or shyme,"
A shilling, breeches, and chimeras dire.


Lappy the man, who, void of cares and frife, Yclep'd Brechinia, or where Vaga's stream
o filken or in leathern purse retains

Encircles Ariconium, fruitful foil !
A Splendid Shilling : he nor hears with pain Whence flow necareous wines, that well

New oysters cry'd, nor fighs for cheerful ale ; With Mallic, Setin, or renown'd Falern.
But with his friends, when nightly miss arise, Thys while my joyless minutes tedious flow,
To Juniper's Magpye, or Town-hall repairs : With looks demure, and Gilent pace, a Dun,
Where, mindful of the nymph, whose wanton eye Horrible monfter ! hated by gods and men,
Transfix'd his soul, and kindled amorous flames, To my aërial citadel ascends,
Cloe or Phyllis, he each circling glass

With vocal beel thrice thundering at my gate, Wisheth' her health, and joy, and equal love. With hideous accent thrice he cails; I know Meanwhile, he smokes, and laughs at merry tale, The voice ill-hoding, and the solemn sound. Or pun ambiguous, or conundrum quaint. What fould I do? or whither turn? Amaz'd, But I, whom griping penury surrounds,

Coufounded, to the dark recess I fly And hunger, sure attendant upon want,

Of wood-hole; straight my brifling hairs erect With scanty effals, and small acid tiff,

Through sudden fear; a chilly sweet bedews (Wretched repat!) my meagre corpse sustain : My shuddering limbs, and (wonderful to tell!) Then solitary walk, or doze at home

My tongue forgets her faculty of speech; In garret vile, and with a warming puff

So horrible he seems! His faded brow Regale chill'd fingers; or from tube as black Entrench'd with many a frown, and conic beard, As winter-chimney, or well-polish'd jet,

And spreading band, admir'd by modern faints, Erhale mundungus, ill-perfuming scent : Dilaftrous ads forbode; in his right hand Not blacker tube, nor of a shorter size,

Long scrolls of paper solemnly he waves, Smokes Cambro-Briton (vers'd in pedigree, With characters and figures dire inscribid, Sprung from Cadwallador and Arthur, kings Grievous to mortal eyes; (ye gods, avert (Atalks Full famous in romantic tale) when he

Such plagues from righteous men!) Behind him
O'er many a craggy hill and barren cliff, Another monster, not unlike himself,
Upon a cargo of famid Ceftrian cheese,

Sullen of afpe&, by the vulgar callid
High over. Thadowing rides, with a defign A Catchpole, whose polluted hands the gods
To vend his wares, or at th' Arvonian mart, With force incredible, and magic charms,
Or Maridunum, or the ancient town

First have endued : if he his ample palm # Two noted alchouses in Oxford, 1700.

Should haply on ill-fated shoulder lay

* This poem was inscribed to the Rigst Hosure

Robert Harley, Erq. 1705, then Speaker of this How

of debtor, strait his body, to the touch

Of Boreas, that congcals the Croncan wares, Obsequious (as whilom knights were wont) Tumultuous enter with dire chilling blasts, To fome enchanted castle is convey'd,

Fortending agues. Thus a well-fraught fuin, Where gates impregnable, and coercive chains, Long fail'd secure, or through th' Ægeas de In durance ftri& detain him, till, in form

Or the lonian, till cruising near Of money, Pallas secs the caprive free.

The Lilybean shore, with hideous cruh Beware


debtors! when ye walk, beware, On Scylla, or Charybdis (dangerous rocks :) Be circumspect; oft with insidious ken

She strikes rebounding; whence the latter'da. The caitiff eyes your steps aloof, and oft

So fierce a shock unable to withstand, Lies perdue in a nook or gloomy cave,

Admits the fea; in at the gaping fide Prompt to inchant fome inadvertent wretch The crowding waves gush with impetuous rac, With his unha!low'd'couch. So (poets ling) Regltless, overwhelming; horrors seize Grimalkin, to domestic vermin sworn

The mariners ; death in their eyes appears, An everlasting foc, with watchful eye

They ftare, they lave, they pump, they form Lies nightly brooding o'er a chipky gap,

they pray: Protending her fell claws, to thoughtless mice (Vain efforts !) till the battering waves reß Sure ruin. So her disembowel'd web

Implacable, till, delug'd by the foam, Arachne, in a hall or kitchen, spreads

The ship finks foundering in the vast abyk..
Obvious to vagrant flics : fhe secret stands
Within her woven cell; the humming prey,
Regardless of their fate, rush on the toils
Inextricable, nor will aught avail

Their arts, or arms, or shapes of lovely hue;
The wasp inqidious, and the buzzing drone,

From low and abje& themes the groseling Su And butterfly proud of expanded wings

Now mounts aërial, to ling of arms Dilind with gold, entangled in her snares,

Triumpham, and emblaze the martial ali Useless resistance make : with eager strides,

Of Britain's hero; may the verse not fick She towering flies to her expected spoils ;

Beneath his merits, but detain a while Then, with envenom'd jaws, the vital blood

Thy ear, O Harley'! (though thy country're Drinks of reluctant foes, and to her cave

Depends on thee, though mighty Anne reques Their bulky carcases triumphant drags.

Thy hourly counsels) since, with every ar: So pass my days. But, when nocturnal shades

Thyself adorn'd, the mean eslays of youth This world invelop, and th’inclement air

Thou wilt not damp, but guide, wherever at Persuades men to repel benumbing frosts

The willing genius to the Muses' feat : With pleasant wines, and crackling blaze of wood;

Therefore thee first, and last, the Muse hall is Me, lonely sitting, nor the glimmering light

Long had the Gallic monarch, uncontro", Of make-weight candle, nor the joyous talk

Enlarg'd his borders, and of human force Of loving friend, delights; distress'd, forlorn,

Opponent slightly thought, in heart elate, Amidst the horrors of the tedious night,

As erst Sesostris (proud Egyptian king, Darkling I sigh and feed with dismal thoughts

That monarchs harness'd to his charice pak My anxious mind; or sometimes mournful verse

(Basc servitude !) and his dethron'd compeers Indite, and fing of groves and myrtle shades,

Lasht furious; they in sullen majesty Or desperate lady near a purling stream,

Drew the uneasy load; nor less he aim'd Or lover pendent on a willow-tree.

At universal (way: for William's arm Meanwhile I labour with eternal drought,

Could nought avail, however Sam'd in wat; And reflefs with, and rave; my parched throat

Nor armies leagu'd, that diverlly eslay'd Finds no relicf, nor heavy eyes repose:

To curb his power enormous; like an oak, But if a slumber haply does invade

That stands fecure, though all the winds etapas My weary limbs, my fancy's still awake,

Their ceaseless roar, and only sheds its leaves Thoughtful of drink, and cager, in a dream,

Or mast, which the revolving spring rektores: Tipples imaginary pots of ale,

So ftood he, and alone ; alone defy'd In vain ; awake I find the settled thirst

The European thrones combin'd, and still Still gnawing, and the pleasant phantom curse.

Had set at nought their machinations vain, Thus do I live, from pleasure quite debarr’d,

But that great Anne, weighing th' events of 425 Nor taste the fruits that the sun's genial rays

Momentous, in her prudene heart, the chosen Mature, john-apple, nor the downy peach,

Thee, Churchill! to direct in nice extremes Nor walnut in rough-furrow'd coat secure,

Her banner'd legions. Now their prifting was Nor medlar fruit delicious in decay ;

The Britons recollect, and gladly change Affiliations great! yet greater still remain:

Sweet natite home for unaccustom'd air, My Galligarkins, that have long with tood

And other climes, where different food and fol The winter's fury, and encroaching frosts,

Portend distempers; over dank, and dry, By time subdued (what will not time fubduc :)

They journey toillome, unfatigued with length An horrid charm disclos'd with orifice Wide, discontinuous; at which the winds Eurus and Auster, and the dreadful force

Commons, and Secretary of State.

Of march, unftruck with horror at the fight Soon as his army disarray'a 'gins (werve, of Alpine ridges bleak, high-stretching hills Should stay him flying, with retentive gripe, All white with summer's snows. They go beyond Confounded and appal'd! no trivial price The trace of English steps, where scarce the sound Should let him free, nor small should be my praise of Henry's arms arriv'd; such strength of heart To lead him shackled, and expos'd to scorn Thy condact and example gives ; nor small Of gathering crowds, the Briton's boasted chief. Encouragement: Godolphin, wise and just,

Thus they, in sportive mood, their empty taunts Equal in merit, honour, and success,

And menaces expreft; nor could their prince To Burleigh (fortunate alike to serve

In arms, vain Tallard, from opprobriaus speech The best of Queens): hey of the royal store Refrain : Why halt ye thus, ye Britons? Why Splendidly frugal, fits whole nights devoid Decline the war? Shall a morass forbid of sweet repose, induftrious to procure

Your caly march ? Advance; we'll bridge a way The foldier's ease; to regions far remote

Safe of access. Imprudent, thus t'invite His care extends; and to the British hoft

A furious lion to his folds! That boaft Makes ravin’d countries plenteous as their own. He ill abides; captiv'd, in other plight And now, o Churchill! at thy wifht approach He soon revisits Britany, that once The Germans, hopeless of succefs, forlorn, Respleodent came, with stretcht retinue girt, , With many an inroad gor'd, their drooping cheer And pompous pageantry; O hapless fate, New-animated rouse ; not more rejoice

If any arm, but Churchill's, had prevailid ! The miserable race of men, that live

No need such boasts, or exprobrations false Benighted half the year, benumb'd with frosts Of cowardice; the military mound Perpetual, and rough Boreas' keeneft breach, The British files transcend, in evil hour Under the polar Bear, inclement ky!

For their proud foes, that fondly brav'd their fate When first the fun with new-born light removes And Bow on either side the trumpets blew, The long.incunibent gloom; gladly to thee Signal of onset, resolution firm Heroic laureld Eugene yields the prime,

Inspiring, and pernicious love of war. Nor thinks it diminution, to be rankt

The adverse fronts in rueful conflict meet,
In military honour next, although

Collecting all their might; for on th'event
His deadly hand shook the Turchestan throne Decisive of this bloody day depends
Accurs'd, and prov'd in far-divided lands

The fate of kingdoms: with less vehemence
Victorious; on thy powerful sword alone

The great competitors for Roine engag'd, Germania and the Belgic coast relies, ' .

Cæsar, and Pompey, on Pharfalian plains, Won from th' encroaching fea : that (word great Where stern Bellona, with one final stroke, Anne

Adjudg'd the empire of this globe to one. Fir'd not in vain on thy puissant fide,

Here the Bavarian duke his brigades leads, When thee M'enroli'd her garter'd knights among, Gallant in arms, and gaudy to behold, Illustrating the noble list; her hand

Bold champion ! brandishing his Noric blade, Alures good omens, and Saint George's worth Bett temper'd steel, successless prov'd in field! Enkindles like defire of high exploits.

Next Tallard, with his Celtic infantry Immediate fieges, and the tire of war,

Presumptuous comes; here Churchill, not so promps Roll in thy eager mind; thy plumy crest

To vannt as fight, his hardy cohorts joins Nods horrible; with more terrific pari

With Eugene's German furce. Now from each Thou walk'at, and leen'ft already in the fight. The brazen instruments of death discharge What fpoils, what conquests, then did Albion, Horrific flames, and turbid streaming clouds hope

Of smoke fulphureous; intermixt with these From thy atchievements! yet shou hast furpaft Large globous irons fly, of dreadful hiss, Her boldest vows, exceeded what thy focs Singeing the air, and from long diftance bring Could fear or fancy; they, in multitude

Surprising flaughter; on each side they fly Superior, fed their thoughts with prospect vain By chains connext, and with destructive sweep of vi&ory and rapine, reckoning what

Behead whole troops at once; the hairy fcalps From rantom'd captives would accrue. Thus one Are whirl'd aloof while numerous trunks beftrev Jovial his mate bespoke: O friend, obferve Th' ensanguin'd field : with latent mischief ftor'd How gay with all th' accoutrements of war Showers of granadoes rain, by sudden burft The Britons come, with gold well fraught, they Disploding murderous bowels, fragments of steel,

And ftoncs, and glass, and nitrous grain adust; Thus far our prey, and tempt us to fubdue

A thousand ways at once the fhiver'd orbs Their recreant force ; how will their bodies stript | Fly diverse, working torment, and foul rout Enrich the victors, wbile the vultures fate With deadly bruisc, and gafhes furrow'd deep. Their maws with full repaft !--Another, warm'd Of pain impatient, the high-prancing steeds With high ambition, and conceit of prowess Disdain the curb, and, flinging to and fro, Inherent, arrogantly chus prefum'd :

Spurn their dismounted riders; they expire What if this lword, full often drench'd in blood Indignant, by uphoftile wounds destroy'd. Of base antagonists, with griding edge

Thus through each army death in various shapes Shonld now cleave theer the execrable head Prevail'd; here mangled limbs, here brains and of Churchill, met in arms! or if this hand,



her way clotted ; lifeless some : with anguish these On the firm land; the ref, discomfited, Gnathing, and loud laments invoking aid, And post by Marlborough's avengeful hand, Unpity'd, and unheard; the louder din

Leap plunging in the wide-extended flood. Of guns, and trumpers' clang, and solemn sound Bands numerous as the Memphian soldiery Of drums, o'ercame their groans. In equal scale That swellid the Erythræan wave, when wall'd Long hung the fight ; few marks of fear were The unfroze waters marvelloully stood, seen,

Obfervant of the great command. Upborde None of retreat. As when two adverse winds, By frothy billows thousands Anat the Itream Sublim'd from dewy vapours, in mid-sky

In cumbrous mail, with love of farther thore; Engage with horrid shock, the ruffled brine Confiding in their hands, that sed'lous strive Roars stormy, they together dash the clouds, Tu cut th' outrageous fluent : in this ditrefs, Levying their equal force with utmost rage ; Ev’n in the fight of death, some cokens thew Long undecided lasts the airy ftrise:

Of fearless friendship, and their finking mates So they incens'd; till Churchill, viewing where Sustain : vain love, though laudable! absorbid The violence of Tallard most prevail'd,

By a fierce eddy, they together socod Came to oppose his slaughtering arm; with speed | The valt profundity; their horses paw Precipitant he rode, urging his way

The swelling furge with fruitless toil surchargé. O'er hills of gasping heroes, and fall'n steeds And in his course obstructed by large spoil, Rolling in deach : defru&ion, grim with blood, The river flows redundant, and attacks Attends his furious course. Him thus enrag'd, The lingering remnant with unusual cide; Descrying from afar, some engineer,

Then rolling back, in his capacious lap Dextrous to guide th’unerring charge, design'd Ingulfs their whole militia, quick immers'd. By one nice shot to terminate the war.

So when some sweltcring travellers retire With aim direct the levellid bullet flew,

To leafy fades, near the cool suoless verge But miss'd her scope (for Definy with tood Of Paraba, Brazilian stream ; her tail Th’approaching wound) and guiltless ploughid of valt extension from her watery den,

A grilly Hydra suddenly fhoots forch. Beneath his courser; round his sacred head lolidious, and with curl'd envenom'd train The glowing balls play innocent, while he Embracing horridly, at once the crew With dire impetuous (way deals fatal blows Into the river whirls: th' unweeting prey Amongst the scatter'd Gauls. But 0 ! beware, Entwisted roars, th'affrighted finod rebounds. Great warrior! nor, too prodigal of life,

Nor did the British squadroas now furcease Expose the British safety: hath not Jove

To gall their foes o'erwhelm'd; full many fek Already warn'd chce to withdraw ? Reserve In the moist element a scorching deach, Thyself for other palms. Ev'n now thy aid Pierc'd sinking; shrouded in a dusky cloud Eugene, with regiments unequal preft,

The current flows, with livid miilive flames Awaits; this day of all his honours gain'd

Boiling, as once Pergamean Xanthus boil'd, Despoils him, if thy succour opportune

Inflam'd by Vulcan, when the swift-footed loa Defends not the sad hour : perniit not chou of Peleus to his baleful banks pursued So brave a leader with the vulgar herd

The draggling Trojans : nor less eager drove To bite the ground unnotted.-Swift, and fierce Victorious Churchill his desponding foes As wintery storm, he flies, to reinforce

Into the deep immense, that many a league 'The yielding wing; in Gallic blood again

Impurpled ran, with gushing gore diftained. Hedews his reeking sword, and strews the ground Thus the experienc'd valour of one man, With headless ranks (so Ajax interpos'd

Mighty in conflie, rescued harrass'd powers His sevenfold hield, and screen'd Laertcs' son, From ruin impendent, and th'afflicted throne For valour much, and warlike wiles, renown'd, Imperial, chat once lorded o'er the world, When the insulting Trojans urg'd him sore Suitain'd. With prudent stay he long deler'd With cilted (pears): unmanly dread invades The rough contention, nor would deign to rout The French aftony'd; Itrait their useless arms An host disparted ; when in union firm They quit, and in ignoble Aight confide,

Embody'd they advanc'd, collecting all Unseemly yelling; distant hills return

Their strength, and worthy seemed to be fubdeed The hideous noile. What can they do? or how He the proud boasters fent, with stern adauit, Withstand his wide.destroying sword? or where Down to the realms of Night. The Britiih foals, Find shelter, thus repuls'd? Behind, with wrath (A lameatable race!) that ceas'd to breathe, Refifless, ch' eager English champions press, On Landen plains, this heavenly gladsome air, Chastiling tardy flight; before them rolls

Exult to see the crowding ghosts descend His current swift, the Danube vast and deep, Unnumber'd; well aveng'd, they quit the cares Supreme of rivers ! to the frightful brink,

of mortal life, and drink th' oblivious lake. Urg'd by compulsive arms, soon as they reacht, Not so the new inhabitants: they roam New horror chill'd their veins: devote they saw Erroneous, and disconsolate ; themselves Themselves to wretched doom ; with efforts vain, Accuting, and their chiefs, improvident Encourag'd by despair, or obstinate

Of military chance; when lo ! they see, To fall like men in arms, some dare renew Through the dun mift, in blooming beauty fret, Feeble engagement, meeting glorious fate Two lovely youths, that aplicably walked

9'er verdant meads, and pleas'd, perhaps, revolv'd Of counsel rash, new measure's he pursues;
Anna's late conquests; * one, to empire born, Unhappy Prince! (no more a Prince) he fees.
Egregious Prince, whose manly childhood Thew'd Too late his error, forc'd t'implore relief
His mingled parents, and portended joy. Of him, he once defy'd. O deftitute
Unspeakable; † thou, his associate dear

Of hope, unpity'd! thou should't first have thought
Once in this world, nor now face disjoin'd, of persevering ftedfast ; now upbraid
Had thy presiding star propitious Phone,

Thy own inconstant, ill-aspiring heart. Should'st Churchill be! but Heaven severe cut Lo! how the Noric plains, through thy default short

[boast Rise hilly, with large piles of flaughter'd knights, Their fpringing years, nor would this ifle should Best men, that warr'd still firmly for their prince Gifts so important ! them the Gallic Mades Though faithless, and unshaken duty shew'd'; Surveying, read in either radiant look

Worthy of better end. Where cities stond, Marks of exceflive dignity and grace,

Well fene'd and numerous, defolation reigns, Delighted; till, in one, their curious eye

And emptiness, dismay'a, unfed; unbous'di Discerns their great subduer's awful mien, The widow and the orphan (trole around And corresponding features fear; to thena The desert wide; with oft retorted eye Confufion ! ftrait the airy phantoms flcet,

They view the gaping walls, and poor remains With headlong haste, and dread a new pursuit. Of mansions, once their own (now loathsomt The image pleas'd with joy paternal smiles.

Enough, o Muse: the sadly-plealing theme or birds obscene), bewailing loud the losa
Leave, with these dark abodes, and re-afcend Of spouse, or fire, or son, ere manly prime,
To breathe the upper air, where triumphs wait Slain in fad conflict, and complain of fate
The conqueror, and sav'd nations' joint acclaim. As partial, and too rigorous ; nor find
Hark! how the canoon, inoffensive now,

Where to retire themselves, or where appease Gives figns of gratulation ; Aruggling crowds Th'afflictive kecn defire of food, expos'd From every city flow; with ardent gaze

To winds, and forms, and jaws of favage beads. Fixt, they behold the British Guide, of fight Thrice happy Albion ! from the world disjoin' Insatiate; whilft his great redeeming hand By Heaven propitious, blissful feat of peace! Each prince affects to touch respectful. See Learn from thy neighbours miseries tn prize How Prussia's King transported entertains Thy welfare ; crown'd with Nature's choicest gift. His mighty gueft! to hioi the royal pledge, Remote thou hear'st the dire effea of war, Hope of his realm, commits (with better fate, Depopulation, void alone of fear Than to the Trojan Chief Evander gave

And peril, whilft the difmal fymphony Unhappy Pallas) and entreats to shew

Of drums and clarions, other realms annoys.
The skill and rudiments auftere of war.

Th' Iberian sceptro uodecided, here
See, with what joy, him Leopold declares Engages mighty hosts in wasteful strife :
His great Deliverer ; and courts t'accept

From different climes the flower of youth deOf titles, with superior modesty

scends, Better refus'd! Meanwhile the haughty King Down to the Lusitanian vales, resolv'& Far humbler thoughts now learns : despair, and With utmost hasard to enthrone their prince, fear,

Gallis or Austrian; havoc dire ensues, Now first he feels; his laurels all at once

And wild uproar : the natives dubious whom Torn from his aged head in life's extreme, They must obey, in confternation wait, Distract his soul! nor can great Boileau's harp Till rigid conquest will pronounce their liege. Of various sounding wire, best taught to calm

Nor is the brazen voice of war unheard Whatever passion, and exalt the soul

On the mild Latian fhore: what fighs and tears With highest strains, his languid spirits cheer : Hath Eugene caus'd! how many widows curse Rage, shame, and grief, alternate in his breast. His cleaving faulcheon ! fertile foil in vain ! But who can tell what pangs, what sharp re What do thy pastures, or thy vines avail, morse,

Belt boon of Heaven! or huge Paburnus, cloth' Torment the Boian prinse ? from native foil With olives, when the cruel battle mows Exild by Fate, torn from the dear embrace The planters, with their harvest immature ? of wecping confort, and depriv'd the fight See, with what outrage from the frosty north, of his young guiltless progeny, he seeks

The early valiant Swede draws forth his wings Inglorious Thelter, in an alien land;

In bactailons array, while Volga's streant Deplorable! but that this mind averse

Sends oppofite, in fhaggy armour clad, To right, and insincere, would violate

Her borderers ; on mutual flaughter bent, His plighted faith : why did he not accept They rend their countries. How is Poland vek Friendly composure offer'd ? or well weigh With civil broils, while two elected kings With whom he must contend? encounteriog fierce Contend for sway? unhappy nation, left The Solymean Sultan, he o'erthrew

Thus free of choice! The English, undi@urbid His moony troops, returning bravely smear'd With such fad privilege, submiss obey With Painim brood effus'd; nor did the Gaul Whom Heaven ordains' supreme, with reverence Not find him ooce a baleful foc: but when,

dre, * Duke of Gloucetten † Marquis of 31andlord. Not thraddom, in fit liberty secure:

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