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it [3] JOD, when Saral was turned into Sa

RAH, complains thus, What an evil portion * have I? I am the least of the twenty-two “ letters, and yet am cast out of the good woman's « name Sarai; and that God thus answered, (Thou haft no wrong," as elsewhere told,) before

thou waft at the end of a woman's name, " and because thy life was good there, thou “ fhalt hereafter be happy at the head of a “ man, when Oshen shall be called JeHOSHUA or Jesus.” Thus when Jod taken from SaRAI, a woman's name wherein it was last, cometh to rank first to make the name of JESUS; the son of Nun, it appeareth fo far from being contemned, that it might well be a proverb (as in Mat. v. 18.) “ one" Iata CY Jodi in the law will not be found without its due force and Significancy.Under which clothing lie these particulars: 1. That what was leaf in human esteem was to become first in rank: 2. That what was to be made the head in the man is previously to be found in the woman in lowly form; then taken from her: 3. That for its orderly life in humiliation, even unto rejection, the honour of an exaltation was gives it. Whence it is clear, did the Jews but apply to the PERSON of Christ what they here do to HIS NAME, the offence they stumble at would be no more. And upon their own principles to make this a proper name they must admit Him


who bears it to have suffered, and to be in persen none other than what they say the name was. But leaving this, one thing is here affirmed, that Jehoshua is the compound name we have Thewed it to be. Nor do I in the least doubt but it was their knowing the [*] JOD, as part of [Jen] The LORD, formed this name of Him, who was a greater than SOLOMON indeed, Mat. xii. 42, though sprung from Sarah, and after from a lowly hand-maiden, Luk. i. 27, 48, that gave rise to these great things spoken of it.

After this cloud of witnesses that the name consists of [IT] Jen Gr. (IH) IE, THE LORD and (2017) Hoshua or OsHea, Gr. (HOTE) ESUS, THE SAVIOR, the interpretation of the name is easily shewn. For the words are to be trandated as they land : now (ou] Jen is the first word, and this denotes (not one having doo minion, like the Gr. KTPIOE, KURIOS, Lat. Dominus, Eng. LORD, as from (xupos KUROS) dominion, &c. but) " THE BEING" or “ VINE ESSENCE” that WILL BE, however other beings or things are, or decay or oppose themselves (as the Gr. from xupw KURO to be signifies, when it stands for Jall or Jehovah.) For Jeh comes from (a) (n Eve' or 177 EE)


[blocks in formation]

(a) It is true fome derive it from 0.700) Et orbers from (107) 111, but obese, as Robertson observes, come from (7717) IVE, TO BE whence the Gr. Ew to the old root of tips to be most likely came ; and our Eng. Ha


TO BE, (the [) Jod taking the place of the firit He to make it a noun,) and therefore signifies THE ESSENCE that has being in Himfelf, and WILL DE. So it has the fame meaning with Jehovas, as acknowledged by the 70, and 'Theodotion who trandates it (7ė O! TO ON) THE EXISTING ONE, the same as St. John's (O IN O ON c. vi. 4.6, rendered He is, but better Substantively,) THE EXISTING (TOU THEOU) God, the DIYINE PERSONS; in Rev. ï. 8, rendered WHO is, &c. Indeed in i]. xxvi. ff, Jail, THE EXISTING ONE, is expressly called Jehovah ; whence many have thought it the halved (a) or abridged form of it. Nor is it the latter part of (78) AEIE, Eng. Tam, properly, I WILL BE (the name of the DIVINITY in CHRIST, ąs will be proved) for that is the fir person future. But though not thus contracted, it is formed from (797) EUE TO BE, and I apprehend is to difference it from Jehovah; because it was to be the name of the DIVINE ESSENCE of Him who was to be incarnate. For surely it is not unreasonable to think this one thould be distinguilhed from the whole, and that therefore the names are fo; though both pf the same root, as the persons of the fame PIVINE SUBSTANCE, according to their anti our creed. (a)



fe) As Iurtki on If. xii. 2, 'eaļling Jenovar " the whole

'name," and Jon " the div.ded" or " portioned opt name fo Aben Ezra and our N. Fuller,

That it has been thought so is plain from the JEWs making it the [AEIE) I WILL BE or I AM, which was the title of this person. But, not to urge this, it was the belief of their church in the days of the 70; for in If. xxxviii. 11. they have rendered Jun (SOTERION] THE SALVATION of God, the title of Christ in the New as in the Old Testament ; nay, it was the faith of the church from the beginning. Because it is found from ADAM's time, Gen. iv. 16. c. V. 12, 15, joined to names which they admit to have been prophetic of the MESSIAH. And in their liturgy, Pf. Ixviii. 5, the church is called on to extol Him that was, ver. 2, to

to rije (b) by [Jah or JE] THE LORD, HIS NAME, and to rejoice before Him, who, in ver. 19, is faid [v. 19. Shechen) to dwell IN MAN: whence it is evident this is the NAME of Him, who was to arise, and dwell in the Aefh as my God job EL-1], my KING in the HOLY ONE, ver. 26; as giving strength to His asociate body or people, ver. 36, of Him on whom David called Pl.cxvi. 4. In confirmation of this it is prophecied in the day of the MESSIAH, when the rod out of the stem of Jesse should appear, Is. xi. 1. Thou shalt say (nay so certain is it [oops AmeRET] Thou has said, (Jan JehovaH) THE EXISTING ONE OF THE ESSENCE is my strength and my fong, He also is made to be to me for SALVATION, If.xii

cied (a) See page 35. note (a). to) Under the word (211) Quum, used for the railing.sp of the typic tabernacle in Ex. xxvi. 30. o. xl. 2, 17. Num vit and by which the rising of THE MESSIAH is confessed to be oft prcdicted, as in Num. vxüi. 24. Deur, xüi. 1.. c. xviii. 15) 18. i S. ii. 35. Job xix, 25. Exek. xxxiv. 23. Hof. vi. 2. Pf. cii. 13, á Bal.

. 2. Whence we may fee, as we may in Pf. cxviii. 14. He that was to be for SALVATION is as expressly said to be THE EXISTING ONE, and also of (Jehovan) THE (divine) ESSENCE; and this in a place where God purposely predicts what was to be the true faith in the church of the MESSIAH concerning Him, namely, that He is (Jah] THE ESSENCE. And in c. xxvi. 4. this is repeated with this further distinction of HIM AS THE ROCK OF AGES. With which light in our hands we find this was He, to whom glory was attributed in the form of praise (HalleLU-Jah) Give or afcribe ye GLORY or IRRADIATION 10 THE EXISTING ONE, however the Jews, nigh to Him with their mouths but far off in their hearts, ignorantly speak it, as they do the other titles of CHRIST, NAME, LIGHT, WORD, ANGEL, GLORY, &c. with out such reference. A sufficient reason why the CHRISTIAN church, after the example of that of the faithful sons of ADOM and ISRAEL should use the Psalms, where this form so oft occurs, and why we should direct our praise and hearts to Him, whom God inspired David thus long


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