Sivut kuvina
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Starch, per cwt.-A. Starch for textile dressers, under special conditions 1/61,

other kinds 6'1; Ar. Starch 7 cts per kilo, flour of wheat or maize 4 cts, vermicelli 7 cts; B. Free; Cor. 71% a v; D. Free; E. Per kilo 21d; F. 117; G. 6/5; Gr. Common rice 49 per cwt, common other 32, superior in boxes 5/114; Hl. Free; H. Free; I. Coromon 3/3.014, fine in boxes 4/10 521; Nic. As sago and maizena ad per lb; N. 1103 ; Per. 40%; PR. Per 100 kilos 3 pes 60 cts; P. 12/6; R. 16:4; Rus. 13'9; 8. 3 84 ; Sn. 5/8; Sz. 3d ; T. 8% a v; Ur.g w

7 cts. per kilo; Ven. Prohibited. Stationery.-See Paper. Steel and Steel Wares.-See Iron and Steel. Stones.--Ar. Paving, flag, and trotting flag stones 30° a v; Rus. Whetstones

£2 55 per poud ; Sz. Plastiline for modelling 7d, paper stone for fire.

proof walls and ceilings 3d per cwt, common stone for paving 4id. Stoneware. -See Earthenware, Stoves.--See Iron and Steel. Stockings.-See Woven Manufactures (Sill). Straw Plaiting for Hats, per cwt -A. 20; B. Free ; D. Of fine or coloured

straw 67 ios 7d, of other straw £2 16s ód ; F. 2!0!; G. 12/2; Gr. 46 Es ; H. Free ; l. Plaits of straw, bark, esparto, &c., for hals 41.}; of straw for ropes and other articles free; N. 62 ios od ; P. 46 45 &d; R. L1125 8d ; Rus. Plain or mixed with cotton, hemp, silk or horse hair £17 63 od, painted straw z with an addition of 20. on each rouble of duty leviable in each case ; 8. 12'3; Sn. 12 16 60 ; Sz. 4.01 ; T. 87 a v.

; Strings for Musical Instruments.-See Brass and Iron and Steel; also

Copper. Sugar, per cwt.-A. Beetroot and all kinds (raw), excepting not edible syrups Ar. 11/2, other refined 4d, unrefined 3 d ; Ar. Per kilo, refined 94, unre

fined 7c, sugar candies 300 and 30%, glucose '060 and 30%, all other B.

kinds 139 and 30%; B. Import duty, refined candy, ist class £1 3$ 4d,* ditto 2nd class is 44d, * loaf 195 9hd,above No. 18 Dutch standard tree but chargeable with an excise duty equal to the import duty on refined loaf sugar, raw, all kinds free but subject to a surtax of 15 of the amount of the excise duty payable, molasses containing less than 50% of saccharine matter 737, ditto for distilla. tion free, * excise duty on raw, from No. 15 to No. 18 inclusive 19 6, from No. 10 to No. 15 18'3, from No.? to No. 10, 164, below No. 7

and molasses containing 507 or more of saccharine matter, also syrups Br. containing crystallisable sugar 13:11; Br, Candy '560 per kilo, raisin

or glucose '100 per kilo, any other kind .240 per kilo; c. Sugar of Ch. all kinds 35% av; Ch. Brown (No. I to No. 10 inclusive, Dutch

standard) 1,000 catties O'I'2'o, candy o'2'5'0. white(No. 11 and upCor. wards, Dutch standard) o'2'o'o ; Cor. Sugar and molasses 71% a v; D. D. Sugar, refined candy, lump or powdered, of No. 19 Dutch

standard and above, 12 4, additional duty 2 10, unrefined, except mus. covado, from No. 15 to No. 18 Durch standard 8/8, additional duty 2/74, unrefined, from No. 10 to No. 14, and muscovado from No. 15 to No. 18 Dutch standard 8'3, additional duty 2/41, unrefined inferior to No. 10 and muscovado inferior to No. 15 Dutch

standard, also syrup 7 6. additional duty_2'15, molasses 4 1, addi. E. F. tional duty 1'3); E. Per kilo 2 d molasses ; F. Unrefined, moist sugar,

the estimated yield thereof at the refinery being 98 of refined sugar or less 2 10 net and £o4d per cwt. of refined sugar, more than 98, £1 35 7d, refined, other than candy {1 zs 7d, candy 4155, molasses for distillation free, molasses other than for distilla. tion, containing 50% of saccharine matter or less 611, molasses other

than for distillation, containing more than 5013, native glucoses G.

52 per cwt ; G. Sugar, refined, candy or lump and unrefined of No. 19 Dutch standard and above 15 3, unrefined below No. 19 Dutch

standard 12/2, syrup or molasse 77, molasses for use in distillation Gr.

free; Gr. Refined and glucose Li zs ud, unrefined and molasses 8/ : HI. Hay. H. HI. And molasses free ; Hay. Per cwt refined 14; H. Un refined (excise duty) of a

saccharine richness of more than 98% kr 25 1od, of a saccharine richness of not more than 98% for every percentage of its quality and, treacle or molasses containing 101 or less of solid sugar (import duty) sli,

refined (excise duty) candy, ist class 61 95, ditto and class I. £1_4s 6d, melis, lump and loaf £1 as rod; 1. ist class, superior

to Dutch standard No.20 £1us 10-828d, 2nd class, inferior to Dutch


* With an addition of 15% of the duty as surtax.


J. standard No. 20 £1 6s 6'211, molasses 4'0*768; J. White 75 cents
Nic. per 100 catties, brown and black 40 cents; Nic. Sugar and

N. Molasses ad per Ib; N. Sugar, all kinds £1 35 2d syrup or molasses
Per. PR. P. free ; Per. Sugar 70%, molasses 40%; PR. per 100 kilos, 9 pesos; P.

Per kilo, sugar refined on the Portuguese system, as well as sugar

superior to No. 20 Dutch standard* 135 r, sugar not otherwise classi. R. fied 110 r, molasses and honey 23r; R. Raw and cassonades, in powder

4/104, refined sugar candy and dissolved sugar 8 2, syrups and
Rus. molasses 2'5t; Rus, Sugar, raw, at ports of the Black Sea or

Sca of Azov 9:25 per poud, at other ports or by the land frontier
96 per pond, sugar, refined in loaves, pieces or lump and
sugar candy, at ports of the Black Sea or Sea of Azov 12/of

per poud, at other ports or by the land frontier 12/4per Sal. 8. poud, molasses 11,10; Sal. Per lb.g w 340 ; S. Sugar of Sn. all kinds, import duty 12.6, transitory duty 56; Sn. Sugar

unrefined, up to No. 18 Dutch standard 13/3, ditto No. 18

Dutch standard and above 18 8, refined, including candy, loaf
8z. and powdered sugar, 18 8, syrup or molasses 58; Sz. Unrefined

sugar candy and glucose 3'01, refined, in lumps and loaves 3/54,
in cubes and fine powder 401, molasses and dark syrup 91d, grape

sugar in syrup 294, grape sugar, solid 2nı, hemoglobine syrup £2; T. USC. Ur. T. All kinds 87 a v; USC. Per kilo ald; Ur. Refir od g w 5 cts

Ven. per kilo, not refined g w 4 cts; Ven. Sugar and molasses prohibited. Sulphate of Iron (Green Copperas). - See Copperas. Sulphur (Flowers of).-See Brimstone. Surgical Instruments.-See Iron and Steel. Sweetmeats.-See Confectionery. Swords. See Iron and Steel. Tallow.-See Grease. Tapes.--See Woven Manufactures. Tarpaulins and Tarpaulin Cloths.- See Woven Manufactures. Tenders for Locomotives.-See Iron and Steel. Terra Cotta. -See Earthenware and Porcelain. Thread.--See Yarns, Tiles.-See Earthenware and Porcelain. Timber.-NI. Flooring boards 5% a v; N. Staves for casks, &c., only when

planed, old 10%; Sn. Wood for polishing and boards for manu. facture of boxes, pine d per kilo, fir id; Sz. Wooden s'eves, common, 4'9 per cwt, fine 15. 10, boards of plaster and reeds 7:d

per cwt. Tin and Tin Wares, percwt.--A. Tin, blocks, ingots and old broken tin free, bars,

plates, sheets or wire, tubes and coarse castings plain or combined with wood or sheet or bar iron 4/01, un wares, common, as kettles, dishes,

plates, &c., not lacquered and not combined with other materials 51, Ar. B. other tin wares 15 3; Ar. Tin plates 5% a v ; B. Tin, unmanufactured,

all kinds free, tin wares 107, av; Br. Per kilo, tin, calaim (Indian tin), lutenac, prince's metal, and other alloys: in bars, rods, beads, ashes, or powder, in sheets, pieces or scrap, or in any other unmanu. factured state 100 r, in jewellery of any descriptien, plain, varnished, gilded, silver-plated, or in rosaries, or with false stones 4,000 r, in ihin leaves for bottles, in capsules, and fastenings for the same, &c., 350 r, in tubes for stills, &c. 120 r. In plates : for engraving music 350 r, engraved or with inscriptions for letters, music, &c., plain or mounted on wood or serentype plates 700 r, in weights or markers for scales 160. Articles not otherwise mentioned: plain

800 r, silvered or bronzed, wholly or in part 1,600 r, gilded, wholly or C. Ch in part 2,400 r; c. In bars free ; Ch. Tin '2*5-0 per 100 carties, Cor. D. tin plates 0'4'0'0; Cor. 71% a v; D. in lin ingots, bars, &c. free

sheets, pipes, kettles, pans, &c. 2'41, tin wares, varnished, painted or lacquered kr 175 8d, other kinds 18 10; E. Per kilo afd; F. Tin, pure, in ingots, bars or slabs, pure, filings and old broken articles free, alloyed with antimony (Britannia metal) in pigs 2/0), pure or alloyed, hammered or rolled

2 5, tin wares, pots, pans and other manufactures of tin, G.

pure or alloyed with antimony 12 2; G. Tin, pure or alloyed with lead, antimony or zinc, raw or broken free, rolled 161, tin wares, coarse, plain or in combination with wood, iron, lead or zinc, not

polished or lacquered also wire, 305, fine wares, plain or mixed with • The provision contained in the law of March 22, 1886, suspending until the year 1889 the law of December 27, 1870, is maintained in force.


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Tin and Tin Wares-continued.

other materials (provided they cannot be classified under the head

of small ornamental wares), also lacquered wares 122, small orna. Gr. mental wares 65 is 7d ; Gr. Tin, unmanufactured, in ingots, bars,

plates or sheets 6 41, iin wares. household articles, &c. 12'94, ditto HI. Hay. gilt or silvered £1 125 ; HI. 10%; Hay. Double, per 100 sheets

H. 8/4, single 4/2; H. Tin, unmanufactured and soil, free, tin wares 5% 1. a v; I. Tin and its alloys with lead and antimony, ingots, cakes, bars

and old tin free, hammered, in sheets or foil of any sort su}, tin J. wares 7/11, varnished 15/10 ; J. Tin 3 boos per 100 catties, tin plates M. 70 cents per box of 90 catties; M. Per kilo, block tin in bars or in the

rough g w oʻ10, ditto in plates, sheets, and other manufactures, s w

O'20, tin in sheets up to 40 centimetres long by 30 wide, neither NI. stamped nor painted, also tinned iron tubing free ; NI. Free; Nic. Nic. Per lb manufactures of every kind 5d, tin cartridges sd, N. in bars or sheets }d; N. Tin, in ingots bars or sheets, also

filings, tubes and pipes free, tin wares, gilt, silvered or plated Per. Er igs 6d, other kinds, including tinfoil 19/9; Per. Tin 45% ; PR. PR. Per 105 kilos, in bars or bullion, sheets, nails, wire, P. and pipes 3 pesos 68 cts, manufactured 8 pesos 70 cts; P. Tin,

old broken articles, cast and hammered or rolled, alloyed for solder free, tin' wares 19; R. Tin, unwrought in any form, filings, old broken articles, alloys of tin and antimony in pieces (Britannia metal), tin, pure and alloys, beaten or rolled, tin in sheets free, articles of tin, pure or combined

with lead or zinc, and articles of Britannia metal neither gilt nor Rus. silvered 62 os 10d ; Rus. Tin in ingots, rods and scrap 3.114,* in

sheets and amalgam for mirrors 6'11, tin wares, not polished Sal. nor painted 10'10, polished or painted $175 id;+ Sal. Bars and

sheets per lb g w 6d, prepared for domestic, or other uses, ditto, ditto

7ld, painted or ornamental, per lb 9fd, baths, each, El ios 1010, S. baths, sitz, ditto 12/4 ; 6. Tin in ingots or bars 4/3!,

tin wares, plain or lacquered 69, ditto gilded, silvered or Sn. nickelled 18/3; Sn. Tin, unwrought, also old or broken tin wares

free, tin wares not lacquered nor painted 19 lacquered or painted 8z. £1 195 6d, tin foil 19'9; Sz. Tin in rough pieces, blocks, bars or

plates, filings and old broken articles 7ld, tin, pure or alloyed with other metals (Britannia metal), hammered or rolled, sheets or wire,

tinfoil, 1/2}, tin wares not polished or painted 2/101, ditto polished, T. painted or varnished and articles of Britannia melal 6/6; T. Ali

kinds 8% a v, bassinettes of tin with perforated sides, neither painted, U

polished, nor varnished 36 per cwt; Ur. Tin, sheets or ingots 20% av; Ven. Ven. 3rd class, pure or alloyed, unmanufactured, and tinned basins,

4th class, manufactured, not specified, 6th class, eyelets, hooks and

eyes. Tin and Terne Plates.--See Iron and steel, also Tin and Tin Wares. Tissues.-See Woven Manufactures. Tobaccos, Cigars and Snuff, per cwt.-A.* Tobacco unmanufactured in leaves,

stalks, and steins £1 is 4d, ditto manufactured, stemmed, rolled, and cut tobacco for smoking, tobacco waste, chewing tobacco, cigars

and cigarettes, snuff and tobacco for making snuff 62 135 4d; Ar. B. Ar. Tobacco 50%, a v, cigars, snuff of all sorts 60° a v; B. Unmanu

factured leaves, ditto stalks 6 1 85 5d, cigars and cigarettes 66 15 11d, Br. other manufactured tobacco £2 os 8d ; Br. In cheroots 5'100 per 100,

cigars 3'500 per kilo, leaves '520 per kilo, for chewing, &c. 1*100 per kilo, cut for pipes and cigars 1'400 per kilo, snuff 3.000 per kilo, pre. pared in any other manner 5.500 per kilo; C. Havanna tobacco in

leaves or cut in any form 1.50 pesos per kilo, any other kind 1 peso Ch. per kilo ; Ch. Snuff, per 100 catties 7*2'o'o ; cigars, including cigar

cases, holders, and pipes, free, foreign tobacco free, leaf, 100 catties Cor. 0'1'5'o, prepared 0°4*5'0 ; Cor. Leaf 20% a v, cigars and cigarettes

20%; D. Leaves and stalks 11/9, additional tax 4.8, cigars £3 155 3d, E. additional tax 18/10, other kinds 18'10, additional tax 4/8); E. F. Per kilo leaf, cigars and cigarettes 21 ; F. Tobaccos un

manufactured (leaf or stalk), for the Régie free, for private account prohibited, tobacco manufactured for the Régie free, for private account prohibited, tobacco juice (sauce praiss) pro

hibited. (NOTE.- Tobacco for personal use may be admitted under Tobacco can only be imported into A. by special permission, and is subject to a licence duty in addition, on raw tobacco 6/4 per 1b, on cigars and cigarettes 10', on other manufactured tobacco 7/8.




Tobaccos, Cigars, and Snuff-continued.

certain regulations to the extent of 10 kilos per individual per annum,

at the following rates, cigars and cigarettes 13'1 per lb, Turkish tobacco G. 9/1 per cwt, other kinds and snuff 5 5.) G. Unmanufactured leaves

and stalks £2 3$ ad per cwt, manufactured cigars and cigarettes Gr. £6 175 2d, other kinds 24 LIS 50 ; Gr. In leaves £4 165, cut in carrots HI. or rolls 65. 125, cigars and cigarettes 69_125, snuff 65 125; HI. Hay. Leaf free : cigars and cigarettes free ; Hay. Per cwt, roll £26s 8d, leaf H. and chewing 18 8, snuff £4 135 4d, cigars per 100 10; H. In leaves

and rolls unstemmed 7d, ditto stemmed 1/3), snuff and other I. manufactures 10'2, cigars Li izs ud; 1. Unmanufactured in leaves

and stalks prohibited, cigars Havana or similar quality 671 2s 6d, J. other manufactured tobacco 640 125 rod; J. i boo 80 cents per 100 Nic. catties; Nic. Per lb Government monopoly, Havanna only (by special

permit) 3/5}, chewing (allowed) 187 in rolls, or snuff i 8 per 1b; NI. NI. Tobacco and snuff 8 f. per 100 kilos, Manilla cigars 200 fl. per

100 kilos, other cigars and cigarettes 50 fl. per 100 kilos; N. Stalks, leaves, not steeped and steeped £4 185 91d, snuff £5 18 61d, cigars

and cigarettes £10 35 21d, all other manufactured tobacco 65 18561d; Per. Per. Leaf 70%; cigars and cigarettes 70% : PR. (Manufactured),

all kinds, per kilo 70 cts; (unmanufactured) leaf, per kilo 35. cts; P. P. Cigars £r per kilo, all other kinds tobacco El per kilo; Rus. R. Prohibited ; Rus. In leaf or packets, with or without stalks

67 95 4d, tobacco for smoking, snuff, cut, of every kind, twisted in

rolls, cakes, &c. £26 25 8d, cigars and cut tobacco rolled in tobacco Sal. leaves £63 98 4d; Sal. Per lb g w leaf 91d, cigars and cigarettes, S. Sn. 11571d; S. Prohibited ; Sn. Unmanufactured £2.16s 6d, manu

factured cigars and cigarettes £8 gs 5d, other kinds 63 75 od ; Sz. Sz. Tobacco unmanufactured in leaves, stalks, and waste 10/2, ditto

carrots or rolls for manufacture of snuff 14'3, snuff Li OS 4d, cigars

and cigarettes (2 os 8d, other manufactured tobacco ki os 4d, T.. USC. tobacco extract 3/11; T. Prohibited; USC. Per kilo, in leaves

or cut for cigarettes, 2}d, prepared for chewing 1!3, manufactured Ur. 26; Ur. Snuff 51% a v, tobacco from 18 cts to 35 cts per kilo,

cigarettes from 60 cts to 1'60 cts, cigars from 56 cts to 2*80 cts ; Ven. Ven. Chewing, prohibited, 4th class cigarette and prepared for

cigars, 7th class leaf and manufactured cigarettes, 8th class manu.

factured, not specified. Tobacco Pipes. -See Earthenware and Porcelain. Tools (Awls; Gimlets, Files, Saws, Vices, &c.)-See Iron and Steel. Towels.-See Woven Manufactures. Toys, per cut.--A. Of wood, inost common, planed, carved or turned free, ditto

fine, also in combination with other materials 6 i os 4d, of iron or steel 15'3, combined with silk, lace, artificial flowers and ornamental feathers 65 IS 7d, ditto other woven or knitted materials £2 103 104!: B. 10% a v; D. £1175 8d; F. £1 45 5d ; G. As materials of which made; Gr. £8; H. 5% av; i. 239 ; N. All kinds 61 138 ud; P. 62 75 id; R. Toys of wood, common metals, earthenware, porcelain, glass, paper, leather or caoutchouc with or without admixture of other common materials and all toys for children, with the exception of those composed or partly composed of ivory, tortoise shell, mother-of-pearl, or precious metals £2 os 8d ; Rus. 67 55 10d ;t S. 62 125 od ; Śn. Of wood or mixed material £448 84. (NOTE.-Other kinds of toys pay as the materials of which made.) Sz. 66;

T.8% a v. Tramway Carriages. - See Carriages. Tricycles.-See Carriages. Tulle. --See Woven Manufactures. Turpentine, per cwt.-A. 161; B. Free ; D. 4:8}; F. Essence of turpentine

204 ; G. Free : Gr. 97}; H. Free; I. Free; N. Oil of turpentine 39); Nic. Oil of turpentine, gaseous mineral oil, acidulated waters 9'4; P. 1'3; R. 41, other kinds 17.; Rus. 3'3it S. 4.0);

Sn. 3/11); Sz. Not specified ; T. 8. a v. Twine.- See Cordage. Umbrellas and Parasols.-A. Of silk ud each, other kinds 5ld; B. Um.

brellas and parasols 10% av: parts thereof 5%; Br. Umbrellas and parasols of silk 2'000 each and 30% av; C. Ditto of all kinds 35% av: Ch. oʻoʻ35 each ; Cor, Paper 5 av, foreign 10% a. V: ; D. Covered with silk or half silk 1/5/cach, ditto with other materials or uncovered Od ; F. Cotton 2\d, alpaca 4id, silk 1/; G. 630nd per cut; Gr. Of wool or of linen or cotton or of linen mived with tonsbreach ditto mixed with silk 1/2;d, ditto of_ill. 5, dit vipamenteel with lau

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Umbrellas and Parasols-continued.

or embroidery 25% a v, frames and sticks of wood or common metal
16/ per cwt. (NOTE.- Frames and sticks of other kinds are
chargeable with the duties upon the materials of which made.) Hay.
Sunshades, parasols of every size and shape, each 26, ditto, ditio,
for children iod, woollen stuff, each, I'3, cotton, each, gd; H. 5%
av; I. Of silk 1/1-224 cacb, of other materials 7'68d each, parts
thereof 12'2 per cwt ; Nic. Per lb cotton 7d, wool 1 'oh, silk 18;
N. Of silk or half silk rod each, of other materials 31d, framework
not covered 19'9 per cwt ; PR. Per dozen, umbrellas and parasols,
cotton i peso 74 cts, silk and other 6 pesos 96 cts; P. Umbrellas
and sunshades, covered with silk, 535 r each, ditto, covered with
other stuffs 320 r each, frames, complete, for umbrellas or sunshades,
without covers 320 r each, ditto, incomplete, for umbrellas or sun-
shades, in separate pieces 1 300 r per kilo; R. Of cotton, linen or
wool with frames of whalebone or iron with handles of plain or carved
wood, combined or not with bone or common metals, gilt, silvered
or not 1/8 each, of silk, pure or mixed, of cotton, linen or wool, lined
with silk pure or mixed 3 8; Rus. Men's umbrellas of silk, and ladies'
silk umbrellas or parasols lined with silk 5'3,+ men's alpaca umbrellas
and ladies' unlined silk umbrellas, &c. 2/1,7 other kinds of umbrellas
or parasols £175 id per cwt; Sal. 36in per dozen 10'u, 2oin 7/98;
S. Of silk 1/ each, of other materials 70 ; Sn. Of silk or half silk rod,
other kinds 3;d, parts thereof, framework, &c. 19'9 per cwt, ditto
coverings of umbrellas, cut or sewn and cases of umbrellas as material
of which made with an addition of 20%: Sz. Of silk and cotton

11/10, wool and silk 19/91; T.8% a v; USC. Per kilo, 3 4.
Varnish.-See Grease.
Velocipedes.-See Carriages, also Iron and Steel.
Velvet and Velveteens.--See Woven Manufactures.
Vinegar.-A. In casks 3o. per cwt, in bottles 8/2; Ar. 45%; B. In casks 2id

per gallon, in bottles 3d ; Br. Common 100 per litre, for preserving
*360 per kilo (in casks); C. Conserves in vinegar, sauces 35% av;
D. In casks 191 per cwt, gross, in bottles 61d per gallon;
F. Import d per gallon, excise duty in addition, vinegar con-
taining up to 8 of acetic acid 2 d per gallon, from 9% to 12% 3d,
from to 16% 4d, acetic acid and vinegar containing from 17% to

from 31/t 40 ::d, more than 40% 11; G. In casks 4/03
per cwt in Nasks or bottles r 4s 5d ; Gr. Common 6/41, other, in
bottles £1 125; H. Of two degrees strength or less, as ascertained by
Dutch standard, scale B 2d per gallon, other kinds 1 64; I. Con-
taining 10% or less of acetic acid 4 0768, 10% to 50% 24/4608,
above 50%, 36/6-912; Nic. Per lb gd; N. In casks containing up to
10% of acid 90 per cwt, ditto over 10% ditto £4 105 4d, in bottles
containing up to 10 of acid 10 d per gallon, ditto over 10% ditto
8/1; NI. 10% av; PR. Per hecto i p 25 C; P. 218 r per decal ; R.
In casks 8!d per cwt, in bottles 16'4; Rus. In casks 10/10 per cwt
gross,t in bottles 430+ per bottle; Sal. Per lb acetic acid zid ; S.
40 per cut; Sn. In casks containing up to 1% of acid ild per
kilo, in other receptacles, without regard to acetic strength i'per
kilo; Sz. 1'10; T. 8.av; Ur. 0'03 per litre ; USC. Per kilo,

vinegar in barrels 2?d.
Wagons.-See Carriages.
Wagon Covers.-Sce Woven Manufactures.
Wagon Grease.-See Grease.
Watches.-See Clocks and Watches.
White Lead.See Lead and Lead Wares.
Wicks for Candles.-See Woven Manusactures.
Window Glass.-See Glass and Glass Wares.
Wire.- See Brass and Copper, Gold and Silver Wares, Iron and Steel, Zinc.
Wire Gauze.-See Iron and Steel.
Wire Ropes.--See Iron and Steel.
Woollen and Worsted, Yarns and Thread. --See Yarns (Woollen and

Woollen and Worsted, Woven Manufactures.-See Woven Manufactures

(Woollen and Worsted).
Woven Manufactures, Cotton, per cwt.--A. Cotton manufactures, pure or

mixed with linen, (a) common, i.e. Lissues for yarns No. 50 and under,
(1) plain or simply twilled of 38 threads or less to 5 millimetres
square, unbleached to 125 6d, bleached Lz os 8d, dyed (excepi Turkey

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