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RAISE to Varuna! under the guidance of whose potent arm, behold thy friend, surrounded by the billows of the nighty ocean.

The most sublime objects alone present themfelves to my view. Above is the azure canopy of Heaven, in which “the

gold-crowned Sultan of the firmament, *i advances the standard of his bright“ ness;” and without rival or competitor, enjoys the folitary grandeur of imperial Itate. Below is the boundless expanse

the congregated waves of which, like the chiefs of some great republic, alternately rise into the majesty of power, and retire into the


of ob Scurity.

of waters,

From the benevolence and friendship of captain Grey, I received every asliftance in preparing for my voyage, and procured every necessary that could tend to its comfort. I have also from him Letters of introduction to his friends, with a sketch of the character of each, so that I shall have the advantage of a sort of pre-acquintance in a land of strangers. From Morton, I have received letters for his mother, and fifters, accompanied by some valuable presents, which the generous hand of Grey, enabled him to procure for them.

The young man has made a rapid progress. in my esteem: his mind seems forn)ed for the residence of virtue ; nor is there any reason to apprehend that the headstrong passions of youth will ever be able to drive her from her feat.

I have not forgotten the sister of my friend, the long lamented Percy. For her I have made a selection of whatever I thought could be acceptable: and the idea of presenting it in person, affords great delight to my mind,- Jeo-doss, to whom, as well as to my other servants, I gave the liberty of returning to Kuttaber, so earnestly entreated for leave to accompany me, that I consented; and allo at their own defire have kept two more of my own people, all of whole

services I find very useful to me in this floating caftle; where, in spite of every precaution, I confefs, many things occur, disgusting to delicacy, and abhorrent to i be nice feelings of propriety.

I was accompanied to the ship by Grey, Morton, and some other friends, who have distinguished themselves by their particular kindness to me.

Even Cooper, wild and eccentric as he is, would rot sufferr me to depart without some Uken of his kindness. He brought me a cap lined with the finest fur, which he told me would be of service in the cold climate I was about to encounter.

The pang of regret penetrated my heart, when I bade the last farewell to these amiable friends; but when the ship was put in motion, and I saw those bleit fores, “the favoured seats of the Gods of India," recede from my fight, my heart grew faint within me, and all my philosophy was insufficient to re-invigorate my sinking courage.

Sickness in a short time took from me the power of thinking. I have suffered under it so severely, that I have hitherto been unable to enjoy the society of my fellow passengers, the female part of whom are still confined to their apartments, by the cruel effects of this sea nausea, the most intolerable of all diseases! Upon the

quarter-deck, I have met the husband of one of these ladies, who was -.. of ---, in which station he acquired a fortune, which though not the tenth of the fum that a Muflulman Dewan would have acquired, will, I am told be sufficieut 10 give him dift metion in his own country. The Commander of the ship, though anong his men he appears like a lion of the forest, is to his paffengers gentle as the dcer of the mountain. I have already been much indebied to his politeness and civility. I have the fame acknowledgment to make to the Surgeon, a young inan, whose quick, and penetrato ing eye gives the promise of genius, and discernment.

Time, that great Physician, having in fome degree reconciled our stomachs to the motion of the vefiel, I have had the pleasure of being introduced to the fair companions of our voyage; who are three in number.

The first, is the wife of the Dewan; her features are regular, but fo insipid, that I should not fail to pronounce her equally void of sense and feeling, was it not for the unlimited affcction the evinces towards the animal creation, which she carries to as exalted a height as any Hermit of Cummow. Surrounded by Parrots, Lorys, Maccaws, small Dogs, Persian

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